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October 21, 2013



@4:23 Speak for yourself. One of your lords. Not one of ours. Explains your creepy perceptions.

That there's the funniest thing I've read today. I'll leave it to the regulars to understand why.

Still laughing.

Old Lurker

I know what you mean, Steph, honest.

I could continue with the story today of the blatant conversion of Food Stamps to cash on Craigslist.

Even Reagan and Friedman underestimated the damage possible when the government or at least its employees (though after Lerner I would say Government) colludes in the theft of public resources. And of course they were dealing with many fewer zeros and a government spending a much smaller share of GDP.

Beasts of England

Damn! narciso got a flan!

Reality Check (double checked that one)

Stephanie doesn't know why. She
is really quite insane, you know.

Beasts of England

Ig@3:28 - That's some funny stuff, sir!


Has Anne invaded again?

Frau Langweile

"Has Anne invaded landed again?"
FIFY Porch. It's almost Hallowe'en!


Beasts,driving around this afternoon,I was behind a car with an Alabama/Roll Tide license plate. He's a long way from home!

Beasts of England

Another Typhuspad attack!

That's nice to hear, Marlene - about how far away are you?




narciso - Hope you are having a *very* Happy Birthday today. As JOM's resident fount of knowledge, you deserve only the best in return for all that you share with everyone here.

Milton, this website's own tacky angel

RC @ 4:50
Hey, if that's true, and I'm sure that it
is, she should be pitied, not ridiculed.


Is Henry around today? If so, do you have any thoughts/insights about this Washington Examiner story:

A special prosecutor is investigating reported electoral law violations during Wisconsin's gubernatorial recall election last year, in a probe that covers activity in five Badger State counties.

Little else is known about the probe, including who specifically appointed the prosecutor and whom the investigation is targeting.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker declined to answer questions regarding the probe Monday. He told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which broke the story, that there was little he could say because of the probe's strict secrecy rules. "It doesn't make sense to be involved with that," Walker said.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's office initiated the probe, which is now being overseen by Kenosha County Circuit Judge Barbara A. Kluka. The special prosecutor is Francis Schmitz, a former federal prosecutor.


CC- election next year, Walker's opponent is tanking with the progs (Trek bike heiress, Lance's juice provider, 1%er, jobs off-shorer). Thus the progs in Milwaukee owe the unions another bs investigation based on leads that didn't pan out in the pre recall investigation. This time they found a prosecutor that didn't sign the recall petition so it's not "political". Early rumors included Milwaukee and Dane counties (plus 3 unknown) and senate recall campaigns. By Dec 2014 we'll find out somebody didn't recycle a beer can.


Out-n-about today & heard ABC news radio say that the Republicans were giving up on Cuccinelli....gonna spend their money on only Obenshain for Atty. General.

It's odd cause I have linked 2 posts on FB - Bloomberg spending 1.1 million for McAuliffe & PP also buying a million dollars worth of ad time on TV.
It seems like THEY aren't sure McAuliffe will win.

Anyway, I wonder if that ABC "report" is even true or if they are just trying to discourage Republicans.


By Dec 2014 we'll find out somebody didn't recycle a beer can.

Oh no. If I ever run for office, I'm totally hosed.

James D.

the inaugural gala of the the Kennedy Forum on Community Mental Health,led by Patrick Kennedy. The emcee is Chris Matthews. Chelsea Clinton and Brandon Marshall are headliners. rse,you'll love this... Chelsea Clinton will moderate a panel on aligning policies concerning housing,income support, disability,criminal justice,civil rights,etc.,etc. with behavorial issues. Sounds like a party.

If fire and brimstone don't rain down from the sky, incinerating everyone within a five-mile radius of the venue, my faith in a benevolent God will be sorely shaken.


That is weird, Janet. Coverage makes it seem like a done deal, so why would the Dems dump all that money in? Then again they did it for Booker.


Thanks, henry! Interesting.

Miss Marple

James D.,

God is merciful and slow to anger. This is what I cling to when I see events such as this. Myself, I would have loosed a lightning bolt on the Rose Garden about 2 years ago.

However, His ways are not our ways, so I am patient.

"The mils of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine."


"Coverage makes it seem like a done deal, so why would the Dems dump all that money in? "

Down payment on future favors.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Patches on mental health sounds like a comedy club routine. Will Chelsea have the Geico gecko help her out?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The RNC must be stockpiling all of its jack to use for Rove's squishes in primaries against the eeeeevil Tea Party candidates.


Maybe they just don't have the dough, CH.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Is that a joke? Recent reports have said they're flush with cash compared to empty donk coffers yet conservatives get short shrift compared to the opponents.


/they rarely make it this obvious:

McAuliffe paid $20,000 to the consulting firm of Boyd Marcus, a longtime Republican strategist and operative in the state who notably backed the Democrat in late August. Marcus previously worked for Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, who Cuccinelli successfully pushed out of the race.


They need to be systematically primaried by an organized sub-party which would then have the influence to direct resources to people like Cuccinelli.


Just to be clear....I don't know if what ABC radio news said is true or not.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

narc, members of the Horde were talking about the establishment Repukes in Virginia being extremely unsupportive of Cuccinelli but that goes into the category of treason. Supporting trash like McAuliffe over another Republican is like digging up Reagan's body and burning it. If this is the path they insist on taking, it will not end up well.


I know I'm being repetitive, but the so-called "Tea Party" is not a party, nor is it an organized sub-party within the Republican Party, and therefore shouldn't be capitalized. As a result, the movement can be marginalized by the Dems and MSM with the tacit approval of the Republican Establishment, since it's a threat to all three.

Maybe it needs a leader.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I'll listen to Levin's podcast after POI; Cuccinelli is on his show frequently and if the Repubs are cutting him off he'll be all over it.


Fox Business, Adam Samson reporting:

Markets Trend Higher as Jobs Report Fuels Fed Hopes

U.S. stocks were mostly higher Tuesday morning as Wall Street bets the lackluster jobs report will prevent the Federal Reserve from cutting off monetary stimulus any time soon.
I know some people need to make a living, but why do they constantly do this? Nobody, including Adam Samson, knows why the market was up today.

Which Castro Brothers? The Cuban commies or the San Antonio commies? Why not all of them?

Frau Fragezeichen

daddy alert!

The latest Orvis catalog has a double page appeal to raise funds for Trout Unlimited to save (?) Bristol Bay from the Pebble mine which will store metal sulfide mine tailings behind man-made dams. Have you heard about this endeavor?

reduce weight

JustOneMinute: And The Problem With The Problem With This Analysis...

Sandy Daze

Update on the "new" USMC covers, as received in a forwarded email originating from:
LtCol. David Nevers, USMC
Public Affairs Officer
Office of the Commandant
Just spoke to CMC. He wants to aggressively debunk the Post/Fox stories. 3 key points:

1. The President in no way, shape or form directed the Marine Corps to change our uniform cover.

2. We are looking for a new cover for our female Marines for one overriding reason: the former manufacturer went out of business.

3. The Marine Corps has zero intention of changing the male cover.

Please disseminate as widely as possible.

Standing by, should you have questions.


None of the above is to excuse Amos (CMC) who sycophantic politic idiot and, much much worse, and who should be relieved from the position of the CMC, but that is a topic for another thread.

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