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November 05, 2013


Old Lurker

...(CNN) -- The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday took a step toward potentially eliminating trans fats from the food supply with a preliminary determination they are no longer "generally recognized as safe."
Trans fats are found in a variety of frozen, canned and baked processed foods. Partially hydrogenated oils are the major dietary source of trans fats in processed food. Trans fats have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease.
If the preliminary determination is finalized, according to the FDA, then partially hydrogenated oils will become food additives subject to premarket FDA approval. Foods with unapproved additives cannot legally be sold.

James D.

JimmyK, I thought I read that she did. I could be mistaken.

And she does sometimes have useful things to say. But as time goes on, I've been finding her less and less interesting.

I'm honestly not sure if it's her writing, or my unconscious reaction, knowing that she's friends with Yglesias and Klein and the rest of the juiceboxers, though.


I may have to come around to DoT's view that there is no such thing as a Repub "establishment" that influences nominations and outcomes, because the NY Times is saying there is, and they have less than a 50-50 track record. I won't link, for reasons discussed the other day, but here's the lede:

Leaders of the Republican establishment, alarmed by the emergence of far-right and often unpredictable Tea Party candidates, are pushing their party to rethink how it chooses nominees and advocating changes they say would result in the selection of less extreme contenders.

The article is pretty slim on details and names of actual "leaders," so my guess it's largely wishful thinking.


Meg McArdle-- she's useful to read for 'dry' stat stuff, she genuinely studies that stuff. Insight? No chance; she's in with the juiceboxers and paid by Bloomberg News, and she won't anger them or risk her payday by publishing what she really knows.


Well they have Mike 'Iceberg' murphy, is the only figure of note, last known for the auguring 150 million dollar Whitman effort.


--the emergence of far-right and often unpredictable Tea Party candidates--

Has anyone in the MFM ever described anyone in the Dem party as "far-left"? Even Marxists like DeBlasio or hmm, the president?


Perhaps some credible off-the-record sources contributed to that piece, Jimmy. After all, it does seem more believable than most of their reports.


Hey Porch-- the Rockefeller Tree this year comes from Shelton Ct, one town over from your childhood hometown: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/53486213/ns/local_news-new_york_ny/


Who could have seen this coming?



Slim picking they found, Rove's phone must have been off the hook,


Old Lurker

Who paid for this?

(CBS) — They came to the United States for medical treatment for their son, but a French family is now stranded in Chicago because the airline that brought them here won’t take them back.

CBS 2′s Derrick Blakley has the story of this foreign family’s travel troubles.

22-year-old Kevin Chenais weighs 500 pounds and spent a year-and-a-half at the Mayo Clinic for treatment of a hormone disorder.


--I'm honestly not sure if it's her writing, or my unconscious reaction--

I like about 1/3 of each of her columns where she deals with facts. I dislike the 1/3rd where she waffles about whether this means something is bad or maybe we just don't know yet - it could turn out great! I really detest the 1/3 where she invariably explains why experts and super-smart insiders like her know this minutia of this stuff and that's why they dismiss simple positions of good or bad, which distinguishes them from most people who are simpletons who are just emotionally attached to slogans and easy stories fitting their close minded world views.


Alice FTW!

Miss Marple

Meanwhile, out in the world, I stopped by CVS to get sale items for my church food pantry.

The Frito-Lay guy joked about me "stocking up" while he was restiocking shelves. I told him what the items were for and just mentioned that we were seeing an increase in people needing food because of shortened hours and lay-offs.

He went off on Obamacare without any prompting!!! Said he didn't understand why everything had to be wrecked, and wondered if the companies were taking advantage (no doubt something he had heard on the news) so I explained that the government had ordered all policies to cover all of that expensive stuff like heroin addiction and maternity and mental health, and that all policies had to meet approval of Obama.

Then he was even madder! I think he would be a good prospect for Clarice's pitchfork and torch concession.

So I wished him well with his potential gall bladder surgery which his doctor had recommended he have before Dec. 31, and left, my work for the morning done.

Danube on iPad

OL, I think the only thing standing between us and nationalizing the whole system a Republican house.

Jimmyk, I'm nearing the point of surrender on the issue of a Republican "establishment," much as I was compelled to do with the term "assault weapon." The term is here to stay, but I think it's inapposite: it implies some sort of irresistible power and control, which I don't think those people have. That's why I prefer Fnork.

The Fnork is epitomized by McCain, and is comprised of Republicans who are happy to be the "tax collectors for the welfare state." Jon Huntsman would be another example, except that he is toast. I hold them in as much contempy as anyone here.

Beasts of England

The problems with police abuse are myriad. Rarely do these pigs (and that's what the jackasses in question really are) ever get fired or imprisoned because of internal corruption, complicity, and unions. Lawsuits are not a decent surrogate because the pigs don't pay the settlements out of their own pockets, the taxpayers do.

Also, there are far too many apologists for the police, in general, on the right - and this is tantamount to enabling. How anyone could ever support these fascists is beyond me. And it ain't getting no better by letting these punks play soldier with all their military hand-me-down SWAT gear.

Flame away...

Miss Marple

I am looking for an article discussed on local radio, which said that Obama is getting ready to realease 50 billion dollars worth of held-up oil royalties to the mullahs in Iran, in order to induce them into nuclear talks.

Apparently the Saudis and the French and Merkel are blowing their stacks as this was done without any consultation.


Obummer sucking up to Mullahs? no surprise, with his main ally the Muslim Bruthas losing traction, Obummer needs any Muzzie friends he can get. He's on a Rainbow Tour of Anti-American Islamists.


--Also, there are far too many apologists for the police, in general, on the right...--

The knee jerk support many on the right (supposedly distrustful of state power) give the police is as incongruous as the knee jerk reactions of those on the left (otherwise willing to surrender all freedom to intrusive state power) to the state spying on us.

Why would either group think the leopard would change its spots just for them?




Ha, narc, yeah, I'd never heard of the few people they mentioned other than sore loser Bolling, and Romney, who they only quoted as wanting a bigger tent, which didn't even support their meme.

Account Deleted


Is there any reason to oppose Democrat attacks on the enabling fascist oligarchs in the insurance business? The insurance companies could have been presenting reality to their customers from the beginning, starting with clear examples of the premium increases necessary to sustain Rainbow Unicorn mandates.

They remained silent by choice and in some cases, Kaiser and BlueGovIns in particular, have participated in the peddling of Obama's Patent Cure All in the expectation of a Krupp-Thyssen-Bayer outcome. Having shared in the sowing, let them share in the reaping.



Beasts of England

Look at the moron SWAT team in the Jose Guerena case - those losers should be in jail. One idiot fired his weapon without a line of sight at the 'target'! Just held his gun over top of his fellow morons and fired away. Sorry, that ain't the America I grew up in. Sheesh.


That was Sheriff Duffuss's fiefdom wasn't it.

Beasts of England

Very true, Ig. Seems like far too many are so invested in rooting for their 'team' that they lose sight of the actual game.

Beasts of England

Happened in Tucson, don't know the Sheriff's name.


he kept Gifford's shooter out of jail, then blamed the Huntress, one doesn't forget that.

Trevor Saccucci

I seem to remember Megan McArdle seworthscibing as a "libertarian", yet she voted for Obama - twice. That was a subtle hint to me that reading her columns wouldn't be worth the effort. If Obama had sold the nation glatt kosher bacon cheeseburgers, Megan would have been shocked to discover that they were actually treyf. In what little I've read of her post-Obama work she still seems to evince shock and disbelief that the ObamaCare burgers are treyf.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Rick, thanks for linking that WFB interview. I'm put off that a significant number of his purported adherents are clueless of large swathes of his message. Or maybe they liked him using big words without scrutinizing the content.


They follow the same idiocy of the 'Bantha hide' carving after the election, what they called 'the autopsy'

Miss Marple

Rick, I understand your point but I want all of the blame directed to Obama.

If we allow the White House to start blaming insurance companies, the MSMS will go along and then Obama will be able to escape blame.

Nope. As far as I am concerned, it's all on him.

The insurance patsies can be removed by their shareholders.

...why would the White House, having in hand the document photographed by NBC News, photocopies of which were distributed to the press, go to the great lengths of constructing out of whole cloth a forged pdf displaying the identical information? Why not just scan a pdf of the document they had?
I know this was 14 hours ago, and it's DoT playing troll, but I couldn't leave this unanswered.

About an hour ago one of my users shanghaied me as I was coming out of the bathroom. (Better than if I had been going in, as you will see when the story unfolds.) She had somehow changed her View Preferences in Finder to remove the toolbar. She then hit ⌘-N a few times, but each new Finder window was without toolbar. Then she came to find me. When I got there and figured out what she was talking about ("the box with the cool thingy in it") I had to hold the ⌘ key down for several minutes while continuously pounding on the W key to get the several hundred windows closed... And from behind me, "hey, I wonder if that has anything to do with why it's been running so slowly..."

Yes, I am TOTALLY WILLING to believe that a forger, or a forger's accomplice, would be stupid enough to email out a clearly-forged PDF with all of the stitch marks in it, as opposed to scanning back in the printed-out forgery. If you remember correctly, Dan Rather's forger was stupid enough to produce a document that could only have been produced on a personal computer and claim it had been typed on a typewriter a decade before the personal computer -- and its fonts -- were invented.

As to whether I think the White House forged any document, let alone the document in question, that's a totally separate issue. But your claim here, that the White House staff could not possibly be stupid enough to pass out a hypothetical forgery in an electronic form which shows signs of the forgery -- that they are that stupid and even stupider is completely obviously true.

As a member of tech support, I can attest that about 95% of the population of the US is at least that stupid...


Hey Porch-- the Rockefeller Tree this year comes from Shelton Ct, one town over from your childhood hometown

Thanks NK. Shelton was almost literally in our back yard! The line was about 100 feet from our property line. Our best friends across the street behind us lived in Shelton. We always got our trees at Jones Family Farm.

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