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October 08, 2013



37 approval? a reflection of apolitical people's disgust with the inability to do a budget and the petty shutdown of National Parks. When these short term issues are settled, and the issues remmain the Debt crush and the ObummerCare disaster, and there are no jobs being created, and $4+ gas is back due to QE Infinity under Yellen Obummer's approval in 2014 will average about 40% IMO. Lucky Congressional Dems get to run in 14 with that.


Re: the music discussion. Hubby is a drummer,he played in local bands in northern Maine for years. He just read Ginger Baker's bio,"Hellraiser". What a character! He said he went deaf because Jack Bruce played too loud and he used to yell at Clapton to turn it down. All the drummers are hubby's heroes,even Ringo :) He favors Bonham the most.


From the bizarre file!



I believe the leftists are determined to destroy the USA.

James D.

NK, it's not begrudging. It's distrust of the journalists in question.

DrK has been wobbly lately, Parker is a bad joke, and Costa's recent work speaks for itself.

ALso, as the POTUS, he is, after all, our employee, and being available to the media and answering questions is a part of his job.

The fact that Zero treats any access to himself as a privilidge to be doled out only to those who are properly obedient is itself a part of the problem, and journalists who actually believed in the things they claim to would be saying that.


Meanwhile, the new Libyan PM, more tightly tied to the Brotherhood, says al Libi should be tried at home, 'heck of a job'


"The only one I trust out of that bunch is Byron York. I wonder why he was invited."


Obama trusts him more...

jimmyk on iPad

"People here begrudge professional journalists/bloviators the opportunity to meet with with the POTUS? I don't get that."

Journalists are supposed to be the conduits of news and information. What could such a meeting possibly accomplish? When I worked at a quasi-public institution the PR office used to say that there was no such thing as an "off-the-record" discussion with a journalist, it's a contradiction in terms. These guys are letting themselves be used by POTUS.

Or as David Burge puts it:

What do you call a reporter who meets with a president off-the-record?
I don't know, but not "reporter."


Hear, hear, James D!


Judge 'journalists' by their work product, not who they choose to interview or meet with. Unlike Leftists I don't choose to view journalists as being on 'my team' or 'the enemy'. Yes Obummer is a narcissist illiterate moron who doesn't take legitimate questions, and he is a propagandist. Shame on him. If these journalists aid and abet Obummer's paropaganda, shame on them and slam them. Criticizing them for accepting a POTUS invite is sour grapes prejudging IMO.


How much money is being lost because the park service has shut down the concessionaires? The restaurants,motels,campgrounds and cabins?


herein lies the point, the access seems to condition the coverage, on one side, on the other side, hte repeat 'the two minute' dirge of discouragement,

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Ask yourself why President Pantload doesn't interact more with these "conservatives"? Is it a coincidence that his approval polling is in the toilet?


TomM-- to cheer your day, here's a short sweet summary of 3 years of Malloyism in all Blue CT. Everyone else can read it and rejoice they don't live in a Blue Hell: http://darien.patch.com/groups/elections/p/boucher-malloy-is-blaming-connecticuts-troubles-on-everyone-else-darien


Byron York this morning regarding the Obama invitation via a series of tweets:

Byron York ‏@ByronYork 2h

To interested tweeps: Yes, I was at WH meeting Tuesday with President Obama. I agreed beforehand that content would be off the record…

It was good meeting; really helped me better understand WH perspective on current matters…

As far as OTR is concerned, on Monday I had long talk with a leader of the defund Obamacare effort, combo background and off-the-record…

I understand the suspicions, but in my experience these meetings do not involve exchange of any secrets; rather, they are way…

…for officials to expand and explain their positions in little more open way that allows me to better understand what is going on.

Finally, I was impressed Obama invited conservative journalists in. He didn't have to, but he did, and I thought that was a good thing.


He was "impressed" that his royal highness, the great and mighty emperor did a "good thing" and allowed him/them in before his
presence to "explain their positions" so that he can "better understand".....


Miss Marple

Back fro my morning school volunteer session. (I coach the spelling team for the Purdue Spell Bowl. Pay no attention to my typos.)

Interesting interview on radio, head of a major party in Tanzania and possible new president after the next election. He said the country was pulling out of socialism and that Tanzania is open for business. They are going to use their immense mineral and natural resource wealth to pull the company out of poverty.

Starbucks gets their coffee from them. I also know they have gold, uranium, and tanzanite, plus they have just discovered large deposits of natural gas.

I found it interesting that he spoke of mining and natural gas extraction as a way to improve his country's economy, while here in the bizarro United States, our government is shutting such things down.


No one simply meets with Obama. Each is "summoned" or "called" to his presence.


No drummer love for Jim Keltner?


These "reporters" are to journalists as rhyme sayers are to poets.


MissM thanks for the Tanzania info. Last week I learned I should buy Barilla pasta for life (no Homo marriage couples in their adverts) now I know to buy Tanzania souced coffee beans.

Danube on iPad

"Someone with a smidgeon of administrative competence could weather the storm without the disastrous effects we see. "

Except that this vicious, petty asshole deliberately cherry-picked the closures that would most inconvenience the citizenry, instead of attempting to do just the opposite.. Thus Camp David stays open while funds are expended to close off open spaces. Thus Obama's golf course stays open while Mt. Rushmore s screened off.

Over time, people catch on.



Ringo is tremendous. He does not get enough credit for his playing (neither does McCartney). Listen to "Ticket to Ride," how he changes the part around seamlessly. Goofy but great.

Jeff Dobbs

CAMEL: Uh-oh! Guess what day it is?? Guess what day it is! Huh…anybody? Julie! Hey…guess what day it is?? Ah come on, I know you can hear me. Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike… What day is it Mike? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Leslie, guess what today is?

LESLIE: ::sighs:: It's Hump Day...

CAMEL: NO!!!! It's TK's Birthday. Whoot Whoot!

::cut to guitar players::

Ronny, how happy are folks who get to celebrate TK's birthday?

RONNY: I’d say happier than a camel on Wednesday.


Oh, and look what I found:

I have my suspicions it is forged.

Old Lurker

"Smokey the Stassi"

was Rick.

Of course.


A very happy B-Day to TK.

*Bill in AZ*

I dropped Byron York from my twitter feed a few days ago. He's been going wobbly for a while. I suspect BOzo brought in these "conservative" journolists so he could pull back the curtain on what he and Soros et al could do to the country and the economy if he doesn't get his way, and get their help getting his way. Same thing he has done with McCain (Superman in his own mind - if we only knew) to get McCain to whore for him.

Byron, if you're paying attention - don't do it. Let the petulant little pissant do his worst. The results will blow his and Reids puny minds.




Whoa. Happy Birthday TK. Now I know why DoT left the country.

Have a great day. Surf's up.


Remember when McCain suspended his 2008 campaign, Bill?

Same stuff.


Thanks for the wishes!

Mamacita TK said she has a "special plan"* for me.

*(for those scoring at home)

*Bill in AZ*

"Remember when McCain suspended his 2008 campaign, Bill?"

yep - Superman in his own mind - if we only knew what he is having to do all on his own to save us. idiot.

...and Happy Birthday, TK

Captain Hate on the iPhone


its a birther thing

Happy Birthday, TK from Doctor Hugh Kelele

Captain Hate on the iPhone

We'll have to agree to disagree, Porch; and I've long thought he sounds particularly clunky on "Ticket to Ride". Levon Helm otoh is a percussive marvel with cymbal work that ranks with the best I've heard in any genre.


Happy Birthday, TK! Hope it's a great one.

In case anyone is interested in the hard-hitting questions (not) the WH press grilled BOzo with (not):


BOzo and the "reporters" gathered shared a big laugh when he told them to "blame Jay" if they didn't get called on. The winners:

Julie Pace (AP), Julianna Goldman (Bloomberg), Sam Stein (HuffPo), Robert Rampton (Reuters), Ari Shapiro (NPR). Mark Landler (NYT), Richard McGregor (The Australian), Steven Dennis (Roll Call), Mark Knoller (CLS), Stephen Kalitz (unknown), and Unnamed Person in front row who threw the last softball to BOzo.

jimmyk on iPhone

"Judge 'journalists' by their work product, not who they choose to interview or meet with. "

No, because we can't know what they are NOT reporting. Or at least not always. So we can infer from their behavior that they are trying to maintain "access."

Miss Marple

It also occurs to me that Obama probably STILL has those behavioral psychology experts on his payroll and is carefully drawing in people like Byron York to isolate and disarm them.

Notice how he didn't pull in someone like Thomas Sowell. Nope. He chose squishy people like Parker and Gigot with York drawn in to feel like he was odd man out of the "reasonable" group.

James D.

Happy birthday, TK!


Miss Marple, you are a wonderful new addition. Very insightful re York.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Until President Pantload goes toe to toe with Mark Levin and Tammy Bruce, he's afraid to interact with conservatives.

Trevor Saccucci

Over time, people catch on.


I think Obama's spiteful heavy hand in all this thuggery is the best advertisement - and by active counterpoint, no less - for conservative-libertarian limited government in the US that I've ever seen. I think a paraphrase of Virgil praising Dante in a passage of Inferno is apt here, that the best reply to it all is silence and the fact.

Obama tried to lure Boehner and the conservatives into a pitfall trap - from the inside. I'm not sure if this has sunken into Obama or Reid yet.

Miss Marple

DebinNC, thanks!

I also wonder if this is the explanation (in part) for why the White House press is so subservient. I realize they are all liberals, but it should normally occur to them that some of the things Obama is doing are decidedly UNliberal (drones, Wall Street cronies, sweetheart deals in green energy, etc.).

So why aren't there everany questions about those things? Sometimes I think they have all been hypnotized.


Happy Birthday, Threadkiller!!!


Happy Birthday, TK, assuming your birth certificate isn't forged or anything.


It's part affinity and part fear imo. The press watched what the DOJ did to James Rosen (FOX) and the IRS did to Dr. Ben Carson and know they're one wrong spoken/printed word from getting the same.


Happy Birthday,TK!

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Miss Marple, they sold all of us on President Historic First being the greatest thing evarrr and any deviation from that means they lose their smarty pants status and don't get to sit with the cool kids.



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... new thread ...


Happy Birthday, TK. Lots of love to you!!


I'll be darned if anyone is going to corral me into a new thread.

. . . Hello?

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