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December 26, 2013



Happy Boxing day to the Family Maguire.

Soylent Red

Merry Christmas JOMers!


My Southampton Saints lead 3-0 in the second half at cardiff City, so far my Boxing Day is going well.


I second NK's 11:29 and Soylent's 11:30.


Surprise, sur. . .



Ditto, Soylent. how have you been,

Danube on iPad

The Nation (Pakistan):

"WASHINGTON -Michelle Obama has had enough. According to a bombshell new report, the First Lady and Barack Obama are sleeping in separate White House bedrooms. Michelle is also preparing to boot her hubby of 21 years out of their ritzy Chicago home - and seriously discussing divorce.

“'The smart money says the marriage is doomed,' a source told the National Enquirer. 'Barack and Michelle have had a rocky go for years and mainly stayed together for their daughters and his political career. But now Michelle is mad AS hell. She feels violated in front of the whole world, and screamed at him, "I’ve had enough."She’s met with divorce lawyers and told Barack that she wants a life apart from him. Michelle will stay in the White House for the rest of Barack’s term for appearances’ sake, but she made it clear they’ll be leading separate lives.'"


DoT@12:03. Lucky Barry. Cue Reggie Love and the rest of Bath House Barry's pals.


We've already seen this plotline in Scandal, with the Dane replacing Olivia Pope.


Merry Christmas, Soylent. So good to *see* you on this holiday.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Soylent. Good to see you in the comments.


Reggie did go to Hawaii...

Man Tran on iPhone

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to everyone. We had Christmas Eve and Day with different friends. MT Jr and his young family just moved to the TX Gulf Coast, so not workable for a visit in either direction. Mrs MT just left with three other ladies for Victoria for a serious Boxing Day jaunt. All in all, happy to see the backside of 2013 heading for the door. 2014 can't possibly be worse, can it?


Reggie's in Hawaii? for real? Heh, Ha, Ha HAH! HAH! HAHHHHH!!!!!


Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. ManTran!


"Obama hit the links at the Kaneohe Klipper golf course at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. It’s the third golf outing since he arrived on Friday.

The president's golfing partners included childhood friends Bobby Titcomb and Mike Ramos, aide Marvin Nicholson; former aide Reggie Love; White House Chef Sam Kass; and Chicago friend Eric Whitaker.



From the freeper link re Titcomb:


Another Bob

ManTran, certain life lessons have taught me to never say it can't be worse.

I simply enter each day doing what I can (mere hoping, if that's all) to make it better than yesterday.


I don't know if I mentioned it, but my brother flew with a co-pilot the other day who went to Punahou with Barry.

He said that Barry was the whitest kid at school. I don't know if he got invited to play golf.


Yay Soylent. So nice to see you!

This divorce will be very fun to watch. I'm quite sure Michelle will take no prisoners. And we all know Barry is a narcissist, and they never ever ever get over being dissed.


I'm dying to have a serious discussion about what will happen when Obamacare tanks - which is getting closer and closer. I want the right to tie "no insurer bail-out" to a rise in the debt ceiling - because no one will oppose that. And smart players in the insurance market should be gearing up to go free market - but there will be a year or so of chaos and probably a shortage of medical care and many deaths as a result.

BTW the myth that Romneycare eased the burdens on the ER are a complete joke. The people who go to the ER for free drugs and dinner are never going to sign up for anything. They didn't in MA and they won't anywhere else.


Jane. Agree completely about repealing the 'risk path' bailout for ExchangeCare insurers as part of the Debt. I would also repeal all PoTUS waivers, everybody hates those as well-- except the cronies.


I think that could get dicey NK and look like a complaintfest.

Everyone would favor no bailouts and no bailouts will force the insurers to say "no". They have been complicit in this monstrosity. I don't see how Obama could say no. Doesn't mean he won't do it anyway, but it could hasten the fall.

Jack is Back!

We are done. Another Boxing Day, 30 friends. 3 hours of wine, women and song. We are really blessed when you put the putz. Past you for a day.

But tomorrow back to the barricades.

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