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November 08, 2013



But he's going to work harder to do everything we can to deal with the five per cent who find themselves in a tough position because of this.


the five per cent who find themselves in a tough position

That will be well over 50% a year from now.


five per cent, as impossible to verify as jobs created or saved....

Captain Hate on the iPhone

If that was GWB apologizing, you'd see how a real opposition party reacts.


Since Obama has apologized, does that mean that everyone who questioned 404care and were called terrorists for doing so are also owed an apology? And if the President apologizes, does that mean that every Democrat who stood solid with Obama in every vote involving 404care, and every media pencil pusher and talking head who pitched 404care also owes everyone else an apology?

Or was Obama's apology just more empty words? Which is more fodder the MFM won't report...


If Obama were really sorry he'd stop the damage he is causing.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

His apology is as insincere as everything else he's done in office.


John Hinderaker: Obama’s Lying Apology


The presindent is a shameless liar. He lied to get control of the health care system in order to steal people's health insurance. And now he's lying about his lying.





This is how you say you are sorry:


Some Guy

I'm sorry he's such a sorry excuse...

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB Statue of Liberty FTW

Anyone want to revisit the arguments about "preference cascades?"

The funny thing about the herd mentality is that once the horses start running everyone wants to be the lead horse. To wit, that San Francisco couple who famously said "ours is the worst horror story." It's fish tales all the way down.

Doesn't matter which side of the aisle those folks fall on, the pressure to have the bigger fish will continue this preference cascade and no matter whether that particular couple jumps off the dem train, enough others will likely do so. Chug chug chug chug. Whooo whooo.


Cue Brenda Lee....


I read that Pro Publica story about the SF couple, Stephanie. Good to see it in a lefty rag but of course, their story isn't the worst. Edie Sundby and others who are ACTUALLY SICK and losing their insurance have far worse stories.


I'm sorry to be be venting on your birthday, Captain, although having seen the rest of the thread, I didn't vent enough.

Obama is wiping out tens of millions, the McClatchy expert cited 40 million policies, closer to 90, and they are almost cheering him.

Meanwhile McConnell, no surprise has learned nothing from the last two months, which means he will fall for the Searchlight Strangler in the next three. Carlos Slim's scribe Landler,
goes all Candide on Lurch's excellent adventure,


Doesn't matter which side of the aisle those folks fall on, the pressure to have the bigger fish will continue this preference cascade

Interesting insight about preference cascades. I hope you're right. I worry that the lefties like the Pro Publica guy will feel like they each have to write about just one such "bad" story and then they can go back and write ten more "good" stories about the people Obamacare has helped.


IIRC the 90 million still doesn't include the people who will lose their jobs and thus lose their insurance, or be cut down to part time and lose their insurance, as a result of the employer mandate.

There is simply no way they'll allow the employer mandate to kick back in before November 2014. They'll delay it again. AND they'll get Repubs to vote on that delay.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB Statue of Liberty FTW

BTW the preference cascade that has started is the negative one and any positive narrative will be drowned out as the narrative has been set. The "first impression" is what lasts. Sometimes the dem cheerleaders in the press get swamped by events and ain't nothing they can do even long term to overcome the narrative that has permeated people's consciousness. Why did that San Fran couple even use the phrase "ours is the worst HORROR STORY"? Cause THAT is the narrative everyone is operating inside.

The dems are toast.


This is what I felt like when I was halfway through troubleshooting my laptop, when they recommended I ship it back,


turns out I just had to restore it,


Well that couple was picked by Propublica, for a reason, but 'you can't alwaya get what you want,' hell we can't get anything are told to like it,


Just had lunch with JimmyK and our friend in Chi Town. Fab for me, I hope I didn't bore them too much.


Maybe this is just being too belligerent;


That means that, as the HealthCare.gov team ticks items off its “punch list,” its also adding new ones that need to be addressed.

… I once worked on a medical device project, a blood analyzer. When we started keeping track of the bugs (categorized from 0 to 5), we had about 30 bugs.

Before long, it had exploded to over 300. To get management off our backs, we cleared up about 130 of the 0 (cosmetic) and 1 (easy) level bugs. It at least made it look like we weren’t being swallowed.

I project that this is where healthcare.gov is about now. The bad news is that there are 170+ level 1 (easy) to level 5 (user fatal) bugs still out there to fix. Sure enough, today …

In a conference call with reporters, Zeints said progress this week has been marred by roadblocks. He described HealthCare.gov as being “a long way from where it needs to be.”
I figure at least mid-February till it runs 50% of the time.


The non-apology/apology. I just get spittin' mad thinking about what the Legacy Media would do if GWB pulled a faux interview stunt like this on the 700 Club. It would be bedlam-- they spent months attacking GWB on the SOTU 'Yellowcake', and that was TRUE. I understand they are all teamates but the Media drones just degrade themselves beyond the pale. Nice numbers at Pew-- Pew!. I think Rick B will win on the numbers here, Obummer approval is definitely going down below --well below-- 40% when the group plans are cancelled starting October 2013.


then they can go back and write ten more "good" stories about the people Obamacare has helped

That's going to be a real struggle of reporter laziness vs reporter laziness; on the one hand, who wants to search America for people who have been helped by this catastrophe; on the other hand, once you've found all of them, you just print out three copies of each story and you're almost at your 10 target.


Just so, CH. Can you IMAGINE the outrage from the proggies if a repub prez was "apologizing" like this? I fucking loathe the press. Ban me for my salty language if you must. I don't care.


I thought Graham was the proper totem, for Ignatz's new mascot, but I think only McConnell, hollow noggin will work, as a talisman,

the journolist, bgates, like the horn in 'Harrison Bergeron' makes thinking superfluous, speaking of Tina Brown,

hit and run

For those scoring at home, my Obama/Goldman Sachs logo remains the most linked item ever by Instapundit. OK, I'm not keeping score on everything he's linked, I'm sure it's not.

Still, he's used it and/or linked my post on it two dozen times.

On Tuesday, he had a post on Hillary and Goldman. In it he said he might have to rework that old logo. My ears perked up, but I've been so busy at work and on other things, I haven't had time to even think about it.

Then he put up another Hillary/Goldman post this morning.

Well that did it.

Drop everything!


Apparently per Taranto, even the Journolist all stars, even Sarah 'local story' Kliff are still miffed;

But other journalists were more skeptical. A Washington Post Wonkblog post from Ezra Klein protegée Sarah Kliff was headlined "VIDEO: Watch Obama (Kinda, Sorta) Apologize to Americans' [sic] Losing Their Health Plans." The Associated Press's Julie Pace reported that Obama "says he's sorry Americans are losing health insurance plans he repeatedly said they could keep under his signature health care law" but noted that "the president stopped short of apologizing for making those promises in the first place." A headline on a blog post by Lynn Sweet, bureau chief of the Chicago Sun-Times, is rather scathing: "Obama Tries to Empathize Over Health Insurance Cancellations, but Is That the Best He's Got?"


Am I skeptical about this retraction, in part sourced to an agency that took three weeks to get to Benghazi, yes I am;


Stephanie on kindle armchair QB Statue of Liberty FTW

PP can attempt to write about all the feel good stories they want, but once the cascade narrative is set, those stories don't make a serious dent in people's gut reaction to the reinforcing mechanisms of all the horror story conditioning they have now been programmed to expect -- even almost to the point of feeling like a loser because their personal fish doesnt compete with the winner of the worst horror story on record. And alot of them will co-opt their perceived winner and repeat the tale to win the contest EHEN they are talking to others.


Calling MarkO...

Video: I have “serious doubts” that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, says … the U.S. secretary of state


Is anyone else getting video ads popping in from the right side of the screen, near the bottom? They don't scroll with the page, and cover the content on this page.


Oh, and they pop up each time I refresh the page.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB Statue of Liberty FTW


Try hang gliding

You'd think that as a married man President Obama would know all about non-apology/apologies. At least I learned about them pretty quickly from my wife.


Well the Latell book, which followed up Russo's final tome, and even the Shenon book, suggest there is something to it, but not from the dezinformatiya angle, the last brings up Elena Garros story, of Oswald partying with Cuban consul officials in Mexico City, that another whistleblower, the late Charles Thomas tried to bring to light, what that has to do with the price of cous cous, is an open question,


The first thing I asked on Twitter yesterday when all the newsies (Ron Fournier, in particular) were commenting, mostly negatively, about Obama's half assed apology, was "when we will we receive apologies from the media/obamacare supporters who aided and abetted this horrible law?" (or something to that effect, not an exact quote)


Nope, cathyf - I use narcisolator and adblock.

No ads, no avatars, no nothin' clogging up the thread.


castro or mob agents facilitating LH Oswald's sniping is at least plausible. But my question is, why has no one come forward in 50 years to confess or at least take credit? The absence of thatpublic claim makes the chances of a wider group of assistants nil IMO.


I have no avatars, and a NY Time advert with this new software. What does that mean?

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB Statue of Liberty FTW

You'd think one of these sooper smart right leaning pundits on tv would draw the 5% is no big deal mantra to the super AWESOME law that passed yesterday to protect the 5% of the population from discrimination cause they are gay. If 5% is important enough for gays it's important enough for the previously insured.

Sauce meet gander.


That's not the hill to fight on, Steph, it's way yonder, across the valley,


Bobby had doubts.

Take Ruby, the famous patriot who killed Oswald out of concern for the President's widow.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said his father was concerned enough about the accuracy of the Warren Report that he had Justice Department investigators look into allegations the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, had received aid from the Mafia, the CIA or other organizations.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did not say whether his father ever concluded that such groups were involved, but he said, “My father thought that somebody was involved.”

From the House investigation.
In 1976, in response to a freedom of information suit, the CIA declassified a State Department cablegram received from London on November 28, 1963. It read:
On 26 November 1963, a British Journalist named John Wilson, and also known as Wilson-Hudson, gave information to the American Embassy in London which indicated that an "American gangster-type named Ruby" visited Cuba around 1959. Wilson himself was working in Cuba at that time and was jailed by Castro before he was deported.
In prison in Cuba, Wilson says he met an American gangster/gambler named Santos who could not return to the U.S.A. Instead he preferred to live in relative luxury in a Cuban prison. While Santos was in prison, Wilson says, Santos was visited frequently by an American gangster type named Ruby. . . .

LEWIS J. McWillie.--Between June and August 1963, Ruby placed seven long distance calls to McWillie, one of his closest friends. He spoke at length of this friendship during his Warren Commission testimony, stating at one point that he idolized McWillie.(840) In 1959, Ruby had visited him in Havana, Cuba,(841) where McWillie was working in a syndicate-controlled casino. FBI records established that McWillie at least knew Santos Trafficante, (842) the powerful Florida Mafia leader who played a role in the assassination conspiracies against Fidel Castro.(843) McWillie denied anything more than passing acquaintance with him. (844).


I'm sorry that he unilaterally lifted the sanctions on Iran months ago. Do we get a do-over?

How many unilateral actions has the dictator-in-chief taken that we do not know about? Is there anyone - anyone at all - in Congress who gives a rip about this country and the irreparable damage that this administration is doing?


Ace brings this up today:

One thing Gabe keeps noting on the podcast is the only thing that keeps Obama -- or Democrats -- afloat is the "Cares about people like me" question ("shares my values," etc. -- it's put a lot of different ways, but the question gets at the idea of simply considering a politician or party as part of one's own tribe). This question isn't noted by Pew. I'd be curious to see the numbers on that one -- again, as Gabe keeps pointing out, Republicans frequently beat the Democrats on most issue areas, but then lose on that one question, and then lose the election.

So, what does everyone think Obama's "cares about people like me" number is gonna be with a few more weeks of the 'it's only 5%' and 'I really liked my policy' mantras that are permeating the marketplace of ideas? ISTM that most people, with the negative preference cascade that is ongoing aren't going to feel he's very empathetic to their issues.

Especially with this new 'horror story' to add to the equation:

A new Gallup poll brings more terrible news for President Obama and his signature health plan, showing that only 22% of uninsured Americans intend to buy insurance through the ObamaCare exchanges.

So we had to destroy your health care system for folks that don't give a shit about our caring for them???? Yeah, that's gonna sell well.


italics off




Very few, Barbara, and of those, they are 'deemed' too intense.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Love it Hit!

With the above numbers I can't believe his overall approval rating is accurate. I want him in the 20's by Christmas. Of course I also want my favorite stock to go to 100 so we shall see.

Lots of people are still not paying attention. We need to change that.


This would be a confession:


With regard to Marcello's confession to Laningham regarding the Kennedy assassination, in reviewing Legacy of Secrecy for the Herald Sun James Campbell wrote the following:

The strongest evidence the authors produce is Marcello's confession to an FBI informant in the 1980s. "The FBI had managed to get an informant inside Marcello's cell and Marcello trusted this guy," Waldron said. According to a 1985 memo quoted in the book, the informant told the FBI: "On December 15, 1985, he (the informant) was in the company of Carlos Marcello and another inmate at the Federal Correctional Institute, Texarkana, Texas, engaged in conversation. Carlos Marcello discussed his intense dislike of former President John Kennedy as he often did. Unlike other such tirades against Kennedy, however, on this occasion Carlos Marcello said, referring to President Kennedy, 'Yeah, I had the son of bitch killed. I'm glad I did it. I'm sorry I couldn't have done it myself.'"


Democrats held the Boland Amendment sacrosanct and demanded indictments for POTUS operatives violating same (in a cae wher the POTUS was attempting to undermine an enemy of the USA) -- the POTUS unilaterally and deliberately refusing to comply with sanctions on the Mullahs? (in a case where the POTUS was giving aid and comfort to the most dangerous enemy of the USA)-- meh, no biggie.


Another confession:

Anti-Castro exile Jose Aleman told HSCA investigators that in late 1962, Trafficante had told him that Kennedy would not be re-elected, because "he is going to be hit." Aleman believed that from the context of the conversation, Trafficante meant that the "hit" would come from Jimmy Hoffa.

In the early 1990s', Frank Ragano told journalists a story, repeated in his book Mob Lawyer, that Ragano had taken a message from Hoffa to Trafficante and Carlos Marcello to carry out the murder of the President. Ragano wrote that in 1987 a seriously-ill Trafficante told him that he and Marcello had carried out the other, but that he had misgivings - "I think Carlos f**ked up in getting rid of Giovanni (John) -- maybe it should have been Bobby."


A conspiracy so vast.


good analogy.
I think the House of Representatives should tell Obama-When you make it right for the 5% of the people who lost their health insurance because of you and your co-horts then maybe we will deign to look at your Enda bill.


Neil Cavuto on his show just put up the results of a new Gallup poll answering this question:

Have you gone on a Government Health Insurance website since the exchanges opened on October 1?


And here I thought that HealthCare.gov crashed because so many people were jumping on the website.


Wise guys -- they certainly do keep their mouthes shut, look at John Gotti and Gambino omerta... wait.


'It's so popular, no one goes there anymore' daddy,

I knew someone who was a relative of someone on the periphery of this conspiracy miasma, I didn't know it then, he was kind of a punk, a Chris Christie type for lack of a better term,


I picked it because the percentage discussed is a hot button topic that can actually be countered with a hotter button topic... why do you care about 15 million gays but not about the 15 million newly uninsured that you created?

Let's face it, most people don't give a crap about gay rights because it doesn't hit them in the pocketbook. They pay lip service to it. It makes them feel good, but the healthcare debacle hits them where everyone is vulnerable - their health - and will evoke the sympathy required for detonation of the 'why don't you want to protect these uninsured people' mantra without having it hurt republicans. After all that 15 million folks includes alot of kids getting tossed off the plans along with their parents. Including sick ones.

ISTM both animals are equal and the dems should be made to choose, which animal is more equal in their world. I don't think most people will identify with their choice.


In other conspiracy news(h/t ORYR)


I challenge anyone to read the public affidavit and not come away convinced that the COLBs are forgeries.  If you could read the sealed affidavit, you would know who the forger was and see the direct line to Obama and his April 27, 2011, Press Conference when he made the following statement about his COLB: “As many of you have been briefed, we provided additional information today about the site of my birth..."



Cue silly questions that have already been answered.


Confession time. I can't hold it in any more.

It was me on the grassy knoll who fired those extra shots at JFK.

It was me what did the phony NASA video of the guys on the moon. Never could get that flag to droop correctly.)

And it was me who flew George Bush senior in an SR-71 over to France to cut a deal with the Iranian's holding the Mullahs.

And it was me who stole Geo W Bush's National Guard discharge paperwork that Dan Rather had to forge.

And it was me who doctored those phony Birth Certificates for Obama.

There. Mystery solved. I did it all. Now can we 'effin' move on?

Happy Animosity, Captain.


Daddy-- what about Roswell and Loch Ness?-- oh-- and Area 51.


PS: are you still in Japan?


Was it you that scrubbed the internet of certain damaging SCOTUS opinions in 2007-2008?


Stephanie@3:27 - that was an awesome comment.


Torschlusspanik. Literally translated, Torschlusspanik is the fear you're not going to make it before the gate closes.

I have TorschlussHappyHour constantly.


Hatey Birthday, Captain happy

were you also Paul McCartney's double after he died?

Carol Herman

You'd think the first order of business, as the law was being written, was to convince Pelosi that she needed to see that the government got PROGRAMMERS who could do the code!

Not having this was the first failure.

Not recognizing that this would be an issue? How stupid were the people who were sharing half a billion dollars to create this mess?

Hollywood types? Well, when they swim in money they usally bring forth "Ishtar."

Then, along came the GOP. Between the chinless wonder in the senate. And, the drunk in da' House ... They couldn't figure out that there was NO WAY for the government's complicated framework to work!

ALL Pelosi wanted was to push out individual buyers. And, that's exactly what happened.

People who get sick and have no money and have no insurance? Hospitals put them on Medicaid. Who got hurt? Same as Vegas. When an idiot goes to gamble and loses his house.

Not having insurance has been involving our Federal and State governments for DECADES! (But no one was writing code!)

Who expected this to work?

What is sad is that in Virginia the GOP failed to put up a moderate candidate. So when people went to pick, they didn't pick the pro-lifer.

Both groups of politicians are NUTS.

And, you can't "fix" stupidity.


And what became of the 100mpg carburetor, daddy?

Danube on iPad

So these Mafiosi wanted a hit on JFK and they went out and enlisted...Lee Harvey Oswald.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB Statue of Liberty FTW

Thanks Alice. I just call em as I see em and that couple spoke volumes in ways they didn't realize.

They are such special snowflakes dying for me too status, aren't they? EXCEPT they want help without it being given to to others and that is what makes em progressives. And assholes but I repeat myself.


PS: are you still in Japan?

No NK,

I am back where I can see Russia from my back porch.

And Nessie is real. I found that out when I was abducted by aliens in Roswell, and I can prove it by the secret message they left about Nostradamus in the crop circles near Stonehenge.

Beasts of England

Damn you Thai pad!!


Daddy@5:14 -- Heh--

BTW-- ACCUWEATHER guessers are thinking all of Alaska, but especially northeast alaska may have a chilly winter again, but drier than last year.


Maybe he can sing some Brenda Lee.



ya beat me to it, porch....


I am stunned that Obama would refer to his lies as Assurances about healthcare plans.He lied to pass it and then to be re-elected. Why didn't more repubs signal that health insurance would be cancelled if we let Obama win the election? was Enzi the only one who read the bill in 2010? I can't believe the meme of repubs wouldn't help us with the bill. It was designed behind closed doors and passed on Christmas Eve by dems only in the votes. I also think that Preezy and company, Carney included are taken aback by the fierce reaction to their subterfuge and the non compliance of the press. It is all so "unexpected".

Old Lurker

What about the Rose Law Firm billing records and the murder of Vince Foster, Daddy...huh, huh?

And Bill's medical records, huh?


Howard Dean on Morning Jolt said they never should have given a definite deadline for fixing the website. There must be a part of Howard Dean that is secretly loving this...

Old Lurker

And are you saying you were driving Kerry's boat into Cambodia that Christmas Eve?

There are SO many things you need to fess up to.


Only people with Italian names can be Mob hitman.


Danube on iPad

Re 4:52, interested readers are encouraged to google the name of birther lawyer Montgomery Blair Sibley and peruse what you find. Have fun.


I hope this doesn't personally affect any JOMers in State of Washington, but the Blue Hells continue their circle down the bankruptcy drain-- Boeing may build 777X assembly plant in SC or Texas: http://money.msn.com/business-news/article.aspx?feed=OBR&date=20131108&id=17088140


were you also Paul McCartney's double after he died?

Only up until the Cabal suggested I start a new band called Wings. Even we top secret agents have our standards you know, plus Linda couldn't sing fer s@#t, so I bailed out about then and they dug up another ringer.


Are there lots of JOM contracts being broken these days? will I have to start commenting in response to DD again?-- please don't make me do that.


daddy in Alaska... with Bigfoot? Coincidence? I don't think so... in fact I KNOW so...


daddy flying recon over the Gulf of Tonkin when those Viet torpedo boats attacked the USN Destroyers?.. coincidence... I don't think so.


Danube owns the internet. Be sure to wait for his permission before you go about your searches.

Beasts of England

Still reading Manchester's book about the Kennedy assassination. And while it has glanced the hagiographic, it remains beautifully constructed and his lexicon has stumped me a half-dozen times, so far. John Grisham has no such luck...

Danube on iPad

Oswald's name does not disqualify him as a mob hitman. The fact that he was loser and a doofus does.

Concerning those "confessions," if you accept all the inadmissible hearsay and assume every word of them is true, you are entitled to conclude that there were mobsters who wanted JFK killed - nothing more. Not well that the name Lee Harvey Oswald does not appear.

Old Lurker

Hey. "DB" Cooper. "Daddy". Coinkidink? Is that how he got to AK with cash? From an aeroplane no less!


Ex-cel-lent, Hit. You've always been my favorite you know.


Hitmen are neither losers nor doofi.



As I said above the 'mob' or castro facilitating Oswald's sniping-- plausible IMO. Now the proof please, not even extraordinary proof, just 51% of the totality of the circumstances.


The Gallup poll is the shizzle, Steph.

RFK Jr., now there's a stupid monster to pay attention to--almost as credible as the local joke Sibley.

GRRRR..So busy and it' so hard to get on here an scroll thru and still More B.S. birther shit. Words fail me.



Who do you think was secretly running the Fort Marcy Park Police Investigation? Me, of course, and the real brains behind the Clinton's, my good buddy Craig Livingston.

And seriously, is it really a mystery why Sandy Berger was padding his zipper?

As for Kerry, he was in Cambodia. I was the guy back in his hooch forging his diary. It's all explained in his DD-214.

Only people with Italian names can be Mob hitman.

Pssst, My first name is Roberto. Shhhh.


OL@5:30-- heh.

Jack is Back! to

The best book of fiction (maybe?) I have ever read on the Kennedy Assassination is Stephen Hunter's " The 3rd Bullet" . It gets a little sticky about 3/4 way through but overall very interesting and credible from a ballistics POV.


Daddy@5:38 heh HEH HAH;

wait... is that you Carlos Danger?

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