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December 22, 2013



I live near The Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine. This will not be good for their business. Competition.

Frau Leber

"don't blow up your liver."
Without onions...


clever, Frau



HLL (Heraus loud lachen:)



very clever. I'll take it with garlic.

and didn't TM have a hangover cure posted the other day...


You can definitely buy whey protein. At Costco. Probably Walmart too.

My son put on 16 pounds of muscle when he was at college where they supported themselves with ranching. Drank fresh unpasteurized milk every day, ate vegetables they grew, and the beef they slaughtered.
If not the fountain of youth, the fountain of health.

gabby haze

Has it been patented yet? I sense a bizness opportunity like trafficking in human organs. S'all good.


From ABC's Foreign Desk:

NEW: After US forces were attacked in South Sudan, Pres. Obama writes letter to Congress stating he will take action if necessary.

Now digest this - he writes a letter in Hawai'i that will take 5 days to get to Washington where no one is in Congress due to holidays. And he will do the military equivalent of voting present if he has to.

He is such an amateur but then that gives true amateurs a bad rap.

Falling Up

Nicotinamide? You mean I quit smoking fer nuttin'?


If we actually take this Steorts guys seriously, then none of us are allowed any longer to call California "the land of fruits and nuts", because that is personally insulting.


but don't worry about Christmas delivery - it is currently on back order.

Well, if it actually reverses the aging process, then there's no rush. I just hope it doesn't take me back before age 18 or so. And doesn't make me forget what I've learned since then.


Did you read the comments at NRO to Steorts' little tantrum? To say he gets his head handed back to him repeatedly and with precision is an understatement. And Steyn must be laughing about being in a word fight with an unarmed man.

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Whey? Sounds to me like the beginnings of a movement towards soylent green compounds with healthy chemicals that every body should need interlaced with every body we don't need.


Put me down as quite GLAAD about this speedy climbdown. How long will A & E hold out?

Dear Cracker Barrel Customer:

When we made the decision to remove and evaluate certain Duck Dynasty items, we offended many of our loyal customers. Our intent was to avoid offending, but that’s just what we've done.

You told us we made a mistake. And, you weren't shy about it. You wrote, you called and you took to social media to express your thoughts and feelings. You flat out told us we were wrong.

We listened.

Today, we are putting all our Duck Dynasty products back in our stores.

And, we apologize for offending you.

We respect all individuals right to express their beliefs. We certainly did not mean to have anyone think different.

We sincerely hope you will continue to be part of our Cracker Barrel family.


I do the protein shake diets every now and again and I always get a little creeped out that the morning and lunch shakes composed of protein (whey) and various vitamins/minerals/compounds added are nothing more than soylent green without the icky dead bodies as the additional needed fiber and thank my lucky stars for metamucil.


Gmax the added schadenfreude is that the statement was released on a Sunday morning in the middle of what should have been their 'after church' rush of people looking for their 10% discount for bringing in their church bulletin for the day.

Someone at CB can do math...


Wow, Steorts has been banging the same drum since college, though the argument made more sense in that context:



From the Crimson:

philosophy concentrator in Dunster House?



/when I see "the Crimson," I first think Ala not Harvard...

Frau 4. Advent

Thanks Mr. Maguire for keeping us informed about health developments; I really appreciate it.


Considering how few of these substances translate into effective human therapies, the way I have it figured we will soon have immortal mice impervious to cancer, heart disease and dementia running the world.


when I see "the Crimson," I first think Ala not Harvard.

It's easy to tell... Football prowess is Ala. Pomposity is Harvard.


I would have thought editors at HAAAVAAARD could spell Dunce, but I guess I was wrong.


Okay, all you lazy-boy referees, please feel free to explain the Steelers v. Packers ruling on the blocked FG and resultant loss of the ball which gives the Pack the ball back and then they score.


Here is a taste of but one commenter putting the lumber to the earnest Harvard grad and there is plenty more where that came from:

Derb was not mocking the "absurdity" of the advice he gave his sons. He was fired for saying what everyone knows is true. You may rest assured that the NRO editors who fired him follow his advice to the letter every day of their lives. Nonetheless they apparently believe that what is taking place in this country is a sort of political tug-o-war, and when it is all over, in a week or two, there will be prizes given out for high-mindedness.

War it is, but not tug-o-war. The only prize the Left hands out to soft-minded conservatives is designation as "The One We Eat Last". And I will say, Steorts is definitely in the running.

Steyn has labeled the controversy Bore V Boor on his facebook page.


After US forces were attacked in South Sudan

One of the nice things about having a Nobel Peace Prize winner in office is, the military gets to go to so many exciting new locations.


On backorder:

"N(R) NiaGen from High Performance Nutrition is a supplement that's only recently become available on the market. Delivering 250 mg of Nicotinamide Riboside per serving, N(R) is a safe supplement for athletes and hard-trainers everywhere. High Performance Nutrition's Safe for Sport badge indicates that the products have been tested by the most thorough means to be 100% pure and potent."

I await the first JOMer to go the Cross-Fit Finals on the back of N(R) NiaGen:)


Very interesting: there is no one left in Florida.

They are all going north or west. Church was basically empty compared to normal Sundays. We are having our Boxing Day open house and 9 out of 10 invitees are not here on the 26th but back north or in Europe or out west.

You'd think Christmas would be the perfect time to visit Granny in Florida but its the reverse. Granny goes back north.


So he's been clueless for a long time, he came after Douthat and Yglesias.


He seems to be a Frum in training, 'for reasons passing understanding, couldn't they have given the Ravens a little bit of hope, instead of a slattering;


Well it's not the reason for the Season;


gabby haze

"Okay, all you lazy-boy referees,..."

I thought you were taking a break. Was it a Steve Howe Starting Pitcher break, or a Threadkiller break?

Seems to be a distinction without a difference.


I wonder where Steorts has been. I too have never heard of him, altho it looks like he has, sort of, been writing for NR for 10 years. And it looks like he has a big job. How incredibly odd.

It was about 60 degrees here today. 30 degrees warmer in Central MA than Boston which is about as odd as it gets - if true.


Photo of the day: Carney as Pajama Boy:)


Why the preface, although that's the closest we will come to a grandslam;



I haven't looked him up, but is Steorts married or does he have a girlfriend?

Captain Hate

Okay, all you lazy-boy referees, please feel free to explain the Steelers v. Packers ruling on the blocked FG and resultant loss of the ball which gives the Pack the ball back and then they score.

I didn't see it but it's blowing up the internetz. Me, I think it's a deferred penalty for Tomlin stepping on the field. It makes as much sense as anything today, including the Seahawks losing at home to the Cards, in the Goodell Football League.

Jack is Back!


Don't know but I'll bet he owns a pair of red flannel Jammie's.


There might be a singularity involved Captain, to explain some of these events.

gabby haze

"Don't know but I'll bet he owns a pair of red flannel Jammie's."

I can totally see you, dude. Why is it the character of withdrawal from JOM like Narco?

Rob Crawford
the way I have it figured we will soon have immortal mice impervious to cancer, heart disease and dementia running the world.

Disney doesn't own THAT much. Yet.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

At least Cam and the Panthers gave the infernal, obnoxious Saints' fans something to mourn.

And the Steelers did win.

Now for the Iggles and da Bearrrs.


Cleo cannot even write a sentence in standard English. Is it Ebonics?

Captain Hate

Ravens trounced at home. Lions lose at home to the Giants. Chiefs lose at home to Colts.

I'm contemplating jumping on the Panthers bandwagon; is there any room, Jim?


Well it's more likely to be Pinky than the Brain,
I think the confluence of events suggests the Cigarette Smoking Man,


Carlos Slim's reveals another field they are not expert in;


Captain Hate

The Cards could go 11-5 and miss the playoffs; I think I'd rather have the Redskins type of season than endure that.


Aren't we due to have a recipe collection?

BTW I'm looking for a baked tilapia stuffed with cheesy crab and shrimp recipe like they have at Bonefish Grill if anyone knows a good recipe like that...

Want to do it for Christmas Eve. Maybe with some grilled shrimp and scallops appetizer and some sort of vegetable with maybe risotto for the fish to lay on... not sure on the veggie, but am open to suggestions.


Tilapia? Ugh. Try Swai (inexpensive) or use Cod or Snapper.

The Islands tried to rebrand Tilapia as "Hawaiian Sunfish." It didn't work. It is a bottom feeder, and it tastes like it.


The cookies from this afternoon? Yummy!

Lemon Snowflakes

Made em with a regular lemon cake mix and 1 1/2 tubs of cool whip, 1 packet instant vanilla pudding mix and one egg. spoon into one inch balls and roll in confectioners sugar and bake at 350 for 11 - 13 mins (the original recipe called for an ungreased cookie pan, but the first batch were kinda stuckish so I lightly sprayed the pan and perfection).

Anyways they came out yummy! Kinda like a lemon bar without all the fuss.


Tilapia is one of the only fish I will eat as it is very mild. Almost bland. I know fish lovers hate it, but down south, we use it as a base to layer on the stuffings and sauces. Doesn't compete with the sauce...


Well I'm more partial to Red Snapper and Salmon, but Tilapia's ok


Try Swai. It is fine-grained and does not have a strong fish taste. It supports sauces nicely. I don't know if you can get it down your way, but we have it on the left coast.

Captain Hate

narc, dammit I keep forgetting what the name of the book was that you rec'd about the search for some Nazi mastermind after WW2. I forget what I did with it the last time you reminded me of it but this time I'll enter it into Goodreads so I'll never lose track of it.


Interesting book about WWII was 'The War Magician' by Fisher about Maskelyne who a Brit who was the guy tasked with moving coastlines and rigging inflatable tanks to fool the Germans. He supposedly single handedly won the Battle of El Amin.

Kinda cool all the stuff he did.


I think you mean this one,


the translator really improves the writing, as with that other author,

Captain Hate

Thank you again; off to update Goodreads.


Trapped in the Cave, helps no one;


Cecil Turner

Okay, all you lazy-boy referees, please feel free to explain the Steelers v. Packers ruling on the blocked FG and resultant loss of the ball which gives the Pack the ball back and then they score.

I just saw the replay, but it looked like the Steelers blocked the kick behind the line. If so, it's treated like any other loose ball (possession is not automatically given to the receiving team). In the ensuing fracas, one Steeler pitched the ball backward without ever gaining possession (most arguable point), and another illegally batted the ball forward (and out of bounds, but that's legal). 10-yard penalty.

By rule: "A loose ball (either during or after flight) is considered in possession of team (offense) whose player kicked, passed, or fumbled." If the penalty results in a first down (which it apparently did), the Pack retains possession.

Looked correct to me.


Grouper. Blackened. Or on tacos which is the North way at Flagler Fish Company. You can go South way and spice them up.

Christmas eve we do Crab Royale and champagne.

Doing Victorian Christmas this year - a nice 5 pound joint bones off and tied back on, Yorkshire pudding, roasted root veggies and my year old soaked Christmas pudding with brandy butter sauce. Mince pie and plenty of dates and salted nuts to complete the deal.

Boxing Day is another matter. Libations and repasse!

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

For the old guys, remember the NFL of 1955?


Los Angeles Rams
Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers
Baltimore Colts
San Francisco 49'ers
Detroit Lions


Cleveland Browns
Washington (yes those) Redskins.
NY Giants
Chicago Cardinals
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers

Goodell wasn't even born yet.

Those were the days my friends. Does anyone who lived in those days believe professional football is better then than it is now? I don't.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Eek. Should have been:

Does anyone who lived in those days believe professional football is better now than it was then? I don't.

Beasts of England

And the wine accompanying that roast will be, JiB? That's what I care about...


Well lets go that far back, Namath, Staubach, Unitas, you really can't compare,


Well I know almost nothing about Ducks or Dynastys, but this guy is turning out to be a hell of a person. Check this one out:



Take this Town and Shove it

The full Sam Youngman truth serum memoir.

Read it and weep. I did. Been there and saw it the same way but its now worse. Let Sam explain.


And one of the premier SkyDragon spotters misses the point;



I was an AFL baby Jim, and I find the present product close to indigestible.



Always, a Vieux Chateau Certan. I have a few cases of 2000 but will go with the 84. Not the best year but need to drink it before it becomes vinegar.

Desert is with Blueberry Port from Duck's Walk vineyard in Southampton. Wonderful stuff.

Frederick and I are doing our dinner and Boxing Day shopping tomorrow. Mrs. JiB is making her famous macroons which are always a hit.

Captain Hate

The world was a better place when Goodell didn't exist.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Second the motion, CH. I am rooting for the iggles to continue their slattering of Da Bearrrrrrrs. I like Kelly's product. Especially w/o MV.

Danube on iPad

I think pro football is infinitely better today. A year or so ago I watched a retrospective on the Colts-Giants "greatest game" from 1958 (which I watched, transfixed, as it occurred, with my father and brother). Different, much slower, game. Ballcarriers were frequently just dragged down or wrestled to the ground. Lots of white WRs, DBs, LBs. no comparison.

I thought the Packers call was correctly made and correctly explained.


You mean you don't remember:

Akron Pros


Canton Bulldogs

Chicago Cardinals

Chicago Tigers

Cleveland Tigers

Columbus Panhandles

Dayton Triangles

Decatur Staleys


Hammond Pros

Kenosha Maroons

Muncie Flyers

Rochester Jeffersons

Rock Island Independents

Toledo Maroons

That's right. Some teams had no mascots or nicknames. They didn't even wear face masks.


The AFL suffered from few of those ills but also had a wild assortment of personalities that today's pre-packaged, over produced "product" and buttoned-down NFL minds would quash in a heartbeat.
Sexual assault/murder? The suits can handle that.
Personality? Have a seat on the bench son.

Beasts of England

@JiB: I've had several 84's from both banks and found a few of them decent. Their best days are not in front of them, as you point out.

Captain Hate

The Chicago Cardinals were an original NFL franchise. I'm not saying that the team, in all its incarnations, has been historically inept, but Kurt Warner has participated in over 50% of their playoff victories.


JiB, the Poynter Institute listed a number of rebuttals. My comment on their blog:

Andrew, where is YOUR answer? Or don't you want to think about the possibility Sam might have a point?

The squealers whose oxen seem most gored include many whose definition of journalism does not match mine.

I'll stand with Sam, thank you. And you are welcome to call me at my day job to discuss why.


Even Cyclops would say, there's something wrong with them:



And that was the last bell;



Steorts' position supports the idea of a national speech code, one that would be based not on freedom of speech, but on speech that disturbs, upsets, causes offense. Because it cannot be legally enforced, it will be enforced by authoritarians, political groups, those with an economic motive. The result is the inexorable suppression of speech, particularly speech that dissents.

While WFB must be spinning knowing that his magazine has been infiltrated, my question is why no one has brought a lawsuit against those who have lobbied for a suspension or the firing of an unknown girl. Clearly, they are interfering in an economic relationship. Such things should be litigated and punitive damages awarded. That might slow the mobs that grab ropes and lynch speech that might interfere with their economic or political agendas.


Those replies Poynter lists read like a Post Office bulletin board of repeat offenders of precisely the journalistic crimes Youngman describes.


Well there is foolish and illconsidered, and vicious and deliberate like the ASA;



is fighting against, correction, it's like when the nutroots piled on 'Wrong Way' Cohen, because it made them feel superior.


Why is it when hundreds of thousands of freedom loving Ukrainians, an extremely strategic country, rally for weeks against the disgusting tyrant Putin it barely raises a ripple in the news or the WH, but if thousands of Islamists revolt in some jerkwater North African country the press is all over it and Barry can't wait to start drawing red lines and bombing somebody?

Danube on iPad

Pottstown Firebirds.

I was an AFL fan from the day they started. I was convinced early on that their better teams were the equal of the NFL teams other than Green Bay and Dallas. The Jets' victory in SB III didn't surprise me a bit. I predicted - loudly and publicly - before Week 1 of the '69 season that the Chiefs would be that year's SB champs. (I also thought they would be something of a dynasty, but alas.)


Well there was some attention, but that is Volodya's sandbox, so there is a certain flexibility, also this was happening around the time of the second Wellstone funeral, in Joberg.



This idea for creating Ice Lanterns might be a fun arts & crafts exercise for anyone living in cold country this Christmas and having kids.

Let your holiday glow with ice lanterns

Looks like all you need are:

• Balloons (the thicker the better)

• Water

• A place to freeze them once filled -- in your freezer or outdoors

• A candle or perhaps LED lights

• A cordless drill helps in creating the chimney

and you get this:


OK a commenter at daddy's link had me cringing with a comment of "I'm gonna try this when it cools off up here" dated December 20 in Homer, Alaska...

as I sit watching lightning off in the distance and have had the heat off for the last three days. Methinks her and my definition of 'cools off' don't really align.


Ignatz, is that a trick question. EVERYTHING is about OBAMA. He's cool!


And here you guy's thought you'd heard the last of Eliot Spitzer:

Eliot Spitzer, The former governor, still married to Silda, is now in a relationship with Lis Smith, the veteran Democratic operative who was recent campaign mouthpiece for Bill de Blasio and led a part of President Obama's successful 2012 campaign

So she's a mouthpiece for Obama, then a mouthpiece for de Blasio, and now a mouthpiece for...oh never mind.


The old fashioned term was, I believe, cod piece, daddy. She looks like a cold fish, too btw, IYKWIM.

Another instance of progs taking a perfectly good old fashioned term and updating it to something behind which they can hide their true activities... ;)


I'm gobsmacked... Erick Erickson appears to be on the same staircase AND on the right step.






Looks like she has his book under her arm. (Or maybe it's campaign lit'rature).


BTW, I've been mildly pissed at TM all afternoon as Cher has been warbling "If I Could Turn Back Time" in my head. He really just had to go there. :(

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Wow Steph, that RedState link is great.


"If I Could Turn Back Time"

Stephanie, Thank goodness I was spared that meme.

Instead I kept thinking of that Seinfeld episode where George Costanza whispers in the girls ear "I love you", and then goes crazy with rejection until he realizes she's deaf in that ear:

Kramer: Well, I'm sorry. Well, George, I tried to put the good word in for you with Siena, but I don't think she heard me. You know, left ear?

George: What?

Kramer: Yeah, her boss told me that she can't hear very well out of her left ear. What, you didn't know that?

George: Oh my god.

Jerry: What?

George: She probably never heard it. Don't you see what this means? It's like the whole thing never happened. It's like when Superman reversed the rotation of the earth to save Lois Lane!

Jerry: Are you gonna say it again?

George: That's the question, Jimmy.

Then the dummy goes and does it all over again.



Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Here is a good post that was at Am. Thinker today too - http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/12/phil_robertsons_detractors_advance_his_message.html

"One can't help but compare the modern-day predicament of Phil Robertson -- unruffled by the furor, firm in his faith, and unwavering in his commitment to Christ -- to that of the Apostle Paul."

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Another good post from Matt Walsh - http://themattwalshblog.com/2013/12/22/i-cant-explain-why-we-shouldnt-murder-disabled-children/

"Let me say that again, because it’s a crucial point:

If it isn’t wrong to kill children, then it can not be wrong to do anything else."

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

And then with the DD brouhaha in mind....read this & the picture - http://weaselzippers.us/?p=165277

Hawaii Dept Of Ed Keeping Sex-Ed Curriculum Secret

"This is a program that they’ve already been teaching, yet once they find out parents want to review it, they wouldn’t release it? The picture above is a copy of an 11 year old’s notes from the sex-ed class."

11 yrs. old. "now being taught to the state’s 11-, 12- and 13-year-olds in public middle schools."

It's hard to stomach the left's outrage at Phil Robertson's blunt, truthful comments in GQ seeing this kind of stuff.

I wonder what ol' Kevin Jennings, our past Safe School Czar, would have to say about all this....

Dave (in MA)

At the mall, Lileks winced when he saw a line of hand lotions and balms called "Hand Shit", and pointed out

At least there’s a dearth of political stuff. There used to be a shelf full of stuff devoted to mockery of the reigning political figures. Oddly absent.
Can't imagine why that was discontinued. *shrug* Maybe they needed the shelf space.

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