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October 23, 2013



Another fun comment from that Healthcare.gov website:

Obama didn't build that


Like Woody Allen, after I die I want to come back as Warren Beatty's fingertips.

Two words: Julie Christie.


Cathyf-- yes it is the GREATER of $95 or 1% household income. Ignatz was kind enough to post a chart the other day. The 1% escalates to 2.5% in 2 years. Obamacare is a jobs killer AND and economic growth killer all in one.


It's per person, too. So when it's 2.5%, a young couple just starting out who make a combined $30,000/yr will be paying $1,500/yr in taxes. Hey, Obama=Forbes!!! Flat Tax!!!!!


Ignatz/Matt- cn't say why but I always thought Yaphet Cotto was an effective character actor. BTW matt-- you and old Yaphet lived in the same neighb about the same time. Whe I was researching a Landmarks case 20+ years ago, I learned that he lived at 57th and 9th Avenue in the 70s.


I'm almost feeling groovy!


Daddy-- you're the best. BTW Simon and G (what was the lyric? a poet and a one man band?) grew up in my home boro Queens.


The odious Steve Liesman of CNBC calls for a little Mexican music when Ted Cruz's picture pops up. It would only be sickening had Cruz any Mexican in him, but the bloviating ignoramus that is Liesman rises to his true odiosity by not knowing Cruz is in fact of Cuban descent.


So I perused the Baker tome on Cheney, and for a Times product/, it's almost balanced, it visits all the areas of interest, but with TM's level of perspicacity, Joe Wilson's claims, the sainted General Shinseki, all come across less then meets the eye, One who doesn't come across well, is Bill Burck, my new arch enemy, detailed from the SDNY, who rubbishes Harriet Miers, as ludicrously as Steve Schmidt, Cheney along with Gonzalez, were leaning more toward Luttig then Roberts, which makes one wonder, for lack of a nail.

Thomas Collins

Now that you mention it, NK, I never thought about whether Paul really slapped Charlotte, or whether stuntcritters were involved, or whether the 1982 version of photoshop was employed. I just assumed it was Paul and Charlotte.


Liesman, is a thoroughly credentialed idiot, drinking from the same poisoned well as Dylan Rattigan,

Jeff Dobbs

thai pad won't let me respond to cathy's comment about getting a letter from your company about your plan being dropped and it's making me really sad.


TC-- oh it definitely was Paul and Charlotte--ohhhhh Chaaaarlotte-- the only question I have is whether he really slugged her, like Pacino smacking Diane Keaton in GodfatherII.


H&R -- I can post six lines or fewer.

Burma Shave!


One could have used the Hindenburg icon;



Michelle Malkin at NRO on another spectacular Barrycare crash and burn; the electronic medical records mandate.
Read it and weep.


Durbin said in an October 20 Facebook post, “In a ‘negotiation’ meeting with the president, one GOP House Leader told the president: ‘I cannot even stand to look at you.’”

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday flatly denied that a House Republican told President Obama “I cannot even stand to look at you” during negotiations over the government shutdown. "It did not happen," Carney said, saying he discussed the incident with a "participant in the meeting."

Dr. Peter Venkman: Yes it's true. [pause] This man has no dick.


I received my monthly royalty check from Audible.com for my audiobook sales in the month of September this afternoon.

$14.10, for the sale of 4 audiobooks last month.

So you can see that the money is just rolling in!

James D,


I am not too sure on what credentials Liesman has obtained, if any. Otherwise I would go with thorough idiot on most things, including how wonderful the Fed Reserve policy is...


marlene: I am not a bleeding heart but a 14 year old should not be tried as an adult.
I missed being picked for a jury member on a similar case in Cleveland. If chosen I planned to tell the judge that I have a problem with under 17 year olds being charged as adults. I blame the disciplinarian and theparents in this case as well as the kid for not realising what was happening. He must have been in trouble before this. I don't know the detaails therefore will refrain from further comments.
daddy"Mr Obama ,Tear down this website"

Comment of the day!


Safe travels home DoT.


Wow those Dems are talking tough at that link, narciso.

A glitchy healthcare website calls for summary firings.

Two dead US LE guys and hundreds of dead Mexicans calls for...crickets.

Four dead US guys including an ambassador in Libya calls for... a fund raiser and promotions.


Could someone please explain to me why "nations" are in the business adopting or rejecting diet advice?

Posted by: Porchlight

Eat your peas. They are good for you. IIRC there was some moneyball progressivism doing a double blind study on the Taubes approach.


Call me a "syncoper" but I believe that fainting episode could have been staged


Apparently, DoT is Nostradamus:

Sen. Joe Manchin III, D-W.Va., in a preliminary move that could jam his own politically vulnerable colleagues, is working on a bill to delay the individual mandate by a year, his office confirmed Wednesday.

ps/ Who will win the Series?



Everything Obama does is phony.


Soooo, I took this silly quiz, and it says that I belong in the State of North Carolina!

Guess I am not a good fit for California, ha ha.


Liesman has no credentials. Well if you count being on the Obama-Fed team as a cheerleader as a credential then yea. Liesman actually had a clock to count down if Bernanke was going to be kept on as fed chair a few years ago. He and Santelli go at it almost every Thursday when the jobs number comes out. He and Zandi have a bromance in that neither will speak negatively about the Obama economy. They are always fishing for the silver lining.
During President Bush's tenure they were screaming bloody murder when jobs created were 275,000 and higher. Somehow because we weren't hitting 350,000 it was the ultimate fail. Meanwhile ,did anyone notice the huge drop to 89,000 jobs created in July? Originally that number was stated to be much higher. It's lies, lies and more lies. Even if people stop looking there is no way with paltry new jobs numbers that the employment rate goes down.


SUNY and Columbia Journalism, from his C.V,. What can I tell you, this is in their wheelhouse,


but I believe that fainting episode could have been staged

Posted by: peter

I suppose it could have distracted the press corps, but I had hoped the campaign magic would have worn off by now.


thai pad won't let me respond to cathy's comment


Try posting a picture if you are having typepad problems. For some weird reason I often lose comments without pix but any comment that includes a pic posts perfect. Beats me why.


Manchin has voted for the best 2 years like a democratic lemming. If he hopes to win re-election inWest Virginia he has to get out ahead of this )-care fiasco. Jeanne Shaheen is also making noises about the penalty and talking delay. Where were these stalwarts before the shutdown. They had ample opportunity to vote against cloture and force Reid to vote on delay.Their previous votes will be pinned on them. Manchin is offering his fellow in trouble 2014 dems a chance to redeem themselves. Having Obama hoist you on a petard might finally be the reason they jump ship and try to save themselves in the Manchin lifeboat.


best should be last...

jimmyk on iPhone

Anyone else worried that all of the website problems distract from the fact that we'd be worse off if the website ran smoothly? The tech issues are the least of the problems with Obamacare.


Thomas Crown cool quotient-- I forgot about the dune buggy scenes-- definitely added to the quotient.


I wouldn't expose myself, to Klein, except in a ray shielded way;



--Call me a "syncoper" but I believe that fainting episode could have been staged--

My first thought was it was fake. Then I watched that video that was linked and I would be flabbergasted if it wasn't fake. Watch the chick's actions next to her and try to find an innocent explanation; not easy.


now I can't post. go figure.


the one I can't post was brilliant by the way.

fingers crossed.


BBC just did a segment on White House spying on Foreign Leaders and specifically on Carney's latest statement where apparently he refused to say that the White House had in the past spied on Germany's Angela Merkel, by basically pulling a Clinton and in effect saying something like "We are not spying on Angela Merkel now."

Surprisingly BBC says that has not calmed the waters and has actually added fuel to the situation, coming on top of similar recent comments leading to the refusal of the head of some country to refuse to meet with Obama.

When you've lost the BBC...


I agree, Iggy. I watched the video earlier this morning - the gal next to her sure makes it seem like a set up.

Miss Marple

Old Lurker at 3:22 -

Yes. I kid you not that Bonnie and Clyde was the first movie I had ever seen with graphic violence. And given what is shown today, you are rright, it probably would be considered tame.

I was horrified by that movie, and since then the only even half-way violent movie I have seen id "Gladiator," and I hid my eyes through about 1/3 of that.

I cannot watch that stuff. So all of the discussions of movies by Quentin Tarrantino and other masters of that type of stuff is completely over my head, since I don't see them.


Also, the almost fainting pregnant lady is from San Diego. Did she pay her own airfare to appear with Obama in DC?


Missing the point, deliberately:



The tech issues are the least of the problems with Obamacare.

Yes, they're just the most visible right now. I think it will just keep snowballing, problem after problem. The admin can't avoid it and now, neither can the media. Scary times.

Clarice had better get that torch and pitchfork stand up and running.


I am with you Miss Marple. Back in the (youthful) day a couple of us went to see the Exorcist. I got up and walked out to the lobby during several portions of that movie.

I routinely covered my eyes during the years I still had kids at home watching movies. Now, I simply refuse to watch anything that will scare me or disgust me.



Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews 11m

Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel's conviction in 1975 slaying is set aside; retrial ordered - @hartfordcourant http://cour.at/16tVsrU



nah, it's a double feature disaster epic

the long drawn out kaleidoscope of government buffoons adding bandaids and excuses to this boondoggle of a website, followed by an epic sticker shock parade with a cast of 1000's and starring middle class Obama voters screeching in terror at their new premiums and deductibles


I think it will just keep snowballing, problem after problem.

I hadn't seen it before my post, but there's a WSJ op-ed along these lines, I think available through the paywall:


Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

Alien. The original one. Absolutely the scariest movie ever. The background noise of the ship sounds like the aliens breathing and the ship was designed to look like the insides of a bug. totally creeped me out. Can't watch that one to this day. Ridley Scott did too good a job in the ick department.


This comment wouldn't post twice, so now I'll add a picture at the bottom as a test:

More good comments from the Healthcare.gov facebook website:

How many Dems does it take to read a bill?? Further, how many does it take to get a website up in three years??

Marie Lindsey Funny, the US population is about 314 million and only 220,758 people like this website.

And this longer one has a lot of "me too's"

Jack Irving: have been going through the healthcare.gov registration process.. actually just trying to figure out some straight facts and understand rates...

15 tries (with 3 different browsers) to actually get registered
5 tries to, once registration complete, to get to the log in screen
4 tries to get the login screen to accept info
7 tries on an application submittal.. which then led to a phone verification effort

Experian (3rd party) charged with verifying identity. Cannot, and will not verify without giving your SS# over the phone. No supervisors there. None. "we don't need supervision".. I ask how many are there without management of any kind? "I don't know quite a few.." STARTLING

Even the on-line application does not require me to give my SS#. Some random person at a call center is gonna get it?

And still, with all this, I cannot get any information on rates until I complete a 40 page on-line questionnaire. And don't stop or try and go back, edit or change anything. Every single time the system locks up. And, it loses every piece of info you've previously put in. Then start over and it locks up again on current healthcare info..

This is a massive clsuterfuck. I give up


Stephanie-- agree with Alien as scariest movie evah, and I'd go with The Shining as scariest novel. "In space, no one can hear you scream." ....shudder.

Miss Marple

Ignatz at 4:38

My doctor's practice intigrated their records with the adjacent hospital un the EMR standards a year ago.

So when I went in for my yearly check-up I was asked the date of my surgery. So I started talking about the only surgery I have had, which was an ACL-knee realignment and tried to remember the dates.

The nurse said, no, she was talking about my bypass. Which I have NEVER had! Sure enough, there were doctor's notes and everything in my records, only they were someone else's. So after I opened my blouse to show her I had no scar (because she was giving me the "you are a dim bulb old lady" stare), she said she would correct it.

Then she said, "You did have the cardiac cath, though, right?"

NO!! That was in there too! Meanwhile, some other patient who DID have those procedures has them missing!

Make sure you look at your records when you see your doctor! Lord knows what is in some people's files!


If you have even the least bit of interest in healthcare, you need to read the Michelle Malkin link that Ignatz put up at 04:38PM

"Also this summer, Massachusetts reported that 60 percent of doctors could not meet the EMR mandate and will face the potential loss of their licenses in 2015. "


Thanks JimmyK, Dr Allen nails the near term future of ObummerCare medicene. OT-- here's our socialist future if we don't get rid of the Dems-- France, the sick man of europe: http://nationalinterest.org/article/les-mis%C3%A9rables-9274?page=6


it says that I belong in the State of North Carolina!

It says I should be in Washington DC. Really?

Of course it is a very silly test!


Another comment at the Healthcare.gov Facebook website getting mega-dittos:

Ryan Skinner No matter how many times I post this , I never can get a straight honest answer from a liberal democrat. At least not an intelligent answer without fowl language and insults but here it goes. Why do you want a insurance plan that the creators themselves don't want ? And further more , how can you sit there and let them tell you that if you don't have this outrageously priced insurance then they can go as far as having a tax lien put on your home and be ok with it ?


It sez I ought'a be in Georgia.

BBC running that Spying story again. Worth watching it if you have a chance.

The German's say the US bugged Merkel's own phone. Again they run Jay Carney saying "We are not listening to Merkel's phone calls and we will not listen to her phone calls", but the BBC announcers are highlighting that Carney is refusing to say "We did not listen to her phone calls", which the BBC guy says therefore is being taken by the Germans as a tacit admission that the Americans did in fact listen to her phone. The BBC talking heads then discuss how this will really piss off Merkel because she grew up in East Germany where these sort of outrages were normal by the East German Secret Police.

Jack is Back!

New Mexico. I like New Mexico and its governor.

This seems like a perfect fit.

Uncle Joe to attend Mental Health conference in Mass.

Eric in Boise

The only thing about the 404Care fiasco that makes me optimistic is that maybe, just maybe, some of the "persuadables" will finally wake up to the fact that at a certain point, big government can't really do much more FOR you, but can still do plenty of things TO you, and that this point has already long passed. I won't be holding my breath, but I still hold out a bit of hope.

We'll see.


Michelle Malkin at NRO on another spectacular Barrycare crash and burn; the electronic medical records mandate.

My medical group (the regional research hospital) uses these extensively, and I hate it. The intake nurse stares at the screen the whole time, entering this or that information. The Doc spends a bit of time away from the computer, as often he has to do some poking or listening. Otherwise he is staring at the computer screen and entering information.

At least they use a big screen so you can watch what they type. Oh joy!

My Doc hates it too. He doesn't like people always looking over his shoulder, giving judgement on what he is doing or not.

I suggested concierge medicine. No response.


That EMR mandate stuff is pretty scary. My orthopedist appears to be something of a libertarian. He says - as many have here -that the medical records are in place so that they can track everything about you so as to deny care down the road.

Of course their systems suck so bad maybe that won't come to fruition, but I've no doubt it's the goal.


Re: the media beginning to wake up. Anyone else wonder if they're getting cancellation notices from insurers too?


So DrJ our Drs went to the Harvard Medical School to becoem data entry clerks?

Beasts of England

Georgia. Pretty close...


Obama...Spying on World Leaders. Smart Diplomacy.

***by an epic sticker shock parade with a cast of 1000's and starring middle class Obama voters***

can't wait to see the excuses when these healthcare navigators start cashing in the ssns etc of their clients. Will signing up for Ocare come with a free lifetime subscription to Lifelock?


NK, it sure looks like it. Mine didn't go to Harvard, but rather UC San Diego and Stanford. But close enough!


Porch-the idea is to combine info from healthcare and the ed measures that are largely affective and supposedly monitor each citizen's well-being. No kidding.

Not good with such bureaucratic overlord prying. But it is not healthcare for illness that is the point but supposedly ensuring good habits that will allow good health.

"Blowing Up the Functional Parts of the World For the Sake of Theory" could be a subtitle for all this.


So San Fran Nan, says TARP, not Obamacare is responsible for the 2010 wave, however everyone and their brother voted for the former and the Church of Satan, Westboro Baptists, shows their true colors.


I belong in Colorado?

What time of the year?


Malkin's piece doesn't even get into the privacy issues with the EMR mandate. Just the practical problems, along with the increased government control, are bad enough.

I suspect there's a greater risk of catastrophic error too. Brings to mind and old Mad magazine item circa 1970 comparing billing errors pre- and post-computerization. The pre- had a little addition error that made the total off by a few dollars. The computer error added 10 zeros and was off by a factor of billions. Silly, perhaps, but with all the hand entry of data in EMR, maybe not.


Bank of America liable for Countrywide mortgages fraud


Stupid homeowners.


Re: the media beginning to wake up. Anyone else wonder if they're getting cancellation notices from insurers too?

Posted by: Porchlight

That would be a good question to ask. I would more like to see a bunch of them unemployed though.


Believe it or not I'd started my 6:08 before seeing Porch's and rse's posts, but yeah, the privacy issues are a big deal.

Frau Fragezeichen

ObamaCare - The Fix is In!


Anyone else wonder if they're getting cancellation notices from insurers too?

I'm under the impression (illusion?) that people with employer-sponsored insurance won't notice so much of a change. But it is getting to be re-enrollment season, so we'll see if sticker shock hits that group, which is much larger than the group affected by the exchange rollout.


So this report, should have been a tipoff, but they still kept looking for the pony;


Jack is Back!

A professional hacker on Baier just said it would easy for him to access all the private info on 404Care website.

The Russians, Chinese and Nigerians are licking their chops. Cruz is ahead of the curve again:)


jimmyk: I was told by our insurance administrator that our office rates would increase in January 2014.

Don't all insurers have to offer the newly mandated and expanded coverages? I would think that would impact the premiums for everyone, if true.


I think the real issue underlying the 404Care mess is the dearth, the absence of real Democratic leaders who should put the average American first and the politics or POTUS's image last.

This situation shouldn't be happening. Where are the statesmen? Where are the leaders.

First, the Democrats abdicated their duty to their supposed sacred oaths. They marched eagerly into a fantasy world of universal healthcare, passing a law they didn't understand, they didn't write, or even bother to read. They gleefully followed a leader or leaders who didn't make certain of or check on or shepherd through problems as they popped up in this massive bill as it was crafted and instituted, as they would have had to assess and make certain if in the private world the rest of us live in and occupy instead of the surreal world of government, and now they keep silent. Letting ordinary citizens, some of whom are nervous or afraid or sick, deal with waiting online, trying in vain to deal with government instability and inability to craft a proper method of enrolling in or obtaining this monstrous socialized mess.

Where are the Democrats?

Shame on them. They are not leaders. They have no integrity.

The Democrats who are silent should all be hounded out of office.


No good deed, TK, why isn't Countrywide responsible, I know it's the deep pocket issue from a Civil Action, which surprisingly was not
as Schachtman (sic)



David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog 35m

Don't be so hard on the president. Lots of people fail at their first job.


Don't all insurers have to offer the newly mandated and expanded coverages?

I think so, but I suspect the direct impact of that on group plans (which probably covered a lot of that stuff already) is modest. The indirect effect of all the Obama-induced chaos is hard to predict.


Get home. Go to post the piece of news everyone at work and on the train is talking about. Find out that 'Dave in MA' has already posted it.
A few more items about the crime that isn't in the posted article. The 14 year old is 6 feet tall. The police have video of the teacher going into the rest room and 5 minutes later the killer going in. Later he carts her body out in a wheeled trash can.
For there to be a trial of him as an adult I suspect there must also be some information that is not public knowledge.


That last post of mine is sort of incoherent--guess it was stream of consciousness. But, honestly, wouldn't you think that Democrats, men and women with real integrity, would demand that this program be scrapped.?

They've messed up our healthcare. People have already lost their safety, their comprehensive lifeline, insurance they took out to take care of them, and the Democrats remain silent.

Bah, humbug.

Jack is Back!

Does anyone think that Boehner and the House will go along with 1) more money for fixing 404Care website, and/or 2) agreeing to delay by 1 year or less the Individual mandate?

After all. They gave the Senate a CR with the 1 year delay and got snuffed.

And how does that play with the voters who probably are frustrated with the website and application/enrollment process and want the delay?

Tough call.


DGS: That is just horrible. Have they released the cause of death info yet? As someone up thread said earlier: If Obama had a son . . .

Jack is Back!

Oh, wait, I forgot, we have an imperial presidency and he can just issue an edict and delay the mandate all by his lonesome self.

My bad.

Congress is really immaterial except when it comes to using them as gym equipment.


For there to be a trial of him as an adult I suspect there must also be some information that is not public knowledge.

I thought for cold-blooded murder, minors getting tried as adults is pretty much the norm, though maybe 14 is young enough that there's no "norm."


Joan, there was nothing incoherent about your post and your points are very well taken. The Democrats in Washington ought to be ashamed of themselves, but unfortunately their shame glands fail and become inoperative the moment they get elected. (Same holds true fora lot of Republicans.)

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

"Congress is really immaterial except when it comes to using them as gym equipment."

Now now. Bwaney retired.

Miss Marple

Whoever up thread said they would delay the penalty, not the mandate, is right.

Joe Manchin will announce a bill delaying the penalty on O'Reilly.

So, if the mandate still holds, but the penalty is delayed, if people don't sign up will they be penalized in 2015 for 1 year or two?



BREAKING: White House hopes to delay deadline requiring every American to buy health insurance by up to 6 weeks. (via @NBCNews)


Plans that are grandfathered do not have to meet all ACA requirements*... Most self-insured plans fall in this group. However, such plans cannot change things like co-pays or employee contributions very much without losing that status. Costs are somewhat controllable.

*coverage for children up to 26 is required, Sandra Fluke's free contraception is not.


We had an incident up near here, where a student shot a teacher, basically tracked him down, and fired quite nearly point blank,


MissM-- that was JimmyK who correctly prophesized that. Manchin is flailing to keep his Senate Job.... good luck with that pal. Obummer will do this by EO, and Manchin will drop out of the race and take an OFA handout-- for life, and Vote Obummer through 2014.

James D.


BREAKING: White House hopes to delay deadline requiring every American to buy health insurance by up to 6 weeks. (via @NBCNews)

If Boehner and McConnell, and every single R politician don't respond to this with "it's the law of the land," there's no hope for them at all.

Janet - Don't run with sissors

Exactly right, Joan. Strata-sphere link - http://strata-sphere.com/blog/index.php/archives/20100

Where were all these questions before the bill passed? These fools voted for it!!!


I thought the notion that the faint was staged was a bit nuts, but after watching the video twice, I think it may have been.

Some Guy

Joe Manchin will announce a bill delaying the penalty

Apparently, none of these idiots understand basic economics let alone actuarial risks.

Delaying the penalty is one of the worst things they could do. It will only hasten the death spiral.


Are there any limits on what Barry can do without Congress? The Senate rejected a delay proposed by the Republican House. Surely he can't now just delay by fiat.

If the Dems now propose passing a delay, I think the Rs have to go along with it, but with a loud chorus of "I told you so."

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