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September 04, 2013



I would state the glaringly obvious, that being that the reason why Obama's credibility is not on the line, is due to the fact that he has proven himself to being a liar on multiple occasions and thus he has no credibility to be on the line.

Some Guy

The beclowning is breathtaking.


From the previous thread...

The Weekly Standard quotes the White House from April of this year:

We go on to reaffirm that the President has set a clear red line as it relates to the United States that the use of chemical weapons or the transfer of chemical weapons to terrorist groups is a red line that is not acceptable to us, nor should it be to the international community. It's precisely because we take this red line so seriously that we believe there is an obligation to fully investigate any and all evidence of chemical weapons use within Syria....it is absolutely the case that the President's red line is the use of chemical weapons...

And the people in Syria and the Assad regime should know that the President means what he says when he set that red line. And keep in mind, he is the one who laid down that marker. He's the one who directed that we provide this information to the public. And he's the one who directed that we do everything we can to further investigate this information so that we can establish in credible, corroborated, factual basis what exactly took place.

Posted by: Danube of Thought | September 04, 2013 at 10:11 AM

Captain Hate on an iPhone

How can the WSJ yammer about water's edge Republicans having some sort of responsibility to support this mentally ill clown who can think of nobody other than himself?




The Double-Dog dareya will cinch the NO votes of whatever House Members considered voting yes.


In the uber liberal bastion that I sometimes frequent, the usually endless blather has been replaced by dead silence.

And I have not been the least bit gracious about it either.

They are demoralized. YIPPEE!


One thing we do have to worry about is Obama will do anything to move the spotlight. This has got to be about as painful as it gets for a narcissist. So who knows what he will pull.


So the Bush Warbird decloaks and revealed that the lightbringer is really W's fourth term! You can certainly understand the discomfort that would in the reality based world now cant ya?


What makes this all so infuriating is that the "red line" was created purely for domestic political reasons. Obama needed a way to square the circle of the fierce moral urgency for "humanitarian intervention" under the "responsibility to protect" in Libya, and inaction in the face of slaughter in Syria. The "red line" was his way of looking tough, without having to be tough in a tight election campaign and straddling a tricky political hurdle. Now that the election is over, he wants nothing to do with it.

Thomas Collins

If THE WORLD set the red line, perhaps Obama needs to go before the UN General Assembly and not hassle the US Congress about this. I'm sure the NoKos and Eyeranians and Russkies and Red Chinese will be listening attentively.

Thomas Collins

Now that I think of it, THE WORLD has banned war, so perhaps Obama can get an injunction against Bashir.



I emailed my senators and representative that since it was the world that set the red line, it should be the UN that punishes Syria.


Classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder behavior;

1.Sense your personal facade of omnipotence is eroding;
["My credibility’s not on the line."]
2.Identify a scapegoat to shift the blame to;
["The international community’s credibility’s on the line. And America and Congress’s credibility’s on the line.”]
3.Tell a bald faced lie exactly 180 degrees from what you said earlier;
[“I didn’t set a red line,”]
4.Pretend you never made the first statement and dare the rest of the world to call you on an obvious irrational lie.

WeeDavey may admire having a seriously mentally ill CIC but the rest of us should probably be a little concerned by such a dangerous and obviously serious pathology.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Is little Johnny Boehner weeping that his new BFF has dumped him and Cantor after he deigned to consult with them and had a smoke afterward?


I'm not concerned at all. I'd like to see him melt down on TV and then watch the speech from Biden.


In all due respect I think that TomM and Ranger, while completely correct in their criticism of Obummer's spot light shifting and Buck Passing -- miss the ultimate point.
Obummer (like Putin) is the head of a ganster organization-- the Dem Party. And as Head Hood, Obummer's got to bring in the $$$ to pay off his tribes -- in this case it's the 47% that need SNAP, Soc Sec Disability, MediCaid and soon ObummerCare Subsidies, plus subsidies/tax credits/loan guarantees to cronies. Obummer has upped that tab to the taxpayers by $200+BILLION/Year over the pre-2009 trend levels. He 'pays' for that with the FFC of USA taxpayers. That credit card limit is hit in October. Obummer is desperate for an unconditional hike in the debt limit to keep the money going to the Dem parasites for 2014 elections. Missiles over Damascus would be an excuse for such a clean Hike-- why else do retarded Nancy P and Harry R support this stupidity? It's all about the money with these gangsters-- ALWAYS.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

I guess Syria's use of chemical weapons "will change my calculus" really meant Syria's use of chemical weapons "should change the calculus of the nasty old Republicans, Vlad the First, Britain, France, the UN, NATO, the Arab League, and the the rest of the international community, and if it doesn't, I'll stamp my feet and turn blue until it does."


CaptH-- Boehner will keep his promise-- there will be a 'vote' on a resolution. The Dems will claim the vote is playing politics to embarass the POTUS, and is RACIIIIST.


The new Democrat logo should include a pretzel.

The way these guys are tying themselves into knots with their logic is stunning.


--I'm not concerned at all.--

You ought to be. They're capable of some very irrational acts if the pressure gets too great and when they guy has the keys to a million or two armed men things can get a little dangerous.


Has anyone seen an actual resolution yet? Is it called an AUMF?


Is it really out of the question that, having heard Barry's red line, some rebels used chemical weapons to frame Assad and force the JEF's hand? That would be logical in a "cui bono" sense. Either that or Assad decided to call the bluff, knowing that Barry would beclown himself. Either way, Barry ended up bringing this about through his irresponsible line-drawing.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

They can try to make that point but they're swimming against a very strong tide of opinion, NK. The JEF's insanity has given little Johnny an opportunity to walk his and Cantor's naive statements back from yesterday. God knows what McRINO will do since he's just as delusional as Gaylord Focker, pointing out again how screwed we were either way in 2008.


Have I missed where any brave Dem has stepped up to defend this bit of revisionist insanity?


If the president were thinking strategically, and not just about avoiding personal humiliation because he improvidently painted himself into a corner with warnings about “red lines,” he wouldn’t be wasting energy on Syria, which is the client of another power. As Michael Ledeen of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies has tirelessly pointed out, Iran is the chief fount of terror in the world. Ledeen is feeling déjà vu, watching another president focus on the wrong country regarding WMDs."



CaptH-- roger that. I think in light of Obummer's Stockholm insanity, Boehner/Cantor should after today's House hearing say the POTUS will always get a vote (no obstruction), but they can't say they'll vote yes because the POTUS hasn't made his case.

BTW-- IMO odds are 50%+ that Obummer launches missiles unilaterally and TRIPLE DOG DARES the House not to unconditionally raise the Debt Limit.


Tom M used the word dreadful. I've had a feeling of dread for a few days. If the Republicans give him any cover,they are fools. I cringe to think what he will do at the G20,will any of the leaders give him the time of day?

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Is Bret Stephens curled up in a fetal ball? Eff him too.

Account Deleted


I really disagree with making money the sole cause of the Clinton/Obama Arab Spring failure cascade. Ranger is correct but I would point out the Lackwitz Triplets, Clinton, Powers and Rice were working to avoid the possibility the Red Witch would be as indelibly stained by Libya as her husband was by diddling interns while the Rwanda butchery raged.

Money may well always be at the root of any action taken by the Chicago gutter trash but discussion of the utter failure of the Clinton/Obama Arab Spring fiasco needn't stray too far from observations concerning the complete incompetence demonstrated by Obama and Clinton.


matt brought up an interesting phenomenon on the earlier post we have all dealt with. Since I have been off in the twilight zone recently reading up on deliberately trying to skew guiding perceptions let me add what the architects HOPE will increasingly happen.

If reality disagrees with your conceptual framework or worldview, "the facts just bounce off." Which is really handy if cultural and social and political and economic transformation is the goal.

But those pesky facts remain lurking and have real consequences that we are all dealing with. Like Syria or Egypt predictably not behaving like the desired models.

Thanks for the kind wishes. I heard from my eldest over the weekend which is truly all I ever want these days.

And Porch, we want a report on the cake and ice cream and festivities for your tyke.



Danube on iPad

I fervently hope that the can of Libya's failed state, the Egyptian fiasco and Syria will be tied securely to Hillary's tail.

Jane-sun - the squaw

"I've had a feeling of dread for a few days."

I've been feeling delight altho I suspect your emotion is closer to the reality of the whole thing.

I am convinced Barry will orchestrate something to get the news off of him. Short of bombing Iran or indicting Hillary I cannot imagine what it will be.


RickB-- my point is WHY did Obummer's people have him rattle the missiles in August 2013-- the timing, and the INEVITABILITY of missiles ploy -- IMO what drove that was the debt limit. Of course the Obummer/Clinton/Kerry FP axis is moronic and incompetent-- all true. But they managed to stay out of Syria-- well for years, John Effin' Kerry even took Assad to dinner for God's sake. Sorry- I'm convinced, bombing Assad was 'nothing personal, just Debt Limit businsess'.


Short of bombing Iran or indicting Hillary I cannot imagine what it will be.

How about a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS?


An IRS Special Counsel is far... FAR... more farfetched attempt at distraction than bombing the Mullahs or indicting Hillary.

Comanche Voter

Which American serviceman is going to be the first to die for a mistake?

Jeff Dobbs

“I didn’t set a red line."
--stuff Obama (actually) said

"I did not have set-ual relations with that line, the red one."
--stuff Obama (almost) said


I posted this in the other thread, but it probably belongs here. A good "instant replay" from Hot Air:

Obama: Hey, I didn’t set the red line!


Who are you going to believe, Obama, or your lying eyes and ears?


Red, red line
Go to my head
Make me forget that I
Said It So

Red, red line
It's up to you
All I can do, I've done
But memories won't go
No, memories won't go


I have listened to the exchange between Sen. Rand and SoS Kerry yesterday and I believe that SoS articulated, what we may call "Kerry Doctrine".
According to Kerry Doctrine a President only needs Congressional authorization when contemplating "war" war.
"War" war involves "boots on the ground", otherwise it is only "war" for which Congressional involvement is not necessary.
Taking it to logical conclusion, nuking from orbit is not "war" war and can be conducted by presidential discretion.

jimmyk on iPhone

"According to Kerry Doctrine a President only needs Congressional authorization when contemplating 'war' war."

The left is great at making such nuanced distinctions. Like Whoopi's "rape rape, Bill's definition of "is", and so on. They are so much smarter.


" plus subsidies/tax credits/loan "

'Feds ask TN officials to spend taxpayer money as quickly as possible'



Kerry is a Lefty, and as we all know, for Lefties there is no objective truth... ONLY THE NARRATIVE. War-War is part of that Narrative.

Rand Paul’s Syria Amendment Throws Obama’s Words Back In His Face. “The amendment quotes from a response Obama gave The Boston Globe back in 2007 as a Senator, in which Obama said that ‘the President does not have the power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.’”

I just came up with this.

Obama's just not that smart. And, he's a liar.


Obummer sez: That was 2007, now it is different, see the Narrative... that and Shut Up!


BTW-- is the 'flexibility' Obummer was talking about 16 months ago?


The red line

Do, do lie, do lie

Its not mine

Do lie, do lie, do lie

That world over there

Do lie, do lie, do lie

They made the dare

Do lie, do lie, do lie

I don't know how I'm gonna do it

Do lie, do lie, do lie

But I'm gonna deny its mine

Do lie, do lie, do lie

Dave (in MA)

Liar, liar,
mom jeans on fire.


denis Miller says we're now the only country that sends Save the Date cards for attacks.


The Islamists in Benghazi may as well have sent "Save the Date" cards for their attack last 9/11 for all the "difference" it would have made to Hillary and Barry.


Good point, jimmyk.


Has anyone seen an actual resolution yet? Is it called an AUMF?

I understand from a report I heard yesterday that an AUMF is being drafted. Possible vote late next week, unless it all falls apart.


In fact the Jihadis did effectively send save the date cards, and in response Stevens asked for more protection .. made no difference to Hildabeast and Obummer. Monumental scandal that they left the man at risk... off the charts scandal that they lied about it.. scary that the Legacy Media covers for them to this day.

(A) nuther Bub

I'm curious about which individuals are included when National Review takes a position and signs it "The Editors." Is that a royal plural, covering only Rich Lowry, or is there an official group where each person gets a vote? And who are they? I've spent the morning looking around the net and their site, but remain uninformed.

It's puzzling because "The Editors" support Obama's proposed strike against Syria while numerous contributors there (some with Editor-of-something-or-other by their names) have written pieces opposing it: Ramesh, Andy McCarthy, Kevin Williams, Jonah Goldberg (sort of), others who should have been influential in forming an editorial position, I'd have thought. Do you know, Jane?

(A) nuther Bub

Sorry. Meant Kevin Williamson, my own true love. Get a little excited when attempting to type his name.

Tom Maguire
Either that or Assad decided to call the bluff, knowing that Barry would beclown himself.

One of the Times stories makes it pretty clear that Assad has been using chemical weapons for about a year (the rough Brit-French-Israeli-US consensus) on a smaller scale. His mistake this time was getting caught.

So really, Obama is trying to send a strong "Don't get in my face and embarrass me" message, not a "don't go chemical" message.

Jane-sun - the squaw

"denis Miller says we're now the only country that sends Save the Date cards for attacks."

That's hysterical.

Bad news AB, Kevin now has a girlfriend who he brought on the cruise.

I think "the editors" is mostly Rich.

Tom Maguire
Obummer is desperate for an unconditional hike in the debt limit to keep the money going to the Dem parasites for 2014 elections.

It has gone widely unremarked but Obama is going to spend the next week groveling and crawling through broken glass for Republican votes; then in two weeks time he will be ruminating about whether the right wing fever has broken and the Republicans can be trusted to act like adults.

On the one hand, grr. On the other hand, I think Boehner and Cantor are positioning themselves well for that moment by their (tepid) support of the President now.

And on the third hand, maybe Obama could pick up some right-wing votes by proposing a resolution to bomb Assad *and* Obama. Nahhh...


One of the Times stories makes it pretty clear that Assad has been using chemical weapons for about a year

And this was unbeknownst to anyone? Hard to believe, but otherwise Obama knew the red line had already been crossed when he drew it.

Account Deleted

"that Assad has been using chemical weapons for about a year"

Which just brought Butchers to parity with Cannibals. The only UN official rendering judgement to date placed Sarin in the hands of Cannibals. The Russians have noted instances of Cannibal use as well.

Perhaps BOzo should just carpet bomb all of Syria to be sure? He could call it 'Operation Rolling Thunder' and do it incrementally with precise measurements of progress every week based upon body counts.


Bad news AB, Kevin now has a girlfriend who he brought on the cruise.

Drat! I thought we might have another mud wrestle coming.


Perhaps BOzo should just carpet bomb all of Syria to be sure?

As in, "We have to kill them to save them?" A Democrat could get away with that.


I thought we might have another mud wrestle coming.

We don't need an excuse for mud wrestling.

Tom Maguire
I am convinced Barry will orchestrate something to get the news off of him. Short of bombing Iran or indicting Hillary I cannot imagine what it will be.

Well, "Wag The Dog" presumed that the Prez had a war to distract from a sex scandal. Why can't we have "Screw the Pooch", in which the Pres delivers a sex scandal to distract from a war?

Maybe Barry could make a pass at Scarlett Johansson. For country and party, natch.
And not to imply Ms. J is a pooch, obvi.


Why can't we have "Screw the Pooch", in which we have a sex scandal to distract from a war?

Perhaps it is time to revisit Petraeus, and introduce Powell's and Hillary's indiscretions? I'm sure there's plenty more, though Reid probably is clear. Remember that The Won is above all this sort of thing.


Sex scandal? Maybe Vlad will tape the "hands of spades" when Obama meets the Russian LGBT leaders, then release it to youtube.

Account Deleted

If TM is going to do count downs, lets not forget the six month crash course The Education of Julia Lackwitz begins in 26 days.


This is a FAB comment thread. Even Tom M himself deigns to comment-- THRICE! the 1:57 rightly condemns Obummer for his wannabe thug 'don't Dis me Assad' posturing, the 2:14 TM comment gets his middle aged funk on-- understandable (though SJ does nothing for me personally), but as to Tom M's 2:03... well I remarked on it... does that count not? Welcome to the comment mosh pit Tom, you're always welcome here.


Dr J-- Hillary's 'indiscretions'-- the whole Hill-Huma-Weiner thing makes me throw up in my mouth a bit the micromoment the thought pops into my head.


RickB-- does the individual mandate start FY '14 or calendar year '14?

Frau Steingehirn wieder zu Hause

Kat @ 12:40 - brava!

A pox on former Sen. Backbench; Kerry only wants to practice his French while being the most important pompous person in the room.

Frau Steingehirn wieder zu Hause

MarkO, bad reminded us often that Obama sucks.

Account Deleted


Calendar. Sticker shock begins October 1st for individuals but the real sticker shock will run from October 1st through the end of November as the premium increases for small businesses are revealed one policy at a time.

Julia Lackwitz has until April 1st to pick her poison and begin writing checks for her free birth control.


Thanks Rick B-- interesting next few months coming. Not the least of which is the 'no vett' subsidy grants.

Jane-sun - the squaw

"Maybe Barry could make a pass at Scarlett Johansson."

More likely Magic Johnson. He could say he is doing it for the gays - his signature issue.

Speaking of such - Amy is getting utterly screwed by DOMA - she is losing all her deductions and her tax bill is thru the roof.


Amy is getting utterly screwed by DOMA

How so? I understand the words, but I don't understand what DOMA does to her deductions.


Kerry only wants to practice his French while being the most important pompous person in the room.

Well, whatever he did to his face makes him look like Diana Nyad after she emerged from 53 hours in saltwater. Only she had a tangible accomplishment to show for it, whereas he just used Teresa's dough. In any case, it doesn't add an air of "importance."

Jane-sun - the squaw

Under Doma They have to file as married. So her salary gets added to Mary's and they lose all the deductions that she could claim before because the tax bracket is too high.

Jane-sun - the squaw

McCain votes yes.



Under Doma They have to file as married.

Isn't that more a consequence of MA's allowing gay marriage? And I recall saying way back when that all these supposed benefits and deductions that were being "denied" gays because they couldn't marry were not necessary all that. Be careful what you wish for.


(By "you" I don't mean you, Jane. Just a general admonition.)

The point is that there is a marriage tax that hits two-income households, unless the incomes are very unequal. This shouldn't come as a shock.


A couple weeks ago Instapundit pointed out a proponent of gay marriage complaining that gay "partners" were going to lose their benefits were going to be losing their benefits if they didn't get married. Instapundit's response was to the effect: why yes, it's called equality.

Old Lurker test

What did you think McCain was going to do?


It had been widely reported that McCain had decided to oppose the resolution. Either his 'Aye' vote reflected the amendment that he added, or he was merely voting in favor of sending it to the floor, where he will still vote 'Nay.'

Nick N.Y.

The truth of the matter is that, in one of his press conferences several months ago, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu was the first one to draw a line in the sand, and it was on a subsequent occasion that, in an outburst of bravado to show his own machismo, our silly POTUS drew his own line, too, somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Jim Miller

Jane-sun - Some of us have literal minds, and so, for a moment there I was wondering who DOMA was (and why this private matter was being discussed here).

(A rather unpleasant local lefty blog often confuses me the same way. Once, for instance, I was briefly wondering why they objecting to Republicans making love -- though they used a cruder verb -- to the poor.)

Now, just for the exercise, I'll see if I can make some sense out of today's Maureen Dowd column. I already spotted one mangled metaphor, which is usually a sign of trouble to come.

(I haven't read far enough to know whether she references any movies.)


Um, Nick, Netanyahu's line was about Iran's nukes. And he was hardly the first. Bush 41 drew a line in the sand over Saddam and Kuwait. The point is not that one should never draw a line, but that one should have a good reason for doing so, and a sensible contingency plan in the event the line is crossed.

Nick N.Y.

Well, duh.


the blind leading the blind;


I wouldn't know Jim, unless Ace or Hot Air, decides to fisk her;


'the Horror, the Horroe'

Jane-Hey!  Where's my post?

"Isn't that more a consequence of MA's allowing gay marriage?"

Well remember we are talking federal taxes, so remotely yes but in reality no.

Ya gotta remember Amy is not an activist. I had to explain to her what DoMA was about when it passed. So yaddi yaddi yaddi but she doesn't have to like it.

Nick N.Y.

LOL - BTW, JimmyK, G.H.W. Bush did NOT draw a line in the sand. His ambassador practically gave Saddam Hussein permission to invade Kuwait.

When I referred to the putz's bravado, I was inferring that he didn't have a game plan - far worse than that he didn't have a reason, which, BTW, he did, and it is obvious.

And your point was?



A traditional trick to get around Amy's tax situation is to divorce in late December and remarry in early January. That way both can file as single for tax purposes, but retain the marriage benefits for the rest of the time.

That is, that is how it used to be. I don't know if the underlying tax law has changed.


Line drawing-- don't bluff. In July 1990 GHWB neither drew a line in the sand nor 'invited' saddam into Kuwait. In january 1991, GHWB gave Saddam a deadline; in October 2001 GWB gave the Taliban a deadline, and in March 2003 GWB gave Saddam a deadline. All 3 deadlines weren't extended 1 minute, none of the deadlines were bluffs. There was nothing for the bad guys to 'call'. It seems just about everything Obummer does with enemies of the USA is a bluff-- and the bad guys are now calling everytime. This ends horribly for the innocent.


My posts aren't posting.


Let me try this again.

Dr J, unfortunately Amy would have to divorce in 3 states. She was married in a civil union in VT, married in MA so she could go on Mary's health insurance, and married in Ct for the same reason. It's not easy being gay.

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