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October 08, 2013



Maybe, but if the elite believe the "US Adults are Dumber than Average" carp from the OECD (per Drudge) they will think the public too stoopid to see anything. Off the cliff we go!

Jack is Back Recreating Until it Hurts

OT: Of course she did.

Megyn Kelly wins the audience for her new time period

Who doesn't want to see the All-American girl smart as hell and cute as wink tear down the crazies every day?


Actually, Cruz disanised Schreiber of theat silly notion, over the last number fo debt ceiling neogotiations, many concessions were secured includinh Gramm Rudman

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Noam Scheiber is the type of retard you just can't get rid of.


Mr. I am not being irrational, pigheadedly stubborn and mean spirited, how dare you think that of me. I am having to have conversations with, gasp, Republicans some of which are Tea Partiers! Why all Presidents act like the kid on the playground who when he does not get his way, grabs the ball and goes home!


The public is against a debt limit increase. Obama and his drug customers try to make it sound complicated and scary, but everyone knows what it means to increase a credit card limit.


So the premise of his diatribr was wrong, much like his mindthought, that Sarah was driven br resentiment, based on her doodles, but Obama was wisdom and temperament personified.


Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 8s

At 3pm ceremony in the East Room tomorrow, Pres Obama will announce his intention to nominate Yellen to succeed Ben Bernanke as Fed Chair.


Now this Rube Goldberg scheme;



Taranto has repeatedly posted Obama's own speech opposing an increase in the debt ceiling back when he was a congressman and Bush was president. I don't understand why Boehner doesn't read it to the assembled media, let them get indignant, and tell them who he's quoting.


Runner Fined $100 At Valley Forge Amid Government Shutdown

He finds it ironic that one of the disagreements in Congress is the Affordable Care Act, “Yet we tell folks that we should all be healthy, we all should go online and sign up. He goes outside, does some running and gets a ticket for it,” [his lawyer] Ibrahim says.
He plans to fight it in federal court.
Old Lurker

Agree with JiB about Bret Beir and their caccoon.

Plus even DrK is saying not increasing the DC is a default never mentioning what we all know is BS since cash flow in is 10x the interest due each month.

They all seem to be cool with cave now and hope to talk later, honest.


So I do not know what Fox is up to but I am about done with them too.

There is no media that is speaking for us, and none of them are very good at their job either.


Re Taranto, isn't he all about crisis;

Breaking the fever is code for ending the cycle of recurring, last-minute crises over spending bills and increases in the nation's borrowing limit—the debt ceiling. The White House believes these crises give outsize power to a minority of conservative House Republicans who don't have the strength to push their agenda into law but can, in a crisis, stop the action.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Levin is slattering the JEF's lies and doing what OL is wishing the Fox clowns would do.

Miss Marple

Boy, Old Lurker, I wish I had a lot of money. I would create a channel called "Normal People News" with chats with everyday people discussing what is really happening in the economy, people who have been audited for no good reason, cooking shows for people who have scant money for groceries, hints on how to entertain your family for free, and general helpful news.

They all get gaga about their contacts with power, and forget about who is hurt by these insane policies.


I will lightly step up to defend Brett Baier, OL. On today's show (which I stream at work and watch intermittently) Brett's face was full of frustration and he even pushed back and silenced Nina whatshername. She was going on and on and on about the futility of the GOP fighting the shutdown battle. He snapped, yes, yes, we have heard that, but we are where we are and he turned away from her.

I saw him react and do similar last week with another person on the panel too. Can't remember who it was, but he was very emphatic that the public outside the beltway felt differently, and he proceeded to read with much passion an email he had received. An excellent email that could have been written by any of the smart folks here.

I think Brett, unlike his guests, has gotten the message - there is DC think and there is Real People think.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Dr K has been a real disappointment lately.


I should add, that the producers of all the Fox shows need to re-think their guest lists.

Some Guy

Let me repeat…

The Lightbringer is no different than a trust fund kid who has overspent his allowance. Instead of going home and trying to charm dad out of some more cash, he tells dad he won’t negotiate and to fork it over or else.

There is only way to deal with a petulant twerp like that. CUT HIM OFF.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The JEF could end these crises by submitting an honest budget and getting the Searchlight Pederast to do his effing job instead of hiding all their crap from the public; but he wants to have it both ways knowing full damn well the DeMFM won't call him on his mendacity.


Thought I would mention that in the Congressman Duffy/Andrea Mitchell Interview, at 04:00, Andrea Mitchell says that "the Administration would say and Kathleen Sibelius did say to John Stewart that if we had gotten what we wanted, which was a Single Payer Plan, none of this would be a problem."

A Single Payer Plan: That is a point that this Administration lied and lied and lied about for years to the American People.

Close media watchers heard it in that recording of an Obama speech years ago, but everybody in the Media pooh-poohed it and considered you a kook if you brought it up.

Then Harry Reid mentioned it a month ago.

Now it is openly admitted by Sibelius, and parroted by the Andrea Mitchell's of the world as if it was perfectly understood and honestly admitted at the very beginning of this entire process.

Any real, objective Journalist, (in the sense we used to mean), would instead be saying "Hey, wait a minute, you guys totally lied straight-faced to us about this for the last 4 years," and then they'd be on the warpath headlining those lies, and explaining how the American people were duped.

Instead they are reacting without the slightest bit of questioning or surprise to the fact that every Dem in the Senate, the House, the White House, and the News media, all stated for the last 4 years that "A Single Payer Plan" was not what they wanted. Instead it is played up as if "well of course, that is what we wanted all the time, and everybody knew it", and the blame according to Andrea Mitchell and Sibelius, lies on the Republican's for not giving the President "A Single Payer Plan", which he never asked for in the first place.

So to restate it: The Health Care plan that was voted on and passed without a single Republican Vote in the House or Senate is not "A Single Payer Plan," and it's the fault of the Republicans that it ain't.

This is why you can never trust what the Left publicly says that they want to do. If they told us what they honestly wanted to do it would never pass with the American people. At least that used to be the way it worked. Who knows nowadays.


Someone from across the pond, summed it up )ht Jacobseon)


Captain Hate on the iPhone

They passed that monstrosity through absolute chicanery and now they're complaining that it isn't what they told everybody it wasn't? Eff them. No single payer. Ever.



Exciting game. Definitely a hitters game and not a pitchers game today.

5 to 4 Tigers in the 8th, but bases loaded for the A's with nobody out.


Instead they are reacting without the slightest bit of questioning or surprise to the fact that every Dem in the Senate, the House, the White House, and the News media, all stated for the last 4 years that "A Single Payer Plan" was not what they wanted.

They're liars, and they all know it and don't care?

The recent admissions about single payer being the real goal can only be intended to keep the true believers from giving up. They'd never admit this otherwise.


Except for Cruz and Paul and lee and a few others tthe inertia is against resostnacne, except in some corners;

POTUS is basically saying,"Yes, we're bankrupt, but unless I get a blank check to keep debt growing I shall not engage the American people."

Miss Marple

Via CNN, US will stop aid to Egypt in a few days.


1. Saudis will step in and call the shots.
2. More danger to Israel.
3. Possibility that Suez Canal will be closed to US.
4. No one in the Middle East will trust us as an ally.

Foreign policy: how does it work?


I was in London when Mubarak was arrested. Our hotel clerk was Egyptian and very upset. He asked me how an ally could do this? And he told me he no longer trusted the United States.

There you go. Obama's wrecking ball continues.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Wow narc, that's what a real press does.

Annoying Old Guy

Miss Marple;

You mentioned your lack of depth perception - have you seen this book?


Just saw that too, Miss Marple - odd that I am not seeing the same or similar reports from other news outlets. Wonder if it is a "confirmation" problem?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Egypt has the sense to remove the MB from positions of power. Unlike us.


Well the Sauds who feel they were sold out the last time on Mubraka, are willing to return the favor, the problem is the Qataris own the other account in Egypt as well as Libya.

Miss Marple

Annoying Old Guy:

No, I hadn't and I just went to Amazon and ordered it!

For those who don't understand, all stuff looks 2-dimensional to me. I see little difference between 3-D and regular movies. I cannot easily judge distances of approaching cars unless they are an easily identifiable model, such as a VW bug.

Paintings which are praised for their realism with 3-dimension look flat and similar to every other painting.

I have adapted to it since this is how I have always seen.

Thanks so much for the link which enabled me to order her book. There is probably someone here inmy area who might know about this, since I have a large university med center nearby.



From Politico:

President Obama held an off-the-record meeting with five conservative journalists on Tuesday afternoon.

Present at the meeting were Charles Krauthammer, the Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributor; Paul Gigot, the Wall Street Journal editorial page editor; Robert Costa, the National Review's Washington editor; syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker; and Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, according to a source with knowledge of the meeting.


I say NO debt limit increase - cut off Obama's green genies; the B$$ union pay-offs, AX O-care: good-bye subsidies, chop off 70% food stamp and welfare payments, eradicate fed park rangers by restoring federal lands to the states. Unleash Medicare in free market system allowing recipients to buy their own insurance across state lines and fund their own tax-deferred health savings accounts. What have I forgotten?

Oh, ..shut-down Homeland Security and fold national security assets back into REFORMED CIA and FBI agencies. Restore the military to its honorable 1950's moral stature and stamp out all its social engineering programs and policies. Replace TSA with private firms hired by airlines.

Cripes...exterminate ALL public unions. They are a growing termite infestation eating away our freedom and liberty by becoming total parasitic, statist sycophants, always voting against their taxpayer citizen host. I admit this is just a start.

How much did I save, a trillion or two?

Miss Marple

Greta is now covering the trucker's protest.


[email protected]#$

A's had the base's loaded in the 8th with nobody out and couldn't score. Tiger's coming up to bat in the 8th leading 5 to 4.


We were informed this was missunderstaning'



Good gawd, narciso, Sarah's death panels - they can't wait to snuff us old folks out (with the greatest of cost effective compassion, of course).


I'll be off with the dogs in this miserable, miserable weather as soon as the Game is over. My left Glute Max still aches a bit from the Moose charge of last week, but according to the local paper it may have been that I was talking too much:

The day before Nash's bear encounter, Deb Marshall of Haines had her own frightening encounter with wildlife, reports the Chilkat Valley News.

Marshall was walking about 150 yards to [a house] from her car around 8:15 p.m. when she rounded a small spruce tree and came eye to eye with a moose she believes was a cow. The moose bellowed and Marshall leapt backward, landing in some rose bushes.

Marshall said she spoke to the animal – “I said, ‘Go away, go away,’” – but instead it kicked her with a foreleg, hitting her hard on the right thigh. A second blow by the moose hit her in the left hip. That’s when she decided to keep quiet.

The moose stood its ground about 5 feet from her, then eventually lay down there, facing the house.

After about 20 minutes, Marshall sprinted back to her car. Besides a huge bruise, Marshall said, she’s taking some lessons from the encounter. “I think they’re super sensitive to sound. She wanted me to be quiet.”

I don't recall saying anything to that moose as I turned tail and ran like a coward, but if I was jabbering incoherently and din't know it it wouldn't be the first time.


this Ted Yoho is a very good presenter. What part of Florida does he represent. We need to put him out front to explain the ridiculous spending levels of the US government.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

President Obama held an off-the-record meeting with five conservative journalists on Tuesday afternoon.

What on earth was the point?

MM, I was shocked to find out the trucker's goal is impeachment. Good for them!


and ran like a coward Double Douche after calling kids with Cancer A holes.

Fixed it for ya, your welcome.

Account Deleted


In reply to your question on SS Bonds. They are Special Issue Securities bearing a higher interest rate than regular Treasury issues and there is no market for them whatsoever. If you check on the monthly SS transactions, you'll find SS can self finance indefinitely by simply ceasing to acquire any more bonds.

Liar Lew could also send a note to Mad Ben telling him he's lost the Fed's address and doesn't anticipate finding it for a month or two. The Fed owns printing presses and is quite capable of waiting.

Viola! The default problem is then in house.

Miss Marple

As an officially old person, having gone on medicare last month, I will tell you guys this.

I am converting all assets to untraceable items and spending down those I cannot.

By gum I will NOT let them off me and collect the profits! I will give assets to my grandkids bit by bit, spend the money on travel, and leave this mortal coil with about a zero balance. F them.


Miss M

If you have substantial assets you should look at a generation skipping trust. You can retain income off the assets but avoid or substantially reduce death taxes through it.

Old Lurker

CC I usually like Bret but tonight he should have called Charles on his affirmation that a default on the debt happens if the DC is not increased. That he did not means they are all just playing parts in the play.

God bless Levin.


A National Health Service has been the mecca for the dems since the 1960's. Nancy Pelosi just about broke down and cried that it was all for Teddy Kennedy when the bill was crammed down our throats in Christmas Eve 2010.

They are in favor of one year waits for specialist visits, the Liverpool Care pathway, on the spot abortions and denial of service.

After 50 years the deep rifts in UK and Canadian society are still there. The Left loves it in principle, but anyone who can afford outside treatment obtains it. Now, they are finding a number of nurses and doctors willing to help their patients along.

What is different here is that we are willing to fight for our beliefs. We do not simply accept horrible policies. We change them. The republicans really have to come up with a framework for a better health care system. We have seen the fraud and corruption the Democrats have legislated.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

In what alternative universe is K-Pork conservative?


Zero called in Costa cuz he has been his best messenger in the Republican camp. Some of those others, are usual suspects.

Costa is the DC chief correspondent for NRO if you were wondering, marinating in the DC culture.


Well we see wo has benne passing thhe brainsslugs, it's been 5 years, when do they get the hint.


Sorry about the typos, more then usal, this program seems to use a very narrow display.

BB Key

F the Tigers

Old Lurker

And sadly by having DrK he bought off Fox.


I would create a channel called "Normal People News"

A comment at Am. Thinker long ago said he wanted a new political party...he would call it The Sane Party.


Sorry about the typos,


I thought you were pissed 'cause my A's were losing:)

Down 8-6 in the 9th, 2 outs tying run at the plate.


Uh Oh Manchin sprints off the reservation:

Manchin told reporters Tuesday. “People may be talking about no negotiation. You’ve got to negotiate. That’s what we’re here to do.”

Miss Marple

If I have posted this earlier, I apologize I posted it on several sites an can't remember if I did so here.

NIH Offers Research Grants on "Palliative Care" for Older Americans.



Interesting what conviction can shoe;



I think I did Mrs, Marple,

Miss Marple


Sorry for the duplicate. As I said, I lost track of where I posted it (and where I READ it).

Worth reposting on Facebook, for those who have an account.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

To paraphrase Gus McCray, putting your hopes in Joe Manchin is placing them in a very leaky vessel.

Centralcal on iPad

OL: I missed much of the Krauthammer segments, due to phone calls, so I confidently take your word for the Brett - Dr. K exchange.

Miss Marple: you are a month ahead of me. I am signing up for Medicare this week or next. It has been rather complicated to wade through, as I am still employed and also have employer medical insurance and HSA (which I cannot continue). However, I will do a happy dance knowing I don't have to enroll in Obamacare. (Yet!)

Dublin Dave

Tom's opening salvo about Republicans "winning" is strange because he never talks about what exactly they've been fighting for. There's a reason for that;he doesn't know.

Unless holding steady on their historically low approval ratings after shutting down the government was the point of it all.... But that's like killing a man in Texas to see if you can beat the death penalty.

Interesting strategy.

I think there's a collective embarrassment among Republicans that they caused a constitutional crisis, turfed world war 2 vets-men who gave so much for this country-turfed them out of their memorial, hung the widows of fallen heroes out to dry all because they wanted Ted Cruz to feel special about himself.

There are fights to be had but this one is one of the most idiotic and harmful to our country, our economy and our brave men and women who have and are serving this great land.

Some Guy


hmmm, smell the desperation.

Thanks for the laugh DD.

Miss Marple

Centraical, I had to go to a guy who specializes in Obamacare, Medicare, and Social Security. I must have gotten 50 mailings from insurance companies saying "pick me, picke me!"

I tried to figure it out, but it was too complicated. So I went to a guy who is an expert.

I bought a Plan F supplement which pays anything medicare doesn't cover, including "excessive costs." I figured that doctors and hospitals would take me over someone else because they would know all of their bills would get paid.

The Prescription Drug thing was fairly easy as the guy had all meds on his computer and knew which plans went with what drugs.

I recommend those who are approaching medicare get an expert.

Centralcal on iPad

Ed Henry says WH is denying CNN story about shutting off Egypt aid. Time will tell what is true.

Miss Marple

Centraical, I bet this was the plan until someone leaked it.

Now the administration is going to try to figure out how to stick it to the Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians without the public finding out.


Repub's are winning because they're now fighting for the good of the country and it's citizens. O'care will cause a lot of brain-dead Barry worshipers to finally see this.

Obama's fighting for himself first and the dem/lib/prog slush fund of perpetual power. O'care will cause a lot of brain-dead Barry worshipers to finally see this. Rinse & repeat.


Sounds like Honduras all over ahain, Egypt has more signficant allies in Russia and the Kingdom.

Beasts of England

But that's like killing a man in Texas to see if you can beat the death penalty.

You live in Texas?


Between TM;s last sentence and Ms Marple's idea of a "Normal Peoples News" channel I am laughing out loud. Frankly, right now O looks like he;s holding his breath.
Just saw pictures of DC where everyone is ignoring the barriers,,it's become the new tourist to do thing.

This new red line just as Obamacare is crashing and the NPS at WH direction is pissing off everyone in America is a real special Dem triple play.

I think my picket and pike business is about to soar.

Miss Marple

Clarice, can I have the pitchfork and torch concession?


Anybodt seen his cup of strawberries.


So 404care forces one to submit to search by "appropriate authorities" or pay a punitive "tax". This is the current state of a "free" people? Odd, how that worked out.


NIH Offers Research Grants on "Palliative Care" for Older Americans.

So what? This is a standard NIH R03/R21/R01 grant, and though it was not specified in the solicitation, there will probably be three or four made in each grant mechanism.

Is palliative care irrelevant? Should it not be done well?

For a minor nit, the article claims that funds of $275K are available. That's wrong. The link was for an R01, which has no budget restrictions. Usually they are on the order of $250K direct per year for five years, with indirects added to the total.

The amount cited was undoubtedly for the R21, which is $275K direct, with indirects added (on the order of 55%) for a period of two years.

This was sloppy reporting.


I hadn't seen this, off Harnden's twitter;


by itself it doesn't seem so bad, Dr. J, but in kight of all there other signals.

Miss Marple

Dr, I report, you decide.

As an older person I am naturally more suspicious of efforts to increase palliative care.

I don't dispute it is needed. I am just suspicious of efforts to increase its use.

Time will tell the purpose. I will certainly let you all here know if it has a personal effect on me.


Charles C.W. Cooke is always a delight on twitter.

@charlescwcooke This is the best thing anybody has said to me in months: http://ccwc.me/16wbRKP

Miss Marple

Good night, all!


NIH does these sorts of targeted solicitations in many areas -- I saw one for domestic violence in GLBT communities. Then again, I am responding to a couple in my area. They are the creation of Program Directors to target monies where they think they are important. Sometimes they are, sometimes not so much.


From the link of Cooke's twitter, Bozz Allen seenms to be invollved here as well/

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA

Megan Kelly is kicking ass. Based on her guests, I'm thinking the revolution is days away.


Here was the middleman contractor, ffrom almost a year ag:


Dublin Dave

"Repub's are winning because they're now fighting for the good of the country and its citizens"

Oh well then that's different why didn't you say that in the first place?. I'm all for people who fight for...wait-what was that again-hang on a Sec...... for the good of the country and its citizens. Yes Sir. Sign me up. For the good of the country and for the good of its citizens. That's a cause Republicans can easily win...for the g.... crap hang on a Sec...... oh yeah-FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY AND FOR THE GOOD OF IT'S CITIZENS. AND FOR GOD.AND JESUS.AND GOOD.

Now tell that to the wfie of the dead marine you just robbed-she'll really dig your reasoning.


Th piece refers to Weekly Standard piece, by a fellow with the Pacific Institute


Krauthammer's op-ed in the WaPo the other day was excellent. He pointed out the obvious, that our interest payments on the debt were about 1/10 of revenues and that it was ridiculous and irresponsible to even hint at default. Not sure why he didn't do the same tonight.

He's not always as on the ball in his TV appearances as I'd like.

Boehner held fast today. I'm satisfied. The Dems are getting nervous. They are used to the GOP caving right away.


Miss M, no one else I'd rather hand that part of the business off to now tht I'm overwhelmed with orders.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Anybody read the interview in the WSJ of Ginger Baker today? Funny how the drummer always associated with the somewhat indulgent and bombastic excesses of Cream has always considered himself a jazz drummer. It spurred me to listen to a 1994 disc with Bill Frisell and Charlie Haden I hadn't listened to in a long time. He definitely has his own surprisingly light touched style, even when accentuating the high-hat Blakey style in "Straight No Chaser". I see his point.

BB Key

POI open thread

Beasts of England

Capt. [email protected]:54 - Would like to hear than album. More for Frisell and Haden than Baker...


--Funny how the drummer always associated with the somewhat indulgent and bombastic excesses of Cream has always considered himself a jazz drummer.--

Really? I always did consider him the most talented and least offensive of the over the top rock drummers.

Can never remember the names of my fave rock drummers without looking them up, just go by the group they're most associated with:
The guy from Blondie, the guy from Bad Company, the guy from CCR and the guy from the Cars. The Cars guy has a rhythm in one of their tunes that is almost impossible to follow.


I only knoew of Clapton, part of my woefully incomplltere musical education,

Account Deleted


I expect to see the Speaker offer a very short term clean CR in exchange for a commitment to negotiate. It would be a soft kill approach, allowing for modification of the sequester on GOP terms. I'd bet on only a $300-$400 billion increase in the debt limit as well.

June is still, IMO, the best month for a full Dem clubbing. The total pain of 404Care won't really sink in before June.


Shows it's sweeps month isn't it.


"The total pain of 404Care won't really sink in before June."

But, if the GOP succeeds in a year delay, won't that benefit the Dems?

BB Key



--But, if the GOP succeeds in a year delay, won't that benefit the Dems?--

That's a good question. Perhaps someone smarter than me can answer it.

BB Key

forgot the dog

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Your ears were better than mine back then, Iggy. He did some stuff post Blind Faith that I found uninteresting but, again, maybe I wasn't ready for it. Beasts there's good interaction among all three.

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