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September 27, 2013



First! Yay!


The whole Yankee nation cries every time they lose, no?

Danube on iPad

The outlook for the Yankees going forward is about as grim as that of the Lakers, who will stink for many years to come.


The talent arrayed in that club past and present has always been awesome and a bargain at ten times the price.


I am not a Yankees fan because they decided to not allow my family to sell to them. We were the providers of gloves, balls, bats and equipment to the Giants and Dodgers. Long Island had a lot to do with it. But we still held the territory for Wilson, Rawlings, McGregor and Spaulding. My grandfather said, forget them, they will be in California before you can count.

Well was he wrong and as a result we lost both the Dodgers and Giants and that folks is how making bad decisions loses market or votes.

On the other hand, Mariona Riviera is a true HOF pitcher and deserves every accolade he guess.


I hear that Arte Moreno wants to offer him 25 large on a 10 year contract. The scary part is that it is not outside the realm of possibility.


After what Jeannie Buss said about how they handled Phil Jackson, I agree, DoT.

When Jim Buss was put in charge of basketball operations, whatever that is, the rumors were that he was about as competent as Al Davis' son.

Mitch still does not impress, nor does D'Antoni.

However, our Clippers look pretty solid, especial with Doc coaching. He knows how to get the players to man up and believe in themselves, which is a huge issue for the Clippers.

They have lacked immaturity and grit.

NK(tryin' again)

Well, I've been a Yankee hater since 1964, so I must say this. Mariano R is a living Saint. He gave up millions, maybe tens of millions of Dollars by not pushing his free agency rights into an open market bidding frenzy -- TWICE. He's been nothing but decent, honest and humble for over 15 years-- and did on the Yankees. yes the Yankees, a group led by a Fornicating Egomaniac ( Jeter) Cheats (ARoid, Clemens, Pettite, Giambi and on and on and on) a Moral Imbecile (ARoid again) and Borderline Lunatics (Cashman and Clemens again). For Mariano to have been as honorable as he has been in that environment, is worth canonizing- at least in a baseball sense.


This is crying on the mound:



NK(tryin' again)

Hey matt-- Doc Rivers is a solid NBA man he'll do well with that Clip talent. he's also has a wonderful public personna. He lived for several years in Stamford Ct adjacent to a public golf course where several Knicks used to play rounds, Doc, John Starks (his neighbor) and others. I used to tske my really little kids to the putting green after the pro shop closed down and we'd hit puts for family fun. One evening as we were walking on to the green, Doc was walking off. I introduced myself and he did likewise, then he spent a few minutes squatting down and chatting with my kids, telling them lovely things about being nice to the golf course and to their dad. Just a mensch. He grew up in a tough Chi Town neigh, so for him to be that way is remarkable.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The ClipJoint made huge strides last season and hopefully Doc can add the X factor which they still lack in the playoffs. That may get CP3 to channel his massive talents in the playoffs where he's almost been at the TMac level of underperformance. Also Blake Griffin needs to continue to develop his game in facets other than being a dunk monster. After dealing with the likes of Rondo, KG and Pierce, Doc will consider the Clips as a paid vacation.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Who will win the World Series?


Danube on iPad

I loved the Yankees with all my heart from age nine (DiMaggio) all through the Mantle era. I had a Mantle scrapbook when I was thirteen. I have a baseball, personally inscribed to me with his best wishes, on my mantel piece.

I have hated them from day one of the Steinbrenner era.

I would say that the five greatest Yankees are certainly Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle and Jeter (to recite the names gives me chills - what other team in any sport can recite such an honor roll?). If there is a sixth it is surely Mariano.

Note the names who are not even candidates: Jackson, Rizzuto, Berra, Ford, Lazzeri, Gomez, Reynolds, Bauer....

Danube on iPad

There is a plausible argument that the all-time Laker team is better than the all-time rest-of-the- league team. I give you Wilt and Shaq as centers; put Kareem, who was good out to 18 feet, at power forward. Throw in Elgin Batlor and James Worthy at forward and a tandem of Magic Johnson and Jerry West in the backcourt. Throw in Gail Goodrich as ninth man.


Wilt, Shaq and Kareem played their best years for other teams.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Imo Shaq and Kareem played their best ball with the Lakers, certainly in terms of winning championships. Shaq would've won more with the Lakers if not for Kobe's ego.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Aren't you talking Baseball and Basketball? Isn't that Apples and Oranges?

Okay then I submit Bobby Orr et al in 1987.


I submit Bobby Orr et al in 1987.

I see you and raise you: Howe, Abel, Delvecchio, Mahovlich.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Now I am totally out of my league. I capitulate.

Danube on iPad

"Wilt, Shaq and Kareem played their best years for other teams."

Then those other teams canm ut them on their all-time rosters as well, and see how they stack up.. But I would submit that Shaq (three NBA titles) and Kareem (five) had their best years in L.A. Wilt had one in Philly and one in L.A.


Jane, those are members of various incarnations of the Detroit Red Wings' "Production Line." Howe, as in Gordie Howe.

Danube on iPad

"Shaq would've won more with the Lakers if not for Kobe's ego."

Not to mention Shaq's.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Hmmmm now that I think about it, maybe it was the '87 Celtics, I'm thinking about.

I'm such a sports moron.


Fantasy teams are well and good but until a Laker runs out of fingers to put his rings on it's all just talk.


Didn't see this thread before I posted on the last one.

Courtesy of my wife, we were along the third base line in the second tier last night for the game. What a night.

Before the game Mariano was signing things and posing for pictures with fans along the first base line for what must have been an hour.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Shaq's ego rivals his sheer physical mass but it's been my understanding, and I thought it was common knowledge, that Kobe ran The Big Fill-in-the-blank out of LA.

Danube on iPad

"maybe it was the '87 Celtics, I'm thinking about."

They lost to the Lakers in six in the Finals.

CH, I followed it as closely as I could, while listening to a lot of L.A. sports talk. I was never able to decide on blame between the two, and finally was content to lay it on both of them.

Thomas Collins

OK. Mariano trivia question. For whom did Mariano serve as the setup man at the beginning of Mariano's career.

Thomas Collins

World Series predictions, Jane? Tigers top Braves 4 games to 2.

That's my prediction. My hope? Red Sox and Pirates in the Series.


It was their egos, CH. They just couldn't coexist. Shaq has always been a big goofball and Kobe felt he disrespected his skills and the game. Shaq would come into camp way overweight and play his way into shape and could get away with it because he's the Big Aristotle. He drove a lot of people nuts, but they still loved him.

Kobe had a little of the Jordan going, but was never mean like Jordan. Jordan was red dirt shotgun shack mean. Kobe is part Italian (in spirit).

When it came down to it, should the Lakers have kept an aging Shaq or a still on the rising Kobe?

Unfortunately, all good things end and that was a great era. The Lakers came back and did it again with a different cast, though.

The Lakers have 16 Championships dating from 1949. From 1972 there have been 11. The Celts have 16. Six since 1972. Mwa ha ha ha!!!!

I live in B-Ball nirvana and was a Clippers fan when they were in SD and when they were at the Godawful Sports Arena. I have my Norm Nixon #10 Clips Jersey and my Jerry West jersey.

Remember, Kareem came to the Lakers while still young. He is and always has been a class act. An amazing player who changed the game.

To me these days sports is simply a diversion for the masses. I just don't get fired up like when I was a kid because I've seen too much of the underside and how the game is played whatever the sport. It's not necessarily cynicism, but I am over investing any kind of real emotion into rigged games, corrupt sports, and base manipulation. The blinders came off long ago.


I have to amend my Yankee hatred to admit I was pretty fond of the Goose Gossage, Graig Nettles era Bronx Zoo.
I have no idea why; maybe because of Catfish Hunter from the A's.
It sure wasn't Reggie.

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA


How do you remember this stuff?

Thomas Collins

I can't hate the Yankees. I saw my first baseball game live at Yankee Stadium, when the Monuments were actually in the field.


Bill Russell and 4 other random NBA players may be best.


That goes well with my 9:14, Paul.

Danube on iPad

"How do you remember this stuff?"

I have no idea, Jane, but I do so eanestly wish it were different. I wish I could remember Henry V at Agincourt as well as I rememember

" Met him on a Monday and my heart stood still
Da doo run run run, da doo run run
Somebody told me that his name was Bill
Da doo run run run, da doo run run

"Yes, my heart stood still
Yes, his name was Bill

"Da doo run run run
Da doo run run."

But we can't be judgmental about such things. Who are we to prefer Shakespeare over Phil Spector? If Shakespeare is so hot, how come it's easier to remember Phil Spector?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Thanks for that response, matt (and DoT); I don't take issue with any of it other than the Mavs coming from out of nowhere three seasons ago to beat the Heat restored some of the ability of professional sports to pleasantly shock me.


I can understand hating Steinbrenner. But how do you blame the players and the team for their boss? Have we not all had great co-workers working under a crappy boss?

Anyway, Mariano Rivera is by any standard one of baseball's greatest, taking his place in a very long line of Yankees' all-timers. A VERY long line. Sorry haters.

Danube on iPad

I agree, Porch. But that very long line will end under the stewardship of these dopes. I will take immense pleasure from watching these stupes writhe and squirm under the scrutiny of the NY media. I expect that their performance will be even more graceless than that of their felonious father.


--I can understand hating Steinbrenner. But how do you blame the players and the team for their boss?--

Only speaking for myself I loathe only those players who disgrace themselves.
Hating a team is usually not personal at all. It either stems from some win over a favorite and even then it has to be some cheap win like [from a Radier's persepctive] the contemptible Broncos as opposed to the miserable but respected Steelers. Or it is something unfathomable. I suspect I hate the Yankees because I'm a natural underdog fan which means you kind of have to hate the Lakers/Yankees etc.


Who are we to prefer Shakespeare over Phil Spector? If Shakespeare is so hot, how come it's easier to remember Phil Spector?

By coinkydink, during the Dogwalk today I thought for awhile about what would I be able to accomplish if I was like the character in Twain's novel, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and suddenly woke up 1,500 years ago in England.

I didn't think I'd be any good at making engines, or flying machines, or explosives, or cars, or bicycles, or electronics, etc, like Twain's character, because I don't know the particulars of construction of all that stuff, nor how to deal with the challenges of how to even get the materials (Metallurgy/mining/drilling/smelting).

But it struck me that what I would have that I could immediately impart with possible profound effect, would be the music in my head of the last 100-200 years, and especially the rhythm's and melodies and beats since the Jazz era. That I think would immediately translate and, as I understand musical history, stuff like vocalized Sinatra tunes or Jobim's Bossa Nova stuff or Rock would blow their sox kilts off.

Later I thought that using Fibonacci's Arabic numerals and our decimal system to do our standard math calculations on a slate with chalk, would make an impression, tho' it'd probably get me hung as a warlock. Likewise probably the same with Astronomy, grinding lens for glasses or crude telescopes (if I could figure out how to make clear glass), and possibly recommending crude vaccination with dead cow pox's.

So I ran out of ideas, other than recommending the making of stirrups for horses, and stuff like

"Met him on a Monday and my heart stood still
Da doo run run run, da doo run run
Somebody told me that his name was Bill
Da doo run run run, da doo run run".

How 'bout the rest of you Connecticut Yankees?

Anything else you can think of that would impress immediately and not get you hung as a sorcerer or witch if you woke up tomorrow in England of the 500's?

Dot and Boatbuilder could probably improve ship-making, DrJ would probably invent Whiskey 500 years ahead of schedule, and I can imagine Anonamom would probably be doing incipient medicine like when Bones from the Star Trek Movie came from the future to San Francisco.

What am I missing?

Rachel Jeantel

Who will win the World Series?


I have no idea, but I'll bet a beer on the A's simply because they were not expected to be anywhere close to winning their division so I think they have minimal pressure on themselves and can play loose.

I can only name about 4 guys on the A's since they get so little airplay up here or overseas, unlike the constantly broadcast Yankers or the other teams that have a quality Japanese guy pitching for them like Sue's Rangers.

The A's lead off with Coco Crisp, then somebody else, then Cespitis, then a guy with a beard and another guy with geek glasses, and that's about all I can name from their line-up, except they do have Kurt Suzuki from Hawaii, but he can't speak a lick of japanese:) Ganbatte' Oakland!

Rachel Jeantel daddy

Uh Oh,

You guys may have just discovered my secret identity when I'm reading A(B)'s italics from the previous thread?


Speaking of "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," here's Blossom Dearie doing a very nice version of Rodgers and Hart's Thou Swell (1927) from their very early Musical adaptation of Twain's Book.

Bing Crosby did a great rocking version in the mid 40's with a blaring big band behind him, but I can never find it any more. Grrrrr.


Good morning, JOMers.

Are any other parents out there outraged about this Brian Holloway story? Watch the video and listen to the investigator. We have 300 kids, 6 caught and indicted with 238 also ID'd but have not turned themselves in. And the parents, meh! Some kids have remorse, some don't - same for the parents.

Some parents want to sue Holloway for ID'ing the kids and pressing charges but Holloway is fighting back with this fabulous warning:

"TO THE PARENTS: If you would like to pursue a LAW SUIT; that’s entirely up to you. Here’s a heads you may want to consider; that will TRIGGER the biggest FIRESTORM of media that will invade every area of your life. Anything and everything, current and past will be brought to the surface to build the MEDIA FRENZIE to drive their ratings. I’m used to this, and have spent 30 years helping to prepare other NFL players about TRIGGER events that bring the FIRESTORM; without exception, no one was ever prepared. It effects your family, your relatives, your work and all your friendships; and that damage cannot be reversed for some reason. Again, I’ve lived with this a long time. It’s extremely difficult. Either way, I am prepared."

We need more parents and adults like Brian Holloway. However, it is very disturbing that we have a community of parents who don't give a s**t about the behavior of their kids to the point of suborning crime.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1


Now that made me laugh. Thanks. Nowadays I find I can mostly remember things under pressure. Otherwise, my once steel trap brain is now a sieve.

BTW Amy and I were talking about how rare childhood memories are. What can you recall under the age of 4? Most everything I recall from grade school is something bad that happened. And I average about one memory for each year.


I quick question for all you Yankee fans.How is J.R.Murphy doing?He is the catcher they brought up this fall.


Great, daddy. You're really en fuego .


JR has already capped his career with something he can tell his grandchildren -- He caught Mariano's last game.

Besides that, don't recall the details, but he acted like his head was in the game the whole night.

marlene on Kindle

Good Morning.Thanks to everyone for kind thoughts and condolences.Returning to Maine next week.I am lurking,so be good. :)


Politics as sport -Sarah Palin explains the art of negotiation and the value of flushing dogs.



Thanks sbw.We are only allowed to watch the Cards at this house and I have seen his batting average isn't so great.


Mariano was Wetteland's set-up man in 1996. Post-World Series, Wetteland got uppity and the Boss showed him the door, thus ushering in The Reign of Mo.


I just wished we had another overpaid first baseman to trade the the Yankees for half their farm club...


I spent about 3 says talking baseball with
Roger Clemens in San Diego last year.

I was shocked at just how nice he was.

Yeah, I said it.


It is curious how fiction can't quite catch up with reality;



Daddy @3:45am, I'm with you, I wouldn't be much help on all the big industrial innovations like steam engines or even electricity. But I could tell them some jokes I'm pretty sure they'd never have heard.

I could teach them calculus and statistics, which might not interest them very much, and lots about music that they would probably think was bizarre. The best I could do for them is teach them the ideas of Adam Smith.


Richard Muller, who pretended he was a climate skeptic, pointed out in the Times, that 'the hockey stick' is nonoperative now.

Danube on iPad

"Anything else you can think of that would impress immediately and not get you hung as a sorcerer or witch if you woke up tomorrow in England of the 500's?"

I think I'd predict an eclipse of the sun at the exact right moment.


"Anything else you can think of that would impress immediately and not get you hung as a sorcerer or witch if you woke up tomorrow in England of the 500's?"

I'm thinking... soap. Maybe dental hygiene. Someone in their 50's with all their teeth is probably going to stand out, right? :)

BTW - a sci-fi series that tackles this delightfully is the Ring of Fire series, starting with 1632. Currently free on kindle!!


As a Sox fan I must admit that Rivera and Jeter are two class acts.

But whoever wins it all, my Sox went from the bottom to the top...Blood, Sweat and Beards, Go Sox!


Well Daddy unless someone came with me who knows how to make epoxy and plywood I'm not sure how much I would advance things. Especially without any whiskey. The Vikings did move ship design forward significantly, so there's that--and I don't think anyone had thought about a catamaran.


Also, the reason you remember "Da doo run run" is not because of its timeless brilliance. Try to forget that 1-877 cars for kids song, for example. Or anything by Journey.


The Vikings did move ship design forward significantly, so there's that--and I don't think anyone had thought about a catamaran.

Posted by: boatbuilder | September 28, 2013 at 12:49 PM

Catamarans were already being built and used extensively by south seas 'islanders and southeast mainlanders , and the sturdy and stable hulls of early dhows in the Mediterranean and Indian Oceans was such a successful design that it is still being incorporated into modern day vessels. Darned clever and resourceful, these humans, especially in their maritime ventures, skills which extended to the development of manned flight and air warfare, also. Once men could sail, it was inevitable that they would fly. Many of the principles are similar. The Vikings made cool helmets.


And yet it took so damn long to invent whiskey...


Both the Rays and the Texans need to be in the playoffs! Since all the leaders are between 97 and 90 games, let's throw out the top, the Red Sox, and let everyone else play!

Laura White

My folks live in Tampa Bay and as ardent Rays fans of course hate the Yankees, but when Steinbrenner died, everyone in the area had a story about his quiet generosity--kids sent to college on his dime and things like that. He seemed a barbarian but was in his private life a great gentleman. Just for the record (as in the Book of Life)--

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