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December 18, 2013


Danube on iPad

"The public needs to be reminded how vital—and constitutional—these efforts are to protecting America from terrorist attacks."

Has the fact they are vital been demonstrated anywhere? I've heard Alexander and others say so, but no evidence.

miss Marple

Ignatz, the Eucharist is not a cookie. The replacement of Burke is distressing, but the Eucharist is such whether I agree with the priest serving it or not.


I've read this elsewhere, but terrorism is this administration's excuse for doing whatever it wants in secret.


--Ignatz, the Eucharist is not a cookie.--

It's just a cookie if you give it to an atheist or a person who would make the church and God into her own image.
I do not for one moment believe Nancy Pelosi receives the body of Christ when she partakes of communion, because she is not in any way in communion with God.

Beasts of England


Jeff Dobbs

“The first lady is the best salesperson”
--stuff ValJar said regarding selling Obamacare

So.....we're going from Barack's "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" . . . to Michelle's "in order to get universal health care, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more."

We've reached the point where just about everyone has realized that that "someone" is them.


" Nancy Pelosi receives the body of Christ when she partakes of communion, because she is not in any way in communion with God."

"Judge not...", Samson. See to yourself.


Peter Ferrera at AmSpec gives two and a half cheers for Ryan's budget deal.

Jeff Dobbs

Next are they going to tell me that the Affordable Care Act, has nothing to do with affordable care?

....and that it was all just an act.


DoT-- what do you think of the Zumwalt Class? back to the future? it looks like Jules Verne's Nautilus: http://news.cnet.com/2300-11386_3-10018781.html?ftag=ACQa48f0c5#2300-11386_3-10018781-8.html?&_suid=138747061191707968629869072548


Ignatz-- 2.5 cheers? Generous grading, but Ferrara makes the fair conclusions.

2Jack is Back4!

The Pope changed out 1/2 of the congregation of bishops not just Burke Wuerl has been part of the curia for years - Benedict (no liberal) appointed him in 2006. Don't read too much into these Roman curia moves by the Pope.

If Burke is so conservative how come he is the apostolate champion of Courage and EnCourage?

miss Marple

In the Catholic Church, the wafer becomes the body of Christ. This act is done. When an ordained priest speaks the words of consecration during mass. It. Is a valid consecration even if the priest is sinful, because a sinful man cannot corrupt the. Body of Christ. This is canon law.

Now, a priest knowingly giving the Eucharist to one not eligible is guilty of a grave sin, should confess, repent and not do so again. And someone knowingly taking communion while guilty of a mortal sin commits yet another mortal sin by doing so.

So, no, it is not a cookie as far as the Church is concerned.


There's no plausible reading of the Civil Rights Act that would force the baker to do that.

What? Create artwork to celebrate man-on-man anal intercourse?

We should follow Phil's lead and start spelling out the lofty cultural ideals we're talking about.


"Piece of the pie?" Cue the Jeffersons:

"Movin on up, To the east side. We finally got a piece of the pie."

Poor George, he didn't build that.

Beasts of England

The support on the web for Duck Dude is extraordinary. Why A&E would want to screw with one of the stars of that show is beyond me.

Which pinko lib said punch back twice as hard? Good advice. Quack!

these are HUGE numbers


Hmmm. So how does 17 citizens compare to Obama's 2 percent winning margin? Weigel does the math. That's 17 out of a winning victory of 166,272 votes. Not exactly a deal breaker.

Oh, and these 17 all had driver's licenses, so a photo ID law wouldn't have helped here. Nor was there any plot to steal votes. Just a minuscule thimbleful of random folks who cast votes they shouldn't have. Maybe by accident—in fact, maybe not at all, since how these cases often turn out—but in any case, an absolute maximum of 17. Weigel concludes by comparing this to the 200,000 votes that were spoiled in Ohio in the 2004 election:


The judging you refer to is condemnation, which is most assuredly God's province not mine and which I am most assuredly not doing.
You should have moved forward a few verses in Matthew to find a much more applicable standard; "by their fruits you shall know them" or even a little further in that same chapter to "depart from Me you that work iniquity".


The real cult of Jonestown. All Democrats.



I'm not a Catholic and do not subscribe to that doctrine MM, though I respect it.


" "depart from Me you that work iniquity"."

Dang!. So now you're Jesus? Mea culpa.

Beasts of England

Forbes should be ashamed. A 'writer' at their site has described Duck Dude's comment as a vile anti-gay rant. Sorry, that's an unpossible conclusion - it was a frank answer to a question.

And she's being excoriated in the comments section. Quack!


BoE-- A&E is headquartered around the block from my office. The people at A&E corporate figure shows like DD come and go, but the GayLobby and their gay co-workers will always be there. So it's a no brainer to A&E corporate, kowtow to the gays.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

We've reached the point where just about everyone has realized that that "someone" is them.

"Well, I don't know about you, but they've run out of my money." ~ hit and run 10-29-09

"..."Somebody, somebody has to, you see."
Then she picked out two somebodies: Sally & me." ~ Dr. Seuss

Beasts of England

That's understandable, NK. But, as I mentioned here a while back: I'm tired of having the whole gay thing repeatedly jammed down my throat...

takka, taa, takka, taa, takka, takka
(That's my feeder call - ducks dig it)

waaaaaaaak, wak, wak, wak, wak
(That's my hi-ball - turns 'em quick)

2Jack is Back4!

Even this Transgender murderer seems to agree with Phil Robertson

Paris Green moved from women's prison after sex with inmates.

Miss Marple

Ignatz, I understand. I was explaining.

Also, since you aren't Catholic, maybe you don't know that many Catholics would find that cookie word offensive.

Within the Church, the Eucharist is taken seriously. Many priests are reluctant to withhold it unless they have public proof.

Pelosi is a scandal because she flouts this. I am unable to judge whether she sincerely believes that she is right in her view of abortion, or if she simply ignores the Church. I know she has had repeated meetings with her bishop, and Pope Benedict received her but gave her no photo opportunity.

All I can do is pray and do what I am supposed to do.

hit and run

That's rich. thai pad ate this comment, so I went ahead and logged out...

I have a confession to make.

I really only come to JOM any more just to see what BoE's avatar is going to be.


BOE-- I agree with your sentiments entirely about the whole toxic 'Gay is good' media meme. One thing though....

can we agree on a different expression of speech than "repeatedly jammed down my throat", somehow that one doesn't work for me, .... not that there's anything wrong with THAT ;)

Beasts of England

Too funny, NK and hit. lol

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I really only come to JOM any more just to see what BoE's avatar is going to be.

I come to find out info on Obama's birth certificate...but the pickins have been slim lately.

Danube of Thought

I don't know enough about those ships to have an opinion, NK. I'm too long out of touch. Next time I talk with my brother I'll see what he has to say.


Stu and Pat, were going over the crazy comments for the year, well there's Alex Jones, who is strickly comments of the year, then there was that
geographic fail around the time of the Govt shutdown, that my fishwrap didn't see anything wrong with,


Dear gawd! (source: The Hill)

Jim Messina, the architect of President Obama’s successful reelection campaign, has been asked about replacing Sen. Max Baucus (D) in the U.S. Senate.

Obama’s 2012 campaign manager has fielded calls from high-level officials in Montana asking if he would serve as a placeholder for Baucus, whom Obama is nominating to serve as U.S. ambassador to China, according to a Montana source familiar with the conversations.

Some Guy

Late on the DD subject, but I'm still having a hard time reconciling GLADD's statement to Robertson's actual comments.

What was a stereotype let alone "outdated" and "vile and extreme"?

And then the Human Rights Campaign's "Phil Robertson's remarks are not consistent with the values of our faith communities or the scientific findings of leading medical organizations,"

What science are they referring to that is related to Phil's actual comments?


And in a sign, that Clear Channel really hates ups they've replaced Beck with Rich Sanchez, starting next year. moving Hannity to his slot, and Beck to the six o'clock,


the American Psychological Association's determinations, and the genetics markers related to this behavior,

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

This is something - http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/dec/19/border-patrol-helps-smuggle-illegal-immigrant-chil/

"In the case before the judge last week, a 10-year-old girl whose mother, Patricia Elizabeth Salmeron Santos, paid a smuggler to get the daughter from El Salvador across the border and to Virginia."

"Immigrant-rights advocates now want the parents of the Dreamers to be spared deportation, arguing it is morally wrong to separate families.

But Judge Hanen said in the cases before him the illegal immigrants made that decision themselves, often years before. In the case of the 10-year-old, he said Ms. Salmeron Santos chose to come to the U.S. without her daughter years ago."

jethro bodine

"What science ....?"

Maybe the science of viewership and the Beverly Hillbillies.

Dave (in MA)

Dear gawd!


So it's a no brainer to A&E corporate, kowtow to the gays.

I haven't followed the legal evolution that closely, so I have a question: Is sexual preference now a protected class along with religion, race, national origin, and sex (aka "gender")? If not, then the same justification for suspending Robertson could be used to suspend someone who speaks out on behalf of gay rights. What goes around comes around.

Another question is whether state civil rights laws can go far beyond federal in requiring the baker and photographer not to "discriminate." I would think the 1st Amendment would trump state law, but what do I know, IANAL.

Dave (in MA)

D'oh, too wide.

Some Guy

the American Psychological Association's determinations, and the genetics markers related to this behavior,

Is there some comment in the GQ interview where Robertson declares something contrary to that?

That he considers it a sin, based on his reading scripture, doesn't in and of itself, contradict any science.

For instance, he also refers to "drunkards" as sinful, yet according to science, alcholism is a disease not a choice. One can agree with the science and the scripture.

Also, when did the Human Rights Campaign speak for ALL faith communities? Or did Islam become super gay friendly recently and nobody told me?


No, clearly not, I didn't know Hinduism, was not congenial to gays, but it doesn't seem to matter,


DaveinMa-- what is that? it's beyond garden variety creepy.


NK - the potential future Senator from Montana (to replace Baucus).

Dear gawd!

Dave (in MA)



The whole thing seems to have gone pear shaped,

speaking of which Lurch is blaming the SkyDragon for the recent typhoons,


"The Democratic Party is a Cult Worthy of Jonestown"

IMO, Planned Parenthood is responsible for the death of millions more than died at Jonestown.



THAT's Jim Messina? in 2012 we lost to a perv looking bastard like that?


I didn't know Hinduism, was not congenial to gays

I had missed this, but there it is:

Indian Court Reinstates Law Banning Gay Sex

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

..I'm off to buy some Duck Dynasty gear.

I credit Sue & her FB posts with getting me to finally watch DD. We don't have cable, so I watched it via Netflix.


FYI, according to twitter (my bold):

"If you want to show support for Phil buy duck commander brand and not duck dynasty! A&E owns the duck dynasty merchandise! "


Clarice always has some interesting or thought provoking posts on her Facebook page. This one, I thought was excellent (humor, science, sex, religion - everything).

Hell Explained By Chemistry Student


I must have been asking the wrong questions on the tests I gave back in the day.


This is news???? Didn't everyone know this already????

Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews 13m

2 days after being named to the US Olympic delegation to Sochi, Brian Boitano announces he is gay - @USATODAYsports http://bit.ly/1er8lqm

2Jack is Back4!


You know any figure skaters who aren't?


my son loves DD.
Messina has a long trail of vicious anti-republican remarks and controversial statements. His collection of lies over the last 5 years rivals Obama's He is damaged goods so by all means appoint him. Does he live in Montana? Any schmuck should be able to beat him like a drum come November. He also is a big fan and proponent of Bammycare. Sleazeball does not go far enough in describing him.
I caught 2 minutes of ValJar being interviewed on C-Span and asked whether or not she is an unofficial chief of staff to Bammy. Her response is she is in charge of committee for Women and girls yes that is a real life agenda being pushed by this WH in the hopes of increasing their chances to compete in the world. I have been competing in the REAL world for the last 64 years and don't need ValJar's help in navigating it.


--Also, since you aren't Catholic, maybe you don't know that many Catholics would find that cookie word offensive.

Within the Church, the Eucharist is taken seriously. --

Sorry MM, if I offended. To me, holy communion given to an unbeliever or apostate like Pelosi, is merely a wafer and not the body of Christ.

I too take it very seriously.
Unlike almost every protestant or evangelical I know I have no problem with transubstantiation, a position the lovely and wise Mrs Iggy guided me to.
However my view is neither the priest nor the church, but the individual's faith in and personal relationship with Christ completes Holy communion.

Jim Miller

One more: Baker in Oregon, photographer in New Mexico and -- a florist in Washington.

I haven't gotten around to writing about her case, but I probably should, some time.

(There are probably others, but those are the three I know about.)


I have probably seen 10 minutes of DD total, over two or three shows. Still I kinda like the potential of bringing A&E to their senses. Whoever predicted the backlash last evening, nailed it right on the head. Huge wave is building. I don't think a small channel like A & E can fade that kind of heat for long. Expect a humiliating climb back soon.

jimmyk on iPhone

I thought the baker was in Colorado. Or is there more than one case?



Thank goodness this is the no-response thread.


Cue Ricky Ricardo saying: 'ai yai yai, yai... yai!

hit and run

I thought it was a butcher a baker and a candlestick maker?

Or did the baker butcher the florist in the kitchen with the candlestick?

jimmyk on iPhone

" I don't think a small channel like A & E can fade that kind of heat for long."

Well, there's the alternative view that there's no such thing as bad publicity. Could be a bonanza for A&E. But the backlash is still nice to see, reminiscent of Chick-filA.


I feel really bad about Obenshain. What was the final tally of the recount? i really believe fraud was responsible for his opponent's so-called win. Ah Virginia,-you need to get your act together and listen to Janet.
A&E had a bona-fide hit on their hands and they are throwing it all away for political correctness.
Meanwhile on the Maher show you can say whatever you damn well please and get laughs and kudos.

Cecil Turner

Here is Noonan in 2008, holding forth on the alternative to Slo Joe:

But we have seen Mrs. Palin on the national stage for seven weeks now, and there is little sign that she has the tools, the equipment, the knowledge or the philosophical grounding one hopes for, and expects, in a holder of high office.
Note the one primary qualification she ignores: experience. Palin ran a state (albeit a small one--at least in terms of budget and bureaucracy), successfully, and yet she was lambasted as unqualified. A guy who never ran anything besides a campaign got the nod, and now we're supposed to pretend it's surprising that he isn't much good at being an executive?

Yeah, that one was real hard to call.


--Here is Noonan in 2008, holding forth on the alternative to Slo Joe:--

In keeping with our biblical theme, when you're waiting on the triumphant entrance of your new messiah you can overlook that Joe the Baptist wears the hair of a camel on his head and eats bugs.

James D.

Exactly, Cecil. It only took her five years to notice what was blindingly obvious to anyone with a working pair of eyes and the common sense God gave your average squirrel. Give the lady a medal, right?


'she ran a state...'

Yeah, I ran a railroad once when the engineer let me handle the throttle for a few minutes.

Beasts of England

That probably wasn't the throttle you were holding onto...


Even being mayor of Wasilla was better preparation than anything Slo Jo or Barry ever did.

Dave (in MA)

Pajama Boy


Posting this just for Janet (and laughing as I do).

Guy Benson ‏@guypbenson 3m

Eldridge should submit his "gram's" recipe to Pow Wow Chow. http://freebeacon.com/sean-eldrigdes-grams-recipe-found-on-rice-krispie-website/

Account Deleted

He's pretty excited about being let out of the locker.

Miss Marple

Regarding A & E: They are 50% owned by Disney and 50% by Hearst.

I foresee litigation in this for several years. I do not think the family will continue the show without Phil.


LOL, Beasts.


I ran a railroad once when the engineer let me handle the throttle

Home movie of the adventure here.


--Pajama Boy--

O. M. G.

Dave (in MA)


Ace reports that the Ministry of Truth has "shifted their messaging from touting the benefits and success stories of Obamacare (few as they may be), to scare-whoring the costs of repealing the law."



Yes, and these lindspots have continued in Noonan's blindspots, for the last five years.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Thanks, Alice-
There's a notice going around FB about Duck Commander vs Duck Dynasty...so that's good.

..and cc... how was the Pow Wow Chow story not huge? Seriously, is that not more degrading that saying Redskins?
Mexican Oatmeal Soup in a book called Pow Wow Chow to prove your Cherokee bonafides ....ridiculous.

Last...I bet the pajama boy played quidditch in college ...running around with a broom.


I have probably seen 10 minutes of DD total, over two or three shows. Still I kinda like the potential of bringing A&E to their senses.

I've never seen Duck Dynasty; I'm as pro-gay as it gets, and I'm all for bringing A&E to its knees, and my guess is the resident lesbian would agree.


Ditto here Jane.

Dave (in MA)

Turns out that Onesie Boy is an OFA employee named Ethan Krupp, so if anyone had a little twinge of guilt for ridiculing what might have been an innocent stock photo model, fire away; he's a full blown ObamaDouche.


This straightforward commentary seems to have raised hackles;


Dave (in MA)

Seeing the adjacent comments, maybe blown wasn't the best choice of words.


Scotty Hamilton is not gay, and he won a gold medal in figure skating. I read his autobiography. Pretty awesome guy. More at the LUN


Of course, the wurlitzer is still on about 'torture' despite the fact that aggressive interrogation, in tandem with other techniques, brought us to Bin Laden's door,


Ethan Krupp? Not to put too fine a point on it, but he's an effin' fairy.


Beasts, I figured out that collecting a lot of cars is beyond my desire to drive them. It is imperative they be driven regularly and I'm not trusting my kids to touch them based upon past experience. Was at the Schlumpf Collection a few weeks back and the Mercedes Museum.

The latter is a great structure, but they own only a few of the truly great body styles. The Schlumpfs had more Buggatis than I had even known of before. Some very funky French design going on.

As to the furor regarding DD, Querida and I love the show specifically for it's values. Most of it is juvenile, but they have fun and love one another in a very Christian manner. I think it is that open love of each other and of God that has made the show so successful.

A&E has really blown it. There is a large part of the country that is disgusted with Real Housewives of OrangetCountyNewYorkBuckheadBeverlyHills who live the most tawdry of lives or the New Jersey lowlifes. The Left is overreaching and the disgust is only going to grow greater.

Referring to heterosexuals as breeders and worse is the norm in urban gay circles these days. And yet there are many, many decent gay people, some of our most empathetic and giving. There is a cross section like the rest of our society.

I watched a bit of Megyn last night and was struck by the fact that she never once noted that if one is Christian, one must take the Bible very seriously which Robertson obviously does. He was quoting from Scripture and yet these, the words we believe come from God Himself, are what offend the leftists.

Robertson's argument was cogent and logical and humble. Tab A isn't supposed to go into Slot B either logically or scientifically. And remember, back when the Bible was written anything went in many societies.Judaism was a strict moral code few other religions offered.

Our religion(s). Our rules. If the A&E people expected anything different from Robertson they are deeply mistaken.

Dave (in MA)


Shocker: Pajama Boy Is an Obama OFA Zombie Named Ethan Krupp
Posted by Jammie on Dec 19, 2013 at 2:38 pm
We know, you never saw this coming. He’s so proud of himself he deep-sixed his Twitter account. He still exists for the time being on Linked In.


So Pajama Boy is a UW-Madison guy. Quelle surprise.


And it's deja vu all over again, the're banging on about a new 'truth commission' in the Times,


Truth Commission? about Pajama Boy?


No, about 'torture' and other non comfy chair activities in the war on terror.

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Apollo theatre in London has had at least one of the balconies collapse.


A balcony of a London Theater has collapsed - the Apollo. It was full and mid production. Lots of injuries.


http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/developing-dispositionscharacter-traits-as-the-new-global-focus-resilience-resourcefulness-reflectiveness-reciprocity/ is a new post including the link to the UK paper that came out this week declaring that climate change is no longer open for discussion and is to be treated as a social fact. That it is time to move on to the solutions of socioeconomic change.

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