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November 05, 2013



Stephanie I get where you're coming from, but I'm sorry, GOP candidates cannot get into the business of conspiring with precincts to hold back votes from the count. Does the other side do it? Of course. But they don't have to actively coordinate - their fraud machines have been in place for half a century or more.

We will never have any moral basis from which to fight vote fraud if we do it too.

I do want to fight a little dirtier in other ways, though.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

50% approval for Obama amongst Hispanics in that latest Gallup poll.

Happy dance!


Of course, they don't think strategically the fact they won one of the two open reasons this year, doesn't inspire much confidence in how they will perform next year, three if one counts NY,


Ay, ya yay, is the proper response, of course the party will go more blanc mange, in response
to 'their cunning, cunning, plan, I wonder if Michael Mann sent a fruitbasket.

BB Key

4 year terms in VA , no running for re-election for Gov., Lt Gov and AG

Miss Marple

Porchlight, I am not talking about doing anything illegal.

What's to stop a precinct from doing this on their own? They know what the dems are up to.

Why are we supposed to play nice and get run over, when a little strategic thinking would help us win?

Do you think getting bonus points for niceness gets us any votes?

What good does the "high ground" do when the dems ignore any sort of rules?

Sorry, but a little ruthlessness would help us a lot.


We will never have any moral basis from which to fight vote fraud if we do it too.

I would agree that Republicans can't conspire with local election officials, but "fraud" is a bit too strong a term, especially if the idea is simply not to show your cards first, so as make it harder for the Dems to commit fraud. Is there a law that says that votes have to be tallied as fast as possible? Why do Dem areas seem always to come in last?



Obenshain won the AG slot and is a Rep. The campaign here was kinda ugly this year.


Re VA, I'll console myself with this from Jay Cost:

Jay Cost ‏@JayCostTWS 5m

Federalism means not having to give a crap about the jackass some other state elected as governor.

Sorry, Janet, James D., and any other Virginians here.

Jim Miller

rich - Has some news organization called it for Obenshain? Because last I looked, it was too close for me to call.

(Partly because Virginia's election site has been flaky all evening.)

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

Thanks Rich. So at least McAwful has to be wary that he's not covered on his legal flank in Virginia. Plus the green shenanigans occurred in Jindal's neck of the woods and I'm sure interstate cooperation is ongoing.

Dave (in MA)

In the face of massive welfare fraud and abuse sending taxpayer money overseas, Fauxcahontas work many moons with great chiefs make safe send heap big wampum over mountains and great ponds.

Jim Miller

Okay - Now, I would say that Obenshain will win -- assuming that Virginia site is reasonably correct.

He has an 18,000 vote lead with 50 precincts yet to report.

Virginia will really need a Republican attorney general in the next four years.


Why do I have the sneaking suspicion, that will not work out that way, if you make it less profitable to make a remittance, I ponder?

Miss Marple

Good night, all!

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA


I attribute the closeness of the election to your tireless work. I think it is sending a message that has the dems quaking in their boots, so you should be proud. And you cannot quit.

naem withhled

I am totally in love with Edie Sundby.

She has guts and class.

How long before she receives the "Joe the Plumber" treatment from this administration, and his media (BIRM) ?


We Dems have convinced Republicans to be ashamed of Conservatism forcing them to nominate a non-Conservative every 4 years.....Bush,Mcain,Romney etc. The trick this time round os to make Cruz so out there that the establishment rejects him for a more moderate,left leaning Republican whose willing to work with the Democratic party if he gets into power. Christie will be their man in 16. The last thing we want is them nominating an actual Conservative...the last time that happaned we had 8 years of Reagan.We need to push for Christie.

Dublindave is never wrong.


Yes, they've started all ready, but as the Hoft link shows, she won't back down,

Considering what we discovered about turnout last year, why do we think these results are entirely kosher?


Meanwhile, back at the ranch;


I can see this happening in Zinjiang, but that's near the Mongolian border;


How long before she receives the "Joe the Plumber" treatment

Already has, see my 6:20. It's shocking (or should be) that an administration would pick on a private citizen this way, even one who has gone public.


Been away from the thread with family and emails and was just about to shut down for the night when the news came that Cuccinelli lost.

But, so too did Virginia. They just don't know it yet. They will, though.

God works in mysterious ways.


Here you go another illustration of mendacity;




Last I looked it was 52%-48%. Obenshain ran a pretty good campaign (think his daughter cutting an ad helped), took on the "creppy GOP social issues" meme, and didn't have a "libertarian" chewing on his ankles. If C had hit back harder on the M and Dem "creppy social issues" meme, it may have made a difference. Another, what NK has brought up, is that Fairfax and esp. Loudoun have been changing demographically and electorally the last few years.

Hope springs eternal though. M is a crook and he'll cross the line.

Danube on iPad

Because of Virginia, the asshole of every single Democrat who will face the voters in 2014 is now painfully puckered up.

It will be a joy to hear the rats explain why they are leaving the ship. Surely not because it is sinking, of course.

Sing it out, to the melody of O Tannenbaum:

"Obamacare, Obamacare,
"Obamacare, Obamaca-a-re."

What a joyful noise!


They spent 6 million less than 2009, I guess McConnell and Graham will appreciate that money


Captain Hate on the iPhone

Countdown til McOffal is indicted.

Characters dropping like flies on POI with apparently Fusco next; although this could be one of their misdirectional. I'll definitely miss him if it happens. I'm still not sure why Fusco wouldn't have known who the head of HR was when he snagged the pages of that ledger; he would've told Carter for sure.

Captain Hate on the iPhone


Jim Miller

rich - Here are the results with just 14 precincts still out: Obenshain - 1,062,099 votes (50.18%)

Herring - 1,050,218 votes (49.62%).

So, as you can see, it tightened up.

(Caveat: As I mentioned before, there were obvious mistakes on the web site all night.)


I don't know how they could get rid of Fusco, then again he's running out of lives,

naem withhled

Pfieffer is a despicable dung beetle and Think Progress is a colony of newly hatched maggots.


A small positive is Detroit electing a sensible mayor, the first white mayor in 40 years, on the basis of his business/managerial acumen. And over a black opponent named Napoleon.

Trevor Saccucci

McAuliffe's win in Va will soon feel like the locust's victory over crops; when the farm land has been stripped bare, where does the next meal come from? The species of statism ascendant in the US today carries the seeds of its own destruction - and a limitless supply of greenhouses and Miracle Gro.

naem withhled

What I'm more afraid of, since she's fighting back, is a more personal approach towards smearing her. I wouldn't be surprised if Team 0 has a pack of PIs rummaging through her past at this very moment. It seems that anyone who opposes Dear Leader, or makes him look bad, suffers severe consequences.


And some counties in Colorado, showed some common sense as well.

Jim Miller

Now, I get to watch the Washington state results.

Unfortunately, since ballots just have to be postmarked today, we will only have partial results tonight.

So far, the preliminary results look good. The Republican, Jan Angel (Is that a great name for a candidate, or what?), is leading the incumbent state senator, Nathan Schlicher.

(If Angel wins, the Republicans will be one vote short of control of the state senate -- and will continue to have effective control, with the help of two fiscally conservative Democrats.

It is been pretty amazing watching that bare state senate majority -- 23 Republicans + 2 moderate Democrats against 24 Democrats -- make the state budget.)

So far, I-522, the GMO labeling Green superstition measure is losing, too. (I'm still worried that it might win, because I expect more votes, proportionately, out of Seattle, thanks to the mayor's race there.

(For those who care, it looks as if the incumbent, Mike McGinn, will be defeated by Ed Murray. If so, there will be no big changes in policy, but Murray will be a little more pleasant than McGinn has been.



the va website was flakey for me too all night. with Fairfax city out the margin would close-it might go to recounts then court. I decided to get shitfaced at a few bars then worry about the intricacies of turnout.

status: shitfaced

bars:: disappointed. one got my food order wrong and the other raised their prices with their re-launch.

the joys of livin' in the backwaters of Loudoun County...the highest per capital income in the nation...and shitty bars.


music::mechanical animals. a surprisingly good album.

tryin' to piss off the neighbors...workin' on it.


damn it everyone is tucked out. I should at least act like I want to be in school...

Beasts of England

Had a great Italian dinner my last time in Loudon, rich. Downtown. Can't remember the name of it right now...


...tuckered out...

Manuel Transmission


Your Class of 89 pal: MT Jr was 89. Playboy 21 if I recall correctly.



Took my dad there a few times. No drinking. Unfortunately.

Next time you are pass through these backwaters let me know so we can get together.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

Barone has the verdict


Beasts of England

Leesburg. I'll never remember the name.

Beasts of England

Could be Piero's - great wine list! I could be back in the Spring - will certainly let you know!


Giovanni's maybe. don't make it out to leesburg much cause of the traffic. there is a good Cajun restaurant out that way as well.

Leesburg, more of a backwater than here...where I'm blaring some MM..drunk...and looking forward (really!) to my macro class today at about 9 AM.

I need a girlfriend.

"i'm not in love, but i'm gonna ...somebody better comes along" user friendly...


night all...talking to myself at this point.


Too bad about Cuccinelli and VA. On to the war against the Republican Establishment.


Ah, the clique surprisingly doesn't get it;



And this is the story I was talking about earlier;



Wonder what Bolling's reward will be,



You did a great job, janet, against impossible odds.


Morning. Five education/infrastructure bond issues passed in Maine.Portland passed legalization of pot up to 2.5 ounces. The legalization advocates hope for a repeat of the Colorado example,first Denver,then the state.Legalization is on the state ballot here in 2016.

Sandy 32 Daze

The Daze home

by the Dawn's Early Light...


Okay, you guys convinced me about holding back votes. If there's a way to do it that isn't illegal, by all means I hope someone figures it out. I'm just imagining how these things usually play out in the media (Wisconsin recall) and nobody ever cuts a GOP candidate any slack, so any deliberate coordination isn't worth the risk imo.

Hang in there, rich.


On and on it goes:


Miss Marple

The Barone article is very interesting, particularly Christie's alliance with private sector unions against the public sector unions.


My little birdie attends meetings which are required in her *government relations* job. She attended one yesterday,I won't be specific, but it involved a bipartianship organization.These people aren't planning tactics to challenge the administration. No,their concern is Tea Party and other conservatives. They aren't able to confront the ideology of this administration. It is safer for them to maintain their place in DC being wise and moderate and bipartisan.


Bright spots: GMO labeling measure failed in Washington state. This was supposed to be a bellwether for other states and possibly the feds doing the same thing down the road. Looks like a major defeat, 55 to 45.


Having worked in an elections office I can verify that it could easily and legally be done - it would require the head of elections office to s-l-o-w things down - re-count the write-in ballots - re-check this or that...

Account Deleted


Agreed. Simply apply the precise standards required to provide certainty in the final count, holding back the results from questionable precincts until election officials achieved complete satisfaction regarding accuracy.

After all, accuracy is paramount in elections. What's the rush?

Account Deleted

Two points about last night's results:

1. Christie's coattail only covers his fat ass.

2. There was no change in the Virginia House of Delegates. The GOP retains 67-33 control of that body. (The Virginia State Senate has four year terms with no election in 2013, next election is 2015)

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Is it true, as a couple fellow morons stated, that George Will and Jennifer Rubin endorsed Sarvis? If so, WTF is wrong with them?


Barone-- I know all the data isn't in yet, but Barone's take makes me relieved and optimistic....very optimistic. The Clintons ... yes the Clintons....pulled out all the stops to get McAwful elected, and gave him every advantage. 2-1$$$$, paying for a bogus "Libertarian" candidate to create the margin of victory, using KenC's activist conservative stances as AG to smear him with lies to get the the unmarried girls. And with all that, they barely dragged him across the line...barely. Virginia will never be Red again, but it's not Blue and ObummerCare will keep it from becoming Blue. I'm relieved and very happy.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Somebody should tell Christie that lap band will explode if he ventures out of New Jersey.

Sandy Daze

Latest information suggests Mr Obershain (R) has lost to Mr Herring (D) in the Virginia race for Attorney General:

O - 1,097,877 votes 49.88%
H - 1,098,418 votes 49.91%



Cuccinelli is a fallen comrade. The war goes on.


on Twitter:

@TheRickWilson 2h

Good morning, America and all the ships at sea. Have we all determined how last night's results fit into our preferred narratives?

That's about the size of it.


What? 500 votes? Time for a recount.


Yes, Captain, Ctluthu did a massive facepalm, then again he is for McAwful.

margin of fraud, dontcha know.


Only a million people voted in the NYC mayoral race, in a city of 7.5 million, with over 4 million eligible to vote. Apathy allows the viruses to enter and spread.


I just heard about the Rand Paul plagiarism story. Ugh. If it's a staffer I hope Paul fires him.

Things to help your liberal friends remember: Biden has a plagiarism problem too: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/history_lesson/2008/08/the_write_stuff.html

And so does Rachel Maddow, Rand's chief accuser: http://open.salon.com/blog/michael_rodgers/2010/05/27/rachel_maddow_plagiarized_my_blog

Account Deleted


The margin for statewide office in Virginia remains the NoVa Vulvarians. There ain't no brains involved in their decisions and the flatworm antipathy to the GOP is unlikely to change any time soon. It will take a very well organized GOTV downstate to overcome the NoVa Vulvarian edge.


That was a pretty complicated PoI episode, last night,

Captain Hate on the iPhone

jimmyk the apathy toward voting in this country has always been embarrassing to me and is, imo, a reason why we're in the shape we are.

I need somebody to put me with some knowledge: how does McOffal's win help Rodhan? I know he's been an associate of those trashy grifters forever and a day but I need to know in real quantifiable terms how having that sleaze as a governor does anything concrete for her.

Jeff Dobbs

Latest information suggests Mr Obershain (R) has lost to Mr Herring (D) in the Virginia race for Attorney General

What? 500 votes? Time for a recount.

All but 2 precincts have reported.

But hey! In the county where those 2 precincts are located (Mecklenberg), Obershain got 60% of the vote. If the remaining 2 precincts come in at the same percentage for the respective candidates, and represent the same per precinct number of votes as the rest of the county (24 total precincts) -------->

Obershain picks up . . . wait for it . . . a net 112 votes (347 to 245 votes).

Crude math, sure. But whatevs. At least it wasn't crass.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The Bad Robot people have been weaving some competing strands this season; I was halfway expecting the personal data vigilante nut jobs to be after the hypnotist. Glad Carter turned to Elias to see how the auction guy figured in.


I guess he's supposed to make sure she wins VA, Cap'n, beginning with the primary.

James D.

The margin for statewide office in Virginia remains the NoVa Vulvarians. There ain't no brains involved in their decisions and the flatworm antipathy to the GOP is unlikely to change any time soon.

Unfortunately, I agree with this, and it's not just VA, either.

James D.

the apathy toward voting in this country has always been embarrassing to me and is, imo, a reason why we're in the shape we are.

I don't know about that. Considering how easy it is to vote already (weeks or early voting; voting by mail; etc) and how uninformed most voters are already, how do you think the people who can't be bothered to vote, would vote if they did?

I don't think we'd be better off with another several million even-lower-information voters.



"Here they are:

*The Republican National Committee spent three times as much in 2009 on the same race as they did this year.
*The Chamber of Commerce spent one million dollars in the last Governor’s race, and not one dime on Cuccinelli.
*While it’s often claimed that Tea Party candidates do poorly among independents, Cuccinelli actually won independents by 9 points, 47 percent to 38 percent.
*“McAuliffe outraised Cuccinelli by almost $15 million,” and in the last weeks of the campaign, this left Cuccinelli with nearly no media exposure.
*Even Politico wonders if Cuccinelli was beginning to turn the tide against the “War on Women” narrative, as he drove down McAuliffe’s lead among women from 24% in polling to 9%."

It maybe wouldn't have made a difference because (D)'s vote (D) no matter who their slimy candidate is....but it makes me sick that the Republican party didn't do everything in their power to help Cuccinelli win.


Yes, but if the Rambaldi artefact shows up.


If there were an official Tea Party Caucus within the Republican Party, Cuccinelli would have been endorsed by it. Ergo, the Republican Establishment looks at him as something less than a friend.

This has been the case with many primary winners over the past few years and will continue. It's a simmering prelude to all-out war.



On the bipartisan mtg, there is bipartisan excitement about a public sector centric planned economy that forces money to whoosh through DC so it can take its cut.

Because most DCers have lived off taxpayers all their lives they have no idea that they are shutting down the creativity they need to generate the funds that they plan to continue to siphon off. Tea Partiers threaten not just the flow but have the ability to alert the masses to the actual cause of the ever diminishing prosperity.

People are going to have to learn to discuss that govt is a parasite and we actually better need the services to justify the relationship. Or we are just throwing money away. And especially minds and talent as squelching them becomes the purpose of the education reforms intent on levelling to gain additional political power.

We are in a death cycle now until people start to realize where the lack of oxygen is coming from.

Account Deleted


Cuccinelli has the same defect as Norm Coleman. His ego over matches his ability as a politician. The Tea Party cannot withhold funds from the RNC and then complain because the RNC does not adequately fund Tea Party candidates, especially Tea Party candidates who cannot demonstrate a reasonable chance based upon consistent polling.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The closest they've come Rimbaldi nuttery is Root's yammerings. That will probably continue as we don't know what the machine will morph into.


Janet - FWIW, Repub Governors' Association gave him $9million.


GOP Gives Up Virginia To Democrats Instead Of Giving Tea Party and Social Conservatives A Win

Ooops, upon preview I see that Janet has already posted this. Oh well, GMTA. Here it is again.


The Tea Party cannot withhold funds from the RNC and then complain because the RNC does not adequately fund Tea Party candidates

I agree with that.


My takeaway is that the Republicans were once again fools. Cucinelli made the race closer than anyone thought it would be as late as 10 days ago. The moderate Republicans shot themselves in the foot once again.

I believe the train wreck is going to get worse in the coming year. The redistributionist cost of Obamacare will be more painful for the middle class and the scandals will not go away.

Some indictments would be nice, too.


I disagree. If the RNC's motto is "best candidate that can win" they have placed themselves in the same "hold your nose while voting" position they seem to put us in.

They had better pay up and pay well, with all their donations from Republican constituents, to secure that whatever fruitcake with a "(R)" behind his name wins.

Until I see an actual "Tea Party" on my ballot, I consider them to be nothing more than interested people that have organized their own dough.

Miss Marple

Well, regarding the RNC, what I think is that they are reluctant to put money in unless it's a guaranteed win. This seems to me to be self-defeating.

Cuccinelli could have used some touchu-feely ads the last couple of weeks. Someone should have been digging into the background of the faux libertarian candidate.

I don't know the answer exactly, but the RNC isn't a damn bank which is supposed to sit on money unless you can prove you are credit-worthy. It is supposed to help candidates, or at least I thought that was the function.

I haven't given a dime to the RNC since last year. The reason is not because I am a Tea Party person. I am somewhere between Tea Party and moderate.

The reason I haven't given is that they LIED to me on elections day last year. They called me and told me that there was a chance they would win Minnesota, and could I spare some money for GOTV calls out there.

They KNEW that they were losing, and that call, to which I foolishly donated 50 bucks, not thinking my own party would LIE to me, is what did them in as far as I am concerned.

I will only donate directly to candidates. Period. (And I mean that period, too!) No donations to College Republicans, NRSC, NRHCC (or whatever those initials are) and no donations to any PACS run by anybody from John McCain to Ted Cruz.

I have had it, and it was because I was lied to.


Janet, I second your thoughts, A Virginia win for the Republicans would have paid many, many times a return on investment in 2014 and 2016(IMO) if we had won.
Again I salute your efforts, and I believe MaryD said she gave. (Hope I remembered the right person) but to all who fought the good fight, may God bless.

James D.

Rick, I see your point.

But Cuccinelli WAS the official Republican nominee, in a year with only two governorships open, and only one of them remotely competitive. It's not as though the RNC had dozens of other races that they had to prioritize.

For them to (more or less) sit on their hands, especially if it means letting a criminal like McAuliffe win, is ridiculous. It sends a message that they'd rather see a Dem win (and not just any Dem, but one of the most corrupt Dems imaginable) than a Tea Party Republican.

And yet we're the problem somehow.

Miss Marple

It cannot be emphasized enough that conservative candidates need to produce a soft image for the media.

This means that you have to couch all statements in ways that appeal to women and moderates, WITHOUT compromising your principles.

The template for that is Reagan. The democrats would fuss and fume about what an evil warmonger he was, and then the guy would get on television and be so genial and humorous that most people thought the dems were just crazy.

So, although Cruz speaks well, he is not GENIAL. Of all the people who are running, the one who gets this most is Rand Paul. He presents a calm, thoughtful, genial personna, unthreatening to the averagevoter.

Christie's success in New jersey is the opposite side of the coin. He's more liberal than most of us, but his public personna is a no-nonsense type of guy who will fight. Many GOP people got fooled by him for a long time because of it, and his backing came from democrats and private sector unions as well as GOP.

This is how I see it. I saw it played out in Indiana, where humorless Dick Mourdock kept seeing his lead shrink the more people heard him, culminating in that abysmal debate comment where he delved into abortion theology. Meanwhile, Joe Donally, a genial lapsed Catholic who graduated from Notre Dame, went on to win.

We have GOT to get smarter about PR!


Christine O'Donnell was the official Republican nominee, too. So was Sharon Angle and Joe Miller. For that matter, so was Sarah Palin.

None of these people were Alvin Greenes, yet they all somehow ended up opposed by the Republican Establishment.

Miss Marple

Sebelius hearing on now. Baucus just dragged up a letter from someone who just loves the new healthcare plan.

This must have been because people were starting to talk about how we didn't hear any positive comments.

What someone needs to do is track down the guy who wrote that testimony and see what division of the Obama forces he belongs to.


just checking in here. On Long Island, Tom Suozzi, previously a rising Dem star (talk of governor, pres, etc.) got his butt kicked by a Republican right of center for Nassau county supervisor. New York proposal for casinos passed. I'm sure they'll do as much good here as they have done to balance the budgets of Jersey and Connecticut.
Disappointing about Cucinelli. Let's face it the Northern Virginia Bureaucrats love their bourgeois lifestyles and the keep your hands off my uterus but allow thousands of bureaucrats to my medical records voters are tough to persuade. So it's the NoVaBuBos and the vulva voters (love that term) NoVaVulVos, not to mention Volvo drivers, along with the usual cheating that killed the cooch.

Account Deleted

Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia and West Virginia are all at least potentially competitive in 2014. They could all become very competitive should the 404Care albatross hanging from Democrat necks continue to stink as badly as it does today (IMO - it's going to stink worse).

Should Tea Party efforts be focused upon grabbing some of those seats or upon unseating GOP incumbents in Mississippi, South Carolina, Wyoming, Tennessee, Kentucky and Kansas in the hope of effecting change in that manner?

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