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October 29, 2013



what about Putin?


Who and what are IBT Media?


an innovative digital media company.

as opposed to some bloggers and a bankrupt magazine.


Kathleen Sebelius - for sure.


TIME is still publishing stuff like this laugher I saw on twitter:

The Bright Side of Obamacare’s Broken Promise

She hits all the talking points:
1) small percentage of ppl losing their plans
2) Insurance companies drop people all the time!
3) the new plans are "Better!"

As bonus, she cites that debunked Elizabeth Warren study claiming "3/4 of bankruptcies due to medical bills were for people who had insurance"



AliceH;These statements are supposed to reassure us? These talking points are demented.
I have come to the conclusion that we ;who have been working hard our whole lives and paid for insurance are now being punished so that those without insurance{who many times live beyond their means}can get it.
We have to go without while they cash in. That seems fair in a spread the wealth around{in this case health insurance} way.sarc


You know if you are a twenty something, and your insurance goes up $300 a month, that's only two lattes a day....


That's it, peter! And it has the advantage of being more accurate than the "around the cost of a monthly cell phone bill".

Frau Grosse Überraschung!

The official spokesgal I heard this a.m. could not answer several probing questions because she was *not in the room* and thus could not comment. Try that excuse when the IRS comes to your door.


--1) small percentage of ppl losing their plans-

"If you like your plan you can keep it" was a lie only if every single person who likes their plan loses it.

--2) Insurance companies drop people all the time!--

Yes, they do so based on the cancellation policies delineated in writing in the contract. If they write in the contract "if you like this plan you can keep it" they are liable for breach of contract if they cancel. What is Barry liable for?

--3) the new plans are "Better!"--

Then go buy one dumb ass. Why force me to?


Why force me to?

Duh, because you and your deep pockets are going to make the plan "Better!" for the parasites. Better for me but not for thee. Don't be so selfish!

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