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September 07, 2013



But, I thought he was the most intelligent form of life ever to occupy the White House even dethroning Jefferson?

Its starting to resemble a year's subscription to National Lampoon. Can't wait for the pie in the face moment.


If he were looking for a causus belli he should have done it earlier--Syria's arming of jihadis to kill our troops in Iraq. Instead then-speaker Pelosi and then-Senator Kerry rushed to kiss Assad and undermine Bush and the troops. Did they think we'd all forgotten?


Well first and foremost, they were in favor of the jihadists, the Baathists were in the way.


Has a body been autopsied yet? Who used chemical weapons and what kind did they use? (And don't tell me Twitter.)

Btw, TM... If you're reading, I gave the impression a few days ago that commenting problems with the site have improved. Not so. I thought it was because I haven't had the problem lately, but certain posters are unable to post, or unable to post more than a single line of text (no links, etc.). It seems to have coincided with the absence of what used to be a captcha screen a few months ago, so is probably related to some sort of Typepad spam setting.

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA

I can post on my IPad but not my Mac if that helps.


Maybe it's a commection between the routers and the servers at SixAaapart, permission ptotocols.


Ed Asner, old Stakhanovite that he is, he has been loath to criricize Obama, because it would be considerd racist, Barbra Streissand.

Cecil Turner

If he were looking for a causus belli he should have done it earlier--Syria's arming of jihadis to kill our troops in Iraq.

Yep. It's a little late now . . . especially if we aren't willing to use enough force to depose him. That just prolongs the conflict (and runs afoul of the much older jus ad bellum principles of just war).

I thought it was because I haven't had the problem lately . . .

Mine has gotten much better, but only by significantly reducing my posting frequency. The email convo I had with TP tech support suggests: 1) the problem is on their end; and, 2) they aren't very motivated to fix it.


What are the international norms on gay marriage?


Don Surber reenders his verdict;



TK, the Norms married each other and are now husband & husband (?).

International norms are simply prog dreams that the locals reject, hence the search for some idiot* elsewhere (the international bit) that does just that. It is an appeal to external authority where progs are frustrated by the Neanderthals grounded in reality.

* not always named Norm.


As Mark Steyn has pointed out, there are certain precedents, Western Europeans that are considered, but not say Subsaharan Africa, at this juncture anyways.


LOL: From Don Surber's Auditor's Day Post at narciso's 9:22.

18. From Cain TV: "Kerry claims he backed the Grenada invasion as a senator, but there's a problem or two."

Actually he was opposed to Grenada before he claimed to have been for it:

"The invasion of Grenada represents the Reagan policy of substituting public relations for diplomatic relations . . . no substantial threat to US interests existed and American lives were not endangered . . . The invasion represented a bully's show of force against a weak Third World nation. The invasion only served to heighten world tensions and further strain brittle US/Soviet and North/South relations."

And he was not a senator then.

But it is seared in his memory.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

I love how Reporting for Doody, while in the midst of one of his ponderous pontifications, will haughtily state "if I could finish" to any parvenu who rudely interrupts his stream of idiocy; as if he's not beclowned himself enough.

If the party of stoopid had any sense, which Boehner and Cantor indicate they don't, pictures of Pelosi Galore in the head scarf would be carpet bombing the airwaves.


"Has a body been autopsied yet?"

According to the paper linked here by Sandy Daze the other day, no. They were all buried within 24 hrs. The author, a former Edgewood Arsenal US Chemical Command scientist, also points out the problems with blood samples vs hair samples for the specific sarin components and indications of poorly mixed binary agents, etc. Basically, Nobody knows wtf happened or who did it and the body count of 1429 is probably double actual, but hey let's start a war.


This is the Asner bit;



The Times had a typically chinscratching piece by ERlanger, referring the horrors of chemival weapons, citing backstabbing weasel Richard Lugar among others, now did they react this same way when Halabja happened, did that precedent weigh in the vote against authorizing the Gulf War like Biden did, 'things that make you go hmm'


This review of Benoine's memoit, by Ahmari,
where they point out that Amnesty picked Gitmo detainee Moazzem Begg (and Abdulmultalab recruiter) over a real human righr's activist, a crusader against the Taliban, is typical of the genre:



"Is that to complicate?"

Why, of course, yes it is, but not in the sense you intent.

It is "too complicated" because "it" is a thicket of lies put forward hastily to mask their true goals proximate and distal.
Carrying water for them muddles it further yet.

Some clarity:

Syria is not a party of any treaty whatsoever that that directly proscribes the acts of which they are accused. Obama's claims of "Violations of 'International Law'" are therefore willfully specious, deceitful and thus immoral, and doubly so given what might proceed from them. Most clearly, he and his tranzi co-coreligionists, as they so often do, are redefining the treaties retroactively to meet their own agenda. Moreover, they are philosophically redefining the very notion of "treaties", not to mention that of "law".

It is bad enough to allow them to conflate treaties with the notion of "international law", (they are no such thing whatsoever), and worse yet to permit them to treat these treaties as some sort of vague sent of "guidelines" for detecting "international consensus" or "civilized norms", but is nothing other but supine submission to tyranny to countenance such self-appointed bodies as "International Criminal Tribunals" in any way, shape or form. They have in no real sense whatsoever the "lawful" jurisdictions that they claim, and they do not speak for "humanity" or its "enemies". Far from it. They are kangaroo courts bent on abetting the tranzi agenda.

This is just the self-appointed tranzi elite seizing power. We should not yield it to them.

Not far down the line from this are "Tribunals" prosecuting "hate crimes" against sodomites, and "Environmental Crimes Against Humanity". Call it what you will, International Fascism, International Socialism, but this notion of "International Law" is nothing but an attack on our civilization by our oligarchical collectivists. We should reject it.

This would be a prefect "teaching moment" to take on the great leftist lie of "international law", but, of course, the GOP is not up to it.

If we must take out Assad, best to be honest about it and not to justify it under some dangerous notion of "international law".

This is particularly the case when dealing with Obama and his gang of fascists: for their part they are interested neither in "the law" or "justice", international or otherwise.

They are in fact the embodiment of lawlessness, both at home and abroad.

(And do note these are the same scum who called Cheney a "war Criminal"; they are the same traitors that that obstructed us throughout the Cold War; they are the bunch that sought to arrest Pinochet for "political crimess". They are the same people who give Nobel prizes to such monsters as Arafat)

I would suggest that instead of mincing about the hideously dishonest and self serving sophistry of the tranzis here--and thereby ratifying it--we first hold them to the rule of law in their own nations. Both Obama here and the Eurocrats in Brussels hold themselves above the law and indeed beyond all established "norms" and consensus" inherited from the great legacy of our civilization. Indeed, they wish to destroy it utterly.

How absurd to give these vipers one second of reasonable consideration when they spout their cant about "rights" and "International Law".

No, your reasoning here is wooly and rankly specious, and thus must be rejected, as we must reject Obama's casuistry.

Where Obama's designs in Syria are not wholly personal they are part of a larger, even more deeply destructive agenda. Few things could be more obvious or transparent.

Shame on you for not seeing through it. Shame on you for giving them such cover.

Yonder, let them have at each other.


Facepalm, eleventy;



And back from the archive:



Honestly SD you just demonstrated why you are loathed here. Nearly every poster here that I have read are against some wild hair incursion into Syria just cuz a big mouth rank amateur wrote some checks he cant cash. But you assume we are all cheerleading and shame us for it.

Right back at ya, Shame if you are capable of it.


So they don't really have any;



From the 03:03 Chevron link.

" The case has devolved from one where the plaintiffs appeared to simply be wrong to an ongoing river of evidence that this was fraud, plain and simple."

It is my belief that almost every leftist case is mostly comprised of fraud. Especially climate change related cases.


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