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September 25, 2013


Danube on iPad

"Obama has made steady gains and that hasn't caused any outrage"

But the polling suggests that Obamaczre is, indeed, causing outrage. And I believe it will increase.


rse, Walker is doing something on common core. He's framing it has higher standards, but the legislators behind the review are very tea party. Legislative hearings with public input should be fun. Wish your book were here, I know for whom I would buy a few copies.


But Obama is sitting right there next to him. They're side-by-side in 2 big, upholstered Clinton Global Initiative armchairs. Obama restates Clinton's point:

"What happens is, if you don’t have pools that are a cross-section of society, then people who are already sick or more likely to get sick, they’ll all rush out and buy insurance. People who are healthy, they say, ‘You know what, I won’t bother.’ And you get what’s called adverse selection."

Oh, brother. Stone stupid.

NK(tryin' again)

MarkO-- heh; Clinton's facial expression and body language sitting across from Obummer were priceless.

Carol Herman

Politicians hate sunshine. Some (if not many) believed Americans would love the Feds coming in and offering everybody cheaper insurance. As long as it didn't follow the Canadian model. Where long waits accrue before anyone gets to see a doctor. For any condition.

In spite of their hopes, this one has exploded as being VERY, VERY UNPOPULAR. If you did the math, you'd find there were only 20-million desperate Americans, with no insurance to speak of. Out of a nation of 230-million VOTERS.

Talk of backfire! This is worse than thinking "having a little war in Syria" would take everyone's mind off of the health insurance kerfuffle.

To be solved, ahead, is how most politicians need barricades behind which they can duck.

As to the GOP's right wing, it still has its old problems. They can't attract enough voters to win a National.

Dave (in MA)
Cut and paste from Word, TC™
Or: "™" to give you "™". (or I'll just look foolish if this breaks after Preview)

"I will hate him forever."

I can't believe you are just starting.

He's a nasty old man who has squandered all the POW good will he richly deserved. Goldwater would give him a mighty slap.

Thomas Collins

No problem with TC for the Texas Senator, anonamom. I'm pleased to share a moniker with him (although I'm not going to try to outtalk him).

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

I can't believe you are just starting.

YA know I became a dyed in the wool conservative because of him. (I know that makes no sense) so I am somewhat grateful for that. But I really hate him today, and I really really really love Ted Cruz.


Has there ever been such a back-stabbing prick on the Democrat side?


Seemed odd that the media would be shielding a bunch of Texas Gosnell's behind a white woman's skirt with their concern for women and such.

It did, didn't it? And yet the media blitz was wildly successful, right down to the pink sneakers Wendy wore and was later pictured holding on the cover of Texas Monthly.

But that is just how deep the left's love of convenience abortion truly is.

It was unbelievable - even for the left - what went on in the Capitol during the special session that went entirely unreported by the national media (the local media wasn't much better). It was a mini-Occupy. Plots to throw urine, feces, used tampons, screaming, yelling, hissing, chanting Hail Satan, Heil Hitler, harassing children, you name it. Like the gates of Hell had opened. All countered by pro-lifers with quiet prayer. If I hadn't had friends who were there witnessed it, I might not have believed it either.

I know our Wisconsin friends know what it looks like.


Li'L help.

Yesterday Iran's Rouhani said ( and our President welcomed it) that Iran was not interested in building a Nuclear Weapon.

Talk Radio yesterday mentioned that about 4 years back Rouhani said that Iran will get a Nuclear Weapon but the way to do that is to lie to the West about their intentions, thus buying them time while they complete their bomb.

I am trying to find a transcript of Rouhani stating that strategy, but I cannot find it. If anyone by chance has a link to Rouhani's original comments on how they plan to bamboozle us I'd appreciate the link. Thanks for any help.


Rouhani was previously one of the negotiators charged with deceiving the quartet in other news, DeBlasio apparently welcome Robert Mugabe to NYC, because he's an extraordinary

Thomas Collins

Daddy, I don't know whether the LUNed article (which includes a video) is the one they were talking about on your talk radio show, but it does a good job of showing what a smooth operator and deceiver Rouhani is.



I think the only thing you're missing in your 12:13 suggestion of what the House should repeal is a repeal of Obama's Tax on Tanning Salons. Put that in there and I think you'll see some honest to goodness Leadership coming out of Speaker Boehner.


Rich who knows what the lefties were thinking, if they were thinking instead of emoting. Wendy Davis will not get reelected in her state senate district and has a veritable snowball's chance in the microwave set to reheat. Zero chance of being governor. Let them waste funds that might be otherwise deployed against vulnerable folks in other locales. I hear the unions in Wisconsin and Michigan wont be contributing much this go around, so scarce resources wasted and truly a good thing.

Jeff Dobbs


Here's an article from 2006.

Here's the NY Post commenting on it this past July after Rouhani was elected. (the Post seems not to have found the Telegraph article I linked above, or doesn't consider a UK paper part of "the west")

Here's the Weekly Standard in June.



seemed odd and to have just come out of no where.

found the same link daddy. memri might have something as well.


Not that odd when you consider that the lefties think they are going to "take back Texas". And they get all butt hurt when you laugh outloud at the foolish statement.


Here is a small metric to consider:

On November 8, 1994, George W. Bush defeated incumbent Democrat Ann Richards in Texas’ gubernatorial election. Counting last Tuesday, there have since been 94 statewide elections held in Texas, and Republicans have won all 94 of them. The current Democratic drought is the longest of any state,

And I have heard ad nauseum about how Ron Kirk was going to be a game changer, and a Hispanic from Laredo was a game changer before that and now its a one time barest majority elected State Senator with pink tennies? LOL

Danube on iPad

"Has there ever been such a back-stabbing prick on the Democrat side?"

If I were a Dem, I'd nominate Zell Miller for the honor.


Frau is right in that the out-of-state skeered leftists will be pouring quite a bit of money into Texas to defeat Cruz. But fortunately they have 5 long years to wait.

Well there's always Ronnie Earle. (Or is that POS dead yet?)


Well I'm meeting with Erick Wyatt tomorrow who's going to run in the March primary against John Coryn. I'm done with him-Wyatt is suppose to be in the mode of Ted Cruz

Thomas Collins

Daddy, perhaps adding your suggested repeal will get Boehner on board to push for the entire package!


He must be, daddy, because surely we'd have seen him interviewed by a fawning fan by now. After all, he got the bastard and the bastard wasn't even guilty! They love that.


So what did the Senate do today after McCain's heroic stand? Did they vote on their CR version?


Everybody see the $3M RV?

Frau Pfeffergewehr

Allen West was stopped for the present and I'm sure the bowie knives are out for Ted Cruz. Daddy $oro$ will not let a honeymoon distract him...well, maybe that Brazilian hottie. (h/t DoT)


Finally caught up with this thread and just read the Rouhani links from TC and from Hit.

Scary stuff boys. Is our brave leader stupid enough to believe Rouhani? Unfortunately, I think so.

From Hit: In a speech to a closed meeting of leading Islamic clerics and academics, Hassan Rowhani, who headed talks with the so-called EU3 until last year, revealed how Teheran played for time and tried to dupe the West after its secret nuclear programme was uncovered by the Iranian opposition in 2002.

He boasted that while talks were taking place in Teheran, Iran was able to complete the installation of equipment for conversion of yellowcake - a key stage in the nuclear fuel process - at its Isfahan plant but at the same time convince European diplomats that nothing was afoot.
"From the outset, the Americans kept telling the Europeans, 'The Iranians are lying and deceiving you and they have not told you everything.' The Europeans used to respond, 'We trust them'," he said.

From TC's link: , a report by American intelligence agencies concluded that Iran halted its nuclear program in 2003 and that the program had remained frozen since.

In the interview, Rouhani said that after he took over the country’s nuclear project, the country’s 150 centrifuges grew to over 1,700 by the time he left the project.

Then Rouhani made his boldest statement: “We did not stop; we completed the program.”

Thanks for the glum confirmation, boys:(

Though they spoke frequently by phone, Bill and Hillary were rarely in the same country. By chance, their paths crossed in Bogotá, where they had dinner together—then, owing to their massive entourages, returned to their respective hotels. “Love conquers all except logistics,” says an aide.
Jane-Rebel Alliance1

cajunkate ,

let us know how it goes.


Question for JOMer's.

Is Ted Cruz a man of honor principle integrity and character?
If so, what other Republican is? Or which other Republicans ARE?


Allen West was stopped for the present and I'm sure the bowie knives are out for Ted Cruz. Daddy $oro$ will not let a honeymoon distract him...well, maybe that Brazilian hottie. (h/t DoT)

Posted by: Frau Pfeffergewehr | September 25, 2013 at 05:36 PM

Allen West was "stopped", derailed and summarily fired, because he is a sneak, a phony a liar, a cheat, a thief and a rino, who voted with the Congressional Black Caucus on not just one or two, but on THREE important pieces of legislation to which Republicans were rigidly opposed. Does Pigford II ring a bell? After apologizing to his constituent, too, lying to them that he had been misled by his staff, that scumbag continued to caucus with Democrats, while continuing to con his constituents, most of whom weren't buying his dancing, bobbing,, weaving, fancy footwork and lying. No doubt, though, he was thanking fools like you who were all that stood between that scoundrel and being tarred, feathered and taken to jail on a rail.


Question for JOMer's.

Is Ted Cruz a man of honor principle integrity and character?
If so, what other Republican is? Or which other Republicans ARE?

Posted by: Gus | September 25, 2013 at 06:40 PM

How about Alabama's Senator Jeff Sessions and Utah's Senator Mike Lee, just for starters?

Buford Gooch


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