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October 30, 2013


Thomas Collins

I'll pass that challenge along to Gregory, Rick.


Contract law, disclosure requirements in public markets and criminalizing fraud are friends of freedom, not adversaries.

Did you think that libertarians are opposed to contract law? But you're right that JP Morgan handled the 1907 panic a lot better than the Fed handled 1929 or 2008.


--Coolidge is a fine example-- I don't think he can be called 'libertaran' based on his strong religious and social convictions which he wanted imposed by law and social conventions, --

What laws did he seek to impose his religious and social convictions? I am a libertarian and I very much wish to impose my strong religious and social beliefs on social conventions; I just don't think the federal government should do it.

Of course we must also admit that all of us who believe in things like thou shalt not kill, or steal believe in imposing our religious and social convictions by law all the time, but that's presumably not what you were referring to.

--but certainly he was very laissez-faire regarding financial regulation. And the great Equities Bubble started during his Admin-- aided by new technology, the telephone and telephone wire based stock transactions.--

The stock market and real estate booms of the twenties were, just as eighty years later, fueled by foolish Fed and fiscal policy making ordinary free markets with their expansion/recession cycle into a boom and bust.

--The problem with too laissez-faire is the inevitable busts,and the risk that a bust bad enough can end markets entirely and lead to totalitarianism. The '29 Crash and Smooot-hawley got the USA FDR's socialism light, and different events gave ze Germans Hitler and the japanese the Tojo war cabinet. No thanks.--

So Smoot Hawley is your definition of a laissez-faire free market? Isn't it precisely the opposite?

I defy you to name a boom and bust or bubble of the last 100 years which was not either caused by or made massively worse by governmental policy, rather than too much freedom, but you're welcome to give it a shot.


--The Federal Reserve post crash monetary policies were wrong, but the pre-Fed Bank Cartels got monetary policy wrong too. Course, Morgan could self-correct alot faster than the Fed. Wilson didn't give us the Equities Bubble and tariffs, and Lenin was the 1917 result of Mon Dieu et Mon Droit, not the cause. Hoover was the victim of the Equities bust, not the cause. Contract law, disclosure requirements in public markets and criminalizing fraud are friends of freedom, not adversaries.--

You're a great guy but you are not only wrong factually and historically on this subject; you're approaching a singularity of incoherence.


In my head, it seemed like a bright, simple positive idea to push back the most egregious nasty abuse of "what Republicans want" I wasn't expecting to elicit instant "except for this, and that is a problem, better to call it this other thing"...

I hadn't thought it through; my reaction was partly surprise and mostly over-sensitiveness. Sorry.


Bring On the Wise Men! But Are There Any?

The Obama administration is thisclose to being the object of one of the most vicious forms of condescension in the MSM arsenal: the Call for Wise Men.
Kaus's list:
Charles Peters, James Fallows, Taylor Branch (we are running down the old Washington Monthly masthead here), Michael Kinsley, Jon Alter, Tom Daschle (who Gergen recommended as Obamacare czar), Bill Carrick, Kenneth Feinberg, Evan Thomas, James Carville (sigh), Bruce Babbitt, Mike McCurry …

AliceH, the way you know you have a good idea is if it elicits responses. Stick to your guns.




Ignatz-- the 20s equities Bubble was the result of human nature (greed and cheating) and of course the bursting of the bubble was fantastically orchestrated by insiders shorting the public equities market in 1928-- see GS and Joe Kennedy. No government interference was needed, human nature was all it took. What Fed Reserve policies created this human condition in your opinion?

Coolidge-- was a marvelous man, and a tremendous protector of the public fisc-- he vetoed legislator pay increases, held down taxes, etc. As to other government functions he was far less laisssez faire. he supported many of the Bull Moose party's activist agenda, bur remained a Repub, and he never actively ran against Prohibition, although he personally thought it a silly idea. Finally, where did he revoke all those ancient restrictive Mass laws imposed by puritans over the years to act as government enforcement of their moral coneventions-- book banning and motion picture regulation for instance? I don't recall him ever doing that. Personally, I think he's best characterized as a private pious man, who always protected the taxpayer-- I consider him a conservative. AND HE WAS A LAWYER!

Captain Hate on the iPhone

AliceH, you're pretty close to the bottom of the "Frequency of Ill Advised Comments" list which hit has given me read-access for. My pledge to maintain confidentiality prevents me from revealing the frequent flyers, including me; but I'm pretty sure you can figure them out.


Noted this happy news, may have to go and see if the PP place is dark in Bedford Texas and maybe dance on their grave:

...in the meantime, a dozen abortion providers will have to stop performing the procedure, given their inability to comply with the portions of the law the appeals court ruled could take effect immediately.

No doctor with admitting priveledges in DFW hospitals with 30 miles, is a shit pot full of hospitals I can assure you...

jimmyk on iPad

I may be wrong, but those "Puritan" laws were state laws, no? Motion pictures self-regulated, it wasn't the government (though it may have been fear of government). Prohibition was in the Constitution, presidents don't have a lot of control over that.

I'm just trying to figure out why "human nature", which is pretty much a constant, just on its own decided to unleash itself in the 1920s and 2000s. Or did easy money and corrupt government maybe have a teensy-weensy bit to do with it?


Insanely depressing and infuriating article about the Pravda reporters stenographers.


The line from the president’s off-the-record remarks to a pundit’s authoritative, on-air commentary can often be charted. New York Magazine columnist Jonathan Chait attended one off-the-record meeting on Oct. 17. The next day, he appeared on CNN and said that the president had “a lot of administrative action [planned] on the environment.”

“He didn’t mention that yesterday,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said, referring to public remarks the president had made hours before the off-the-record meeting. “He mentioned the budget, the immigration, the farm bill — I didn’t hear anything about the environment.”

“Yesterday is what he wants congress to do,” Chait said, referring to the president’s public remarks. Then: “He can do the environment without congress. That’s the real attraction… I think that’s the big move of his second term.” Of immigration reform, Chait said the president “probably” couldn’t get it passed, “but he’s going to try.”

Reading columnists or watching them on cable news after they’ve attended an off-the-record session at the White House thus becomes a form of tasseography. If you want to know where the president stands on a foreign policy issue, it is often said among Washington’s national security experts, read the latest column by David Ignatius.

“The facts are off-the-record, but the sentiment is not,” Chuck Todd, the NBC News political director and chief White House correspondent, said of the meetings. “When you know how the president thinks about something, when you understand his point of view, how do you avoid talking about it?” Todd said. “It’s in your head.”

Said a columnist who has attended multiple meetings, “When you can write your column with absolute surety, knowing that what you’re saying is a true reflection of what the President of the United States is thinking, how do you not do that?”

Beasts of England

Posting pergatory again? However will I help beat the JOM comment record?


Why not write about socialism, racism and taking the U.S. down a peg, then? Don't they know with absolute surety that it's a true reflection of what the President of the United States is thinking?


Democracy Corps which is Cueball Carville and Stan Greenberg has a new poll out. They are telling you ( and the faithful since they are loyal Democrats ) what I have been telling you for days now. Maybe you will believe me now? Here:

In Democratic districts, net incumbent approval has plummeted by 11 points, from +8 approval to +3 disapproval. In Republican districts, incumbent approval has gone down only 4 points. You see the same results when they ask a question about warmth of feeling toward incumbents: It's down 7 points in Republican districts and 9 points in Democratic districts.

This isn't good news for Democrats. It's true that attitudes toward the Republican Party have taken a bigger hit than attitudes toward the Democratic Party, but attitudes toward actual incumbents are exactly the opposite. And in elections, that's what matters.

Now you know why I think they cut and run, and quite soon...


Send better stenographers.

The man is a lying, manipulative charlatan and if these idiots have not been able to suss this out in their up close and personal time with El Lider, they should have their crayons taken away.

"You didn't build that"; "I oppose same sex marriage", "it was the video", "I am the only candidate not taking a dime from Washington lobbyists", "the most transparent administration ever", "I don't think my church is particularly controversial", and on and on and on.

That was off the top of my head. How many journalists can remember those whoppers?

Some Guy

That is the stupidest sequence of words ever written in the English language.

A couple of points...

One, you've not seen everything I've written.

Two, you obviously haven't read the Affordable Care Act.

Dave (in MA)

Charlie Kaye ✔ @CharlieKayeCBS
BREAKING. Source tells @CBSNews TSA agent who was shot at LAX has now died; the suspect is an off-duty TSA agent.


Jimmy-- they were indeed state laws, and Cal was Lt Gov and Gov of Mass., as well as a mayor and state senator I believe. I don't recall him ever running to repeal puritan laws, and in 1920 he ran with Hardinfg who was a Prohibitionist (and a drinker) and 1924 Coolidge did NOT run for POTUS on repeal of Prohibition-- though he thought it was a stupid law.

The equities market of the 1920s was different than any other previous public market. The explosion of the USA middle class and their having 'discretionary income' and access to margin buying coupled with the rapid expansion of the volume and speed of trades, created a market that the world had never seen before. Insiders thrived based on their information superiority, and the absence of effective disclosure rules (in the Market rules or statute)ultimately let the public be played for suckers. Freedom is not improperly impinged by disclosure requirements in public offerings IMO.


One, you've not seen everything I've written.

Cute funny even

Two, you obviously haven't read the Affordable Care Act.

damn funny, I dont care what you say!


Gmax@2:04-- hope your right. I have no idea what the Dems will do-- but Obummer will never agree to delay IMO. As someone said above, the purpose of ObummerCare is to destroy the priivate healthcare finance market, and Obummer won't agree to delay that.

Beasts of England

So, with no knowledge of the TSA shooting other than the comment above; was it over drugs or a woman?


Again, talking about fraud, disclosure, contract law is a straw man.

I can see that with NK's blame of greed and human nature, it's time for the annual JOM posting of Milton Friedman's takedown of Phil Donohue.




Might explain a bit why the VA gov race has tightened. General attitudes toward parties aren't the same as attitudes toward the people on the actual ballot in front of you.

Beasts of England

I just looked at the Chinese nuke map and it left me with a one-word reply: please!


Party favorability polling- as Porch said, it's a very vague indicator of not much. Gallup's generic Congress polling is an important thing to watch after the New Year.


Hey, Beasts, that would wipe out a large left-coast JOM contingent!


11 points is a huge fall off, and it might not be the trough either, since lots of folks will have bad news coming in the months ahead.

I would say that that if that holds or deteriorates, the true 'regional' party will be the Democrats, confined to New England California and Illinois and Hawaii and of course DC.


I know you don't really mean that, deep down in your heart, Beasts, so I am not taking it personally.


One more thing and then I'm done: This isn't a debate about Calvin Coolidge, it's about the proper scope of government. And the federal government in particular. States have a lot more latitude to make silly laws in part because people can move to another state--as, by the way, they have in great numbers from most of the states with the largest safety nets cages that you think are so essential.


Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American Adults believe the federal
government would do a better job than zombies running the country today.
Just as many (37%) feel zombies would do a better job running the country and another 26% who can’t decide between the two.



Beasts of England

@DrJ - I'd give them a heads-up! lol


I agree, the Scope of the Federal Leviathan is critically important. An aside-- UpChuck Schumer is reportedly telling DeBlasio he's an idiot pushing Cuomo to sign off on NYC Tax increases, the key according to UpChuck is to raise federal income/estate taxes so the NYC 'Rich' can't escape them, and he'll bring back the national swag for NYC. So yes, federal Power is out of control and needs to be rolled back-- what are the priorities?, b/c your view and my view of the proper scope of Federal power is probably shared by single digits of the voters, what are the prorities, and what are the best tactics?

Dave (in MA)
So, with no knowledge of the TSA shooting other than the comment above; was it over drugs or a woman?
I dunno, but I'm guessing our intrepid ABC reporter Brian Ross has already typed "Tea Party" into a google search box and is waiting for the suspect's name to be released.

Beasts! Noooooo!!!! The head of the JOM gang lives there.



You know odds are one of these days a person connected to the TEA party will be involved.

Dave (in MA)

CBS News ‏@CBSNews
JUST IN: A federal official tells CBS News the #LAX shooter was NOT a current or former Transportation Security Administration employee
Layers of fact-checkers and editors.

Jim Eagle

This is November 1st, All Saint's Day.

All you Samhainophobics can now come out of the closet.


I guess the 24 hour rule applies. But I'm hearing conflicting reports about whether the shooter was killed and anyone other than the shooter was killed.

One thing can be certain: It will be about the gun.

Jeff Dobbs

About to head into a meeting, so I will put this out prematurely - we are on the verge of participating in the most commented thread of 2013 and the 7th most commented thread of all time.

A dozen or so more to go.


It depends on the circumstances, but unless this is an National VP of the NRA who started a gunfight to preserve his carry right on an airliner, I wonder how much the Legacy Media pushes gunz grabbing meme right now. That built over 5 years with the Va Tech shooter, the Arizona and colo shootings then Sandy Hook, and Mikey Bloomberg's $$$ of course. Gunz grabbing seems to have gone dormant as a Legacy Media meme, like 'climate change.' Now when John effin' Kerry talks about LEEDS compliance, I have the impression that the LM roll their eyes like the rest of us. Gunz/Climate change are much more attractive for LM when there is a Repub POTUS.


My pledge to maintain confidentiality prevents me from revealing the frequent flyers

But it allowed you to reveal the existence of the list? I thought H&R was very, um, controlling about such things. Now the NSA knows about it.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Thanks Cathy,

Easy, understandable, and it makes sense. I appreciate it.


Tom McClintock

President Obama's bizarre behavior on ObamaCare


Miss Marple

Well, I will report back from the food pantry.

We had no meat to offer. We had no soup. We ran out of tuna. We ran out of spaghetti.

Someone did bring in a donation of deer meat right when we were closing.

The church has asked people to help out as we are behind on our budget, which I am certain is for the same reason that consumer confidence is down...uncertainty about the future, higher costs, and Obamacare.

Lots of new people came in. The returning K-Mart greeter hurt her back and had to have a friend drive her. She slipped on wet leaves in the rain last night.

Newly-laid off 50-something guy came in, along with a young mother with a new infant and 2 others at home whose husband had been laid off.

Just the usual suburban victims of Obama.

Also, right before I left a guy came by begging for work. I gave him 40 bucks to take some tree limbs down. I flashed back to my late mother-in-law talking about hobos asking for farm work in the 1930's.

And let me ask you, if you have a food pantry near your house or church, please go see what they need and give them a few bucks or come canned goods.

It's going to be a terrible winter.


Miss Marple,

Thank you for the reminder. The trickle-down effect of Obamacare is going to hit charities very hard, I'm afraid.

Just another unintended consequence. After all nobody should be able to do charity but government.

peter haiku

longest thread ever
is approachable today
daddy-- limerick?

Old Lurker

Porch, not just because there is less money to donate, but large givers are very aware the Progs want to change the deductability of large gifts for tax purposes. I was just approached with the standard line "Your pledge can be paid over five years..." to which I responded that I am no longer making gifts for which I cannot do accurate tax planning. I went on to add that his organization might have thought about that before they so publicly backed the Obama plans. Sorry, could not help myself.


Stephanie's clarity of thought, Miss M's charity-- JOM has the best women in the blogworld.
And thank you Miss M for reminding me that whatever I give to people who are in need is never enough.


I would so like to be able to say the same to my alma mater, OL, but internal politics (my dad is a former trustee) make it difficult. Our 25th reunion is in 2016 and it's going to be really, really hard for us to raise money in the amounts we've raised in the past. Oh well, they all voted for this carp.


OL-- have you heard about ze Fuhrur DeBlasio's idea? 20% of any NYC gifts to Central Park must be diverted to shitier neighborhood parks. Of course that will simply reduce the generous gifts to Central Park, and it also begs the question, why are some neigborhood parks shitty, despite lavish City spending on those parks?


Pete Wehner sounds nearly giddy to my untrained ear, how about yours?

It looks to us that liberalism, in getting what it wanted, will end up doing significant and sustained damage to itself, to public confidence in government (which is already near historic lows), and to its conception of the welfare state.

It would be quite an historical irony if Obama, who raised such extravagant hopes among progressives when he ran for office, turns out to have a shattering effect on contemporary liberalism. But that may be just where we are heading. Barack Obama may turn out to be the best thing to happen to conservatism since Ronald Reagan.

Maybe the era of big government, is about to be over...


JOM has the best women in the blogworld.

Finally something we can agree on! :) If only us men could measure up.

Miss Marple


The answer is the same as why some schools are much worse than others: it's not the facilities, it's the people who use them.

But we aren't allowed to say that. So just as schools have money thrown at them like confetti, so will the parks be upgraded and said upgrades will only last until someone decides there is money to be made from selling equipment for scrap metal, or that junkies decide the new park is a swell place to conduct business.



What a simply horrible idea, NK. Is that not the perfect example of the prog deisre to reduce everything to the same level of crappiness?

Well - they'll get what they voted for, no doubt about it.


The Obama regime does it again.


"Finally something we can agree on! :) If only us men could measure up."

measure up?...ah... let's go with another metaphor shall we.



You sound like me on the alma mater. I do not give anymore and am horrified by the public statements on intentions but I am not going to emphasize it to former classmates dazzled by US News rankings and the belief it is fundamentally about a similar purpose.

Does anyone else when someone glares at them and gasps "You are a conservative?" want to just glare back and respond "I am a realist. Good intentions do not prevail over bad incentives in any universe that has successfully known or kept mass prosperity."


Modern Progs-- 2 quickies-- they do crave tearing down what they can't control.

ObummerCare passed-- kinda like the dog chasing it's tail finally caught it.

Old Lurker

NK, that was done to public schools in my area a decade ago. Used to be that generous parents could give things of value to their kids' school. Our leaders decided that discriminated against schools with less generous parents. So now gifts get spread around and of course the motivation to give has fallen off considerably.

Another of those Duh moments.



is the actual XO.

peter haiku

DiBlasio (not his real name, btw, what is it with progressives and fake last names) makes much hay out of the fact that his kid goes to a public school. However, the school his kid attends is Brooklyn Tech, one of the three schools in NYC BOE that require an admissions test. Maybe they should pass a law that the school has to take twenty per cent dummies that can't pass the test. Oh, wait, never mind, they have such a law already. Emily Latella moment, I assure you.


Maybe the era of big government, is about to be over...

One can only hope. But it seems to me we've heard this before too many times. This is going to be a 15-round heavyweight fight, and it will go the distance, in part because the ref will keep giving the lefty help. And to beat the metaphor to death, two of the three judges are pals of the lefty, so we better get a KO.


Maybe they should pass a law that the school has to take twenty per cent dummies that can't pass the test.

Maybe his kid should be required to give 20 percent of his GPA to the weakest students.


The record is safe! New thread.


rse, I have a tiny handful of conservative friends in my class (I met them at my last reunion - didn't know them at school) and we all share similar stories.

OT, great news on the HHS contraceptive mandate - a DC court has slapped it down:


Old Lurker

Jump to the end of rse' posted 4:01 executive order.

Why does Homeland Security get to co-chair this fresh hell being imposed upon us?


And just as we always say "Former Enron adviser Paul Krugman," we should always say "Sandinista supporter Warren Wilhelm."

Danube on iPad

Wehner sounds almost - but not quite - as happy about all this as I am. The news of new pratfall makes me shiver with something close to ecstasy. Surely the thought must slowly be entering Mr. Obama's mind that the worst of all possible fates may well await him: becoming a worldwide laughingstock.

Shiver shiver...

Old Lurker

Not so fast Jimmy...it is our nature to continue to post on tabs open before we all move over. Hit will have to check on this one later.


--The equities market of the 1920s was different than any other previous public market. --

Indeed, and what was the difference?
It was a now extant central bank which kept pumping free money into an already hot economy producing not only an equities bubble but a real estate bubble. Sound familiar?

Hoover was no victim of the crash. The market had recovered by April of 1930 to shouting distance of the record high of 1929 from a low barely half that high. After a couple of years of Hoover's interventionist tax hikes and other idiocies he managed to drop it back down to 40. He was a victim of his crash in the same way the idiot Barry is victim of his; they both took a bad situation with a fairly simple, relatively quick solution and extended them indefinitely.

As to Silent Cal, we seem to have morphed from alleging he wished to ram his religious views down other people's throats to blaming him for not repealing laws others had passed previously.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

"Sandinista supporter Warren Wilhelm."

Is that really his name? Why did he change it?


two of the three judges are pals of the lefty,

Well there I disagree, the judges are the American people and while a lot of them dont pay enough attention or allow emotional appeals to cloud their thinking, they dont like Obamacare and they dont like taxes eating into their disposal income so I think even if this goes the 15 rounds, the judges will likely to be pretty sour on Democrats trying to lie to them some more...


Fair enough, GMax. I was thinking of the judges as the MSM, but maybe even they won't want to go against an angry crowd.


Jane, I believe the story is that his father was an alcoholic who abandoned his family (sound familiar?), so I think he took the name of his mother's second husband, though I don't know that there was any adoption (he may have been an adult by then). Not sure how Warren became Bill, maybe Bill is from Wilhelm.


Correction: DeBlasio was his mother's maiden name. Father also committed suicide, but years after the divorce.


Sorry, one last tidbit: Sandinista Warren Wilhelm's wife is or was a self-declared lesbian. NTTAWT.

Jim Eagle

Is the LAX shooter Paul Cianci, a 23 yr old from Pennsville, NJ?

That's what I am hearing.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

What an absolutely bizarre man. You NYers are as weird as Bay Staters (actually I think he was a Bay Stater, wasn't he?)


Yes, he was. Still a Red Sox fan, a fact that Lhota hasn't sufficiently exploited.

Small world aside: My parents (or at least my mother) knew his parents back in the 40s in college, really liked them, thought the father was destined to be a big-time politician. Then wondered why she'd never heard of him or them again. Only with DeBlasio now in the news she put two and two together and got "the rest of the story."


DeBlasio's father was from connecticut and a Yale man. He was a combat soldier on Okinawa, and sadly he became an alchoholic and did shoot himself dead. DeBlasio spoke about his father publicly for the first time this summer, and as I recall he had nothing harsh to say, just sadness that his father spiralled into alchoholism and suicide. That was the only sign of decency I've ever seen from DeBlasio. he is a cipher, I've never met him, and I've scirmished with the NYC housing 'advocates' for 30 years, and I've never met anybody who knows him to any degree. One housing macha who went to HUD with Cuomo said, if Cuomo ran into DeBlasio in a HUD hallway when deBlasio worked there, he wouldn't have known him from Adam. DeBlasio by all accounts is strictly a LeftWing political creature of Acorn.


Why did he need to push for assurances the website would work? Hardly a policy guy's preoccupation. And why did the pushing not get it to work? There's a rat like smell here and assurances of presidential frustration from Pfeiffer (the eternal go to guy for happy obfuscation talk) don't improve it.

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