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September 02, 2013


2Jack is Back4 (On the Thalys, Again)

We went to a real King's place today - The Louvre.

No one quite does the affluence of royalty like the French did back in the day of the Louis' and Napolean's.

Obummer has a long way to go if he wants to be a real King instead of the Kings of Kafiristan. He is no James Brooke but rather a small man in mommy jeans who talks big and carries a wiffle bat.

narciso el taino

Georgianna, the source material for the Dutchess, has a fair bit about the factions, the Fox and Lord North ones, behind the decision to pull support in the Colonial unpleasantness, as they would have called it.


I believe this writer covers the entire mess the Obama regime has created.

"No one person has done more to destabilize the Middle East than "Peace Prize Obama". The death and repression in foreign lands attributable to the decisions of this one man is shocking. Societies are literally transformed for the worse by what he says and does, both at home and abroad. "



He pretty much trashed the MLK event. Knocked off the news by self inflicted taking it leading from behind on Syria. A G20 face plant will require a triple flip with 1 1/2 twist in layout position to get Syria into the memory hole... Until next week when Congress votes on it.

2Jack is Back4 (On the Thalys, Again)


As Frederick says when entering the pool: "CANNONBALL"!


And if we are were talking "The Man Who Would Be King", as in Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King", my current read on late 18th Century India has this:

Another of Legge's contemporaries, George Thomas, had his roots in the opposite end of Ireland, but like Legge took service among the Rajah's of the north of India. In due course, at the end of 18th century, Thomas succeeded in carving out his own state in the Mewatti badlands west of Delhi, and was a possible model for Peachey Carnahan in Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King." 'The Rajah from Tipperary,' as he was known back home was referred to in India as 'Jehaz Sahib'---a name which may have derived from an Indian mangling of George, or be a reference to his naval past, jehaz being URDU for "ship."

Once established in his Haryana kingdom, Jehaz, Sahib built himself a palace, minted his own coins and collected about him a harem, but in the process totally forgot how to speak English; when asked at the end of his career to dictate his autobiography, he said he would to do so as long as he could speak in Persian, 'as from constant use it was become more familiar than his native tongue'. William Franklin, who eventually took down Thomas's dictated memoirs, said that though Thomas was uneducated, 'he spoke, wrote, and read the Hindoostany and Persian languages with uncommon fluency and precision'; indeed his Anglo-Indian son, Jan Thomas, became a celebrated URDU poet in the mohallas of Old Delhi, and is depicted in miniatures of the period wearing the extravagant dress and raffish haircut of a late Mughal banka or gallant.

My current read shows that Kipling had tons of similar sorts of interesting expats he could have picked as subjects for his tales of India.

Soylent Red

He is no James Brooke but rather a small man in mommy jeans who talks big and carries a wiffle bat.

Talk fecklessly and carry a Big Bertha.

It would be truly wonderful to watch world leadership bat this fool around like a cat toy, if the fool wasn't the POTUS and leader of the free world.

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