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November 07, 2013



You're all probably correct. It seems to me that if he really wanted to help Hillary he would have already shut up about Benghazi, though. But he hasn't.


I for one, am done, with Lindsey and JohnnyMac. I just want them gone.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Good point Porch. Apparently some big stuff is coming out next week - not as a result of Graham.

Wonder if we will start hearing the "I" word.

Frau Dolmetscherin

Thanks, narciso, for coming to the rescue. I notice I didn't even get "puncto" correct.

"Hillary! runs" sounds messy.
The last time the hag potential presidential candidate ran was while dodging live ammo in Yugolslavia.*

*with her lying fingers crossed.

Old Lurker

As long as those two are in the Senate, we need two more than 51 to be safe = 53, or 62 to avoid filibusters.

Miss Marple

Oh, stop the presses! Chuck Todd has an EXCLUSIVE interview with Obama tonight about health care!

Hard-hitting, I am sure.


Via Ace, via HotAir:

Reporters with the Society of American Business Editors and Writers received "training" on how to cover Obamacare's rollout from a policy expert who works with President Obama's former health information technology adviser.

The Commonwealth Fund's Sara Collins claimed during the training that healthcare.gov's chronic dysfunctionality does not signify "deeper issues" with the law.

"I don't think it signifies deeper problems, I think it is a website issue," Collins told SABEW during the Oct. 28 training seminar.

Her optimistic take on the law's difficulties is unsurprising since she works for an organization led by David Blumenthal, who was President Obama's national coordinator for health information technology from 2009 to 2011.


Don't forget Collins.


Make way for the moonbats;



Is there any doubt, Mrs. Marple?


Or, is it eleventy-dimensional chess. Destroying the Villagers to save the village.


Captain Hate on the iPhone

What will the palidumbasses do with the knowledge that Nobel winner Arafat died of AIDS? Riot like feral animals? Oh the humanity.


Cruella will be making a suite of puppies, I mean announcing in Atlanta, tomorrow.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

F Chuck is getting his fluffer nerf bat ready for some hard hitting questions.


OTOH, Pacepa has pointed out, Arafat was handled by the GRU's Sakharovsky, so this would be in their wheelhouse.

Eric in Boise

Yeah, Narciso, I commented at Ace's that she'll probably announce she's putting her Dalmatian coat up on eBay.


--Wait-- UNpossible, this story says Repub Senators refuse to give in on tinsy loophole closing for the rich- I thought all Repubs are tax collectors for Leviathan--??--

There are literally thousands of stout Republicans who will bravely protect the tiniest of loopholes because of course tiny loopholes are irrelevant and do nothing to roll back Leviathan.

That way the GOP gets the best of all possible worlds; they're branded as protectors of the super rich and the gigantic welfare state has nothing to fear from their pitiful maneuvers even if they succeed.

What is in truly short supply is a Republican willing to stand up and declare the welfare state an unconstitutional monstrosity that has to be destroyed. One of the primary reasons they are in short supply is because the tiny loophole protectors detest them more than they do Dems.


Whacko birds in short supply?


It's not a coincidence that Tommy Corcoran, who
was one of the architects of FDR's policies, also was in charge of carving out the loopholes,

You notice Murray's objection is to reverse the cut, not revenue issues.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Someone should add up the air time this president has had and compare it to his predecessors. My guess is it exceeds all of them combined. Is there anyone who can bear the sight of him?


Manny T,

Just shot you off an e-mail. My coworker says he believes he knows your son from Class of 89 and is interested in hearing what his old Boat School running mate is up to.

On the Federal Government Medical front, for a few years now we have been required to input all our data into an FAA website prior to going in for our 2 FAA First Class Flight Physicals per year. FAA MedXPress started a few years back. Today I was booted out of the system twice and then told that my security question answers were incorrect when I tried to relog on. The Security questions were:

1) Date of Birth
2) City of Birth
3) Fist name of my Dad

Somehow I think I got those questions correct but the computer said no, I got them wrong, so please call an Administrator at...

Anyhow, an Administrator told me I now have to download Firefox in order to log on to the system and that Safari, the system I have used for a few years now to input all that crap into the FAA, will not be acceptable.

I have no idea what is causing all that and why Safari is no longer acceptable, but am just passing on that HealthCare.gov isn't the only Govt Run HealthCare website that has a glitch is way dicked up.


"Whacko birds in short supply?"

See for yourself...

Colorado State Senator and U.S. Senate candidate Owen Hill: We Already Have President From Kenya;



Imagine if he was the best candidate.


So what is Sebelius going to announce in Atlanta for the Friday news dump?

Jack is Back!


We'll there is this guy:)


daddy-I am sure that has no connection whatsoever to the work the Mozilla Foundation is doing to push badges as proof that students have the desired digital and other Competencies.


Geez daddy, with security questions like that it is no small wonder that Obama exempted himself.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Exactly as expected:

Extortion': Obama Bundlers Cashing In on Obamacare Debacle

Jack is Back!


In Florida, they just installed a new web based system for applying for and managing unemployment insurance and benefits that is plagued with issues just like 404Care.

Now you know why they call it "government work":)

Old Lurker

Can we register by punched paper tape?


I am sure that has no connection whatsoever to the work the Mozilla Foundation is doing...

Interesting rse.

I see from Wiki that

The Mozilla Foundation was founded by the Netscape-affiliated Mozilla Organization, and is funded almost exclusively by Google Inc.

Any Internet savvy Tech folks out there know any "technical" reason why I am no longer able to be on a Safari browser site to type in my personal Medical data to the FAA, and now have to use a Firefox (Mozilla) browser to input my personal Medical data to the FAA?


Probably the scripting code, daddy. (This is what that takes your information and creates and returns a new web page based on what you typed in.) Safari has a pretty small market share, so many script coders would probably skip testing their sites on it, and just direct Safari users to a page that says to use something else.


Geez daddy, with security questions like that it is no small wonder that Obama exempted himself.


I can see it now...

1) Date of Birth: uhhh, "sometime in I think 1960, 1961.

2) City of Birth: Man, these are tough questions@#$ uhhh, Nairob, no, Waiki, no Seattl, no... Honolulu. that's the ticket.

3) First name of father: Frank Marsh... no, Bara, uhhh, shit. How about "dad", that ought'a work.


daddy, musical browsers does make internet development more difficult. The various flavor do not implement standards in quite the same way. Lately, IE has been the laggard (but may be catching up, tbd). We had chrome lock up on our stuff for a while (sequence of entries in the style sheet mattered to chrome but not Safari or FF). These things sneak up on developers, they take a lot of time to track down. Telling someone to try a different browser is a standard customer service response, I hope it actually works for you in FF.

Annoying Old Guy


Very likely subtle incompatibilities with the brower implementation of Javascript. This is quite common*. You can deal with them using your own tweaks, or use an open source platform (such as jQuery) to deal with it, or you can just not bother and tell the users to deal with it. This also eliminates a lot of testing work (otherwise someone would have to actually use Safari and see if the website works in it) although the users take it in the shorts.

* Especially Internet Explorer - Safari vs. Firefox is usually very minor, but IE vs. anything else can be a *lot* of work.


Summing up a Twitter series yesterday (@PruPaine), Grahams promises on blocking nominees are a lie.

Cut/paste tweets:

On Oct 28, @LindseyGrahamSC vows he will block every Obama nominee! http://swampland.time.com/2013/10/28/lindsey-graham-vows-to-block-obama-nominees-until-benghazi-survivors-testify/

day after @LindseyGrahamSC vows to block all Obama nominees, Senate (via Lindsey's BFFs) confirms 3 Obama nominees http://www.senate.gov/pagelayout/legislative/one_item_and_teasers/nom_confc.htm

Then the NEXT day (10/30), @LindseyGrahamSC RENEWS his vow b/c "the White House appeared unmoved" by 1st vow. lol http://www.thestate.com/2013/10/30/3068429/graham-plan-to-block-nominations.html

Oh and on day of @LindseyGrahamSC's second vow to block ALL nominees, the Senate confirms THREE more Obama nominees. http://www.senate.gov/pagelayout/legislative/one_item_and_teasers/nom_confc.htm

Politico reports @LindseyGrahamSC says "from now on, he’ll stick by threats to gum up works to get answers from WH" http://www.politico.com/story/2013/10/lindsey-graham-benghazi-senate-99111.html#ixzz2jsXgPZyn

...EXCEPT, reports Politico, still 10/30, @LindseyGrahamSC will let new Homeland nominee go thru, but that's it!!!! http://www.politico.com/story/2013/10/lindsey-graham-benghazi-senate-99111.html#ixzz2jsXgPZyn

Then the NEXT DAY, on 10/31, the Senate confirms another Obama nominee...not Gen. Johnson to be the Homeland head. http://www.senate.gov/pagelayout/legislative/one_item_and_teasers/nom_confc.htm

Then @LindseyGrahamSC goes on @FoxNewsSunday to pretend his hollow Benghazi Block vow is some kind of Cruz/Rand stand http://t.mediaite.com/mediaite/#!/entry/foxs-wallace-to-sen-graham-isnt-blocking-nominees-over-benghazi,52767e76b7d8d24162ac9a6c

WaPo reports @LindseyGrahamSC's tough stand may block Gen. Johnson's conirmation, despite refusing to Politico http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2013/11/03/lindsey-graham-renews-vows-to-block-nominees/

.@LindseyGrahamSC repeatedly lies, and SC voters that pay any attention know this. We need to get funds to @LeeBright to educate the rest


Thank you for those excellent explanations guys.

The stuff I learn...

Sometimes I wonder if we wouldn't have all been doing better if Y2K actually had completely destroyed the whole kit and kaboodle back on Dec 31st 1999 at the stroke of midnight.

I think in the future that that's the date when the remaining rebel alliance should send back in time their time traveling renegade to destroy the system and stop our computer overlords from becoming our masters.

"I'll be back!"


--Someone should add up the air time this president has had and compare it to his predecessors.--

Haha, Jane. I tweeted something like that once, and got some replies that it's different now because that's how news happens now plus cable stations something something something.

I assumed that meant they agreed he has created a whole new category of face time.

Buford Gooch

As always, about a day late and a dollar short, but just wanted to point out that there was no thread winner on this one. Way too many to choose just one.

Beasts of England

Screw you Thai pad!

Some Guy


In observing the Miami Dolphins fiasco, I’m struck by a couple of things.

I’m amazed at the number of current and former players who are dumb enough to comment or to come to one or the other player’s defense when they likely know little about the real circumstances.

There seems to be a growing chorus of players who want to claim that Jonathan Martin isn’t ‘tough enough’, which if you step back a second defies logic – the guy is a *starting* offensive tackle in NFL. Whether he was great or mediocre at the position, to be starting, even on a team like Miami, the one thing you can’t question is his toughness (as a player). He never would have made it out of training camp, let alone an entire season, playing in the NFL at that position without an ABSURD amount of ‘toughness’.

Finally, regardless of how things really went down or how they turn out, you have to wonder about the quality of mgmt and coaches in Miami. Next to quarterbacks, tackles are regarded as the most critical players on offense, and are often 1st and 2nd round draft picks. Let’s pretend for argument's sake that Martin is ‘emotionally fragile’; however, your team has used a 2nd round draft pick on him, you’ve lost your one good veteran tackle, and the supply of surplus good tackles is zero. So how the heck can mgmt and coaches be unaware of any problems, and more importantly, how can you not know what makes one of your starting tackles tick? How retarded is an organization that can have someone walk out, and it be a “total surprise”?

Beasts of England



AliceH: That is quite a compilation of Lindsey Lies! Good grief!


If you want the scoop on Latin, common core, SC politics, or the miracle of sweet tea, follow @PruPaine. She's a delight.


Hey, yours truly made Best of the Web with my Fox Butterfield of the RNC's defense of its non-support of Cuccinelli.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

WOOT! Jimmyk.


I've noticed that Richard Belzer is a regular contributor to BOTWT. Is he one of us?

Sandy Daze

Janet - You have mail from our mutual friend.

Jeff Dobbs

Posted by: AliceH | November 07, 2013 at 03:42 PM

Wait. What?

You got 9 links in one comment? And thaipad let it through?


I saw that jimmyk! But I am so slow on the uptake that when I saw it, I thought you had been quoting Taranto earlier, not the other way around.



Ew, spooky!


yeah, Hit. I don't want to jinx anything, but I've never once had a typepad problem...

Jeff Dobbs

Ah, Alice, I see.

You must be "on the staff of Tom Maguire" like Extraneus is......

Jane-Rebel Alliance1


I'll settle for TV Time.

Go Jimmy!

Beasts of England

Is it double entendre Thursday at JOM?


If Richard Belzer is one of us then I don't want to be an us anymore.
Not only is he a rabid lefty, judging by the link he is a very nearly illiterate one.

That first gargantuan run-on coupled with the subsequent fragment is every high school English teacher's nightmare.


"If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance" Obama 2009 - 10/2013

" We are giving you better insurance, so there"
Obama - 11/2013

"They cut off my old policy. My premiums and my out of pocket doubled and my insurance now sucks but I get birth control and maternity even though I'm a single guy." Joe Sixpack 11/2013


I wonder if Reid will allow a vote on a bill limiting abortion after 20 weeks? My guess probably not so Graham is tilting at windmills again. I can't wait for leaks from the Benghazi behind closed doors interview next week. Something tells me that Hil and Preezy will have a lot of splainin to do.
Sebelius will probably announce a delay in giving out the abysmal numbers. Can't do it because website is still in shambles.

Beasts of England

Sure, my last comment slides like shit through a goose, but all the others? Phooey.


Neither Obama nor sebelius nor carney will admit that he LIED. For that impeachment proceedings should commence. A new congressman from Florida is asking Boehner to proceed with an impeachment hearing for Holder. I say ,wait until after the midterms. Conventional wisdom says he is staying into 2014.

Danube on iPad

"Imagine if he was the best candidate."

We already know he isn't.


Very cool, jimmyk.

Miss Marple

Someone is going to have to watch Chuck Todd's fawning interview for me (or I will pick it up on Twitter later this evening).

I am off for my granddaughter's Spell Bowl competition for which I have been a volunteer coach all fall. (Don't judge from my typos, please!)

You all have a good evening, and I will check in later.


Spell-Bowls are really fun. I remember my niece did very well in one.She later became the only girl at her high school to become a National Merit Finalist.

Danube on iPad

"New U.S. ambassador to the UN Samantha Power didn´t waste her diplomatic skills on Vietnam veterans at a New York speech, praising actress Jane Fonda for "being outspoken on behalf" of her convictions."



Your ignorance is stunning, Alice. There was nothing "hollow" about Graham's diligent efforts to get people punished for their screw-ups during the Benghazi incident. The screwy and irresponsible things that you retards say to try to look intelligent and to try to ingratiate yourself with other retards here; they would be laughable if they weren't so sick 'n twisted. Graham was conspicuous as the only one who was pressing that issue. Without any support from the MSM, he might as well have discussed The World Series, instead. You don't have to agree with his positions on issues to recognize that he is an honorable, decent man.

Beasts of England

Good luck to your granddaughter, Miss Marples!! Go onomatopoeia! And all the other quadthongs!


"We" just ain't what it used to be...

Owen Hill (GOP) 73.7%




MM, good luck to your granddaughter! One of the only things I can legitimately claim to be good at is spelling. I won every spelling bee in middle school - 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. (My brother was the 8th grade winner the year I was the 6th grade winner.)

I claim no credit for it, as I was born that way. I just see the word typed out in my head and all I have to do is read the letters.


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) will meet with President Obama at the White House Thursday afternoon to plot strategy for passing comprehensive immigration reform.

McCain said Obama requested the meeting, which comes at a time political momentum for immigration reform is flagging.

“I’m going over to the White House this afternoon to meet with him [on] immigration reform and others,” he said. “I actually have a respectful and cordial relationship with him.”


McCain's ally, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), has predicted there would be more Republican support for immigration reform after the filing deadlines for Republican primaries in 2014.

Graham, who is facing his own primary threat in South Carolina, said he would not attend Thursday's meeting between McCain and Obama.


From The Hill


Imagine how easy it is for Obama to play on McCain's vanity?

"Make sure the steward knows how the old fool takes his coffee."

(Btw, I believe I've been fired by Maguire as I can no longer post links.)


Lindsey "you jackass" Graham - "“I wish we could find a way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war."

Ann Barnhardt responds - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qeyrp-V3Jvc

Ann Barnhardt rebuts Lindsey Graham's remarks on 4/3/2011 regarding the First Amendment. Part 1 of 2.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I'm torn on impeachment for Stedman. He obviously deserves it and, for that reason I guess it should be full speed ahead. He'll try to portray himself as a martyr, knowing that will appeal to a certain small segment of the population; which shouldn't preclude impeachment hearings from happening. I don't see the Iranian Ferret ever giving him the heave ho no matter how low Gaylord Focker's popularity craters. I don't think any of them care about that.

Kudos jimmyk.


Great comment about OT Martin, Some Guy.


Report: IRS refunded $4B to identity thieves

The Internal Revenue Service issued $4 billion in fraudulent tax refunds last year to people using stolen identities, with some of the money going to addresses in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Ireland, according to a Treasury report released Thursday.

The IRS sent a total of 655 tax refunds to a single address in Lithuania, and 343 refunds went to a lone address in Shanghai.


I've been rehired!

Jack is Back!


I am disappointed in Owen Hill - it should have been 85-90% - its El Paso County - Air Force Academy country. No Dem has a chance.


If Richard Belzer is one of us then I don't want to be an us anymore.

Maybe there's more than one. I can't imagine a rabid lefty aiding and abetting Taranto.

Sandy Daze

Janet - Please check your mail

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I've deliberately avoided most of the discussion about the Dolphins but a fellow moron said Rush has been talking about it a lot on his show. Somebody close to Rush should tell him to repress the boner jamz he gets about the NFL because of the way that clown car league has treated him.


"for the next year or so"

Jack is Back!



Congrats, jimmyk.

Barry Dauphin

How retarded is an organization that can have someone walk out, and it be a “total surprise”?

See also: Healthcare.gov

Jack is Back!

In Re: The Dolphins Situation.

My best friend and ex-associate is an NFL HOFer. Played on the OL.

He told me once that "they paid us a lot of money not to grow up".

Like our current politics, I start at the top. That is where the rot begins and ends.


Attaboy, jimmyk.


Is that this year's total or last year's, ext?


Video: Obamacare by Morning


Jack is Back!

Is it possible to have show of hands regarding:

1) the browser you use

2) ISP

3) Brand of computer

Somehow I believe this thing with Typepad is a script issue much like what daddy experienced and what I experience in many websites from time to time since my default browser is Safari and I am an Apple user.


All I saw was "last year," Matt, so I assumed it was based on 2012 "refunds."

At least we're learning what the IRS wasn't focused on while they were trying to win the election for Obama.


Well I finally switched to Chrome, for this site, congrats jimmy,

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

Ace has the NBC interview excerpts up from the interview on "friendly" ground with some milquetoast sycophant that let him get away with his 3 Pinocchio sound bites.

Puke. And I thought I was nauseated before I read that.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

Win 7 and chrome.


No, JiB - don't think that is it. I haven't had problems recently, but have in the past.

Home: Firefox, HP PC, Windows7 and, occasionally my iPad using Safari (tho' never had an iPad comment rejected, yet)

Work: Firefox, Lenovo, Windows7

Annoying Old Guy


I use Opera, Chrome, FireFox, and IE on Windows 7 (yes, at the same time). Internet via Comcast. Computer - Dell, Sony, and hand built. Total pixel count - 24,641,920.

I haven't had problems posting for a while (mostly with Chrome for this weblog). I keep myself logged in to Typepad in another tab.


JiB: Home and work use ATT Uverse wifi connection to internet.


JiB, I had problems on Safari & Firefox, via DSL, 3G, & fiber, both signed on to TP & not. I wonder if the stupid ads that cause occasional page load hangs trip up comment posts. Those appear to be the random / across the board elements, and the ad service sends each of us different groups of ads.


I've used a whole variety of systems and browsers: Firefox Win XP, Firefox Win 7, Safari on IPad, and something called '360 Web Browser' on Iphone, which I use because it lets you jump to the bottom of a page. Rarely (like maybe once every few months) have any problem posting, and haven't noticed any connection to which browser or OS I'm using.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB flea flicker enthusiast

If everyone would please do a few Google seArches on Disney, Rooms to Go and zappo's....

Haven't had a lockout in weeks...


This has been a public service announcement.


Oh, and brand of computer is either Dell or Lenovo (along with Iphone/Ipad) and ISP is Verizon FIOS at home, used to be T-W Cable. No idea what it is at work, other than a T-1 line.


I can barely name my browsers and when someone today asked about the orange bar I had no idea. Later as I was sending something to print I realized I was clicking an orange bar.

An epiphany that ranks right up there with the first time I heard the word Hors d'oeuvres from someone speaking instead of always reading it in print.

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