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December 01, 2013


narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

It's just turtles all the way down,



90% up time. 10% not working. It is still decimating itself.


The "tell" is that the endless Times article Tom linked to does not allow comments.

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

Yes, Babel is still broken;

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

'You ask for Miracles, theo;

Miss Marple

There are LOTS of clues in that article and new questions about this fiasco after reading it.

1. Why did they choose a program which was more suitable for data-mining, as Alice H. says?

2. Why do the head of Aetna and the head of the insurance lobbying firm seem to have union ties?

3. Do shareholders in Aetna have any recourse, since their CEO seems to have decided to get involved in this for emotional rather than good business reasons?

4. Is anyone working on this program that is not an Obama aparatchik, fundraiser, donor, or DNC operative?

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

Many more things like the Cutler memo, are left out of the tale, to make it seem more 'unexpected' then it is, aetna joined with AARP and subsequently jettisoned it,

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

George Aitken does seem to be their role model

Patrick R. Sullivan

Life has become more joyous.

Jack is Back!


Upgraded ObamaCare Website Crashes During LIve Demonstration on CNN


This website stuff is Hard!

Account Deleted

It's wrong (IMO) to single out Aetna without mentioning UnitedHealth Grp, WellPoint Inc Grp and HCSC Grp as equal contributors to the glorious government/business partnership which will result in a perfect and joyous fascist state, unrivaled in harmonic stasis since the halcyon days of the Chin Dynasty or pharaonic Egypt.

Those four together account for over 40% of the individual and small group policies written and 404Care.FAIL would be nothing without their active and very willing participation.


Rick always gets to the issue:

>>>404Care.FAIL represents the very best thinking and execution ever performed by progressives. It's resemblance to the aftermath of a feather passing session centered upon a beer bong is purely coincidental.<<<

A full summary of a multipage feature iin the NYT!

Beasts of England

It works 90% of the time? That's so awesometastic! Amazon must be jealous.

Beasts of England

Hell, even Thai pad works more than 90% of the time...

jimmyk on iPhone

" Tough question..."

Somehow I'm reminded of the line about the Soviet system. "We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us." Is the NYT really this stupid? We'll, considering their editorial a few days back where they equated the birth control mandate with freedom of choice, I'm inclined to say yes.


SO, (in keeping wit the latest style), deep down, there is something good, just plain good, about a person who is not intimidated by being owned by an Airedale, the King of Terriers. (Well, okay, yes, my family has been fortunate over the last couple decades to have several Airedales share their lives with us, too, but that reflects better on the Airedales than it does on me...)...

I think there is at least one other Airedale family reflected in the JoM tribe, but I cannot recall whom...

SO, (there I go again), what about the first family?

No, not this one... but 29th's. Yep, here is an image of Laddie Boy and the President:

BTW - did I mention my support for 29's
"A Return to Normalcy" ?

(I think it was Matt who originally brought up the idea a few weeks ago...)

With a few refinements to reflect 21st Century sensibilities, I think what Mr Harding had to say would be spot on. More, if we could once again have as President, a man of the qualities of Mr Harding's Vice-President, a man who fleeted-up to the Presidency upon Mr Harding's untimely departure, well, wouldn't that be great ? !

SO, for those paying attention at home, #30 would be...?


JiB, has it ever worked on live TV? For all we know that 90% number is the time servers are not actually exploding in flames.

Jack is Back!


It doesn't even work on tape-delayed TV:)

Snark of the day goes to BoE for: "Hell, even Thai pad works more than 90% of the time..."

Jack is Back!

BTW, Tom Terrific and The Gronk have their hads full today with of all teams the Texans. All tied up 31-31.


Laddie Boy was quite the Airedale.

Laddie Boy was the first and only Toledoan ever to reside in the White House. Having been born as the Caswell Kennels in Toledo in 1920, he was sired by the internationally
known Airedale Champion Tintern Tip Top, owned by Charles Quetschke of Toledo. Quetschke was a man of some interest in the area, having led a bit of an adventurous lifestyle over the years as a boxer, sports promoter, motorcyle racer and champion dancer. He is credited with being the man who started the Toledo Kennel Club and the Maumee River Yacht Club.

In memory of President Harding and honoring his former employment as a paperboy, newsboys collected 19,134 pennies to be remelted and sculpted into a statue of Laddie Boy. Harding's widow died before the statue was completed in 1927 and the statue was presented to the Smithsonian Institution where it currently resides.

Laddie Boy died 23 January 1929 (aged 8)


I rather enjoyed the breathless Command Center descriptions.

"Guarded by thick glass doors that required coded card keys for entry, the room is occupied around the clock, with a “bridge line” — an open speakerphone — to other technical teams in Herndon and Tysons Corner, Va."

A "bridge line"!!!??? GASP!

""inside the room, 16 oversize Samsung television screens offered real time data, measured in milliseconds, of problems and delays"


narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

It's just full of fail, Darnok at Tanagra,


Tysons Corner...hahahaha...so they wouldn't have to go far for the prostitutes or shopping.

Jack is Back!

If you go to Sandy's link on Harding's essay, you will find another link to the "50 Core Documents" one of which is Ronald Reegan's "A Time For Choosing" from 1964 supporting Goldwater's run for POTUS. I found this very topical for today:

"Not too long ago two friends of mine were talking to a Cuban refugee, a businessman who had escaped from Castro, and in the midst of his story one of my friends turned to the other and said, “We don’t know how lucky we are.” And the Cuban stopped and said, “How lucky you are! I had someplace to escape to.” In that sentence he told us the entire story. If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth. And this idea that government is beholden to the people, that it has no other source of power except to sovereign people, is still the newest and most unique idea in all the long history of man’s relation to man. This is the issue of this election. Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves."

That last sentance is never more true than today.

Jack is Back!

Sorry, Peter, but everytime fat Rex gets slattered "Life has become more Joyous")


or, narc, "Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel"


SO, you can say that again...

Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.

Beasts of England

Damn you Thai pad!

(so much for 90%...)

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

That is the serf's collar they seem intent on pressing upon our brow;

Speaking of learning not a whit from the past;

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

But we are told by 'Top Men' like Ford O'Connell, that such sentiments are antiquated;

James D.

OT (like that's a surprise, from me) - I just wanted to note that rather than single out any individual JOMers, I've given you a collective thanks in the acknowledgements for the next book (which will be out in two weeks).

I really do appreciate all the kind words and support and quick answers when I've asked questions for details in the books. Y'all are the best!


great pieces this morning Clarice. what thanksgiving should be!


Patrick R. Sullivan-

that's a name I haven't seen in a while. welcome back. hope your thanksgiving went well.

and on topic...how is it that the NYT can write up a multipage victory feature when the site had only been up for about 12 hours. pretty sure I coud slap a coat of paint and spray some frebreze in a termite infested house and make it look decent for 12 hours.

Account Deleted

"offered real time data, measured in milliseconds"

Gosh, that means they have a fair degree of certainty regarding the actual enrollment numbers. You'd think they would post a countdown clock showing total signups against target.

Lessee, CBO used 7 million semi-paying customers plus 9 million Medicaid signups, so, 16 million total by April 1st. The enrollment period is 180 days with 60 days gone and about 200K semi-payers plus 800k Medicaiders in hand. To hit the now 15 million target, the new, improved website (plus state sites) has to average 125K signups per day.

Last year on Cyber Monday, Amazon sold 27 million items, just to provide an idea of how pathetic 125K transactions per day is in the virtual world.

My forecast is that BOzocare will not hit 33% of the 16 million total target. About average for progressives.


Last night in London. Our daughter is thriving and she enjoyed her stay here. Dinner after the game was great thanks to frederick s godfather. Terrific italian meal. The game was a bit of a mixed bag, the ticket brokers/courier fouled up the delivery, so it was stressful and finally nosebleed replacement tickets were provide. Once it was sorted it was good-- when southampton scored on 14 seconds, i stood and screamed yes. My daughter told me to shutup. And-- ' we are going to be stabbed'. But chelski won 3-1 so the home crowd left me alone.

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

Well it's a template about the wonderful victory of the Malabar front, subject to revision,


j.i.b., I am not a Jets fan. My team plays at 8:30.

James D.

peter, Giants or 'Skins?

And where in the stages of grief are you (the question is valid for either team)?

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

Bagehot says why did I even bother;


Terrible accident on the Metro North this morning, just outside Manhattan in Riverdale. Four dead, scores injured.


While accidents will always happen, as some of the commenters note, our socialized trains are on par with East Germany's, run for the benefit of the unions and party apparatchiks, with 1950s technology.

Jack is Back!


From my expeirence that MNR accident seems like a broken rail which should be caught during the rail ultrasound inspections for rolling contact fatigue. Very probable that they inspection train stopped at that point to let the "union" guys operating try their hand at fishing in the Harlem river:)

Sorry, Peter, thinking you were a LI guy Jets were your team. Should be a good game tonight, two Irish-American super bowl winning coaches with lots of head shaking going on.


clarice: I love your grand-daughter's comment and hope to see a re-post of that fabulous recipe for apple/cranberry pie! Pieces: Superb.


Welcome back -Patrick Sullivan, MaryD {I am going to try those Yukon Gold potatoes }and Belaj!
Jury still out on HIS Obama's New Health Law. There is no extra care to it. It is just a dumb law that is hurting people.


Maybe, JiB, it is near the site of last May's derailment that was due to a track problem. But there's some suggestion that the train was going too fast. The operator claims the brakes didn't work. What kind of 21st century trains have no backup or failsafe for that situation.


that driver's story sounds bogus to me. Ever since George Westinghouse, trains have had a dead man's emergency air brake system.

James D.

JiB, I think you've just identified the one area where the Giants are unquestionably #1 in the NFL.

No other coach in the league has Coughlin beat when it comes to the head-shaking.

About Coughlin - I read the book he wrote after the 2007 Super Bowl. He tells a story about his time preparing to get the Jaguars up and running, before they officially started playing. If was April of 1994, I think, one year before their first draft where they'd actually participate, and Coughlin and his staff were going to do a mock draft, with the war room set up and everything.

At that same time, the Pope was on a visit to the U.S., and Coughlin (who's an extremely devout Catholic) had the opportunity to meet him. But it conflicted with the mock draft. And so he missed his chance to meet the Pope, because there was work to be done.

I think that story says everything you need to know about his work ethic.

I love him, and I think he's done a fantastic job as coach of the Giants. But I do wish he'd be a little less loyal to his assistant coaches, because there are several of them I'd really like to see the back of.


Giants. Acceptance.

James D.

Peter, I was at acceptance, but I took false hope from the four-game willing streak. I think I'm back in bargaining again (at least until they come out and stink up Metlife Stadium tonight).

Hmm...maybe I'm in depression already?

Jane-Rebel Alliance1


We had a 70 car pileup about 10 miles from here this morning. Apparently it was ice, altho the ice seemed to have disappeared by 10 when I went out to walk Kiwi.

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

Unless you look closely, you can't even see the shock collar



Man Tran on iPhone


From my expeirence that MNR accident seems like a broken rail which should be caught during the rail ultrasound inspections for rolling contact fatigue.

I'm getting dangerously close to that game. I'm working with a loose team of suppliers to handle at least three different inspection tools on a common cart. The RCF guys are from Germany and have a (new) eddy current probe good for a few mils of crack detection on the gauge corner. The cart version is more for subways, but there will be a hi-railer for non-third rail.


In the face of overwhelming evidence of incompetence, corruption and criminality, why is there no wave of outrage?

Danube on iPad

These guys are about at the point the Nixon administration reached around mid-1973: no one believes anything they say. Everyone now expects them to lie about everything, and they don't disappoint.



Here's the cranberry apple slab pie recipe. Ours actually was much prettier than the picture:http://www.nytimes.com/recipes/1015423/apple-cranberry-slab-pie-with-ginger-and-rum.html

Beasts of England

The NYT can even yank my chain in a recipe. Do they really need to remind cooks that a third of a tablespoon equals one teaspoon?

Jack is Back!


I like eddy current v. ultrasound especially for the new metallurgy in the rail. What do you think about advanced vision imaging technolgy? I think the french are using it on their TGV lines.


So, the NYT had a 7 page piece yesterday on the ObamaCare site Rollout II and another piece today, but none of the 3 authors reported attempting to sign onto the site themselves to see what happened. Instead, in the margins is this message:

"The Times would like to hear from Americans who have begun to sign up for health care under the Affordable Care Act"

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

They would never do anything as plebeian as that, Deb, Carlos Slim would never sign their checks otherwise.

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

AQ is on the run, that is correct?


printed out the recipe...think I'll hold the ginger and a few extra shots of rum.

delicious can't wait to try and make it.

on topic: looking at the headlines on memorandum, it seems the limited modified hangout is working. All problems fixed and "now it is time for the GOP to step up with solutions." It must be we are actually this dumb!


nice legs Beasts!

Jack is Back!

While we are indulging in our recipes, experiences and critiques can we also remember those who have recently given their lives in the "the right war" in Afghanistan?


Where do we find such men and women?


"60 percent of the it works 100 percent of the time."

I doubt many JOMers are fans of Anchorman but the line is still apt for 404care.

Beasts of England

Predictable, too, rich. I'm sure they spent as much time on the new message as they did the new site.

Beasts of England

They aren't mine, rich! ;)

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Cool about the acknowledgement, James D.!

The JOMer with an airedale is Captain Hate.

Jack is Back!

I've tried to stay out of the technical aspects of the 404Care design and operability because I am not a IT engineer but I do know something about product design for performance. In power plant engineering you design to meet RAMS criteria: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety. Lets substitute Safety here for Security when discussing the website.

How reliable iis it terms of its designed performance metrics? IOW's does it function to make the user feel it is being friendly, useful and fulfilling its experience to enroll?

How available is it? Can you get on at 1100hrs as well as 2200hrs?

How maintainable is it? Can you take it off-line for a short period of time and not suffer reliabilility issues?

How secure is it? Can you reliably believe your information is safe?

They cannot be serious if they cannot adequately answer those issues to the American public with confidence. I'd say it fails all those paramenters regardless of the metric they use for each measure.

Beasts of England

It doesn't matter now, JiB! It's been fixed and everything else is Repub sabotage. The new meme is upon us.

Jack is Back!

BoE, maybe but sooner or later someone has to explain what the hell happened.

BTW, afetr the Auburn miracle, who is on first for the Heisman? Tough decision since the Tallahasse DA won't bring any charges on Jamison (must be a 'Noles fan) until after the voting.

For the fun and enjoyment of all: 22 Joe Biden Images That will Leave you laughing your ass off.


If I go to Amazon and have a whiz-bang, state-of-the art experience at their website but three weeks later the items I ordered have not been delivered

3 weeks?? Dude you need Amazon Prime, free 2 day delivery and also free access to Amazon Prime movies and Tv shows.

50% of my reasons to repatriate myself was access to this consumer goodness :)

Jack is Back!

Uh Oh! USA Today Not Playing Ball with The Regime on WH Photos


didn't think so Beasts.

drove by the Ferrari dealership today...damn it I'm doing it all wrong;)

so;), the website is just a brochure site and with all the odd-and-ends left to fix, people won't really know until its too late whether they have coverage or not. looks like Enroll America is going to have to work overtime (and I got to thinking, is Enroll America funding there activities through Americorp grants...curious)



errorists won!

good questions JiB.

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

Well the Labash piece reflecting sentiment even in a strong Democrat area, suggests 'once bitten, twice shy' I wouldn't doubt it, rich,

An early happy birthday, Clarice,

Captain Hate

I think there is at least one other Airedale family reflected in the JoM tribe, but I cannot recall whom...

That would be me.


>>>organizers of a movement demanding a $15-an-hour wage for fast-food workers say they will sponsor one-day strikes in 100 cities on Thursday and protest activities in 100 additional cities...is backed by the Service Employees International Union and is also demanding that restaurants allow workers to unionize without the threat<<<

why not 30-an-hour?

Why, he's a 4F!

JiB's RAMS reminds me of the 4 A's of success at doctoring, by which we might also grade ObamaCareless.


Jack is Back!

Manning to Decker is lethal tonight. 4 TDs already and we have a quarter to play. Yikes!

Beasts of England

I took the picture, though, rich! I didn't buy her that pair - none in her size. Thankfully...

Here's some Saban advice: don't worry about the car, worry about the process! The cars will take care of themselves. I think I can promise you that, rich.

No idea on the Heisman, JiB. It's wide open, in my humble opinion. I just cannot imagine voters marking the box for Jameis with that cloud over his head and some of the 'facts' surrounding the case.


Denver rolling...


Has a single monetary transaction taken place yet and has a policy actually been issued? Until that time, Obamacare is not functional. People can register till the cows come home.

Just imagine what's ahead. When do the holes in coverage appear? When do the computers crash and lose data? When is the system hacked and data lost for millions of customers?

I was on the freeway a short while ago and ISYN, I saw a mid '00's econobox with a Kerry/Edwards sticker on it. The Left is dangerously delusional.


great camera work Beasts!

Account Deleted

"it seems the limited modified hangout is working"

It's working about as well as the website, Rich.

Obamacare Has Failed My Family

The piece is well written and the site is worth bookmarking if you're interested in a relatively well balanced perspective. Lots of MDs commenting.

BTW - Check the comments to see how the author did today with the "new improved dessert topping and floor wax".


I have a new post up that will particularly interest anyone concerned with what comes in using regionalism that few taxpayers would voluntarily sign up for. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/cultivating-capacities-for-submission-and-acquiescence-to-power-needed-to-drive-fundamental-change/

Going back through what was really hoped for from the busing was mesmerizing. We really have been under assault for decades.

Beasts of England

Well, there may be a silver lining to that run back of the missed field goal last night: I have my felony drug case tomorrow, and the judge (a good friend of mine, whose campaign kick-off party I hosted) is an alumnus of the school which ran it back for the win! I suspect he will still be in good spirits and, hopefully, filled with charity for a Crimson Tide boy...


Thanks, narciso

Old Lurker

Matt, a policy and payment?

I just watched the 6pm replay of Fox and heard two things:

Now I know what that "so" conversation this morning was all about. OMG what an annoying woman that was! She should mate with Zeke...

Second, it got no attention but to the comment that the backend billing & payment module is not working, the government is simply shipping buckets of cash to the insurance companies so they have cash if any policies actually happen.

Now that bothers me not only because it shows a casual abandon about taxpayer money, but how does that fit into a normal contract arrangement when two parties exchange something of value that cements the obligations of each to the other?

This is not good.

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

You're welcome Clarice,

The latter part of Naim's bio at the Carnegie Endowment, rse, is 'danger Will Robinson;

Naím's public service includes his tenure as Venezuela's Minister of Trade and Industry in the early 1990s, director of Venezuela's Central Bank, and executive director of the World Bank. He was also a professor of business and economics and dean of IESA, Venezuela's main business school. He is the Chairman of the Board of both the Group of Fifty (G50) and of Population Action International, and a member of the board of directors of the National Endowment for Democracy, International Crisis Group,(Hagel's outfit) and the Open Society (Soros)Foundations.

narciso, may the odds be forever in your favor

Actually, come to think about it, the first part isn't reassuring either,

Man Tran on iPhone


What do you think about advanced vision imaging technolgy? I think the french are using it on their TGV lines.

I haven't seen anything on small scale flaw inspection with vision. I have buds in central Lon Giland that do vision for rail profile and missing or warn stuff on trucks, but it is generally in the sub mm accuracy range.

I looked into the vision stuff myself, particularly to enhance some of the stuff going on in China, but it seems like a holy grail goal that's always just over the horizon. UPRR is spending a ton on some in house projects for car inspection, but I'm happy to not be facing their deadlines.



Good luck tomorrow as to O-Care for many low info people out there, unless it affects them directly the problem has been solved. After all the Media said it was!

Danube on iPad

"When do the holes in coverage appear? When do the computers crash and lose data? When is the system hacked and data lost for millions of customers?"

When will the first of the cancer patients who have lost their coverage die?


Tonite on 60 minutes Breitbart's Peter Schweizer is going to talk about congresspeople's abuse of their campaign funds. It was supposed to start at 7:30 but there is still 3:33 left to the game so I predict it will be around 9. (Just kidding)

Account Deleted


The parasite bounties based upon taking the word of BlueGovIns minions is poor business practice, even with the tight crony relationship. I'm very curious as to when the actual parasite/crony contract becomes enforceable. If the parasite neglects to cough up his pittance will the cronies issue a card based upon Uncle Sugar's say so? I'm also very curious to see what happens when a parasite presents a BOzocare card out of network and even more curious as to how the parasites will react to Cash in Advance policies instigated by providers to cover the derelicts who will not ever be able to pay the deductibles.

It seems there was quite a bit missed as the feather was passed around the beer bong. It's almost as if a high verbal IQ is a marker for stupidity.



Thanks for the link. Still not working and no one getting answers. Not sure if declaring victory and hitting the links is going to work.


Hope it works out. Sorry to hear that you are going through that and my prayers.

Jack is Back!


My conclusion also about AIMT. Not perfecrted enough for complete safety acceptability.

Now what is it about suburbanites that they fell for the BHO phenom? I have never understood how educated, affluent Americans cannot see through the hubris of purposeful equivocation.


RAND projected that of people losing their Insurance policies, about 3.8 million would remain uninsured (I think that was for 2014/15). (found it referenced in a FORBES article).

Wonder if they are considering bumping that projection up a bit now.

Jack is Back!

When will the first of the cancer patients who have lost their coverage die?


They won't be the first to have blood on his hands. Ask Sean Smith's Mom. He doesn't give a flying f**K about those mosquitos.

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