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September 16, 2013



Larry Summers is the true winner here. He will notbe again tainted by an association with this LOSER administration.
OT: With the latest revelations from Issa's committee on Benghazi where no one at State is being held rersponsible, I propose an Independent Council to interview and subpoena, Kennedy, Cole, Clinton and whomever else has been given a pass on responsibility for this tragedy. I want some heads to roll and some prosecutions to commence.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

As I reported in the prior thread the WSJ has a front page article on the chaos in the White House regarding Syria.


OT but I really am having a hard time working up sympathy for the way Russia's going to hose it on energy prices:http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3976/belgium-jew-hatred

we saved them three times and now it's tim for them to deal with the consequences of their own behavior.


Genius headline.

Larry Summers has been hated by the left at least since his days as a voice of (relative) reason with Clinton and then of course his scarlet letter earned at Hahvahd by traitorously noting men and women do actually possess certain differences.

NK(tryin' again)

Ignatz-- I noted in the prior link that the Senate Dems gotta have a womenz Fed Chief for '14 elections to continue their bogus Repub/Conservative war on womenz meme. The Dems need Yellen, and Summers was the absolute worst alternative for them for the reason you point out plus Summers support of the the Glass-Steagall repeal.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Gaylord's abandoning his allies like his deadbeat parents did him.

NK(tryin' again)

TomM's headline... very witty... but too clever by a half perhaps?
TomM's liking that Yellen bounce to his equities/bonds portfolio though.... it's getting some QE to Infinity and Beyond sugar high.


morning all. Yellen it is. Yeah. Let the war continue (she won't be opposed by the Senate and will probably get more votes that Bernanke got for his second term).

***Three more years! At least one is bound to be better than this, just by dumb luck.***

and 4 months...and why would luck dictate that one will be better? Couldn't this be our lucky year and it is all downhill from here. Also, didn't Machiavelli have something to say about luck (fortune varies but men go on regardless...fortune is female and if you want to stay on top of her you have to lap and thrust).

My hero.


lap->slap...damn it.

the joke was funny when I thinking about it, not so funny when I started writing.

food, coffee, and homework are calling.


Looks like multiple shooters at Navy Yard, but I don't think it's been confirmed. Four dead last I heard. Following HotAir.



Part of a role playing exercise from clarice's link;

One of the roles assigned to a child is the following: "You have sympathy for the radical group Hamas. You live in Gaza and go to work every day in Israel.

Gosh, it's just like the Holocaust except the Neo Nazi Jews pay you a lot to work for them and you get paid vacations and weekends off and you get to drive home at the end of the day and eat rather than being starved, gassed and burnt in an oven, which your Hamas pals would gladly do to your employer.

BTW, I wonder why in the example the guy doesn't work on the Gaza side of the fence? Maybe because the only job markets are bomb maker, bomb wearer and rocket launcher?


Reposted from the previous thread, now with a link:

Summers has said a lot of un-PC things over the years. I think back in the late 80s or early 90s he signed off on a World Bank memo to the effect that the shift of heavy industry to poor countries was a way that wealthy countries exported pollution, and that this made economic sense, as poor countries needed jobs and income more than clean air.

Update: It was 1991-92


Russian diplomat on Navy Yard shooting: “A clear confirmation of American exceptionalism”

MarkO besotted

If one correctly assesses liberalism as a religion, one can understand that Summers is a heretic. Burn him.

Frau Einhorn

Propaganda did not die with Joseph Goebbels.

Putin's going to pick their pockets clean, Clarice. Before the gas, the Saudis were supplying all the oil. No nuclear, no coal. Guess who freezes his/her arse off if there is a problem?

NK(tryin' again)

Personally, I believe Liberalism is a mental illness...


WaPo on Navy Yard shooter/s:

A woman who gave her name as Terry Durham said that as she and co-workers were evacuating, she saw a man down the hall raise a rifle and fire toward them, hitting a wall. “He was tall. He appeared to be dark-skinned,” she said.

“He was a tall black guy,” said her co-worker, Todd Brundage, who is black. “He didn’t say a word.”

If true, Prezzy Ditherer has a new problem.


repeating from the last thread:

Along the lines of Summers' musings... It's interesting (but terribly politically incorrect) to observe the ratio of men to women among very top scientists, and also the ratio of men to women in the severely autistic (as in doesn't speak, walk, isn't toilet trained severe.)

Or to observe the ratio of married male physicists to married female physicists. It's WAY closer to 50-50 than if you take all physicists. Perhaps women don't want to be colleagues of physicists for the same reasons they don't want to be wives of physicists? Or those contemplating physics as a career took a very realistic look at the idea of spending the next 50-60 years sharing an office with Sheldon and Leonard and fled to neurobiology or biochemistry?

DrF's retired department chair, who was a secondary-school teacher and headmaster in India before getting his PhD in physics and teaching at an American college, notes that in India there is no real difference between the numbers of girls and boys in physics in secondary school or university, unlike in the US where the girls disappear starting in high school and are already mostly gone by college.


Didn't we hear that mass shooters are disproportionately white males? And probably tea partiers? Could this one have been Obama's son?

Not to make political points of a terrible story, but I would take even odds he's of the Muslim persuasion.

Jim Eagle

My old client NAVFAC is down in that Yard. But then there are so many damn buildings there you can get lost even if you work there.

Now, how the hell do you get arms in there unless you work there or they didn't search your vehicle when you drove in.

Danube of Thought

Best formulation I've heard: if Hamas laid down its arms, there would be peace. If the Jews laid down their arms, they would be slaughtered.


Or to observe the ratio of married male physicists to married female physicists. It's WAY closer to 50-50 than if you take all physicists.

Is that really true? I would be shocked if the set of married physicists is anywhere near 50 percent female.

Or do you mean that the fraction of male physicists who are married is similar to the ratio of female physicists who are married? Either way, that would seem to contradict Summers's argument that women choose families over science careers. Or am I missing something?

Dave (in MA)
she saw a man down the hall raise a rifle and fire toward them, hitting a wall. “He was tall. He appeared to be dark-skinned,” she said.
If Obama had a brother...
Danube of Thought


A large number of Americans continue to adamantly oppose the nation’s new health-care law and believe it will produce damaging results, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Forty-four percent of respondents call the health-care law a bad idea, while 31 percent believe it’s a good idea — virtually unchanged from July’s NBC/WSJ survey.

By a 45 percent to 23 percent margin, Americans say it will have a negative impact on the country’s health-care system rather than a positive one.

But our superiors know better.

Jim Eagle

LOL: Is this the best photoshop ever?


Yes, JiB, cc posted about it on the last thread. Iowahawk asked if there's a Nobel Prize for photoshop. It's sheer genius. I hope it goes viral.


When Clinton was pres., I was embarrassed for the country. Since the rest of the world was so pleased with Obama being pres., it's their turn.

Tom Maguire
it's getting some QE to Infinity and Beyond sugar high.

People knock sugar - I know I do - but it sure is sweet.

Couldn't this be our lucky year and it is all downhill from here?

Well, as a concerned citizen I still think there is potential value to having a credible President. Reduced stature is fine, but he is going to be singing in the sopranos section any day now. Between Barry and the Yankees, it has been quite a year, and I am not sure there any wheels left to fall off.

Dave (in MA)
LOL: Is this the best photoshop ever?
Too bad they didn't make the horse into a donkey.
Is that really true? I would be shocked if the set of married physicists is anywhere near 50 percent female.
Females make up about 20% of all physicists, and virtually all of them are married eventually. Of the 80% of the physicists who are male, probably 20-30% of them never marry. Among married physicists the ratio is more like 65-35 rather than 80-20.

The male/female ratios are strikingly different between physics and other sciences -- chemistry, biochem, heck even engineering, have more women.

The only place I've ever seen a higher ratio (outside of things like professional sports, where physical qualities are paramount, or the Catholic priesthood, where it's a requirement) is among pit traders and derivatives risk managers.

Dave (in MA)

The Obama regime's Photoshop Czar has photoshopped Obama out of the photo:

NK(tryin' again)

Tom M@12:12-- at least you're honest about the BenB/Yellin QE sugar shock for your portfolio;

Barry needs to go down in Flames THOROUGHLY-- the Dems are already throwing him off of LibIsland by killing Summers, the Left started throwing him off last week over Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb-Bomb Assad (H/T Beachboys tune), when the Legacy Media turn on Obummer he'll be a complete punch line-- the sooner that happens the better off America is. Obummer is anti-american, completely discrediting him in voters eyes is a BIG PLUS for the country.

Jim Eagle


According to the Atlantic, Fauxcohantas was a leader of the pack that spiked Summers nomination. She is becoming the head Prog clown and its fitting since as you said its a mental illness and who is more qualified as the poster child for Liberalitis than Lizzie.

NK(tryin' again)

Dave@12:20-- you're right, that ObummerLESS photo is obviously a fabrication. look at the rocks in the foreground-- shambolic.


I still say it's Putin who we can thank for the market rebound.


Isn't Washington gun-free? And it is illegal to carry a firearm onto a military facility unless authorized.

The story on the shooters is going to be an interesting one.


George Zimmerman better have a solid alibi.


--Well, as a concerned citizen I still think there is potential value to having a credible President.--

Perhaps, but most of our fellow citizens thought there was even more value in having an incredible one.

jimmyk on iPhone

I seem to recall David Gregory brandishing illegal weaponry not so long ago. Where was get this morning?


Jack,Fauxcohantas was on Fox Business this morning and she was giddy about her friend Yellen being the Fed nominee.


rather, where was *he* this morning.


narciso, Una Noche a critical film on Cuba , is getting rave reviews:http://pjmedia.com/ronradosh/2013/09/16/una-noche-a-film-about-cuba-you-have-to-see/


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