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September 06, 2013



OT, but want to give a heads up to anybody who wants to expand their vocabulary. NPR's Diane Rehm Show does an hour of Weekly News Round Up followed by International News Round Up.

I have never heard so many synonyms for inept, inexperienced, and just plain stupid as these lib journalists try to explain BO's activities re: Syria.

And yes, a caller called in to suggest anyone not supporting our CIC is racist.


The War Powers Resolution has been violated in the past by President Reagan in regards to the aid to the Contras in Nicaragua

That's an interesting interpretation. I would really like to see the legal reasoning behind that charge.


Israel needs to realize Obama is not competent.


Jane, how could they not realize it? There seems to be no question.


What American armed forces were committed to military action in Nicaragua?
Where did they "remain" and where would they have been "withdrawn" from?

Cecil Turner

I wonder, if I were an Iranian, what I would think about a sudden international impetus to enforce a chemical weapons ban . . . years after the same players abetted and covered for far worse attacks against Iran? Maybe: quick, get enough of a nuclear capability to get some respect and act as a deterrent? Somehow I doubt that's the message we're looking for.

Of all the reasons for a cosmetic strike, this is surely one of the worst.

Jeff Dobbs

Pro-Israel groups are lining up behind Obama's push to authorize a pinprick wristslap something or other on Syria.

If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were intimating that Obama's response isn't muscular enough not to be mocked.

Jeff Dobbs

Of all the reasons for a cosmetic strike, this is surely one of the worst.

You're talking about John Kerry's plastic surgeon's assault on his face now, aren't you.


John Fund reports:

Two new whip counts of House members by ABC News and the liberal Firedoglake web site show a majority of House members firmly or leaning against intervention. The Washington Post’s more conservative count stands at 204 “no” votes, only 13 short of the majority needed to kill the president’s request.

Incompetence is going to put a stake in his Presidency. This is the functional equivalent of a NO CONFIDENCE vote. He should resign.


Obama's mission creep waaaarr! on Syria is so imperative, his Oval Office address must wait until after Monday Night Football.


He should resign. I agree.



"Obama and Israel"

"President Obama's first call to a foreign leader was to Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas:"


Oval Office Address: what will TOTUS say? well whatever TOTUS says, Obummer will be mocked even more.

BTW-- I still agree with Bill Safire 1998-- NO POTUS RESIGNATION-- we are not a Parliamentary system


"He should resign."

It would never enter his mind to do so.
It's the rest of us who just don't get it.


Let me guess. We are a errrr, uh, um democracy, and in a democracy, the will of errr ummmm, uh the people is of the utmost errrr ummmmmmmm, uhhhhh, importance errrrr. Therefore, the um errrrrrr uhhhhh United States of errrrr ummm America, errrrrr, must rethink it's errrrrrr ummmm uhhhhhh, errrrrr strategy in errrrrr uhhhhhh, ummmmm, errrrrr uhhhhhhh, therefore, errrrr, (fly on face) I have given orders to errrrrrr, uhhhhhhh, fly directly to errrrrrrrrrrrr ummmmmmmm Andrews Air Force base, errrr for an afternoon of, ummmmm, consultations with uhhhhh, errrrrr, both sides of the aisle ummmmmm, (fly leaves face and dies) to errrrr, attempt to errrrr, reach ummmmmm errrrr


Whenever Nicaragua is mentioned, one must remember which side John Kerry was on.

"By issues of “conflict resolution”, Kerry means he tried to stop President Reagan from aiding the rebels against the Communist regime by falsely claiming that the Sandinistas weren’t Communists and were willing to live in peace with us as long as we stopped aiding the Contras."


Ask yourself which side John Kerry has been on every time.

Rob Crawford
Whenever Nicaragua is mentioned, one must remember which side John Kerry was on.

To paraphrase an exchange from Patterico's:

"Kerry had to remind everyone he volunteered for Vietnam."

"Only after he finished his term in the Navy, though."


Too funny Rob C--

It's not just that John effin' Kerry sides with Americas enemies look at those enemies
Ho Chi Minh/Castros/Shining Path -- mass murderers Ortega Bros./Chavez thieves and wouldbe mass murderers if they could get their act together.

Betray your country... OK fine... but for them?


I think Kristol, AIPAc et al are crazy--If we get bogged down in Syria a--and we wil--there are no coherent planners or plans here and it already smells like Benghazi and Black Hawk Down--what message will THAT send. And how enthusiastic and solvent will we be to deal with Iran which we all know is the main problem.

What message do we send to our military, BTW, if we didn't attack Syria for arming those who attacked our troops in Iraq? Instead Kerry and Pelosi went to kiss Assad and undermine our troops and their president. I am furious at this stupidity.

Danube on iPad

"none have had any successful legal actions taken against the president for violations"

No such actions are possible.


No such actions are possible....

so long as the POTUS is proceeding under the color of his authority, see Fitzgerald v Nixon, if the POTUS is off on some personal frolic, he can be sued while in office, see Jones v. Clinton


Well Rubio voted no, however one of the dourcrd of my cynicsm, is making a fool of herself, I know a day ending in y.

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