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October 16, 2013



Yes TM, this rollout will make the Hindenburg a mere glitch in the annals of flight by comparison.

Mark Folkestad

Dang it. Finally get out of Typhus Pad purgatory and I can't manage a first comment. Bravo, Henry!


For Porch:

I don't see how the Kaus article leads to Issa Obamacare specific hearings.

If it did he would have referenced the IRS hearings of last week where the Republicans asked many Obamacare questions.

I took it as a general slam that Issa should shut up.

I could be wrong.


lol that the media is going to report it. pretty sure the pee czarina will do something the court press will slavishly follow.

or the media people that are writing about it don't need it because they get coverage (and it might be one of the problems with media people trying to either sign up or shop around) and they aren't going to be bothered to find some sickly hipster who may or may not be helped by the system.



I just replied on the last thread - reposting:

It was a general slam on Issa, TK. I don't agree with the slam. I just think [Kaus] is right that the bad Obamacare news gets out more efficiently to LIVs, esp. lib LIVs, if the MSM thinks they're being good bird dogs.


in other words, like the diarist over at DKoz...his political allies will to him that he is doing it wrong or he has been a traitor all along. given that, how many are going to even bother, when not having coverage works just as well.


I agree, Porch.


The more hearings the better. We must hold these people accountable for breaking the law. Obama,Holder,Jarrett break the law daily. These Park rangers think they can also .They are wrong. Prosecute them to the full extent of the law.Give them the Zimmerman treatment.


As soon as the debt ceiling is resolved Obama intends to push amnesty thru.

Changing the focus again.



Yep. And the My Friends caucus will again lead the charge thinking if we are just a little less dem they'll still be a part of the club.


Here's the take of our friend in ChiTown which I agree with.

"The lack of response from the Admin on its mess is allowing the void to be filled with the LIV/DU noise that "The Insurance Companies are doing it, because the gov't is shut down." This meme started yesterday. Also, due to the changes, very, very few payments are being made through the normal payments systems (all pricing is controlled by Medicare) and I suspect a cash crunch is coming, as was designed. The disaster is DESIGNED to fail this way. Create a National crisis, then Nationalize the whole system."


Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 3m

Of the agreement, @SenJohnMcCain says we're now seeing the end of an "agonizing odyssey...one of more shameful chapters I've seen."


SenJohnMcCain says we're now seeing the end of an "agonizing odyssey...one of more shameful chapters I've seen."

The only way that could be true is if it pertains to your retirement, Sidney.


Says one of the more shameful Senators ....


"soon we will see Harry Reid demanding a delay to ObamaCare"

Tom, the online exchanges are but a small part of Obamacare. Don't forget the mandated coverage, elimination of lifetime caps and prior condition exclusions, imposing community rating and so on, all of which will hurt far more people than the relative few who haven't been able to access the online exchange... and there's no way any Democrat will ever agree to a delay in Obamacare as a whole.

And the troubles the online exchanges are having aren't really that big a deal. Glitch or not, the 'young invincibles' weren't going to rush to buy overpriced insurance. And to the extent that this resulted in relatively sicker people being the only ones buying insurance online, instead of the death spiral being forecast, the Obama Administration would simply unilaterally jack up the subsidies.

Bottom line, the online exchanges are a side show. It's almost as if they were designed to be bad in order to detract attention from the serious damage being done elsewhere.


Exactly, steve.

Dozens of provisions (at least) have been rolled out since 2010, with the web/subsidy thing being just the most recent (and biggest public display of crapitude).

Here's a list of all the big implementations and their execution years: http://kff.org/interactive/implementation-timeline/


steve's overall point is vital-- couple of refinements. I don't see how the Obamaniacs up the subsidies, the immediate negative cash flow will drive the Exchanges under, and there is no budget authority to add to the subsidy amount, that's why vetting parasites for eligibility for subsidies is vital. Lots of congressional oversight needed here. Sideshow-- the whole thing is a sideshow, mandates and all, to pave the way for an emergency and Single Payer by Executive Order.


If McCain is unhappy, I'm happy. :)

Beasts of England

Of what is the shame you speak, Johnny boy?


I don't care whether the government could make ObamaCare work or not. It's wrong.

Like arguing that socialism doesn't work. The people who want socialism don't care if it works or not ...
Socialism is F A I R
And capitalism is U N F A I R

Socialism is wrong. It feeds the worst elements of human nature.


Pay attention Boris. The argument liberals make for the ACA isn't that socialism is good, it's that it isn't socialism.
Making up bad arguments for liberals just so you can win one for once only makes you look feeble and/or dishonest.


Mark Folkestad -

Welcome back from Typhus Pad purgatory !
Nice to see you posting here again.


"there is no budget authority to add to the subsidy amount"

NK: that's a good one. Since when has Obama let the lack of statutory authority stop him from doing what he wants? In Obama's words, "I don't need no stinkin budget authority".

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