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November 20, 2013



Thanks TM. That was as simple as Obamacare enrollment and just as likely to work. A Bloody Mary has everything listed (I'm sure glutawhatsis is in the celery somewhere) plus the all important "hair of the dog". Trust me, I'm a DKE, I studied this in college.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Where was this when I was into binge drinking?

BB Key

Henry, I agree, because as a KA , I studied this in college .


DKE? Delta House is on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION... no more parties,.... no more fun of any kind,.... I'll revoke your charter,..... I'll kick you off campus.


Finally--a diet thread for me!


Almost makes you want to stop drinking.




Same for me, but I don't get hangovers. Haven't since I've been about 30.

The wines of the night are a Vignal Prosecco (aperitif) and a 2010 Old Vine Zinfandel by Alexander Valley Vineyards.

Tom Maguire
Where was this when I was into binge drinking?

I think I'm glad I didn't know this then.

A weird factoid from one of the studies:

It is likely that genetics play an important role, especially if one takes into account the great individual differences in hangover severity and the fact that about 25% of heavy drinkers claim that they have never had a hangover.

Never? Then why stop? (Or haven't they?)


Stephanie update from hubby on an old thread:



22% of 'heavy drinkers' = continuously drunk.


On topic!

NC small business owner: ObamaCare is driving me to drink


O'Keefe does it again.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=552098854875637&set=a.325240597561465.75569.236763656409160&type=1&theater


feel better soon Stephanie.

Laura White

This is one of the more useful things I have read--outstripped by viewless extremes by the Gospels, of course, but very useful anyhow. At any rate, thanks! I promise not to abuse my new elevated immunity by drinking, as you fear, more.

BB Key

DrJ, HB , Lift high your glasses here tonight....


--Another major cause of hangover is a highly toxic byproduct of alcohol-processing called acetaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen.--

You still get to die of liver or colo-rectal cancer but your headache is diminished.

Problem solved.


Brawndo! It's got electrolytes!


I'll drink to that!

Jeff Dobbs

Fortunately for me I've got a other lampshades in a variety of colors.


Sounds great. I used to take a supplement called Chaser prior to big nights out that used to help, too.

DrJ, I have noticed that the higher quality the wine, the lesser the hangover. Maybe that's why you don't get them anymore. :)


Another donation to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.


Who's more deserving than this guy?


Jane-Rebel Alliance1

We are thinking of you Stephanie. Hang tough!



Nice thought, but I only post the good ones here. I've had more than my share of ones that MrsJ would not touch.

For whatever reason, for me it just doesn't matter on the amount, the source (beer/wine/liquor), whether they are mixed or not or whatever. As long as the alcohol has worn off in the morning I'm fine.

When it has not worn off by the morning, well, that is very unpleasant. That is to bee avoided.

Jack is Back!

The JiB household is over the moon waiting until December 13th when The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug premiers.

Laura White

My household too ardently awaits the next Hobbit--will it end with the death of Smaug or Bilbo's well-meant but impolitic handling of the Arkenstone? At least ameliorated drinking will help carry over those of us who have attained our majority--


I hope the premiere is not in the midst of Red's college finals. Because I know what her priorities will be and there's not a theatre nearby.

Beasts of England

Nothing works like a Bloody Mary and a Percocet. Just sayin'...


Bloody Mary's for me.

Thomas Collins

A few scotches with a few red wine chasers, and Advil in the morning with a couple of glasses of water, is the magic formula.


It must be "Hump Day.

Beasts of England

Kudos, matt! Not sure that esoteric reference will be absorbed...


A red beer with a lot of Clamato, Tabasco and Worcestershire helps the pain.

I'm with Laura in liking these wonderfully informative blog posts Mr Maquire writes.

The only thing I will do on occasion healthwise is drink liquid L-carnitine after a very rich/fatty meal. I've read doing so helps mitigate some of those calories or helps move them through your system rather quickly. Read Bette Midler did this so I had to try it :-)


Who knows about milk thistle in regards to saving your liver from the ravages of alcohol? We need a naturopath here!

And not to be a scold--but alcohol and acetominophen (in the Percocet, BoE) both need the same pathways to be metabolized---the acetylcysteine to mop up the can be found in Mucor Mist, which is what we use in despearation to try to save Tylenol ODs, intentional or incidental--
so please please please do not be taking them together.

I suspect it's the synthetic narcotic that makes you feel better, so just go with a Vicodin or Tramadol.
(prescribed by a licensed physician for pain, of course.)

Is this ever weird---scrolling up in to TM's text to check the spelling of acetyl, I opened this:


Where did that link come from???

Tom Maguire

That is the Senate Intel Report (MIT) noted in the right column under such Plame related gems as the Plame Timeline and the Libby Indictment.

That was heavy going even then; I wouldn't recommend it as a hangover remedy.


how did I miss this thread?


When I saw the "One weird trick" tag line I thought this was going to be a post about link-baiting. In a way, it was....

Mark Buehner

Dihydromyricetin (DHM). Dont take it before you drink though, or you wont get drunk (at least until you die of alcohol poisoning). But it will sober you up almost instantly and cures hangovers pretty well.

surf dude

how's this for one weird trick. Stop drinking


You're doing it wrong-it should be "1 weird trick"

Steve Skubinna

Any Navy diver knows the best hangover cure is a Ringer's IV and oxygen in the morning. As a Master Diver once told me "It's great, it's as if your bad decisions have no consequences!"

Much like being a Democrat, I suppose.


Glutathione is a very important anti-oxidant-some say THE most important. I've learned a bit about it and the truth is that your body can't metabolize the glutathione pills and they get excreted out. Best thing is to take an accelerator like Max GXL or Cellgevity. After all, that's what Chuck Norris uses.




I don’t, however, have a very good opinion of glutathione supplementation. The problem is that orally supplementing with glutathione does little to affect levels in our body. Maybe it’s neutralized by the digestive process, but the point is that we already make our own glutathione, and eating the stuff straight is essentially useless, unless you really, really like the taste. If you want to boost your glutathione with supplements, take glutathione precursors, like N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), whey, or alpha-lipoic acid (which helps recycle glutathione), all of which have been shown to increase cellular levels of glutathione. Get a regular, moderate dose of a wide variety of polyphenol-rich foods and spices, like chocolate, coffee, berries, red wine, tea, cinnamon, and turmeric; polyphenols often up-regulate the body’s natural antioxidants, among which glutathione features prominently. Also, make sure you’re replete in selenium (found in fish, brazil nuts, and organ meats), a crucial regulatory agent for the antioxidant activity of glutathione, because many people are not.


Glutathione will not be available from a pill or capsule. Those are worthless and the Glut will not survive going through the stomach. Note that the doctor is giving it as an IV, avoiding the digestive process.

The best route to increase Glut is to take some NAC and Alpha-Lipoic Acid supplement along with whey protein. Those provide the building blocks the body uses to make the Glut. They have many regular benefits other than possible relief for a hangover. It would be generall beneficial to take some daily anyway. They are not terribly expensive.

Tom Maguire
Glutathione will not be available from a pill or capsule. Those are worthless and the Glut will not survive going through the stomach.


I've learned a bit about it and the truth is that your body can't metabolize the glutathione pills and they get excreted out.

Then I have been having an amazing run with the placebo effect, so don't yuck my yums.

Alternatively, YMMV may be the phenomenon at work.

old gunny

Best way to prevent hangovers is to be required to drink a tall glass of cold pork gravy.


Cold pork gravy.....mmmmmm.

Tom Maguire

Straws in the wind on the science side: a bit of Googling confirms that the accepted scientific view is that oral Glutathione supplementation won't raise circulating glutathione (and I am a big fan of Mark's Daily Apple, so thanks for the ink above. FWIW, his hangover remedies are here, and he notes without personal endorsement the precursor supplement I linked above.

This medical review claimed to be one of the first long(er) term studies on humans. They concluded that oral supplementation did not boost levels over a one month trial with healthy adults, but...

They include two interesting caveats:

Few human clinical trials have evaluated the effects of oral GSH supplementation. Witschi et al. administered a single oral dose of up to 3 g of GSH to seven healthy subjects and did not observe an increase in blood GSH levels, concluding “it is not feasible to increase circulating GSH to a clinically beneficial extent by the oral administration of 3 g of GSH.”22 Yet three studies have evaluated the impact of reduced GSH supplementation combined with oxidative chemotherapeutic agents in patients with various cancers23–25; all three trials demonstrated reduced adverse effects of the chemotherapy without negative effects on the effectiveness of the regimen, suggesting some physiologic effect from oral dosing. Unfortunately GSH status was not measured in any of these trials.

They noted that in explaining the motivation for their study. This was in their discussion of their "no effects" results:

This study has important limitations. Despite 80% power to detect a twofold reduction in 8-OHdG status compared to placebo, no significant differences were detected between groups or within group between baseline and postintervention. The lack of a suggestion of trend and the lack of a point estimate suggesting an increase in GSH status or reduction in oxidative stress suggest type 2 error is not responsible for our findings. Yet it cannot be ruled out that a response may be possible in a larger sample, a longer duration of supplementation, and/or a shorter assessment period (hours–days versus weeks). Also, these findings in healthy adults are unable to be generalized to individuals with acute or chronic health conditions associated with reduced glutathione status, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, pulmonary disease, and/or acute infection.

So it may be that over the course of the month people balanced internal synthesis with external supplementation. The real trick would be to find the switch that targets a certain level of circulating glutathione and up-regulate that.

And for the specific purposes of a big night out, they caveat "individuals with acute or chronic health conditions associated with reduced glutathione status", which surely might include the temporarily inebriated. The Witschi result (which looked for but did not find a short term surge) would seem to weight against that, but then, what was happening with those chemo patients?

Puzzling. I am a firm believer in the placebo effect but I don't think that is the only thing working for me.

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