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September 10, 2013



Hugh Hewitt ‏@hughhewitt 1h
.@Peggynoonannyc on POTUS: "a self-besotted charismatic who can’t tell the difference between showbiz and strategy"

And, he's a liar.


"Governor Christie and other New Jersey politicians always make time for Ramadan but they don’t have time to remember those killed by Muslims on 9/11?:"

What a disgrace.


bgates deserves a show of his own, Speaking of which, here's a video pastiche of Obama's many positions on Syria.


Just a couple of personal recollections of 9/11-- I was sitting less than 4 miles away in my office, I might as well been 4000 miles . What I learned I learned from sportscaster Warner Wolff who lived in an apartment building a few blocks away talking to Don Imus on the radio, plus internet reports. The firm shut down midday, I stay until 400, going out into Third Ave the first thing I saw was armored HumVees speeding North with .50 Cal mounts-- manned. Then to the south I saw the smoke plume. I'll never forget that sight. Trains got me home easy enough. Went to my son's U11 soccer practice-- and listened to F-14s and F-18s that had begun orbiting the Metro Area. A friend at practice shut down his Wall Street -- literally it was next to the NYSE building-- office just after 2 WTC collapsed. He his CFO and his secy stayed with him a couple of hours longer to shutdown the IT systems and preserve data offsite. He told me the following: He walked the 4 miles to Grand Central -- at the start of the walk up Broadway as the three of them passed Trinity Church they all noticed that they were walking through 2-3 inches of dust that had fallen on Broadway like gray snow; his secretary who was kind of out of it from shock to begin with, suddenly shouted what is this stuff?... and then she said, OMG it's people (it wasn't of course.) Hysteria took hold. He carried her to Fulton street where dozens of NYFD ambulances had deployed. The EMTs sedated her and took her to NYU. She was fine soon enough. His lasting memory? The NYFD ambulences and the heartbroken EMTs. The ambulences were empty, very few casualties needed them, they were all dead, including hundreds of NYC Fireman who went UP the steps in the Towers. Never ever forget.


I think he misses the point:

The Dictatorship of Public Opinion on Syria

To govern is, also, to make enemies and court unpopularity.

This is absolutely true. But nothing but his own unwillingness to "govern" halted Obama ordering the strikes 10 days ago.

Public opinion is a tyrant only to those politicians who are cowards.


I didn't read the link but I just saw Christie at a 9/11 memorial service in Manhattan.


Those of you keeping score at home, and inclined at all to project to 2014 there is this data point glaring at you from Colorado:

Both districts Obama carried by about 20pts. So yeah… Big $ advantage + voter advantage = loss

Mr Ballard, do you read the tea leaves like I do?


First thing I always think of on 9/11 is 'thank God the bastards didn't have the brains or skill to hit the 10th or 15th floors rather than the 80 or 90th'.


Both districts Obama carried by about 20pts. So yeah… Big $ advantage + voter advantage = loss

I think one key lesson from that is how lazy Dem voters are. These two elections were non-standard, in that there was not enough time to send out mail in ballots. Dems just can't be bothered to actually spend the time to show up and vote in person. Go back to the old system where you only got to vote absentee/by mail if you were out of town on election day, and the field swings hard to the Rs.


I think at least part of the tea leaves is 'don't mess with gunowners', a lesson some Dems seem unable to ever learn.

Would it be possible to arrange a leveraged buyout of the GOP by the NRA?


US taxpayer funds being used to promote Muslim aims in the US.

Danube on iPad

Exquisite, bgates. Sheer genius.

Terry Lakin got exactly what he deserved to get.


So i take it it was not that convincing of a speech? This morning news:

Congressman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has decided that he will vote “no” on the Syria resolution, according to Wisconsin based commentator Charlie Sykes.


Ig-- you raise a good point-- can we start a fund to pay for the heads of NRA Marketing and Big Data to move over to the Repubs or Tea Party. Conservatives could kick ass politically if we had smart technical guys like that running elections. I am shocked and awed at the political job the NRA did post Aurora and Newtown.


Six weeks after 9/11 we drove my mother-in-law back to Florida from Maine. 2001 started with the death of my father-in-law and she was returning without him after 10 years of retirement that they both had enjoyed after 65 years of Maine winters.The impact of 9/11 was evident because on every overpass,bridge and billboard between Maine and Florida there was a flag,banner or tribute. Never forget.


From the comment section:

[Lakin] was never allowed to defend himself. He wanted to plead that the orders he received were unlawful because they were not authorized in accordance with the Constitution and the Authorization to Use Force, which required someone acting as CINC to be the sole decision-maker on the use of force against terrorism abroad. The 20th Amendment prohibits someone who had “failed to qualify” from acting as President.

Denise Lind ruled that Lt Col Terry Lakin could not use that defense because the President doesn’t issue orders and the lawfulness of combat orders doesn’t require a President’s authorization, even though Congress’ Authorization to Use Force says it does.

Look at that ruling within this Syrian context and tell me whether you think anybody in Congress or the military really believes what Denise Lind foisted onto Terry Lakin. What do you think would happen if Obama wouldn’t authorize a strike on Syria but some military LTC ordered his men to do it anyway.

If what Lind says is true, no problem. It’s a lawful order and anybody who refused to obey it would be court-martialed, refused an opportunity to defend him/herself, and spend 6 months in jail and lose all their retirement benefits - as well as have the civilian authorities seek to refuse them a license to practice whatever skill they had been using in the military - just like was done to Lt Col Terry Lakin.


It isn't just management; it's the rank and file.
In fact the rank and file put in place the management and management knows the base will get rid of them if they knuckle under.

When Boehner and Cantor and their successors know it's political suicide to keep playing footsie with Dems then the leadership culture would change.


True enough...


I forgot to post the link to the red line timeline

Danube of Thought

Reality intrudes"

With the courtroom filled with his family and supporters, Lakin pled guilty to four counts of disobeying orders on the first day of his trial, with one count dismissed as redundant at the request of his Attorney Neal Puckett.

Judge Denise Lind immediately convicted Lakin once he pled guilty to the charges, a normal process for military court....

Puckett, who took over as defense counsel after Lakin was denied any discovery regarding Obama’s eligibility as a defense, said Lind ruled correctly.

In explaining how the military justice system is really more of a disciplinary system, Puckett, a retired Marine Corps Col., stated the military must maintain strict order at all times, even under the change in leadership. And, he said, the orders to deploy came from Lakin’s superiors, not from President Obama.

Account Deleted


I can't draw any conclusion from the Colorado recall. AFAICT, the Lackwitz Sisters stayed home. Did they stay home due to lack of sophistication on the part of those spending Bloomberg money regarding the use of socialist media or did they stay home because there were no emo triggers to be found?

Bgates noted the BOzo squeezing the emo trigger on a high capacity magazine full of dead babies last night but socialist media doesn't have the iconic picture to hook the feelers. Paliwood just wasn't up to the snuff film task in Syria.

The GOP needs more of the Second City you-tube approach for 2014 if it actually wants to hold a significant majority rather than just hold a place at the trough.


Your reality does not refute what the commenter claimed.


Thanks, guys. If anybody wants to mail it around or post it somewhere, I have a slightly edited version that also has the virtue of being all in one file already.


Congressman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has decided that he will vote “no” on the Syria resolution, according to Wisconsin based commentator Charlie Sykes.

What resoltion is that? Is there a resolution? Or maybe he's talking about the resulution that will never come to a vote.


Did you edit out Gus' Lewis to your Martin, bgates?




Yes, I cut your favorite part, TK.

Danube of Thought

[Lakin] was never allowed to defend himself.

False. He elected to plead guilty.


Remember the pre-election VP debate where Biden bullied Ryan throughout, interrupting constantly and monopolizing most of the time? Biden boasted to the useless moderatress that he'd forgotten more about foreign policy than most of his colleagues ever knew. Other than hosting a spaghetti dinner Sunday night for wavering Repubs that late-arriving BOzo lectured for 1.5 hrs re voting to allow him to save face by bombing Syria, has Biden publicly supported the idea? Is BOzo keeping Biden locked in a closet away from microphones because he disagrees with him? The past week certainly seems ripe for Biden to do his "gird your loins" schtick again.


LoL bgates!


False? How do two trues make a false?

As I read it:

1. He was disallowed the defense he had prepared. True

2. He pled guilty. True.


"If you stop responding to the birther/PDF stuff and Dana I'll gladly lay off WeeDavey."

Posted by: Ignatz | September 10, 2013 at 05:24 PM


"Done and done, sir."

Posted by: Danube of Thought | September 10, 2013 at 05:59 PM

True or false?

Danube of Thought

I had some reservations, because I wasn't really sure this was birther stuff. But whether it is or isn't, it's sheer nonsense and I'll say no more about it, except that the defense he says he was prepared to put on is not a legal defense, any more than if he was prepared to put on a defense on the basis of the moon being made of green cheese. He could have put on any valid legal defense, but didn't.


It was Syria stuff.

What do you think of commenters take on a LTC ordering troops to war without the approval of the President?


Is BOzo keeping Biden locked in a closet away from microphones because he disagrees with him?

I have a sneaking suspicion that at some point Biden got so pissed at how f'ed up this thing is, he went off on Barry and Barry is punishing him by banishing him from the White House and any public forums.


Legal issues aside, Lakin was in the military, it was his turn in the hopper to deploy, and he refused. I have little to no sympathy for the man.

The military is not the place to score political points, and if he thinks the CIC is illegitimate he should have gotten out. If he could not get out because he had an obligation from money or training received, tough, being honorable is not easy.

His refusal to deploy forced someone else to go in his place, he is a Dick.


I could give a fig about Joe Biden and his opinions. I do note that Biden' 40+yo son collapsed recently and was admitted to hospital to examine for a possible stroke. Joe the idiot may be preoccupied with that. I do hope his son makes a quick and full recovery.


Lakin is not a close case. He was insubordinate, he was rightly punished. A principled resignation any time after January 2009 would have been honorable; insubordination is a military crime.

Frau Einhorn

"3. Obama avoids Congress, disarms a tyrant."



Lakin is an asshole!


What do you think about an officer giving an order to start a war that did not come from the CIC?


I think the military is not a gender studies course at Vassar. No one gives a shit what you think or feel about the birth certificate of the President. You need to do what you are told when you are told.

The Congress, the Courts, and a majority of the American people recognize him as the CIC. This is not an issue to be litigated in the military, it is bad for discipline.

You don't think the CIC is legit? Get out.

As a member of the military you give up some rights, one of which is basing whether or not you follow orders based on your personal belief in the legitimacy of the CIC.


Do you give up defending The Constitution?


1:59-- is a clear and concise explanation of why Lakin is not a close or troubling case.


As a matter of chronology, Obama did not present the purported BC until well after Lakin's trial.

Bronze Star recipient Lakin did not get the same benefit that the CIC afforded to loons like Trump.


I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Here's another vote for DOT's position on Lakin.

I would very gladly have prosecuted him because he disobeyed a lawful order from his unit commander and, as a result avoided deployment to a combat area. The order for him to go to the combat area by his unit commander was pursuant to a policy originally authorized by President Bush with the express approval of Congress. BOzo was merely continuing that policy. His "eligibility" had nothing to do with that policy.

The notion that Lakin's unit commander's order was somehow tainted because of the state of the citizenship of one person in his chain of command is ludicrous. No self-respecting military lawyer would advance such a position in a military court.

Lakin had his day in court, and his conviction survived the rigorous appeals system Congress established, and he will serve out his sentence as he should.

Using one's military position to undermine a lawful policy, lawfully enacted by Congress and lawfully executed by the Executive Branch cannot be tolerated by any military service.


Yes, I know, I've taken it a few times.

What part of ones personal opinion does matter did you not understand?


Last I checked Trump is not in the military. Different set of rules apply.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Lakin never got an order from President Obama. His orders came from officers appointed over him.

"Supporting and defending the Constitution" does not carry with it the ability to interpret that Constitution or to enforce its mandates. Those functions belong to the judiciary; they do not belong every commissioned military officer.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet



Hypothetically speaking, Jim, let's say that the Judge allowed Lakin's defense and through his discovery he found absolute proof that Obama was never eligible to be Commander in Chief.

Would Obama lack the legal power to continue a Bush policy?


What about defending The Constitution from domestic enemies?




Thanks DrJ!

Now I know at least one person monitors a thread gone awry.


California highway patrol officers found the Canadian rocker [and his electric car] stranded on the side of a road near Donner Summit, Calif.
Well, there's always cannibalism!

--Well, there's always cannibalism!--

Let's drop Neil Young on Assad; talk about a win/win.

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