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October 22, 2013


Miss Marple

Ignatz, I did too, which is pretty astounding. LOL!


And in the 'You ask for a Miracle, Theo, category, I give you the NCAA, which allowed the Canes to skate with only one skate.



The bait and switch tactics being used on the new quick price quote feature of Obamacare would be considered criminal for any of 100s of professions that are licensed by state/national government entities. By rigging the system to give a 27 year old quote for anyone under 49 and a 50 year old quote for anyone over 50 they will get plenty of fools to think Ocare actually saves them money. Hope to see this in more news outlets.


And Mondale was going to win in 1984, the denial runs deep,


Miss Marple, the speakers are a list of global crony central... if they want ACA waivers or contracts steered towards their investments they must engage parrot mode (which is the normal mode for that group).


"Nothing about Obamacare seems to work correctly."

Tell that to Cloward and Piven.


Henry- good luck to your Cards starting tonight. Generally, I am a Saux fan by default b/c I am a Yankee Hater, but I'm pulling for the Cards in the Series.


... and the Cronies who are pulling down bucket loads of dough (and kicking some back to OFA) ... so much dough it would make Eva Peron or Chavez blush. (although it's no where near Putin levels... I think.)


The 27yo price quote for 49 year olds, just boggles the mind; it's false advertising, wire fraud, insurance fraud, it's criminal on so many levels.


--The bait and switch tactics being used on the new quick price quote feature of Obamacare would be considered criminal for any of 100s of professions that are licensed by state/national government entities.--

Nice excerpt of a book at AmSpec by the lawyer who won the Heller case.
He discusses a woman he represented who died in poverty as a result of not being granted a license to arrange flowers by the state of LA.
The ultimate goal of every state, eventually, is to grant its subjects licenses to live, revokable at any time for any reason.




MM-henry is correct and beat me to it. These are the Green Growth dirigisme crowd.

TN now has the greatest area set up to recharge electric cars than anywhere in the country and I first heard about that 2013 Dalian conference because a GT presenter had just gotten back. And Peterson is the famous quoted presenter from my old "And Governments Must Facilitate Everything" vision of the world I wrote in May 2012.

Caterpillar thrives from infrastructure projects etc.

henry-turns out one of the most famous of the World Modelling Projects in the 70s took place at a certain university on a Big Lake. No wonder they stayed heavily into systems research after that.

Turns out Donella wrote a book in the early 80s on all these plans. My morning reading.

Account Deleted

"One question, Rick, are their penalties from not gathering your policies from Zampolit central."

Gosh, I sure hope not, Narciso. I downloaded the CSV file from the truly excellent links provided by Windansea and have already begun perusing the 78K lines of data provided.

In reality, IF you are a parasite or have hopes of earning your Parasite First Class merit badge through artful manipulation of timing the receipt of income AND you pay the extortionate premium without spending time in Dear Uncle Fed's Rape Room data gathering process THEN you will not be allowed to collect your Parasite's Progress achievement subsidy.

The subsidy is only available by use of the government Rape Rooms exchange websites.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

I just realized who Obama and ValJar remind me of. Alan Rickman and the old crone from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

"And cancel Christmas"

Photoshop opportunities abound


“If you throw the city out of bankruptcy, what does it do?” Ginter said. “Who’s going to get paid? There simply is not enough money.”

That quote simply and accurately sums up where the Blue hells and Federal Gov't are--
OPM has run out, the Debt Bomb is going off, and their access to credit --at least as prices they can pay-- is running out. The quote comes from this quite good Bloomie Article. Check those Bankruptcy remote provisons ThomasC!http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-23/detroit-unions-retirees-face-battle-to-kill-bankruptcy.html


If you harm others you will be punished swiftly and severely.
If you harm yourself you will be left alone by government to suffer the consequences

To be fair, the "harm others" is Porch's concern, I think. There's got to be a happy medium between Singapore and Amsterdam, and I think right now in the drug arena we're a bit too close to Singapore, but that doesn't mean we have to go all the way to Amsterdam. Citing extremes won't help figure out how to get to that middle ground. (Disclaimer: I'm using Singapore and Amsterdam as prototypes, I don't know that it's accurate.)


Back to Detroit- while the Unions will lose the litigation, and everything will stay in Bankruptcy Court, the Judge IMO will clearly stick it to the Bondholders far worse than the Union pensioners. Dog bites man stuff. Ah-- but then what? Investors will charge a premium to Blue Hells for future debt, making it largely unavailable to the Blue Hells. If the Blue hells want to stay in the debt business, they'll have to stick it to the pensioners themselves to get out from under the crony give aways to the Union Thugs. I'm good with that.

Account Deleted

“Who’s going to get paid? There simply is not enough money.”

This should be immediately referred to POSAG My People for proper disposition. Although the emanations from the penumbras establishing Parasites First as a Constitutional right are somewhat hazy, almost all current Constitutional professors (such as President Obama) are secure in their belief that it falls under either the Pursuit of Happiness clause or that Promote General Welfare thingy.


--Dog bites man stuff.--

Ow. There's gotta be a better way of putting that.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I don't know what to think about the Canes penalty since they voluntarily didn't go to bowl games. Of course anything pales against complicity in child rape and the NCAA is already backing off the Ped State penalties.

It's not like the NCAA is anything other than a very prosperous pimp. They and the bowl cities have milked that sacred cow system bone dry.

Sandy D

new thread


Mark Levin made some good points last night on the Virginia governor race. Aren't women getting tired of being defined as fertility machines by the donks? The JEF has been a four plus year disaster on women participation in the workplace but the entire conversation seems to be on birth control and abortion. This should not be difficult to point out, either in ads or speeches.

I know, Captain! Oh my goodness it is maddening. And after Gosnell...is it too much to ask that abortion clinics must follow normal health & safety regulations like all other clinics!? How is it "pro-women" to allow those filthy, lawless places to exist??
Restaurants get listed in the newspapers when they have health code violations...
I tell ya, it is maddening.
And just close to my house...a person can buy condoms at CVS, Walgreens, Giant, Safeway, RiteAid, & 2 of the gas stations!! We're drowning in damn birth control!


...I agree with Porch & Matt on the drug business. Unleashing MORE drugs on this Godless society is a terrible idea.
Oh well...I guess we're gonna get to see how all this works out. :(


According to the documentary, Al Smith had it in the bag, but his anti-prohibition comments led to him and his New Yawk accent being demonized by prohibitionist nuns in the heartland, or something like that, splitting the Dems and allowing the wounded Davis to be nominated and trounced by Coolidge.

Wiki says there were 100 ballots before Davis was chosen after the two leading candidates - Al Smith and California Senator William Gibbs McAdoo - agreed to withdraw.


Posted by: Extraneus | October 23, 2013 at 11:40 AM

Extraneous (and irrelevant) define that one. Further evidence that the one called "extraneus" is, in fact, mentally unstable. What person in his right mind would babble such gibberish? Though irrational, also, even babbling Elmo, porchlight, struggles to maintain some semblance of context.

tommy mc donnell

the people that want to legalize marijuana are the same people that banned smoking. isn't marijuana smoke bad for your health?


Marijuana may have more or fewer carcinogens, but the smoke is hotter so it causes more direct emphysema damage to the lung tissue.

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