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October 27, 2013



First - to wish everyone a wonderful Sunday!


LOL, Clarice. Today's pieces is hilarious!


Clarice - Thanks for today's "Pieces" . . .

Great satire, and very timely, too!

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Clarice, I agree with one of the commenters over at AT who said: "we need fewer Brents and more Clarices"!

And yeah, it is tough in Boston today.

Army of Davids

Barry's RCP avg in at 44.9% job approval this AM

Give ObamaCare insurance cancellation notices a few weeks to kick in. 44.9% will soon be the new high water mark.

Now time to read Clarice's work

Janet - Don't run with sissors

I want to give a shout out to our wonderful James D.. He and some of his fellow authors have donated books to send over to our soldiers. I've been getting pkgs all week.

My little staging area is stacked full of books for the Christmas mailings.
Anyway...thanks to James & all the generous authors.


Great Pieces today, Clarice!

Jim Eagle

Much watch video from SNL last night.

1st they lost John Stewart, now SNL.

Jim Eagle

Must watch NOT much watch. Grrrrrrrrr!

Jim Eagle

Sorry about that - wrong Link.

Correct link to SNL video

I'm on a roll today:)

Janet - Don't run with sissors

Here's a pic for Captain Hate -


"Meghan McCain says her Arizona senator dad is “depressed” and “frustrated” with the tea party faction of the Republican Party, which she called “the hyper-conservative wing.”"

Good Lord....


Middlebrooks' kicking his feet in the air to impede the runner at third was the equivalent of ARod's slapping at the first baseman's mitt to avoid the force at first. What was Saltalamacchia thinking, throwing to third?


This is the way my fishwrap covers this debacle;


still blaming the contractors, but not explaining why, in other places it takes issue with Rubio's rather straightforward description of the situation,


Great pieces, Clarice, as daddy points out they hide the most basic details, on the website,
they have taken Pravda as their model.

About 'Miley McCain' the less I know the better.


Is that Meghan in that picture @9:13, and what the heck is she wearing? She'd look better in a burka.

Cecil Turner

Well, I for one am distressed that such a prominent member of our ruling class is disappointed in us. Maybe we should consider what we could do to make him . . . no longer a member.

The sense of entitlement is palpable: he correctly concludes that the Tea Party is a bigger threat to his continued tenure as a bloated leech than any possible challenge from the other brand of ruling elite, and whines about it. If this is what the GOP has to offer, electing more of them is clearly not the answer.


That other piece is by "Pravdafact' which labeled the Huntress's statements about death panels, to be the lie of 2009.


You have to go abroad, (h/t college insurrection)


More and more, the Hunger Games, seems to be prophetic, 'who will volunteer for tribute; so have they cast as the ruthless rebel leader, for the last part of the series, Julianne Moore.


Thanks. McCain and his daughter should consider a long, long world tour.

Thomas Collins

When teams are evenly matched, close calls like this that decide games will will happen. Unfortunately for me and the rest of Red Sox Nation, this is not like the 2004 and 2007 Series, where the Sox were dominant.

Peter, I wouldn't put Middlebrooks in the A-Rod category. It was clearer in A-Rod's case that the action was intentional. But that doesn't matter for obstruction. The ump got the call correct: Middlebrooks' leg lifting couldn't reasonably be classified as part of the fielding, and obstruction was the right call.

Beasts of England

Very funny Pieces, Clarice! Brava!

Thomas Collins

As for the Broonz, Goon Scott's hit on Eriksson earlier in the week is far more damaging than losing a regular season game at the end (in the NBA and NFL, for strong teams like the Broonz, a regular season loss is not that damaging, given the ease with which a strong team can make the playoffs).

If the NHL were serious about ending the behavior of goons like Scott, the NHL would impose a two season long ban on hits like that. And my opinion of goons like Scott is that if they think they are so tough, they should take up cage fighting.


Tom Collins, I am actually rooting for the Sox this year because a friend's father is in extremis, and the Bosox are all he has to live for. And, I agree no need for mens rea on the obstruction call, but Middlebrooks' sudden urge to do leg curls and work his hamstrings seems a little odd. It's a great series, though.

Thomas Collins

Whoops! I meant NHL, not NFL. The NFL's playoff system still provides some difficulty for strong teams.

Peter, I can't bring myself to turn on talk radio this morning. Although I am willing to give Middlebrooks the benefit of the doubt, I don't want to hear any callers talk about the inhumanity of the ump's call, and I know there are folks out there who will say that.


OMG, what on earth is Megan wearing?

Danube on iPad

Started the day with coffee and Pieces. Lots of fun.

Actually, middlebrooks' lifted leg had no effect. Watch closely and you'll see that the runner tripped over his hip. Correct call under the rules, though.

That's two consecutive games lost on wild throws to third, neither of which should have been made in the first place.

mad jack

Joe Torry and the umps said it didn't matter that Middlebrooks raised his legs. The fact that he was there at all was why they called interference. It also didn't seem to matter if Craig could have scored without interference. Automatic run. If they called it correctly it is by definition a terrible rule.

Great job Clarice!!

That picture of MM made my stomach more upset than the Sox game did!

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Ugh I didn't need to see Mega's fat hams as she dresses like a tramp. Excellent parenting imo.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Mega looks like the person who shows up at every wedding dressed like a hooker in heat.


Well they put her on pivot, which is right near Abydos, on the other edge of the galaxy.


Is that the McCain family or a trailer for Kung Fu Panda 2?


Going from the other thread, Ignatz, the only parallels is the Citizens that ran the Committee on Public Safety, referred in 'the Great Upheaval' the Cheka leadership, folks of that nature,http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/10/rep-joe-wilson-vindicated-obama-repeatedly-lied-to-the-american-public-on-obamacare-video/


Ah, yes. That nice Mr. Middlebrooks what simply trying to get out of the way by throwing his cleats up in the path of the runner. Twice. We all do that to stand up.

Those who prefer to have no rules at the end of a game will call for the umpires to "let them play."

In fact, it was an unremarkable call at a remarkable point in the game.


Sen Manchin may be removed from the WH Christmas card list if he keeps this up.



No, he's fitted us, with the serf's collar, pagar, not once but twice.

jimmyk on iPhone

"Automatic run. If they called it correctly it is by definition a terrible rule."

I thought it was supposed to be a judgment as to where he would have been able to go. But either way a fair call. Even with the trip and fall it was a close enough play that he would have been safe had he not been tripped.

Cecil Turner

I thought it was supposed to be a judgment as to where he would have been able to go.

It is, but:

The obstructed runner shall be awarded at least one base beyond the base he had last legally touched before the obstruction.
So in this case, it was an automatic run. That said, it appeared to me:
  1. he was obstructed;
  2. it was intentional;
  3. the runner would've reached home safely if not obstructed.
Points two and three are moot, and it seems to me they have to be if you want the rule to have any teeth (i.e., unless we want obstruction to be SOP). In any event, lamenting a possible hypothetical injustice due to the rule seems unwarranted: it fairly clearly was justified (and necessary) in this instance.


I'm not sure it was intentional, but as you say, it's moot. The Sox might have argued that Middlebrooks didn't obstruct him because Craig actually went well inside the baseline to go over him, instead of taking the shortest route home, which was unobstructed. I don't know what the rules say about that, but given the obstruction rule that daddy quoted previously, that might have been their strongest argument. But my guess is that the runner is entitled to 2-3 feet either side of the line.


Under the rules, the runner defines his own baseline. That being said, Middlebrooks' feet were only about a foot off the chalk. The runner has no obligation to avoid an obstructing fielder.

Watch the replay. You will see Middlebrooks glance at the runner, then lift his cleats.

But, the rule is designed to avoid contention over the intent of the fielder.

The fault lies in the throw and Middlebrooks' failure to leave the bag to block the ball. It is difficult to imagine an unimpeded runner would not score from third on such an overthrow.

mad jack

So it really isn't a judgment call.

I cannot be objective on this one as I freely admit,as a Sox fan, but it just seems crazy that it doesn't seem to matter when making the call whether the runner had a chance to score absent any interference. That's what the blind guys in blue told the world last night at the press conference.

What #stage is denial? How many more do I have to go:-)


The runner has no obligation to avoid an obstructing fielder.

True, but the Sox argument would be that he went out of his way to get tripped, NBA-flop style. I agree it's not a strong argument, but it's the best they have.

Incidentally, one of the officials discussing the play afterwards got the rule wrong, saying that the ruling depended on the judgment that he would have scored.

And the ump who called interference was the same one who blew the call on Galarraga's perfect game.


Also, one of the videos at mlb.com focuses on Pedroia, who could have pulled a facial muscle with all the changes in mood.

1. Fist pump when the first runner is out.
2. Agony when he sees the wild throw to 3rd.
3. Fist pump when he sees the runner tagged out at home.
4. Agony when he sees the interference call.

All within about 5 seconds. Starting at about 4:45:


Jim Eagle

The only other team sport I know off where you can score a run or point by penalty is Rugby Union. The referee can call a "penalty try" if after repeated warnings the defenders (backs to goal) keep bringing the scrum down at the goal line.

Also, in tennis there are instances where points can be awarded depending on the infraction such as touching the ball on serve with body or racket before it touches the surface.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

IIRC it was daddy who described the consistency of Ms. McCain's thighs. Her pareo needs work, too.

Eat your heart out, Meggie.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Hahahahaha! Humility was the theme of the church service that Pres. Im-Good-at-This attended today.

Cecil Turner

Y'know, I think I got that rule wrong. (Actually the rule is right, I just don't think it applies.) After Middlebrooks misses the throw, he's no longer "in the act of fielding" and hence not entitled to get in the way. But similarly, he's no longer "making a play" on the obstructed runner, so rule 7.06(b) is pertinent:

(b) If no play is being made on the obstructed runner, the play shall proceed until no further action is possible. The umpire shall then call “Time” and impose such penalties, if any, as in his judgment will nullify the act of obstruction.
Note the "at least one base" bit is part of 7.06(a), which only applies if a play is being made on the obstructed runner. So it is a judgment call, based on the belief that he would've been safe at home [I now say, sheepishly, and a lot less confidently].

I blame CBS for steering me wrong. (And myself for believing 'em.)

Danube on iPad

"The only other team sport I know off where you can score a run or point by penalty is Rugby Union."

In American football, if team A commits an infraction in its own end zone, team B is awarded two points.

Middlebrooks's feet show his intention, but were irrelevant both to the call and to the fact that Craig stumbled.

I am alays dismayed when I turn on a game and discover that Dick Stockton is at the mic.


After reading that CBS link I'm more confused than ever. I'm not clear on the definition of "no play is being made on the obstructed runner." Nava's chasing down the ball and throwing home is certainly making a play on the obstructed runner, who was obstructed on his way home from 3rd. The passive voice is ambiguous, as usual.

mad jack

Joyce made the call immediately w/o looking at the other ongoing action so how does he know at that time that the runner would have scored?Automatic base but that is not what the rule actually says.


At least I can tell who the Sox fans are.

Cecil Turner

Looks to me like Joyce did it exactly right. He called obstruction immediately, but did not stop play (as he should have, if it were a play being made on Craig IAW Rule 7.06(a)), and then, after the play was over, he and DeMuth called Craig safe at home. (IAW 7.06(b), presumably judging he would've made it if not obstructed, a judgment with which I concur.)

BTW, denial is #1, you've got 4 more to go :^(


My brother posted this on Facebook today. Very prescient.

Reagan: 50 Year Old Commercial

Only 1 minute long.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Supposedly the 60 Minutes piece on Benghazi tonite is supposed to be a blockbuster.


You get whatever bases the umpire determins the runner would have made without the obstruction.

Marko is so right on this. Whenever I call it, it is just so obvious to me. Coaches (I do high school, we don't call em managers) go absolutely crazy, typically screaming about interference.


Ya gotta have the ball. If you don't have the ball, you got a problem.

That's what obstruction is all about.


In a better world Obama and Hillary would be shunned.http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/10/60-minutes-confirms-benghazi-is-a-real-scandal-and-youve-been-lied-to/


They are silly and need to stop moaning.

Thomas Collins

I must be hallucinating. I woke up with the notion that the last two World Series games have ended on an obstruction and a pickoff. Must be something extra in the pumpkin spice coffee.

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