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October 23, 2013


Sandy D

really ?

Sandy D


Sandy D

allowing me to post, thaipad

Sandy D

remember, today is the 30th year since the Bombing at the Beirut Barracks.

May they Rest In Peace.

Sandy D


the MARINES of Beirut

Sandy D
Never Forget.

Always remember.

Forever faithful.

Vires et Honestas.

Army of Davids

GOP messaging failure

ObamaCare's damage to the job market (and current/future earning prospects for millions of young people) should be mentioned again and again.

Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachman have done a good job on this.

Too many in the DC GOP insiders probably either don't realize it or don't care.

Miss Marple

Hey! A friend on another site reminded me that Obama didn't know about the NSA thing either, until he read about it in the paper.

Thomas Collins


Perhaps King Abdullah will repay Obama's bow by contributing toward a "Keep 404Care Afloat Fund". After all, as the above article clearly states, the Saudis are really impressed with 404's conduct of Mideast policy.


Obama "not knowing" has never happened before...

"REPORTER: Will the actual certificate be on display or viewable at any –


REPORTER: Will the President be holding it?

PFEIFFER: He will not, and I will not leave it here for him to do so."

...and it certainly isn't some sort of strategy.



Nobody told the narcissist to look at his name in print.

Miss Marple

Good news!

Obama and Sebelius are going to barnstorm the country giving more speeches about Obamacare!

Targets are cities with highest rates of uninsured!

Peasants should get their rotten tomatoes and cabbages ready for hurling!

Captain Hate on the iPhone

There is no way an executive would be kept in the dark on progress in implementation of the single largest item of his first term. Likewise there is no way that those responsible for implementing it would not communicate problems attaining a roll out date upward.

I guess it's possible that the Iranian Rodent took in bad information and passed along positive lies but I'm not seeing much of an upside to doing that unless she's dumber than I thought.


ThomasC-- while I am pulling for the Cards, I do hope you enjoy the Series. Are you going to any games?

Some Guy

The emperor has no clues!


According to HHS head Kathleen Sebelius, he found out along with the rest of us.

Actually, according to that link,

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta asked when the President first learned about the considerable issues with the Obamacare website. Sebelius responded that it was in "the first couple of days" after the site went live October 1

-and that's a defense. "The rest of us" knew the day of, not a day or two afterward.


He didn't know about the IRS intimidation either.

Btw, I believe he was "livid" when he found out about all of these things. Daddy will remember how they were all reported.


TomM-- I do like the sly knock on the Defund route the House Repubs took. Water under the Bridge, but we would be in better shape for '14 elections if Cruz spent September making Senate speeches about ObummerCare and how it makes the Debt worse, and kills unemployment. The Legacy Media would have attacked him just as viciously, but the Enrollment debacle would have undermined the Media. Whatever, we are here where we are now-- a useless Website, a daeth Spiral for the Exchanges, all leading up to the Debt debate after Christmas. Happy New year, the Dems will demand MOAR Debt, Higher Taxes and Moar Spending. That's a goos way to start '14.


“I think it’s important for us to understand that the Fast and Furious program was a field-initiated program begun under the previous administration. When Eric Holder found out about it, he discontinued it. We assigned a inspector general to do a thorough report that was just issued, confirming that in fact Eric Holder did not know about this, that he took prompt action and the people who did initiate this were held accountable.”

B. Obama.


"good way"


Top Obama aides say they knew nothing of Solyndra



PS: TomM-- add to your list that Obummer was disengaged and didn't know about Syria for 13 months, and then arbitrarily decided he saw Redlines everywhere. Must be true, it was in today's NY Times.

Frau Kaiserin

"The emperor has no clues!"

Great start to the thread, Some Guy.


Reposting my comment from the last thread since we seem to be talking about the same thing again; the supposed cluelessness of a man who writes better speeches than his speechwriters and knows policy better than his policy wonks and can fricassee a Pomeranian better than Martin Yan:

Let's see;
Barry didn't know his DOJ was forcing legitimate gun dealers to help them run guns across the border to drug cartels even though he and his henchmen were giving speeches about gun dealers running illegal guns across the border to drug cartels.

He didn't know his IRS was targeting his political enemies for him, even though he virtually demanded they do so in very public speeches about their mysterious foreign support and who the nefarious donors to these un-American organizations might be.

He didn't know there was grave danger and eventual murders going on in Benghazi, even though everybody over there was screaming for help from DC and he was told about the situation before scooting off to Vegas to a fundraiser.

And now we find out he didn't know the Barrycare roll out would be a disaster, even though it was tested and failed before the roll out.

These are not small details that a competent executive wouldn't know and his words indicate he did. I'm sure the regulars here can think of many more things he didn't know, even though he should have and no doubt did, just as in the above examples and I hope they will list them.

As King Solomon would say "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter":
Either his staff of sycophants keeps him locked in a little room and never tells him anything, like some demented, idiot child-king from the middle ages, he has early onset Alzheimer's and knew things at one time and then forgot them or he is an inveterate, pathological liar.
Which of those alternatives justifies his remaining in office?


Hey, Insty asked a good question yesterday. What ever happened to the fierce urgency of attacking Syria?


Obummer Ignorance Includes-- the IRS scandal (per Ext) and NSA/AP Reporter wire tapping and datamining. Even for an Affirmative Action educated ChiTown race hustler he's remarkably ignorant.

Thomas Collins

I don't plan to go to any games, NK, unless I am invited by some 1% bigwig who can afford the seats or luxury box and wants to bestow his or her largesse on me (and that hasn't happened since I was given tickets to a Bruins game over 20 years ago). As to the World Series itself, it's fitting that the Cards would stand in the way of the Red Sox completing the turnaround from 69-93. Gibson outpitched Gentleman Jim in Game 7 of the Impossible Dream season in '67, and the Sox completed removing the Curse of the Bambino with a sweep of the Cards in '04 (not to mention the '46 Series). Whatever happens, there are some barbers who will have some work to to on the Sox in the offseason!

Thomas Collins

"to do"


wasn't it the "Improbable Dream" in '67?

PS: ThomasC-- I watched the '68 Thomas Crown Affair movie last week-- Boston was so cozy back then. The movie was much cheesier than I remembered it, although it had a high 'cool' factor with Steve McQ and Yaphet Kotto. Faye Dunaway-- why was she a movie star?


PPS: ThomasC-- it will be quite chilly tonight and tomorrow at fenway. It might be downright cold in St Lou over the weekend.


NK, chilly / cold for the WS? nonsense! I have plenty of firewood -- and beer.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

"Water under the bridge" but let's keep complaining about somebody on "our side" as if he's the real problem instead of 404Care. Should I regurgitate what a horribly gutless campaign Romney ran? Because that's "water under the bridge" also and does about as much good.


A bad day for sideshow Carney.

It looks like he has a digital cheat sheet in front of him to ease him through the tough questions.

I did find out that Obama averted a global financial shutdown.

Eric in Boise

Too bad they didn't title it the Patient Protection and COMPREHENSIVE Affordable Care Act. Then we'd have PP-CACA to go with our 1-800-F1U-CKYO

Thomas Collins

NK, my favorite movie set in Boston was The Verdict.


repost from last thread

As President Obama promises to fix HealthCare.gov, his administration is touting what it calls "improvements" in design, specifically a feature that allows you to "See Plans Now." White House press secretary Jay Carney has said, "Americans across the country can type in their zip code and shop and browse."

Industry analysts, such as Jonathan Wu, point to how the website lumps people only into two broad categories: "49 or under" and "50 or older."

Wu said it's "incredibly misleading for people that are trying to get a sense of what they're paying."

Prices for everyone in the 49-or-under group are based on what a 27-year-old would pay. In the 50-or-older group, prices are based on what a 50-year-old would pay.

CBS News ran the numbers for a 48-year-old in Charlotte, N.C., ineligible for subsidies. According to HealthCare.gov, she would pay $231 a month, but the actual plan on Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina's website costs $360, more than 50 percent higher. The difference: Blue Cross and Blue Shield requests your birthday before providing more accurate estimates.

The numbers for older Americans are even more striking. A 62-year-old in Charlotte looking for the same basic plan would get a price estimate on the government website of $394. The actual price is $634.

Some Guy

In case anyone hasn't seen this on NRO or Youtube, it's priceless:

A new video of a chat session facilitated by HealthCare.gov shows a potential customer growing frustrated with an Obamacare navigator.

A transcript of the online chat below:

[09:33:52 am]: Please be patient while we’re helping other people.

[09:33:57 am]: Welcome! You’re now connected to Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat. Thanks for contacting us. My name is Dean. To protect your privacy, please don’t provide any personal information, like Social Security Number, or any other sensitive medical or personal information.

[09:34:17 am]: Dean: Welcome. How can I help you?

[09:34:23 am]: Adrian: In the application process I am at setup 7 of family & household. Clicking Save & Continue does not allow me to move forward.

[09:34:55 am]: Dean: I apologize for the inconvenience. I understand that it is frustrating.

[09:35:17 am]: Dean: Thanks for your interest in the Health Insurance Marketplace. We have a lot of visitors trying to use our website right now. That is causing some glitches for some people trying to create accounts or log in. Keep trying and thanks for your patience. You might have better success during off-peak hours, like later at night or early in the morning. We’ll continue working to improve the site so you can get covered. You have until March 2014 to enroll.

[09:35:43 am]: Dean: Don’t lose your sanity over this website. Try it. If it doesn’t work, walk away. Try it tomorrow.

[09:36:08 am]: Dean: You have two months to apply, enrole in a plan, and make your first premium payment, to get coverage starting Jan,1,2014.

[09:36:18 am]: Adrian: This isn’t a login problem.

[09:36:32 am]: Adrian: What you sent seems like a canned response.

[09:36:55 am]: Dean: It was .

[09:37:03 am]: Adrian: I had the login problems for the first 11 days.

[09:37:28 am]: Adrian: I have until Oct 30 to make a decision about coverage for my family. I don’t have until March

[09:38:13 am]: Dean: Inagine you are stuck in this site’s rush hour traffic . You still exist .You just aren’t going anywhere

[09:38:39 am]: Adrian: Rush hour?

[09:38:50 am]: Adrian: This isn’t rush hour.

[09:39:11 am]: Adrian: Do they pay you to make jokes?

[09:39:15 am]: Dean: Millions of people want to do this yesterday.

[09:39:30 am]: Adrian: Now you sound like a fortune cookie.

[09:39:49 am]: Adrian: Next you are going to tell me about advise from strangers?

[09:39:54 am]: Dean: I’m flattered.

[09:40:10 am]: Adrian: You have no way to assist those that ask for help?

[09:40:24 am]: Dean: Don’t run with sissors

[09:40:41 am]: Adrian: Why is there even a chat option on the page if you can’t lookup an application and assist?

[09:40:43 am]: Dean: You can contact the Health Insurance Marketplace Call Center. Their telephone number is 1-800-318-2596. They may be able to assist you.

[09:40:54 am]: Adrian: Then what is the chat function for?

[09:41:08 am]: Dean: Information

[09:41:27 am]: Adrian: What information? The phone number of the call center?

[09:42:01 am]: Dean: I can’t use your personal information, the call center can

[09:42:46 am]: Adrian: I am not talking about PII, just step seven that Save & Continue won’t work on.

[09:43:20 am]: Dean: We are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us toll free at 1-800-318-2596. Hearing impaired callers using TTY technology can reach us at 1-855-889-4325. In addition to English and Spanish, we can provide assistance in a number of languages through an interpretation service. We are closed on Memorial Day, Independence

[09:44:59 am]: Dean: Thank you for contacting Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat. We are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

[09:45:20 am]: ‘Dean’ has left the chat session.

[09:45:22 am]: Your chat session is over. Thanks for contacting us, and we hope we’ve answered your questions. Have a great day.

[09:45:22 am]: 10/11/2013

Don't run with sissors?
You mean like president mom-jeans?

Eric in Boise

Saw that, Windansea. Basically, they fixed it in order to lie. It's as natural as breathing for these people.


“The reason it defies belief, Willie,” Gibbs said on Morning Joe today, “is that it’s unbelievable.”

Former WH spinmiester on WH spin that Obama didn't know


I'm thinking just maybe Gibbs lost his health plan when he got eased out of his WH gig :)


ThomasC-- ditto regarding the Verdict, fab movie. Do you think Paul Newman really slapped Charlotte Rampling? For me, Milo O'Shea and James Mason steal the movie. The older I get, the more realistic O'shea's portrayl of a corrupt judge becomes. Hey, david mamet even treats the Catholic Church pretty fairly. Just a great flick- (the stupid courtroom ending aside)


--although it had a high 'cool' factor with Steve McQ and Yaphet Kotto--

Yaphet Kotto; underutilized great actor, but the coolest part was the Ferrari NART spyder which I believe McQueen later bought and wrecked.
The movie itself always left a bad taste in my mouth.


Helthcaregov is just getting hammered in comments at their facebook page.


even the paid Obots can't make a dent against the fury and ridicule

I don't believe any poll saying Ocare popularity is rising

Old Lurker

Weekly Standard:

"We have just concluded the 5th fiscal year since President Obama took office. During those five years, the federal government has spent a total $3.7 trillion on approximately 80 different means-tested poverty and welfare programs. The common feature of means-tested assistance programs is that they are graduated based on a person’s income and, in contrast to programs like Social Security or Medicare, they are a free benefit and not paid into by the recipient," says the minority side of the Senate Budget Committee.

"The enormous sum spent on means-tested assistance is nearly five times greater than the combined amount spent on NASA, education, and all federal transportation projects over that time. ($3.7 trillion is not even the entire amount spent on federal poverty support, as states contribute more than $200 billion each year to this federal nexus—primarily in the form of free low-income health care.)"


but we would be in better shape for '14 elections if Cruz spent September making Senate speeches about ObummerCare and how it makes the Debt worse, and kills unemployment. The Legacy Media would have attacked him just as viciously,

No they wouldn't. They wouldn't have covered the speeches at all.


windasea-- I DO BELIEVE the polls showing ObummerCare have low single digit improvements. The 4 polls I read were all consistent, the improvement came from self-Id'd Dems or Libs. basically, it's Libs rallying around ObummerCare as it came under attack in the CR debate. That is not a problem, those Libs are not persuadable voters who we need to get into the repeal group and voting for repeal in '14. The tell will show in January as $95 PLUS is owed as a tax because of the lousy deal Exchange care is. I expect (hope) the numbers of Indy-Persuable voters move more towards repeal then.


He also apparently didn't know that the national security leaks to the NYT were from the WH and DoS officials. Poor man surrounded as he si my leakers, liars and incompetents.


--leakers, liars and incompetents--

Isn't the firm where Barry interned?

Janet - Don't run with sissors

Some Guy's link - http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/361990/navigator-consumer-dont-lose-your-sanity-over-website-andrew-johnson


Isn't *that* the firm...

Beasts of England

There's no damned excuse. He didn't know? Well, then he's beyond incompetent. Of course, when you have a tee time, other things become less important. What a schmuck.

Janet - Don't run with sissors

Related at Breitbart...Cops: Woman Slashed 2 People With Scissors Over Bingo Winnings

Guess she won't take Obamacare Dean's advice. :(

Frau Wau-Wau

Good Gaia, Iggy! Ixnay on the ogday ishesday. Don't forget that the Pomeranians suffered greatly during the Thirty Years' War, so much so that Bismarck later growled, "All the idiots in the Spite House are not worth the bones of one Pomeranian."

OL - I don't think I'll read that Weekly Standard info in my daily newspaper. No wonder the Dems want to determine who can deliver *legitimate* news.


Ignatz/Matt- cn't say why but I always thought Yaphet Cotto was an effective character actor. BTW matt-- you and old Yaphet lived in the same neighb about the same time. Whe I was researching a Landmarks case 20+ years ago, I learned that he lived at 57th and 9th Avenue in the 70s.


My humble prediction is that while Barry will not literally delay the individual mandate, he will waive or delay the penalties. To any sane person that amounts to the delaying the mandate, but he will try to save face by claiming that it's different.

Frau Wau-Wau

Saving face while leading from behind, jimmkyk?


Best part of the movie was the song:

Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever spinning reel.

Reminds me of Obamacare.


jimmyk@2:27-- sounds right to me. BTW-- that also is a good way to start the January '14 Debt/spending debate. Waiving penalties b/c the enrollment was botched, coupled with the guaranteed Death Spiral of ExchangeCare (what healthy person would sign up with NO penalty) will put red state dems in a disasterous situation.


Delaying the individual mandate doesn't help if you still have the coverage mandates. The millions who've had their "non-conforming" policies cancelled are not going to be mollified by the delay of the fine.


Thomas Crown song-- I get the humor markO, but ObamaCare jokes aside, that 'Windmills/Mind" song was vomitous.

Jack is Back!

Forget when did Obama know about Healthcare.gov. He is only the puppet. The right question is, when did ValJar know about this fiasco inside a screwup surrounded by incompetence.

That live chat video from the GOP house members is funnier than a skit written by Bob and Ray or Bob Newhart.

Old Lurker

"that 'Windmills/Mind" song was vomitous."

Maybe so, but that scene in the movie of her playing with the Chess Bishop while that song played is one for the books...


This is a must read. The President is a sick man.



Am I the only one who believes this "glitch" was a feature and not a bug?


The millions who've had their "non-conforming" policies cancelled are not going to be mollified by the delay of the fine.

Exactly cathyf. Nobody seems to be talking about this. I guess technically there's still time, but not much. Those policies are null and void on Jan 1st and it's almost November.


her playing with the Chess Bishop while that song played is one for the books...

Well there is that OL


Delaying the individual mandate doesn't help if you still have the coverage mandates.

Of course--I wasn't saying what should do or needs to do, but what he would do as a face-saving measure. He's too damn stubborn and stupid to back off the coverage mandates, but the website crackup is so visible and glaring, and the prospect of penalizing people so absurd, that he will have to give in. And he will make it out to be a grand gesture.


I just hope the media get to a place where they really dig in. Nice to finally see what might actually be sort of objective coverage, for a change.


"And he will make it out to be a grand gesture."

And in his demented Mussoliniesque mind he believes that would be a grand gesture... The Sovereign bowing and scraping to his own people. A big concession for the Sun King.


The GOP live-chat transcript would in fact be the greatest The Onion spoof ever written, except that it actually happened. I call this genre "Life Imitating The Onion Imitating Life."

James D.

Totally OT - a quick update from one of the resident authors of JoM. I received my monthly royalty check from Audible.com for my audiobook sales in the month of September this afternoon.

$14.10, for the sale of 4 audiobooks last month.

So you can see that the money is just rolling in!

Which leads me to a serious question. For those of you who listen to audiobooks, are there any websites you go to, to look for new books to listen to? Any reviewers that you especially pay attention to?

It turns out that either there are a lot less websites and promotional avenues for audiobooks as opposed to print or ebooks, or if there are, I don't know them.


Feds ask Blue Cross Blue Shield not to release exchange numbers

FARGO – The Obama administration asked North Dakota’s largest health insurer not to publicize how many people have signed up for health insurance through a new online exchange, a company official says.

Live-chat transcript was even better than Dr. Strangelove dialogue., which included beauts like ("the self-destruct mechanism got hit and blew itself up.")

Old Lurker

Sorry NK, I lied. Went to YouTube to find that scene and it was another song. That said it did not really require any sound at all.


That's OK OL-- the mental image of faye dunaway and the oversized--ehr, uh-- chessman was a welcome distraction. Maybe faye dunaway deserved her star status, I seem to recall she had quite a performance with William Holden in 'Network'.

PS: dinner for my crony group at the Bethesda Morton's saturday evening.

Miss Marple

Faye Dunaway had the role as Bonnie in "Bonnie and Clyde," with Warren Beatty as Clyde.

I saw that movie in West Berlin at the Armed Forces movie theater. I had nightmares for months as I had never seen such violence.

I have disliked Faye Dunaway ever since. Warren Beatty, too.


Bethesda Morton's saturday evening.

It is an irony that the Hyatt where Morton's is located is a favorite for NIH proposal review panels. And OL, Clarice and their better halves and I met at Ruth's Chris that essentially is across the street.


I have positive memories of Ms Dunaway in "Bonnie & Clyde" and "Chinatown", but it's been a while.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

Mommy Dearest. Wasn't she in that one? Beyond creepy.


Didn't see MM's contrasting reaction to B&C when I posted mine, but I first saw B&C probably at around age 15, and on TV, so a different impact.

Old Lurker

Look how far we have come, Miss M. The violence in B&C is probably OK for Sesame Street now thirty years later. How symbolic is that?


But there are so many other, better reasons to dislike Warren Beatty.


30 years since B&C? Actually 46+ years... time flies: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061418/

Old Lurker

Amazing NK. But of course you are right. After I posted that I said to myself "wait...I saw that in college...and that was way longer than 30 years."

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

Enjoyed the Ga Mizz game so much last Saturday I'm watching it again. :)


Tom Maguire, Sweden has adopted Taubes' thesis:http://healthimpactnews.com/2013/sweden-becomes-first-western-nation-to-reject-low-fat-diet-dogma-in-favor-of-low-carb-high-fat-nutrition/

Danube on iPad

Ahh. Newark!


Check out this accusation that yesterday's fainting was faked.



Could someone please explain to me why "nations" are in the business adopting or rejecting diet advice?


With millions of people confused about the ACA and the financial/legal obligation to sign up for coverage, or to replace the coverage they currently have but are about to lose due to the ACA, how many will cut back on Christmas shopping and travel plans...

More economic Doom.


I think it more likely that the syncope is a pre-existing condition...

Dave (in MA)

If Obama had a son, he'd look like, etc...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - well 20-30 Something EMPLOYED BUT UBINSURED immortals will find out that they owe a 1% tax for not having healthcare (rising to 2.5% in 2015), I'm sure that will put them in the holiday spirit.


Or their hours have been cut back to part time, OldTimer...


ok, I can post 6 lines but not 7...


Forget confusion -- your insurance company just sent you a letter telling you that your existing policy is non-conforming, and your replacement options are more expensive for less coverage.


Christmas present shopping is the only place left to cut back for people who have to live within their means.




The mythical "$95 penalty" -- isn't that just for people who make $9,500/yr or less? Isn't it 1% for everybody else? Greater than $9,500 includes a LOT of poor people...


A comment from a guy posting at the Healthcare.gov website that windandsea links at 02:02

James Engebretson Mr. Obama, tear down this website!
793 · October 4 at 5:30pm
44 replies


Dave,Howie Carrr has been talking about this. He took a call from an eleven year old girl who goes to Danvers middle school and she said she is so sad because her 7th grade math teacher is the sister of the 24 year old teacher at the high school. Terrible. The DA is going to try him as an adult.This is a story that will hit the national media big time. The bleeding hearts will wail about a 14 year old being tried as an adult.

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