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December 18, 2013



I checked the birth year word thing and all I got was "beat poetry". I think that means DOOM with bongos on the side.

Danube on iPad

"Still rolling around on the super skateboard?"

Yeah. Got told yesterday I need to keep off it till Jan. 3. But the fusion is proceeding nicely.


Science: On second thought, no, secondhand smoke won’t kill you

The study tracked more than 76,000 women, 901 of whom eventually developed lung cancer. Although “the incidence of lung cancer was 13 times higher in current smokers and four times higher in former smokers than in never-smokers,” says the JNCI article, there was no statistically significant association between reported exposure to secondhand smoke and subsequent development of lung cancer. “We don’t want people to conclude that passive smoking has no effect on lung cancer,” says one of the researchers, Stanford oncologist Heather Wakelee. “We think the message is, this analysis doesn’t tell us what the risk is, or even if there is a risk.”

Stephanie, what do you do with all those treats you make????
Big party? Lucky neighbors?


This is at the top of WaPO's Most Read list this morning--

?eyes opening?



What a week - first we nail racist aryan bitch, Megyn Kelly, now we actually get ourselves a real live toothless redneck.

Just when America had learned to view the South in a non-stereotypical light,we're teated to a homophobic tirade from a bacci-chewing rube informed by moronic Christian teachings. Now we get to hold redneck Phil up to the entire world and say "See,we told you these guys are racist,homophobic,mysogynistic,incest loving freaks of nature".

It's time to accept that it isn't just teeth that are rotten in the South, it's the entire moral fabric. They're just not as enlightened as people in New York or Los Angelus or Chicago or Europe.

They're in-bred,Jesus-loving backwoods freaks.


Good Krauthammer article, Anonamom.

Obamacare is both taking away freedom of choice and increasing rule by fiat.

Someone (Congress, Sup. Ct.) needs to hold Obama to the law; i.e., you wanted Obamacare, you now stick to it.

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

I keep some around the house for munching on and most goes into gift baskets for friends.

Had a busted batch of pecan brittle last night . :( I think I've got to replace my candy thermometer. The batch came out almost blonde instead of a rich brown. Guess I'll hit Bed Bath and Beyond this morning.

I'm waiting on a call from the doc this morning as the incision is still not closing well and when I was replacing the packing strips, it started weeping really profusely and bleeding a bright red. Ick. And it was kinda stinky for the first time but I'm not running a temp or anything. I clean it with soap and water as she said,but YUCK it's still an inch wide opening and three-quarters inch deep. The nurse called me back last night, but I figure the doc is gonna want to check it, too. This is getting really tiresome and I don't think I slept more than an hour last night as its really uncomfortable although it doesn't look infected or anything. Bah humbug.

Plus I'm down to one perc!!!!

Any suggestions for anything else I ought to be doing/watching for? She said no neosporin, no hydrogen peroxide, no hibiclens- just soap and use the hand held shower to spray it really well and repack it once a day.

Now you know why I'm awake at this time of the morning. I'm awake again and just checked in to see if anyone was around.


The Robertson's are quite adept at the Kobayashi Maru maneuver, what was that line from the Princess Bride.

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Your brown shirt is showing from under your clean toga there sporto.

You wish you could nail Megyn. As for Phil, I'll defer to Camile Paglia on how awesome the prog stasi look to most people. BTW stasi was her word not mine, so if you haven't read her comments, you can still get an inkling of what her comments were.

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Dang narc don't you ever sleep?

Jack is Back!

I am convinced more then ever that DuDa is a parody created by someone like bgates or daddy as prog satire. No one in their right mind could actually believe that carp they were writing unless, of course, they weren't in their right mind.

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Progism - right mind?

Oxymoron alert.


Well as much as Ed Schultz, Joan Walsh, or David Sirota, they couldn't actually exist, but sadly they do.

James D.

MY birth year word is "megastar" - I can only hope!

My wife's? "guilt trip".

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Lol. Is she Jewish? Wallowitz on BBT assures me they have the market cornered on guilt and since Hollywood produces BBT it must be accurate and not some redneck stereotype of Jewish women to be condemned. ;)

James D.

And so I have continued to read Noonan, from time to time, and sometimes find interesting things in her pieces. It is usually just a paragraph or two in one of her posts, often near the end -- which is annoying. But it is interesting.

And she is one of the people -- McArdle and Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune are others -- who I think should have caught on to Obama befoe the 2008 election. So I am watching them to see if I can figure out how they made the mistakes they did. (Chapman is the most puzzling of the group, at least for me.)

I think - all snark aside - it really is simply groupthink; they want to be popular with the people who they live and work with. They don't want to be "that person" who isn't going along. And, as time goes on, the beliefs and values and thoughts of those around them begin to rub off.

McArdle's an honorary juiceboxer and journolister, after all. She's pals with Yglesias and Klein and all of them. That's her social circle. It's no surprise that she falls in with the conventional wisdom and sees the world as they do.

Same with Noonan and the crowd around her.


Well she's married to Suderman, who has shown some sense, on occasion, Same as with SE Cupp,


who increasingly shows less, even though she's part of the Beck operation,

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Back to dreamland, maybe. I'm on my third HP movie since midnight.

Later haters. :)


It's been a very long time since I did any post op care---like thirty five years (!) since I did my final surgical rotation in medical school--but you aren't missing anything.

I am glad you are seeing your doc though.

My husband had a candy failure yesterday morning after a good batch the night before, though we were very careful to check humidity and dew point---the cream candy will "seize up" like a hunk of fudge, instead of being pulled, like taffy. It crystalizes.

And he ordered himself a mercury thermometer two days ago--nobody thinks these new alcohol ones are accurate.

Why doesn't Congress address the real issues--rescinding the light bulb and candy thermometer regulations???


JiB, I agree--DD is a JOMer.
I've thought so since the first time I read one of his posts.


Meanwhile haven't they broken the law sendind 4 detainees, including two to Arabia,

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

My birth word is "ellipsis"!

...just kidding. :)


In other news, Khodorsky has been freed in Russia, and the UK told Bel Hadj to take a hike.

Danube on iPad

"Well she's married to Suderman"

Who is?


Stephanie,DoT and Man Tran,wishing you all a speedy recovery.


Interesting, both Merkel and Paglia use the word Stasi to refer to progs this week.

Had coffee with a liberal Jewish friend last night. He is utterly and completely disgusted with Obama and the administration. Agrees they are acting illegally. He's a smart attorney, but didn't realize that Obama never published as HLR editor.

Basically as I see it, most people simply didn't do their homework with Obama. They projected their hopes and dreams (cognitively very powerful words, and emotions manipulated by Obama)onto a complete fraud.

Politically, Obama is Dexter. A sociopath who can fool even the skeptics. He got a hall pass and is now destroying the country.

2Jack is Back4!


Obama was never the editor of the HLR but rather the president of the Review.

But he was born in Hawai'i:)

/sorry JOM, really sorry


"Obama will allow. . ."

How about "The Emperor (without clothes) will allow . . ."

Since when does *any* president announce a unilateral exception/exemption to existing legislation?

ACA is now officially "CACA-Care"

(Name courtesy of my brother, who's celebrating his birthday today.)

Happy Birthday, Bro !

2Jack is Back4!

Chuck Norris does Jean-Claude Van Damme one better:)

Epic Christmas Splits

Captain Hate

Basically as I see it, most people simply didn't do their homework with Obama. They projected their hopes and dreams (cognitively very powerful words, and emotions manipulated by Obama)onto a complete fraud.

In their partial defense, they probably don't pay as much attention to politics as we do here and depend on the MFM to do what they should do regarding vetting candidates. Old habits really die hard.

Old Lurker

New Thread


Yeah yeah yeah, i'm a far-right extreme nut posing as a prog, whatever.....but can we take a moment to appreciate the multiple ironies at play here,chief among them a hunter who built an empire helping people find and kill innocent birds, himself the victim of gay pc hunters ....hah hah hah hah ha.....boom-got ya Phil!!!!

But come on guys it's time to face facts, the south is to America what cousin eddie is to Chevy chase in Christmas vacation. It's a genetic and cultural embarrassment that we wish would go away.When we compliment the south why do you think it's the food we talk about not the people? Why do you think we never take world leaders on a tour of Mississippi or the Carolinas? We don't want sophisticated heads of state to encounter toothless rednecks like phil and his duck whistle QUAAAACCCK QUACCCCCKKKKK!!!!

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