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December 11, 2013



Well the Danish was reaching for him, ahem, as they say, it's another Johansen moment IYNWIM

Jeff Dobbs

Early this morning I received notification that my NSF proposal has cleared all administrative hurdles and will fund Jan 1.




Nice to see you posting.

"Has anyone heard of a charity forming, or an existing one gearing up, to help people hurt by Obamacare? "

Can you imagine how quickly it would be audited, raided, harassed and on and on?

Captain Hate

Levin pointed out that when Boehner was complaining about people talking about the budget deal before knowing the facts, he had sent his flacks out to leak the info to people, including Levin, that something was coming. This comes after Paul Teller was purged Soviet style from the Republican Study Committee for purportedly leaking info.


Six degrees. Congrats Dr J and good luck on your exam rich. This is a good story from the Bangor Daily...Rotary clubs in Maine and NH,led by the Biddeford-Saco club have collected teddy bears,toys and financial donations for the children of Lac Megantic.The train wreck took at least one parent from 21 children and left four orphaned. A Christmas fair will be held where family members can shop for free for five gifts for each child.The Salvation Army and Sen.King's office sent border officials letters requesting an easy crossing for the convoy of vehicles.


Reminds me on an incident, recounted in one of Vinik's earlier books, a former CIA analyst turned Senate intelligence committee staffer, David Sullivan, was fired because one of those supposed leaks re Salt 11,


Is it 40 or 45 grams of chocolate ration



Good morning. Wonderful news, DrJ - happy for you.

I really don't know what to make of the Ryan budget deal. My favorite, adopted Senator (Jeff Sessions) says he will not vote for it, which gives me pause.



IMO, every American needs to shut off ESPN


Couldn't post this last night, but "better late. . ."

I have always been a fan of "tonto's" comments here, and thought Tonto was a woman but didn't know for sure. But I was pleasantly surprised to hear the news that Tonto is married to Harry Stein. I have also been a long-time fan of Harry Stein's writing, especially his columns at City Journal.

Congratulations to Mr. Tonto for having the great, good sense to marry our insightful Tonto. And kudos to Tonto for her brilliant hubby, and their very talented writer-daughter, who seems to have followed in her parents' talented footsteps.

- - - - -

Budget deal seems to be baby steps - at a time when one would expect more substantive proposals. Getting played by that idiot Patty Murray is *not* something for one's resumé, IMO.

Miss Marple

sbw, You are right it needs to be explained.

I still want to know if Gus is right that Porkulus has been renewed every year through the CR.

If it has been, then it is a disgrace that we didn't know that!

Miss Marple

You know, we need an ad made by the most photogenic GOP Congress members. It should use graphics to show the amounts, and then say:

What this MEANS is that your children and grandchildren will not be able to buy a house.

What this MEANS is that ther eis less money to give to the poor because wwe are paying universities and government contractors to operate programs, where they skim money off the top.

What this MEANS is that we will run out of money for ANYTHING.

What this MEANS is that foreigners will come in and buy up our land.

Etc. etc. The consequences have to be real to the public, not some chart with a line or just a number. They have to visualize it, like that ad with the Chinese guy in the future laughing about how they took us over.

Jeff Dobbs

Oh, look! The "sexiest man alive" is going to promote Obamacare.

FACT CHECK: This statement is false.


I'll be voted sexiest man alive before Barry is impeached.

Posted by: Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki | December 06, 2012 at 04:42 PM


I think we need to nudge things along.

Who is the sexiest man alive?

Vote early and often.

Posted by: hit and run | December 07, 2012 at 09:41 AM


The results are in and Ignatz indeed was voted the sexiest man alive.

Ignatz is not going to promote Obamacare.

OUR RATING: Four flaming-panted Pinocchios.

However, speaking of the sexiest man alive...


I got you a cake...


Why should Senate Repubs vote for this Budget? they weren't part of the deal, and they are trying to win the Senate in '14 by Budget reform and preventing national bankruptcy, which this Budget doesn't do. The House Repub leadership did this deal because they are trying to STAY in power, and avoiding another shutdown makes it easier for them to do-- The Senate Dems did the deal for the same reason.Neither the Senate Dems nor the House Repubs got what they wanted, this is a status quo budget.

Old Lurker

HB Iggy!


Happy birthday, Ignatz, this deal is 'not good for aminals, small children or other living things'
no small surprise.

Miss Marple

GOP Should Introduce the Nelson Mandela Voter Protection Act


Captain Hate

HB Iggy.


Happy birthday, Ignatz. Wishing you many blessings for the year ahead.


Happy Birthday Ignatz!

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Happy Birthday, Iggy.

Bingo, NK. I share your opinion that your description is the realpolitik of the situation we are now in. It is hard to be shocked, shocked that there is politics going on among the politicians in our Nation's Capitol. But that doesn't mean we can't hate it.


Dear RickB/others--

some data about ObumerCare demographics is leaking out, and it is as expected in the big picture but the details are surprising (to me anyway.) Big picture, the demographics stink and it is a death spiral --as expected. Older/sicker people are buying ObumerCare. But the surprise is that fewer of them are on subsidy than expected. Why? Alot of the signees may be 40-50s yos who got kicked out of their individual plan. They are not subsidy eligible but want/need insurance so they signed up-- for a WORSE ExchangeCare plan. Poorer younger people are not signing up --yet-- why should they? they'll just wait until they get sick, or lose their job and go on expanded Medicaid. Here's the link:http://hotair.com/archives/2013/12/11/bob-laszewski-the-demographic-mix-in-some-obamacare-risk-pools-right-now-is-very-very-bad/


HB Iggy!


A very happy and healthy birthday to you Ignatz. All the best.


HB Iggy,

Like 90% of my family you were born in December. Poor thang.


Happy birthday Iggy! Wishing you the best.


You don't belong to any organized party up there,
do you?



Congo Rats to Dr. J -- now THAT"S impressive! And a very happy birthday to Ignatz, too. Thanks to all for your generous comments.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Happy Birthday, Ignatz!! Lots of love to you!!


rse, the feds must really have gotten their signals crossed.


"It’s significant because Kenilworth is a charter school operated by the Pelican Educational Foundation, which is a front group for the Gulen Movement – a shady Turkish Muslim outfit founded by a man named Fethullah Gulen"

Be sure you read the EOS ad at the end of the article. They claim Obama doesn't want you reading it.


beautiful cake, hit.

Many blessings on your birthday, ig

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Some good posts at Am. Thinker -

"Conservatives notice what liberals somehow cannot see: that Jesus is addressing the voluntary choices of individuals. Christianity rests upon free will. Capitalism rests upon free will. God Himself does not force anyone to obey Him, follow Him, love Him, or serve Him."

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

a bit more - "Liberal theology -- both Protestant and Catholic -- ends up being a call for dependence upon government, not God, to solve humanity's problems. Rather than trusting in evangelism to change the world one heart at a time, liberal Christians -- from many denominations -- believe that only government can save us. Their trust is in government, not God."


HB Iggy! Love ya!

Congrats, Dr. J. Awesome news.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

That article goes perfect with this Dinesh D'Souza clip from a debate. It's about 6 minutes long....really good. Really good.


Miss Marple

Lament of the Plutocrats: Wall Street is fed up with Democrats - and Republicans, too


Guess who is getting favorable publicity by sucking up to them: Hillary Clinton

Captain Hate

Goldman’s Jim O’Neill, the laconic Brit who heads the bank’s asset management division, introduced Clinton by saying how courageous she was for speaking at the bank.

Almost as courageous as when she was dodging bullets in Bosnia, whose crack sharpshooters somehow couldn't hit her fat ass.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

Yeah, I thought that was funny, too.

Notice how the article tries to make us feel sorry for the Wall Street guys. And also infers how "reasonable" one of the all-time grifters is.

I thought it was interesting to see what the big money is doing and how they are going to portray Hillary in the months ahead.


MissM-- for the GS Vampire Squids it's all about the Portfolio Trading (Volcker)rules and crude trade margins. So she's whispering sweet nothings to them about how that would work in Clinton regime #2, and they're saying very nice, here's the check. Just Grifters treating each other as marks, and us paying for it. I'll ask our friend in Chi Town if he'll let me forward his observations, I'm sure he has the highest regards for GS.

Miss Marple

Thanks, NK.

I would be very interested in his take on it.

I thought in the middle of all that's going on, the fact that Politico would do such a detailed story was very telling.

jimmyk on iPhone

Re 9:02, I'm shocked that Holder's Justice Dept is investigating Grimm but not Obama. Fortunately sounds like Vosella is going to stay out of it and save Rs from another 'workplace accident.'

Happy Birthday, Iggy.


Well Goldman payed the pelf, so only Fabrice, got caught in the net, and their contribution to the Clinton Foundation, is probably not insubstantial.

Jeff Dobbs

Goldman’s Jim O’Neill, the laconic Brit who heads the bank’s asset management division, introduced Clinton by saying how courageous she was for speaking at the bank.

Goldman Sachs Loves Hillary Clinton

Captain Hate

Rodham's always had a cozy relationship with the money changers going back to her cattle trading windfall which she doubtlessly gained strictly through being sympatico with her fellow bovines.

jimmyk on iPhone

NK, I thought GS is no longer a bank, therefore not affected, maybe even a beneficiary of, the Volcker Rule.



That was excellent.


The CEO of the Clinto foundation, is a fmr Goldman exec and Davis Polk partner, what are the odds.

Jack is Back!

Happy Birthday, Iggy!

Today's beach. 60F, Heavy surf, low tide, winds 10-15 out of the NE. Sandblasting the dogs on our daily regimen.

Miss Marple

Thanks for the photo, Jack!

It's pleasant to see something that isn't covered in snow!


JimmyK-- I do recall GS altering its regulatory status in some way after Lehman Melt Down, but it is a 'bank' --mais bien sur how else could it run the NY FED Reserve Bank if it weren't :)-- here's a WSJ article claiming GS is hardest hit by Volcker b/c it threatens market making: http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2013/12/10/volcker-rule-will-hit-goldman-harder-than-morgan-stanley-analyst/

Sand E. Thursdaze

You know, when I hear Paul Ryan, as I did this morning on Bill Bennett's show, he sounds very solid on the issues, responsible, and trustworthy.

But, but, but I am left with a uncomfortable aftertaste... particularly having heard John Hinderacher the previous hour, who also sounds solid, responsible and trustworthy.

How many years have we heard that "this time it will be different" that they are doing the best they can for the Republic?

Something does not square.


HB Iggy.

pagar-charters need not be corrupt but many of them have been intentionally designed to be beyond recourse from outraged parents and taxpayers. Most of the charters I have read are full of unappreciated language. I have also seen the label of the Gulen Movement used to malign the rare well-functioning charter where the district wants to stop beacons of genuine academic excellence.

But that is interesting. My experience is that all corruption is tolerated and even encouraged through consciously created conflicts of interest as long as the school has transitioned or will to a nonacademic orientation.

But the FBI would be willing to raid over racial matters and as a means for pushing the economic justice meme. Why raid only that Gulen school? They are certainly tolerated and even encouraged elsewhere.

Sand E. Thursdaze

Some of you may have read (and perhaps this was already brought up, I might have missed the discussion), from three days ago:

John Lehman: More Bureaucrats, Fewer Jets and Ships


Here are some brief thoughts from Chi Town, WARNING: a we bit of locker room talk:

"Expensive blo%$#b-- nah, I can't say that...the second time she's gotten on her knees in front of men for cash? Anyone pick up on the tax hike nuke option Reid got in the budget deal? And happy b-day to Ig."


"Something does not square."

If you want action on the budget instead of just 'solid talk', win the Senate in '14.


Re Goldman, I was thinking of this:

Goldman, Morgan Stanley May Shed ‘Bank’ Status: Analyst

from a couple of years ago, but maybe they never got around to it. No doubt they want to have their cake and eat it too. I would have thought the best way to do that is to stop being a bank, which allows them to escape the VR, plus increase leverage, etc. Then if there's ever any 'trouble,' as in 2008 they can presto become a bank again and get rescued by the Fed. Sort of like the 'no pre-existing conditions exclusions' for insurance.

Sandy Thursdaze

I'm all for a strong Department of War, or Defense or whatever... I'm a retired squid and a taxpayer as well, so I guess my view is as valid as anyone else's (and we all know what opinions are worth...)

But, it seems to me that cuts to the DoD are not only necessary but critical... the monster's appetite will not be sated...

More, the budget "agreement" is being hailed because it "protects" the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon continues to do what any small town would do whenever a budget increment is suggested, SCREAM LOUDLY "well, we'll have to cut personnel and benefits" always, ALWAYS hitting the E-5 first and foremost, but letting the ASDs and GOFOs carry on smartly...

BTW - I'd know the Pentagon was actually concerned about protecting this great Republic, and concerned about frivolous expenditures when it stopped pissing away USD $30 per gallon on biofuel....

Get rid of the greenie programs, focus on flying, fighting, and winning and away from every stoopid social cause, and I would then take the doD a bit more seriously.


Just read that some of the Dems are scheming to use the budget vote to try and take the heat off of Obamacare.Create the crisis. Control the crisis. Exploit the crisis.


All true JimmyK-- but then they would have to turn in their magic decoder ring to that place on Maiden Lane, and HildaBeast wouldn't give a shite about their check, nor would they care about her.


Happy Birthday, Ignatz!!

Great cake hit -- where did you find that?

And thanks, all, for the good wishes. The next task is to rescue one at NIH.


It's the Dowager Empress's stone fleet all over again,


Happy, happy day, Iggy!

And congrats to Dr. J for successfully running the gauntlet.


consider Sandy, who was has beeing paying for Hagel's upkeep since he left the Senate, some of the same folks, supporting Hillary, and their interests are not just financial

Sandy Thursdaze

So (per the style guide?), on one of my email lists the other day a retired MARINE sends in his ideas, which IMNSHO, are excellent and timely (but will never be adopted). I won't repeat all, but here's a guy with 30yrs service, has seen the dark underside and suggests, interalia:

* - Reduce HQ USEUCOM, US PACOM, USCENTCOM to 500 personnel, each. Mandate that the Service component HQ's co-locate with their Theater (EUCOM, PACOM, CENTCOM) HQ, and have a manning level of no more than 60 personnel per Service component HQ.

* - Merge the JCS staff section, located in Tidewater, VA that resulted from cancelling LantCom, with Southcom and NorthCom. Locate the new HemisphereCOM in Norfolk, VA. Its manning can not exceed 500 personnel.

* - Cut the DISA, DLA, and OJCS staff by 10% each year for 5 years. Cut the Service HQ staffs by 10% per year for 5 years, as well. No staff sections should be allowed to be "rebadged" and moved elsewhere.

Seems that the above actions would go a long way to rebalance the staff and headquarters bloat. Cut the staff bloat and then perhaps the focus on core missions will sharpen. There are some similarly bracing recommendations on platforms.

Account Deleted

Happy Birthday, Ignatz.


The reported stats are worthless. The WSJ article was a joke due to the assumption that holders of canceled policies would be forced to use the 404Care.fail roach Motel California. BOzo's site is designed for those who qualify for a Parasite First Class badge. The tiny little problem comes with setting up a maze to be run for a group with an average IQ of <80.

I'm not disagreeing with your assumption concerning the probability that many of the initial signups are older and/or have pre-existing conditions, I'm just pointing out that the overall numbers and quality of the pool are impossible to determine on the basis of what has been reported or will be reported concerning the BOzo site. It is not the primary source for insurer customers by any means.

Sandy Thursdaze

true enough, narc


I'd know the Pentagon was actually concerned about protecting this great Republic, and concerned about frivolous expenditures when it stopped pissing away USD $30 per gallon on biofuel...

One of the things Stockman said in the video I linked last night is that the defense budget is some 50% higher (inflation-adjusted) than it was under Bush, even with sequestration. And though defense is obviously one of the few legitimate functions of the federal government, as your comment suggests, I would prefer to be stingy with the budget as long as the current administration is in office.



Exactly, then we can force Obama to veto our budgets as we like them. Make Obama defend his expenditures. Right now all of these continuing resolutions have allowed all the Federal agencies to spend money with little restraint. We as Conservatives need to realize that the country will not change overnight, and the Republicans have little leverage at this point.

James D.

Happy birthday, Ignatz!


Happy Birthday, Ignatz ! ! !

Hope you have a very memorable day.


I cannot understand why conservatives would think tossing the sequestration now, for a promise of reducing the rate of increase in spending a decade hence, would be a good thing.

Miss Marple


As I understand it (and I could be wrong) the way the sequester is written the Pentagon has to cut across the board rather than picking less essential departments to cut.

So the sub-department of diversity training is cut the same as the nuclear subs.

I THINK this is why they wanted to be able to give the Pentagon more money.

As I said, I could be wrong.


Happy Birthday Ignatz! You rock.

S andy  D aze

Miss M - well, of course they'd say that... Aack (says the small-town Mayor and City Council) "we have to cut the libraries, fire department and police departments if we enact these draconian cuts"


Miss Marple

S. D.,

No, there really was something in the sequester about this, because there were discussions at the time about how the Pentagon wasn't allowed to move money around.

You are free to disbelieve it.

As I said yesterday, once lying becomes acceptable no one knows who to believe any more.

Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday, Ignatz!


S andy  D aze

Oh, Miss M, so you are suggesting that the Executive follows the Rule of Law, and not the Law of Rule?

and that the Pentagon was not allowed to move money around...

seriously ?


"There are some similarly bracing recommendations on platforms. "

Save millions each year just by installing AC in server housing. It would seem a no-brainer to extend the life of hardware. There's a lot of gravy that goes through the grate, and few GAS.


Again on Sandy's comments about "greenie" programs, my employer is facing some budget issues, and one of my helpful suggestions is to get rid of the "Office of Energy and Sustainability." I'll know if they are serious about addressing the problems if that office disappears.

Miss Marple


Here's an article from Roll Call pointing out that funding for a dubious aircraft was shielded from sequester while maintenance and troop support were not:


I assume this was done at the request of someone on the negotiating team because it was in someone's district who kicked up a fuss.

Captain Hate

Belated RIP to Jim Hall, who spent his wonder years in Cleveland and fortunately stayed active playing until the end. I would imagine our Chicago friend is a big fan.


Even if cuts are strictly across-the-board, that may not be so bad, since it forces economies, as long as in each category there is some latitude about how to do it (whom to lay off, what expenditures to postpone, etc.). Almost any office or low-level department has some 'fat' that can be cut, and across-the-board is less prone to politicking.


Two new threads.

**Bill in AZ**

Happy Birthday Ignatz

The cake is incomplete - there should be a squished watermelon (green on the outside, commie red on the inside environmentalist) somewhere in there.

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