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September 02, 2013



Atta Girl !!!!!


Wow. Quite an accomplishment!


Yahoo--Heck now half of Cuba's going to be working on endurance swimming!


--Yahoo--Heck now half of Cuba's going to be working on endurance swimming!--

Too bad Jack Lalanne's not still around.
He coulda towed a boat with a couple hundred Cubans to Florida...with his teeth.

Jane-sun - the squaw

The things people do...


OT: We found these pencil cases for Obama in a little shop on Rue St. Louis.

In some colloquial French, <> means more than feature it means <>.

I draw a line:)


Video: Grandmother Diana Nyad completes historic 104 mile Cuba to Florida Swim (without shark cage)



Remarkably it seems that there's no good video of her actually completing the swim. ESPN screwed it up.

But from the looks of her on shore afterwards, I'd recommend anyone who tries to make a swim like this not to allow images. It's impressive and inspiring, but visually downright disturbing.


sigh...left behind. I knew it.

Frau San Antonio

Hi, y'all!
I'm back among the "mundanes" after four days with the diverse, crazy crowd at the science fiction world convention in San Antonio. There were science (NASA), literature and music events to attend. My seventeen year old granddaughter enjoyed it so I was doubly pleased. My flight home is this evening.

Now, how do I read so many lost days of JOM? I know how daddy feels when he has to catch up.

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