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October 08, 2013



The Kerry pic is Legit-- saw it in the UK Daily Mail yesterday.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

It was Shemp but Brett agreed.

I am a really good backer-upper. But for some reason I cannot pull into a parking space without ending up in an angle.

Some Guy

Siren up on Drudge:

"Obamacare Marketplace: Personal Data Can Be Used For ‘Law Enforcement and Audit Activities’"

Heck of job Barry.


I must admit, I am pretty good at parallel parking. Had to parallel park on urban streets for most of my 20s. But, I drove Jeep Cherokees for that entire decade and they have superb visibility and turning radius. Sucky radiators though.


Blackfive has a story up about the Rangers killed over the weekend and the numbers to help those families with expenses since the Obama admin has chosen to read the statute as not covering death benefits.


That knock at the door would be unbearable. Having the Pres and his Admin diss these families like this just shows the malevolence at the core of this man and his policies.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Remember the photo of Reporting for Doody's daughter in a see through dress? Intelligent choices of what to wear don't run in the family.


The consensus among the auto body shops I delt with was women think the "R" on the shift indicator stood for retarded.

I chastised them for such offensive and derogatory thinking.


"Sucky radiators though."



I am an EXCELLENT parallel parker.

After pulling my (then) 1982 Buick LaSabre boat into a spot between two cars, one with a bicycle in a rack hanging off the back, on the first try - I got out to see how much room I really had between cars front and back (it was inches - maybe 10" combined). While I was doing that, some guy came running out of the restaurant next to where I parked, shouting "I saw the whole thing! That was Amazing!"

One of the proudest moments of my life, that was.



Just turned to the MLB PostSeason Pregame Show and it's that malignant, oleaginous lizard Keith Olberman doing the Host duties. Instantly I change the channel. I do hope those Network execs who hired that POS understand how many eyeballs they are losing because of their idiocy.


My wife has a 2012 SUV with proximity alarms-- I find them completely unmanly and a darned nuissance.

Beasts of England

I don't know nothin' bout reversin' no cars.


A speaker (from Wall Street) just said on Neil Cavuto's show that the president's message is crazy. That you don't throw fuel on the fire and fan its flames. Wish I could remember his name. But he was horrified that the POTUS could act like this -- he said POTUS shouldn't run the country like a community organizer. (paraphrased, but he did say community organizer.)


That's awesome, AliceH. I would have been over the moon, too. :)

Trevor Saccucci

TrevorS-- they're desperate for the money. The OPM has dried up, all they have is debt financing to pay off parasites and cronies. Desperate times...

I think they're more desperate for control - more precisely, the illusion of control which is the obsession and delusion of all central planning-command economy types. They think they can find ways to control the US population as they see fit even in the absence of OPM; they're unmoored from reality.





TrevorS-- good points. I do give them a little more credit than just being delusional. Their evil plan for the country is to lock in Government SinglePayer health finance and a permanent LeftWing majority like Western Europe, BEFORE debt financing dries up. Once they have that in place, they reduce defense spending by 50-70% and increase taxes, to allow for the parasite/crony spending, because they would have destroyed the credit of the USA and have to go back to tax revenue for spending. In a nutshell, that's their evil plan.

Some Guy

It's foolhardy to note this, but if GWB gave a performance like that today, the MSM would be talking "insanity" and impeachment.

4JIB2 (Recreating Until it Hurts)

Actually, NK, Bali Hai of South Pacific is not the Island of Bali, Indonesia but rather a small island off the coast of Malaysia.

BTW, that looks like a variation of the Legong dance with Gamelan music accompaniment. A very typical Balinese (Hindu) farewell dance.

Old Lurker

Trevor: "I think they're more desperate for control"

Agree completely. With control AND knowledge (ACA see Some Guy 3:53 + NSA + IRS + etc) they can get to all of our money eventually until it is either spent or moved elsewhere.

Frau OEdith Steingehirn

I hope Kat can comment on the presser spectacle. My husband, who experienced Onkel Adolf's fascist evils first hand, had to leave the room.

Why are so many silent? Do they think it will all go away and disappear when BHO leaves office? Can the country really self-correct after this?

Beasts of England

9 out of 10 JOM polyglots know that JEF's rhetorical performance today as a veritable coupe de foie gras rouler.

4JIB2 (Recreating Until it Hurts)


That was Craig Smith of Swiss America. He was 110% correct. Obama is community organizing not leading the country as POTUS. He is going to tank the economy globally because he wants to and as Smith said it was some of the most stupid remarks ever uttered by a world leader.

4JIB2 (Recreating Until it Hurts)

Boehner hangs tough. Smart enough to not take the false bait. I completely agree.


I am so glad Boehner said what he did. It's unbelievable what is happening in Washington. We have a crew in charge that apparently loves their creed more than they love this country.

I am so full of rage and hate.

Isn't good for me.


I have a question. It may sound ignorant, but I'll ask it anyway.

Assume Oct 17 passes and there is no Debt Limit Agreement, and after that time Jack Lew then starts spending the money coming in on what they want to spend it on and not to pay down the debt.

What I want to know is does the Supreme Court immediately get involved in determining if Lew's actions are Constitutional, or do we have to wait a year or so for the Legal challenges to jump thru various lower Court hoops to get in front of the Supremes like we are told is happening with the ObamaCare challenges?

I don't even know if this question makes sense but I thought I'd ask it.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

I'm proud of Boehner.

Frau, I understand how your husband feels (well no, I probably don't) but I've gotten to the point where I cannot listen to the Fuhrer. Because what he is, comes thru loud and clear, as soon as he opens his mouth.


More Mussolini than ze Fuhrer IMO.

4JIB2 (Recreating Until it Hurts)

The American people, at least the ones I know, are sick and tired of you John McCain. Thank you for your service but please STFU.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Could someone read this and tell me it's bunk.

I'm a bit too paranoid. It comes from the EU Times.


What did Boehner say? Sorry, I can't keep up today...way behind at work.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

The EU UNION Times.

Porch he said the president must negotiate.


Joan, I feel your pain. But every now and then I see a glimmer of hope when people speak the truth loud and strong - this link goes to the Hag Andrea Mitchell as she interviews interrogates Rep. Sean Duffy (WI). It starts slowly, so stick with it - he finally overtakes her and plows her right down into the ground.

L o n g d r a w n o u t p a u s e s, because she simply has no comeback and has run out of ammunition.


McCain on Cavuto, (Here's the gist, but not verbatim)

McCain: Here's the point we have to sit down and work this out. Sooner or later it will get worked out. It is a fools errand for us to try to repeal ObamaCare. Ted Cruz's efforts on the Senate floor were a fools errand.

Cavuto: Would you add anything to the Prez's request for a clean CR. Do you trust him?

McCain: I don't trust him but here's the deal---let's put into this thing maybe the medical device tax and things to fix some of the large problems with ObamaCare. It is an ongoing Soap Opera. I am angry because with the Govt shutdown we are denying stuff to the families of the dead Servicemen in Afghan.

Cavuto: The Repub's keep going back with Bills and getting rejected. Do you get a sense the Dem's want to deal?

McCain: The Dem's want to deal in my opinion. We should do a deal now. As soon as I get off this show I am going to a meeting with some of my friends to talk about possible deals.

Cavuto: So who are those friends you are going to talk with after you leave this show. Dems?

McCain: Yes, Dem's, and some Repub's but I won't name the friends I am going to go talk to.


I can't watch Obama in the same way I could not watch LBJ.

It is a warning to us all that the press will let government trample us without so much as a whimper.

Be very afraid. Can anyone here remember a time quite like this?


More on that "we don't have tools to priortize payments by type"...

I have been reconstructing what I remember from my days working in a large Accounts Payable dept years and years ago. To simplify, the process steps were:
1) get a bill
2) forward to appropriate authorized party to approve (or hold)
3) receive signed authorization with General Ledger and Cost Center data attached
4) Enter bill details (payee, amount, due date or term, GL, cc, etc.) into computer
5) Batch process generates payments (electronic or otherwise) and all sorts of accounting feeds and things

Anyway, ISTM that even in extraordinarily high volume arenas like the Federal Govt, and even with recurring payments for things not being touched by human hands, there must always be the equivalent of a valid GL account tied to a payment for it to issue.

If that is so, how likely is it that "interest payment" shares the same GL acct as anything else?

I can't figure out why prioritizing would be technically difficult. I don't get that.


As soon as I get off this show I am going to a meeting with some of my friends to talk about possible deals.

Friends = NYT or WaPo.

Gawd, you're an embarrassment, Sidney

Some Guy

Cavuto: So you think you are the only grown up here?

McCain: Yes.

Cavuto: How many fingers am I holding up?

McCain: Lindsey Graham.

Cavuto: If the president called you and said, 'let's make a deal?', would you...

McCain: Door Number 1. Everyone knows you always go for Door Number 1 on "Let's Make a Deal".

Cavuto: How long have you been this way?

McCain: What way?

(Things that might have been said, but edited to protect the Senator from the state of Media)

4JIB2 (Recreating Until it Hurts)



Thanks, Jane.

Time for this:

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Mark) @ 5:00
No...too many sheep and not enough guardians


Obamacare is already creating medical miracles. Boehner is growing a spine and a pair.


Oakland A's up 1 -0 in the first. Olberman is gone so it's safe to change the channel. A's they are coming out hitting---the first batter up, Cocoa Crisp, hit a tripple.


"We have a crew in charge that apparently loves their creed more than they love this country"

You caused this shutdown by putting forward a six week spending resolution without funding the Healthcare law. And that has inadvertently hurt the families of soldiers who have died this week. Do you think you should fund the law of the land.... it is the law of the land and it has been ordained by the Supreme court as the law of the land....so....do you think you should fund it? No? Then you've caused this fight.

And here's the funny thing; you started this fight to delay/defund the health care law but when you realized that wasn't polling well you switched your reasoning to deficit reduction (so much for tea party integrity). The irony being we've already HAD the deficit reduction fight-it's called sequestration and it's cut the deficit in half.

So what are you fighting for if you've already gotten a major deficit reduction?

An oil pipeline? seriously...you're threatening the families of fallen soldiers unless we give you an oil pipeline...that actually is a Tea party demand now. Don't believe me look it up.

This is your fault. You can watch Fox news and read JOM all day long, but this is your fault and you've hurt and will continue to hurt the wives and children of men who have died in battle.... That's something for you and your God to come to terms with and yeah...I guess deluding yourself will help for a while, but eventually you'll have to think about what you've done here.

Clean bill please.

Jack is Back Recreating Until it Hurts


Ahem (cough,cough) 1938 Germany?


Well, I would also like to ask McCain how many fingers I'm holding up.


I eagerly look forward to the critical, insider-y report that will surely appear very soon on National Review Online:

Robert Costa ‏@robertcostaNRO 3m

It was an honor to meet w/ Pres. Obama today at the WH, along with a small group of journalists. Appreciate his time.



Great link/video! Thanks for posting.

Sean Duffy rocks.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Someone needs to read my link.

Some Guy

The desperation is setting in, you can tell by DD's posting.


Thanks for that link, cc. Interrogate is exactly right.
The press are such tools for the Dems....it is something to behold.

As our President & the MFMers spit out the word "tea party"...I wish they would be asked exactly what is the principle held by the so called "tea party" Republicans that is so awful? -
*stop out of control government spending?
*individual freedom?
*belief in the Constitution?

Which of those things is so evil? I don't get the slandering of Americans that stand by those beliefs. The President of the United States talks like he hates the Americans that believe in those things.


Jane, it reads like disinformation of some sort. What is the background on the publication?


Read it Jane. This same stuff has been floating for the last few years. Canada Free Press has been pushing it, too. If it comes to pass, lock and load.

Old Lurker

Jane I read it and have the same question as Henry.


Wind still intermittently blowing like crazy up here today:

The NWS sez:

PARADISE VALLEY........................84 MPH
MCHUGH CREEK...........................78 MPH
UPPER DEARMOUN.........................78 MPH
GLENN ALPS.............................70 MPH

We live between McHugh and Upper Dearmoun, so we were/are in the 78 MPH range. It really is amazing when it happens. It seems to be some function of a hugh pressure differential occurring between the Prince William Sound and the Cook Inlet. The small passage down near Portage between PWS and Cook Inlet acts as a Venturi, and the old Physics's Laws of Pressure do the rest, so the wind comes whipping like crazy thru the gap and down the Turnagain Fiord and tries to blow your roof off.

And for some reason it only happens on the days that the garbage cans are out:)







Your story made my day.
Yes, I absolutely cannot back up especially down a long driveway.
However I challenge anyone to take me on in parallel parking. I got 100% on my parallel when I took my driving test and 85% in driving. I actually put a whole in the garage wall by accidently hitiing the gas rather than the brake. Your wife and daughters sound like a lot of fun. '
The best part was Beasts handing over his reckless driving title to you.
The people at JOM are really fun.
Miss Marple: Welcome ! Per my good friend Caro, I always read in order so I am late to the game in saying we are so glad you are here! I love the OT comments that basically state that if we like the topic we comment on it -if not -meh.
This is a great bunch of commenters and a truly inspiring, knowledgable, and friendly group. Though they initially thought I was a troll, I soon was able to persuade them that I shared much of their feelings and opinions. I have been here since The Libby/Plame kerfuffle and was referred to JOM by Instapundit.
I am purposely ignoring Obama and his predictable comments today. To go in front of all Americans and lie on a continual basis for your own selfish ends is not leadership. we will impeach him in our own good time. Even if we don't get a 2/3rds majority a simple majority would suit me once we reclaim the senate in 2014. There is much pain ahead for this narcissist.He offered nothing new today, just gave in to his own overwhelming desire to hear his own voice and APPEAR to be relevant to what is transpiring around him.
Jarrett is the weasel shutting down the memorials because as an Iranian she has no deep love or understanding of american history or sacrifice.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

What is the background on the publication?

I googled it. Besides it's own description I read "it takes tea-bag libertarian positions" which made me trust it more.


should be hole in the garage wall...

Miss Marple

Old Lurker, that is what they gave them all to wear. There was a pic I saw yesterday with Putin in the green version while Kerry had on that blue monstrosity.

Old Lurker

MM you would have to hold me down and force me to wear that dress.


A(nother) trenchant paragraph from the always quotable VDH:

I think America is becoming sick and tired of being lectured by some young pompadour who made a billion dollars in Silicon Valley and therefore deems himself Socrates; by some ossified Washington Sixties-era careerist who believes the laws that he passes simply cannot apply to himself and his kind; and by some crusading hip talking-head whose self-absorbed material aspirations and values make the 1950s suburbanite seem bohemian in comparison.

I could start naming examples but so could you. It would be essentially a waste of pixels.


TK, two dirtbag crooks from IL. They are both nasty people.


I read your link, too, Jane. Not sure what to think of it, actually.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

maryrose, even though I constantly refer to ValJar as Iranian it's only because she was born there to US citizens. She hates our country but I think the Persians would be highly offended to have her identified with them.


OldLurker, your 3:34 gave me the best laugh out loud moments I've had in a very long time. My husband is also the long-back-up pro at our house, and also the designated RV and camper pilot. I gave up years ago.

But you've polished your cherished husband role by sharing with thousands of JOM readers, that even the most accomplished of menfolk can't be perfect 24/7. It takes a real man to admit that. :)

Jane-Rebel Alliance1


Wonderful quote.


the link for lyle's VDH quote - http://www.nationalreview.com/article/360583/medieval-liberals-victor-davis-hanson/page/0/1

Miss Marple


Captain Hate on the iPhone

I'm a pretty good parallel parker.


Thanks, Jane and Janet.

I know this American is tired of being lectured to. There surely is more--plenty more--but is there enough?


I have no problems backing up. Even long distances. I think it has something to do with whether you are good at spatial problem solving or not. Most women are not.

It's like in Apollo 13 when the pitch/yaw go awry and suddenly you have to do the opposite of what you can see. Most women, I find, can't do that. Sexist? So shoot me, just my 2c.


You and Sandy are on the same page, he has long postulated to me that the JEF will use one of these,race riots, default, civil unrest etc. ginned up incidents and call for martial law. I tell him it's beyond the pale, but then again he's the one who has spent most of his adult life sorting out countries where such occurrences are the norm.


FTR, I'm also a damn fine parallel parker but as someone noted, it helps a lot to have a tight turning radius auto. Volvos are some of the best. Suburbans are the worst.


Jane,I read it. Geez. We also just had an argument with the daughter,who called while driving home. She is in the DC bubble and sometimes is a bit too PC. The only thing that will make me feel better is a hike in Acadia. :) We are going to go Sunday afternoon.


JEF will use one of these,race riots, default, civil unrest etc. ginned up incidents and call for martial law.

And now we know the Park Service is just jonesin' to help him out, don't we? Would the military go along, too?

Miss Marple

OMG. I am so embarrassed! I kept posting and nothing showed up. I didn't realize the site had gone to a new page and I thought I had been banned!


Just a regular rockey surgeon;




Thanks for the Congressman Duffy/Andrea Mitchell Video.

In that segment at about the 06:30 point, where she gets tongue-tied and speechless at his question, she reminds me of a carp out of water, with her big lips flapping but nothing coming out, desperately scrambling for coherence.

Worth noting that both in this interview and the Candy Crowley/Ted Cruz Interview of yesterday, in both cases the News pigs are able to say what they think the Democratic answer to various questions would be, but in neither case have the News pigs ever gotten off their fat butts to actually ask the Dem's those questions. It is nothing but naked examples of partisan News pigs, striving for that "Gotcha' " question to damn the Repubs.


I am terrible at spatial problem solving. You should have seen my geometry grades.
Sean Duffy link is excellent.I love how he schooled Andrea to the point where her mouth was hanging open.
Good to see you AliceH.
I drive a Buick Century. Your feat in a Buick LESabre is impressive.


I didn't realize the site had gone to a new page and I thought I had been banned!

You'll get used to that, and for practical purposes no one here ever is banned. TypePad, the software this blog uses, is very quirky, though, and sometimes one's posts just do not appear. Ever. That's why you see so many posts that contain only the word "testing" -- someone just had a post disappear.

Most here refer to the software as "TyphusPad."


Danube, I have Paul Johnson's phone number.

Miss Marple

I discovered when I went to driving school I have almost zero depth perception. I have apparently always been that way, so I had no way of knowing until I was tested for it.

This explains why when I played badminton as a kid I would attempt to hit the birdie and feel like it had gone right through the netting of the racquet.

It also explains why I have no skills in backing up or parallel parking.

I simply avoid doing either when at all possible. I also avoid driving after dark.


God damn this scumbag son of a lying bitch. Does he think he's acting like a "leader" now?

Yes, but a certain type of leader. He's the drug dealer type who knows his customers will back him up in a fight. Even a puny dude can do it, as long as it's not one on one.


3 to nothing A's!


Miss Marple

You know, when Kerry had all that botox done it seems like he could have sprung for the extra to get some plumping done to those lips.


I think the foreign countries secretly laugh at people like Kerry and Putin and making them wear these outfits is a way of intentionally humiliating them.
It reminds me of that custom of bowing that Obama got so good at. You shouldn't ever have to bow to anyone or thing. A nod of the head should suffice.


I wonder if they were arrested for trespassing on the Mall?


He looks like a big purple praying mantis.


kerry really looks old and awful. He and san Fran Nan have tons of money. They should get better results than this.


You and Sandy are on the same page, he has long postulated to me that the JEF will use one of these,race riots, default, civil unrest etc. ginned up incidents and call for martial law.

I find it no coincidence that Obama's welcomed thousands of angry illegals onto the DC Mall today, screaming about Civil Rights and evil Republicans.

Bummer--3 - 3 Detroit ties it up on a 3 run shot in the 5th.


Illegals on the Mall.Arrest them all. They are aliens in our country illegally. They snuck in and must be deported. They are here violating the laws of our country.All congresspersons who are helping them are aiding and abetting FELONS.

Miss Marple

One reason I am glad I live where I do is that it is far removed from the hordes of angry leftists on the coast.

Martial law will be enforced here at best with tepid effort. I am laying in supplies, though.

Jack is Back Recreating Until it Hurts

May I make a suggestion to Brett Baier? Move the All Stars now to Salina or Missoula or Cincinnati or Joplin and gauge the local pundits on how this CR and debt thingy is working out in flyover country?

Those people on his panel are so invested in DC and its inside baseball crap (which is information) are totally irrelevant to the rest of us. Let me know how the Finns in the UP or the Germans in Kansas feel about all this.


New Thread!


OK,I just talked to the daughter again. I told her that all of this is intentional on Obama's part.She sputtered and said,oh Mom,do you really think that. I said yeah,we can only pray that it is incompetence. She sputtered some more. I also told her we were going to Acadia on Sunday and she didn't say a word. Poor girl. Her parents are hopeless. :)


Why do we have thousands of illegals marching defiantly in the Capital of the United States of America demanding their 'rights', and the rest of us who are lawful citizens are expected to sit down and shut up? Why are there no arrests? No senators or congressmen holding press conferences? No one shouting how our veterans are shut out of their memorial and cemetery visitations, while Obama's communist-backed LaRaza's are allowed to desecrate the sacred ground our military has shed blood to preserve and protect?


Jane-Rebel Alliance1

You and Sandy are on the same page


I hate to think about it because I then have to think I'm a nut.

Danube, I have Paul Johnson's phone number.

I have Bob Costa's but I sure as hell am not giving it to this crowd!

Beasts of England

Jane@7:21 - Heck, I'm Jim Nantz!

(obscure Elliott reference)

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