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December 18, 2013



Well i've often how they mirror events over here;



The Apollo (London) Theater collapse, could be really bad news interms of the number and severity of casualties.


http://www.itv.com/news/story/2013-12-19/rescue-underway-after-part-of-balcony-collapses-in-apollo-theatre-london/ is the story Jane mentioned.


Apparently you can opt out of Obamacare and buy the insurance you want..http://blog.heartland.org/2013/12/you-can-opt-out-of-obamacare-and-heres-how/


I hate to bring this up, but in 1816 there was no summer. For 200 years it was, as the kids say, way cold.

Why is it that some benighted idiots think man has any control over the earth? This global warming fraud is simply a different form of human sacrifice to appease the gods.

The one thing it isn't, is science. Science says question everything.

Captain Hate

I feel really bad about Obenshain. What was the final tally of the recount? i really believe fraud was responsible for his opponent's so-called win. Ah Virginia,-you need to get your act together and listen to Janet

Every time there's a disputed election, the donks miraculously find some ballots that somehow weren't included in the original count and the gutless Repukes say "Well golly gee, I guess we got to count those" like a bunch of effing idiots. Juat one time I'd like them to stand up and say "Too damn bad; those suckers don't make the cut" and then see what happens.


Clarice-- that is very clever by insurers to get customers who reject ObummerCare. Will the Obamanaiacs turn the screws on those people and collect fines? How is that good for Dems?


Remember, they can only collect fines from tax refunds. I haven't gotten one of those in years.

Dave (in MA)
The Apollo (London) Theater collapse
Bush's fault?
Beasts of England

I'd love to see both of those museums, matt. I love the well-bodied Bugatti's - rolling art.

healthy and gullible

Huzzahh !

Assurant (Texas, of course) has an INDEMNITY policy (brilliant, original and creative) with SCHEDULED bennies. This is (gasp) the cusp of innovation, and is as vital as those minimum liability auto insurance policies which meet legal minimums.

"How much for an appendectomy?"

"$300 bucks, baby. Just what you paid for"


Exactly, Jane.

nsrciso, I stopped paying any attention to anything Noonan said after he first endorsement of Obama. Maybe she and Barbara Walters should start checking into retirement homes.


The question is why does Rupert deign to see any insight, on either his Gazette, and subsequently
on his channel, along with Kurtz, and a few others, his track record has not been so hot,



not Janet, but this is the final verdict...

>>>Herring, who ran on a pro-LGBT ''Equality Agenda'' as part of his platform for the state's top law-enforcement position, initially trailed Obenshain but took the lead following a re-canvass of votes that uncovered several tabulation errors in counties throughout the state, and, most notably, the omission of hundreds of absentee ballots from the state's 8th Congressional District, which includes large swaths of the Fairfax County, the state's most populous jurisdiction.<<<

all told it will be about a thousand vote win for Herring mostly (if not all) from Fairfax City and Fairfax County (close to gmu, but I didn't notice much on campus for the ag race). a note on this is that I've noticed a subtle shift in my slice of heaven in Loudon County...slowly changing to lavender...


They might need Reese on an op like this;



Dave (in MA)-

was thinking it might have been a stock catalogue photo...but with the O administration, it was a party hack, always seems the right bet. faceplam.


My condolences to you and your family for your loss.


Semester over. Evaluation period begins. Made an A on my macro final, and an A in the class (when I went to pick up my exam, as the prof was going through the stack, saw a lot of 40s and 50s. YIKES!!!). 2 A's posted for the semester and one grade left to post (it should be an A, no less than a B regardless of how badly I did on the final project).

all told, personal circumstances and work are leaning towards not going forward; but my gpa and finances support continuing. I'm also having quite a bit of fun with it all.

Captain Hate

Maybe she and Barbara Walters should start checking into retirement homes.

I'm sure a female version of Dumb and Dumber wouldn't make it past the Whoreyweird gate keepers.



I was in error...Fairfax City is in the 11th Congressional district. The ballots were found in Alexandria and Arlington (up near Janet).

VA 8...Jim Moran (D)

VA 11...Gerry Connolly (D)


Obamacare is now in the arms of Krupp.


Danube on iPad

World Net Daily is a nesting place for loons.


You said it, DoT.

Congratulations, Rich.


>>>I hate to bring this up, but in 1816 there was no summer.<<<

Tambora explosion...moving on from the smod, to the svod.


Is it any surprise that an Obamabot is a certified 4 door dweeb? These dweebs are so geeky they don't even realize how weird they really are, cuz they are surrounded by geeks every bit or even weirder than themselves. But it sure makes for hilarity when they run ads flaunting it and thinking they have accomplished something...


Hard to believe Pajama Boy's comedy career didn't take off.

Dave (in MA)

But the sky's the limit with his inadvertent comedy.


Pajama boy makes all of the Big Bang Theory geeks look positively butch in comparison.

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Pajama boy is a dweeb not a geek and not a nerd. The Big Bang Theory has a comparable character in the comic book store guy who even they make fun of. They barely tolerate him.


anyone what to chime in: how is the Enroll America and Organizing for Action actions in door-to-door advertising even legal? how does it not violate there 501 status? does the material violate state laws, esp regarding selling insurance (state regulations and licensing)?

if everything else regarding the law has been wishful thinking and on the fly, I wouldn't be surprised if the legal basis for the advert campaign is just as flawed. (maybe the powerline guys will take a crack at it).


Congrats Rich!

Pajama boy appears to be Chico Delainky on twitter. Or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


He said it alright...

For the benefit of the many here at JOM whom I consider friends, and who have chastized me for engaging with this man, I will not do so further on this thread.

Posted by: Danube on iPad | December 18, 2013 at 08:55 PM

...but he never means it.

Looner attraction.

Beasts of England

Good job, rich!

Dave (in MA)

I think he could be either a gaywad or a dorkwad, but it's hard to tell which.


I'm surprised he's not a writer for Bill Maher,


Dufus and douchenozzle work also.

Account Deleted

I wonder what the tie-in to the Colorado Obamacare Sluts & Drunks campaign will look like? I can't see Ethan really enjoying an encounter with the brosurance keg-standers and I'm pretty sure the Obamaslut would give him cardiac arrest when she walked in the door.


The laws doesn't matter much with Obamacare at the Custer-Titanic-Alamo-Hindenberg threshold. The fact they've already initiated the "repeal is too expensive" campaign before the end of the initial refusal to sign up period gives a good indication of the scope of the failure.

James D.

I was in error...Fairfax City is in the 11th Congressional district. The ballots were found in Alexandria and Arlington (up near Janet).

VA 8...Jim Moran (D)

VA 11...Gerry Connolly (D)

Yeah, there's no chance at ALL of funny business in a district filled with Jim Moran voters. No, siree.

Danube on iPad

Sunday, 9 eastern, FNC: Firing Line 1967. WFB Jr. Interviews Ronaldus Maximus.

2Jack is Back4!


Andrew Malcom tweets:

"Today’s Favorite %#&-*@\ new word “lalochezia”—Emotional relief derived from uttering profanity, as in &%$! or @*]+\^^#@ Feel better?"

Got it? Lalochezia. A word I will be embodying every time I have to listen to Gaylord Focker.

BTW, I have been to many a pantomine at the Appolo theater during Christmas season. Sad and I pray deeply for those injuured. Grand old building which is probably the problem "old".....


Reid rips off the American taxpayer again.


Check the comment.


And the cheese stands alone: http://www.nationaljournal.com/daily/senate-dems-defy-obama-on-iran-20131218


I think he could be either a gaywad or a dorkwad, but it's hard to tell which.

Posted by: Dave (in MA)<<<

douchebag...le sigh.

I will freely admit I thought it was a soft g- advert for the not g- demographic and that it was a stock photo...for consumption here in my slice of heaven (they "support" the community but really really don't want to know about it or have them around)




>>>The laws doesn't matter much with Obamacare<<<

my first mistake is thinking it did (the other was there and their...)

>>>thanks everyone<<<

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Question of the day:

A&E is running a Duck Dynasty marathon tonight. Do you tune in to show support for the show or do you boycott A&E and the show and does the drop in viewership leave the reason for the drop subject to a claim of victory by GLAAD and provide cover for A&E's decision to put Phil on hiatus? All those calling for boycott need to measure their move.


--Pajama boy is a dweeb not a geek and not a nerd.--

Swirly em all; let God sort em out.

2Jack is Back4!


I have never watched Duck Dynasty but I am probably one of only a few here who actually owns a Duck Commander call (1972 Burnt Hedge). Maybe henry or iggy has a duck call also.

I am off to the school Christmas play where Frederick is one of the 6 Geese Laying and 10 Lord's Leaping as well as playing a duet of Jingle Bells with his friend who is on clarinet.


Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Careful ig. I'd submit that posting on a political blog on the net qualifies as a nerdy activity. Which by no means means that many of us may not be nerds, too. Engineers, programmers, writers? Avid readers? Eschewers of ET and mainstream programming?

Out and Proud. Nerds and geeks of the world unite!


A duet of Jingle Bells! damn, we need audio to make this post relevant.

little lord fauntleroy

gawd. more affluenza.

Beasts of England

I own several old Duck Commanders, JiB. And some Faulk's, and a few Rich-N-Tones, and some...

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

I own one. Given to me years ago and damned if I know what name it is.

Funnily not a big show watcher as my husband is and I'm usually along for the listen, but I'm all for supporting the majority against this thought police, minoritys feelings got hurt, Christian bashing BS.


So Flipper says Clemson will beat Ohio State, at the Superbowl, discuss the plausibility or lack there off, of such an eventuality,

Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Superbowl? For colleges?

I'm confused.

Or flipper is.

Jeff Dobbs

It's safe to watch the show if you're on cable/satellite, Steph. TV ratings aren't gathered by the NSA.



-- Maybe henry or iggy has a duck call also.--

Calls, yes. Duck commanders, no.


I did however watch Duck Commander on one of the fin and fur channels long before they were ever picked up by the fastidious A&E fussbudgets.
My wife wanted the Robertson's to adopt her because they had so much fun.

Danube on iPad

Orange Bowl.


Pet peeve, spoilsport Kyle Smith, doesn't like 'Lone Survivor' apparently not because it isn't faithful to the book, but because it is, I ordinarily wouldn't trust most handlers of it, but Peter Berg who did the Kingdom, really captured the evil of what we were facing,


This is what the First Things symposium warned about more then a decade ago;


Stephanie looking forward to the bowl games

Ahhh. Orange bowl. Got it. Went to the damned thing once and now I get emails weekly exhorting me to come back. It was 30 degrees with a 20 mph wind and I spent the second half in the car listening on the radio. And Tech got blown out and the Who halftime show was the suxxor. Besides, Why would I want to go if my team wasn't in it?

Anyways. I'll go with Clemson, too. And give 4 points.


Well I heard on the tele, really the Who 'toad the wet sprocket' that year,

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

But all those individuals ARE equally protected...they may get married if they want. A man cannot marry a man, because that isn't marriage. Marriage IS something.

This is about redefining a word.
I want to be charged as a juvenile after I rob the 7-11...but I can't because I am not a juvenile.
I want a Sr. citizen discount when I go to the movies...but I can't get it because I am not a Sr. citizen.


I think this was the biggest fumble since they greenlighted cop rock;



Even Bialystok gets found out eventually;



Smallest violin;



Phil didn't compare homosexuality to bestiality. Idiots.


If only it would be true


Stephanie, from your lips to God's ears. Our goddaughter and her husband are Clemson graduates and utterly nuts football fans, and her FIL has one of the tailgating sites right next to the stadium. The kids have done Halloween as Clemson football players - too funny.


When Republicans reacquire their necessary power for personal satisfaction, mebbe they can rename DHS as Department of Homo inSecurity.


I believe the full Barry quote, which the WH redacted for the Enquirer article, was,
"Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat some worms."


The best thing about that story is that narcissists never ever ever get over humiliation.


This is kinda funny & crude. On FB there is a status going around that says -
Call A&E and tell them that Phil has the RIGHT to prefer a vagina over a man's anus.



Is it a fine or tax and not a mandate?


It's a coin toss, whether they can't discern that Sue, or they don't care.

Danube on iPad

"Went to the damned thing once "

Went to it on Jan. 1 1961. Saw Joe Bellino and the Mids lose to Mizzou, 21-14.



We should all have such a right, dammit.

Danube on iPad

I think I will wait in vain for someone to challenge these dopes' talking point about "we went through the same thing with Medicare" we most certainly did not. And Medicare (a) only applied to people over 65, and (b) did not adversely affect anyone.


The National Inquirer speaks truth to power.
Especially where democrats are concerned.

Should we have a JOM bowl pool this year? Everyone can post their predictions on the site and I'll tally them in a spreadsheet. Everyone can plan even if they don't really watch football. Put a little skin in the games and have some fun.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Middle Tennessee vs. Navy Dec. 30 11:45 a.m. ESPN

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech Dec. 30 3:15 p.m. ESPN

Valero Alamo Texas vs. Oregon Dec. 30 6:45 p.m.

National University Holiday Texas Tech vs. Arizona St. Dec. 30 10:15 p.m. ESPN

AdvoCare V100 Boston College vs. Arizona Dec. 31 12:30 p.m. ESPN

Hyundai Sun Virginia Tech vs. UCLA Dec. 31 2 p.m. CBS

AutoZone Liberty Rice vs. Mississippi St. Dec. 31 4 p.m. ESPN

Chick-fil-A Duke vs. Texas A&M Dec. 31 8 p.m. ESPN

TaxSlayer.com Gator Georgia vs. Nebraska Jan. 1 Noon ESPN2

Heart of Dallas North Texas vs. UNLV Jan. 1 Noon ESPNU

Capital One Wisconsin vs. South Carolina Jan. 1 1 p.m. ABC

Outback LSU vs. Iowa Jan. 1 1 p.m. ESPN

Rose Bowl Game VIZIO Michigan St. vs. Stanford Jan. 1 5 p.m. ESPN

Tostitos Fiesta Baylor vs. UCF Jan. 1 8:30 p.m. ESPN

Allstate Sugar Alabama vs. Oklahoma Jan. 2 8:30 p.m. ESPN

AT&T Cotton Missouri vs. Oklahoma St. Jan. 3 7:30 p.m. FOX

Discover Orange Clemson vs. Ohio St. Jan. 3 TBD ESPN

BBVA Compass Houston vs. Vanderbilt Jan. 4 1 p.m. ESPN

GoDaddy Arkansas St. vs. Ball St. Jan. 5 9 p.m. ESPN

VIZIO BCS National Championship Florida St. vs. Auburn Jan. 6 8:30 p.m. ESPN

Just cut and paste and add your scores and I'll grab them and put in the spreadsheet.

Who's in???


You guys might have the Constitutional right to pick Clemson in the Orange Bowl, but you are hurting my feelings.

TM should suspend you from JOM, at least until after the game.




Oh, Lord, Stephanie. I might be able to randomly circle a team name, but come up with a score too?

Too sports clueless to even attempt that. But, y'all have fun and I will amuse myself reading along to see how everybody does. (Pretty sure Sue will be in this pool!)


I didn't list the games before Dec 30 as the bowl season doesn't really get into full swing until close to New Year's, but we can include them as well if you want.

The games start Saturday, but I'm not sure anyone even knows enough about some of the teams to make a prediction... Buffalo?

Anyways here are the pre-Dec 30 games, too.

Gildan New Mexico Washington St. vs. Colorado St. Dec. 21 2 p.m. ESPN

Royal Purple Las Vegas Fresno State vs. USC Dec. 21 3:30 p.m. ABC TBD

Famous Idaho Potato Buffalo vs. San Diego St. Dec. 21 5:30 p.m. ESPN

R+L Carriers New Orleans Tulane vs. Louisiana-Lafayette Dec. 21 9 p.m. ESPN

Beef 'O' Brady's St. Petersburg East Carolina vs. Ohio Dec. 23 2 p.m. ESPN

Sheraton Hawaii Boise St. vs. Oregon St. Dec. 24 8 p.m. ESPN

Little Caesars Pizza Pittsburgh vs. Bowling Green Dec. 26 6 p.m. ESPN

S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia Utah St. vs. Northern Illinois Dec. 26 9:30 p.m. ESPN

Military Bowl Presented By Northrop Grumman Marshall vs. Maryland Dec. 27 2:30 p.m. ESPN

Texas Syracuse vs. Minnesota Dec. 27 6 p.m. ESPN

Fight Hunger BYU vs. Washington Dec. 27 9:30 p.m. ESPN

New Era Pinstripe Rutgers vs. Notre Dame Dec. 28 Noon ESPN

Belk Cincinnati vs. North Carolina Dec. 28 3:20 p.m. ESPN

Russell Athletic Louisville vs. Miami Dec. 28 6:45 p.m. ESPN

Buffalo Wild Wings Kansas St. vs. Michigan Dec. 28 10:15 p.m. ESPN


NO. Just pick a winner, circle em style. Easy peazy.

Cut and paste or just list your winners of each bowl and I'll do the rest.

(BTW, can you tell I'm running out of things to do - I'm still cooking but the table is running out of room to hold it all) ;)


Yes that seemms like a weak card.

oops.  did he say that?

DD asswipe;

"We weren't singing the Blues"

The underworld level of awareness is telling. Does he even know where the Blues came from? I suspect, even if he does, he wasn't singing them and that's all that matters.

Duck you.


Careful ig. I'd submit that posting on a political blog on the net qualifies as a nerdy activity.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, so to speak, and assert that anyone whose job mainly involves chainsaws and big trees is immune from the nerd label, regardless of how he spends his free time.

Beasts of England

I circled my picks, but it got all messed up when I scrolled down...


Having seen bits and pieces of Thor, I realize why I didn't bother to actively seek it out,


Breaking news!

WSJ: Obama will allow millions to purchase bare-bones insurance plans

Link is to mobile/WSJ subscriber-only article, which I am not... It starts:
The Obama administration will allow millions of Americans whose insurance policies had been canceled to purchase bare-bones plans next year.

Twitterverse appears to be just stunned. No lefties or juiceboxers have made a peep.


Now that is damn funny, Beasts!!!



WH Drops another bomb on the insurers, who are probably as surprised as anyone.

The Obama's leave for their 17-day vacation tomorrow.


'winning the future' does that work,


A bit more shows at WZ -


Account Deleted


Obama has access to the actual BOzocare numbers. The National Enquirer piece might have some truth to it based upon those numbers rather than current polling. He's been close to this low in polling before. I can easily see him becoming very stressed and even more frenetic as the scope of the BOzocare failure becomes impossible to disguise.

oops.  did he say that?

However banal, and arrogantly ignorant Robertson wishes to be, that's his business. He doesn't need the money or the headache to put up with having his tender and endearing pov besmirched.

I pledge that, however atavistic and sectored Robertson becomes; no matter how many more Caveman grunts he manages to vocalize, I will defend his Neanderthal Civil rights and his right to expectorate in public with my life. I do hereby swear.


Government by royal decree.


When is someone going to challenge the authority of this jerk to just make and change laws at his own whims?

Beasts of England

I'm glad the JEF is screwing with the law again. That's what executives do, right? Remember when signing statements were a threat to our Constitution?


And does he have a clue? What happens to people who have already signed up for new policies? And to the insurance companies who priced out policies based on the pool of applicants they were likely to get, and now will get a possibly very different pool? This fool has no clue about how businesses and markets function, big surprise.


Rich, thanks... The Memorial Meeting went very well, our extended family showed up in force.

Duck calls, yes. Mine are Illinois River flyway sourced, not from the commander.

Pajama boy from WI Madison? Probably slept in them in the Capitol during the initial occupation... I'll check with nieces on what term his fellow students use for him when I get back home tomorrow. Seems like a guy you would invert a port-a-potty for if he was in it.


That's what I figured henry, he evinces great stupidity, in that interview for the Herald,

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