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November 09, 2013



Team O surrendered faster than the French? What bearded Spock universe are we stuck in?


Middle eastern mushroom clouds do not winning news cycles make.


Compare and Contrast: Leno Interviewing Obama and Cruz

Some on Twitter compared Leno to a prosecuting attorney as he interrupted Cruz and accused him of everything from shutting down the government to wanting violent psychopaths to have guns.

Cruz, for his part, used the appearance to his advantage, clearly understanding both the venue and the audience. Although Cruz is certainly more than capable of holding his own in a debate with Leno, he chose mostly to keep his powder dry, defying the media-generated image of him as a hostile aggressor. He was relaxed and laid back, despite the tough questioning. It seemed to go over well with the audience, which erupted into cheers after several of Cruz’s points.


Team Flatline?

Thomas Collins


It's highly unlikely that any deal will materially impede Iran's breakout options (see above for a link to a summary of those options). With a "peace in our time" type deal neutralizing the US, a war between Israel and Iran becomes likely. Another Obama facilitated mess.

Danube on iPad

Particularly when Cruz called Obamacare the biggest job-killer in the country.

Has any MSM outlet done a comprehensive review of the utter disaster that has been the Obama foreign policy?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Can anybody identify a single foreign policy success of Rodham or Lurch?



Not that I can think of. Most were polishing up a 2nd Nobel for his brilliance dealing with Syria.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

I think the Leno interview was helpful to Cruz. Of course I'm sure the Obama one was helpful too.

If the country wants coolness Obama wins. If the country wants to survive, Cruz wins.

Perhaps Obama can "grab the headlines" by starting a war.


I think Leno tossed up hittable balls.

Rather, I think Leno tossed up balls that needed to be hit.

Yay for both Leno and Cruz.


yet another success;


The French are sometimes derided, but even back in the 80s, they retaliated against Hezbollah when we didn't have the will,

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

I have always believed that before it's all over I'm going to have a chance to sit down with Leno and ask him whatever I want. It will be very interesting to ask him what his impression of Cruz was before and after the interview. After we've had a few drinks I'll ask him the same thing about Obama.


I know it's a blue on blue fight, but like they said with the Edwin Edwards race, it's important



Just catching up to 2 threads back: Have done a number of light rail - pre-metro including bidding those in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

I was vaguely remembering that for your Athens Subway project you mentioned you ran into some problems with uncovering archeological sites. In the Jerusalem project, did you get far enough along in construction to bump into any archeological discoveries that were of interest?


Can you imagine how crestfallen Obama and popinjay Kerry are tonight, YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such jerks even the French are looking like statesmen..and remember we got into that nonsense in Libya, going after Gaddafi at their urging. There was nothing for us to have gained in doing so.q

Miss Marple


This is one of these times when I am convinced they are complete mental midgets.

It's of course very dangerous to have these people in charge, and not only that, it is embarrassing!


Clarice and Miss M,

Radio News at the top of the Hour on my drive home (one of the alphabets) ran Kerry speaking about how much progress was being made in the talks with the Iranian's, and especially how that progress was in clarifying positions that Kerry obviously thought had not previously been so clear, and that this was great because now they could move ahead and look forward to real progress being made. Then the Network News girl finished the segment by saying "even the Iranian negotiator said that he thought the talks were really going well", as if that was somehow some great accomplishment and we American's should be pleased with the swell job Kerry and Obama are doing over there in getting us Peace in our Time.

Miss Marple


This will not end well. I am getting flashbacks to Carter's ham-handed actions thee back in the 70's.

You know, I am certain that if Iran attacks Israel I will probably have to read about it in the British papers. Our news will still be extolling Obama's "smart diplomacy" or giving us the latest on the Kardashians.

Eric Ivers

They're just not that smart.


This abandonment of Israel makes me ill.


This is not merely stupid, as the Iranian bomb will force the Kingdom, (as the BBC report indicated) Egypt, Algeria, et al, to follow suit, how long before AQ ends up with one or more of these weapons,


My all means lets trust them,


of course, recall Time's correspondent on such matters, who was horribly wrong, the way most of them are now, ended up as a Clinton adviser, who was fooled by a KGB deception operation.


Hi, Danube @ 7:10 pm - Has any MSM outlet done a comprehensive review of the utter disasters that have been Obama's foreign and domestic policies policy?

Policies? What policies? His royal highness wings it, whimsically and arbitrarily making it up as he goes along between golf games. He imagines himself to be royalty, a Pharoah. Seriously. He's quite mad, you know? And retarded. But no more so than the crazies who elected him, fools and morons who see him (and little grey spacemen) in the same way Jesus's disciples saw Him.

Who would be surprised to learn that they have been procrastinating, waiting to write Obamacare until the lazy, complacent and lethargic dolts whimsically demand to see some proof, any proof that it ever existed in writing,

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