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December 30, 2013


Danube on iPad

Thanks Rich. Hope to be walking Friday. It's been 49 days....


A good start. Badda Bing. You'll be here all ze week.


I suppose now you are going to tell me that none of you chokes his prostitute.


A good start?

I will be here all week, and don't forget to tip your waitress!

Beasts of England

@davdickian: Abortion is not on my radar screen, so I guess you can assume I'm an outlier.

@JiB: I assumed it was Dana. Only schools is can think of that are close to that are the service academies, where USMA is usually called West Point or even Army in sports.

Danube on iPad

"Depends on how consistent you wish to be about your concerns wrt innocent children."

Absolute, undiluted gibberish.


smaller gang plank, for small fry;


consistent gibberish

"Absolute, undiluted gibberish."

Things you say when speechless, or terminally confused.


New thread.

Beasts of England

@MarkO: That usually costs extra...



She'll pay it.


It's never a popular solution but raising taxes on the top one per cent and rolling corporate loopholes should pick up the slack in the ACA. If Obamacare still struggles under it's own weight then we'll simply switch to a single payer system,something in my heart of hearts I kind of believe the Obama administration is working toward anyway. The only way you could have had this many problems bringing the ACA online is you intentionally wanted this many problems to weigh down and finally break the entire system.


marko @ 5:42



sorry...rolling back...


I'd cut-and-paste, but then again...bad idea.

Danube on iPad

Lisa Myers of NBC reports on a few winners and lots of losers at a 41-employee Michigan auto dealership:



Tebow to ESPN.

Another Bob

JIB | December 30, 2013 at 04:47 PM:

Missouri / Mizzou?



marko @ 5:42


Posted by: peter | December 30, 2013 at 05:00 PM




marko @ 5:42


Posted by: peter | December 30, 2013 at 05:00 PM


Yeah? it ain't so easy being funny when the pressure is on. Ask every failed comedian.


DD@5:00 takes a sober pill. Yes we know all that; in unguarded moments Obummer and Harry 'Alleged Pederast' reid have said just that. The problem for those of you in the Prog echo chamber is that the Dems lied to all of the important voters about that, and they will lose control of the Senate. One thing we can all agree to though, when Obummer loses the Senate, he will engage in tyrannical power grabs, because the constitutional checks and balances thing won't work for him. I welcome that show down.




Really wonder why Spitzer's ex-wife, Silda, who is a Harvard Law grad, stuck with him as long as she did. I know they had a 13 year old at the time the scandal broke, but still....she had to know what a creep he was by that point.


I agree with your statements. especially the comment about this doofus who has been a free rider. .I don't mind helping children but this guy reeks of bad choices he wants us to pay for while he enjoys the money made from his own business. There is no free lunch. Here's hoping his premiums skyrocket in the second year.


Unfortunately-- Adam Peterson is getting a $20,000+ free lunch THIS YEAR alone. And I bet his ExchangeCare rates won't skyrocket, the Illinois --ILLINOIS!!-- state insurance commission will fix it to keep ExchangeCare rates as low as possible, and stick it to everyone else.

Ballsy, but peanut sized.

"they will lose control of the Senate."

Hmm. Considering the negative influences of your paramours, perhaps you'd like to make a friendly wager on what seems to be premature ejaculation.


Being uninsured is correlation, not causation, to the lower percentage of childrens' immunizations, primary care visits, etc.


Well, Marko, you missed your cue. Choked, as it were.

deductive reduction

"Being uninsured is correlation, not causation"

But, you do understand the abortive alternative.


ObummerCare in 2014? here are the policy and political facts- terrible for the country, DOOM for Dems: http://www.newsmax.com/newswidget/worst-of-obamacare-yet/2013/12/30/id/544415?promo_code=EB8D-1&utm_source=National_Review&utm_medium=nmwidget&utm_campaign=widgetphase1


"The problem for those of you in the Prog echo chamber is that the Dems lied to all of the important voters about that, and they will lose control of the Senate"

What are you going to do once you control the Senate? You have no policy ideas,no agenda,no vision. Unless of course the goal is for a Republican controlled Senate to compete with the Republican controlled House for the most incompetent and non-productive legislative body in American history(combined with George W.Bush's worst American President in history that should create a permanent Republican majority).

Come on,NK, what really going on with you? You can confide in your old buddy,Dave? You don't really want to govern,you hate Government. Government stands for everything that's wrong with this country,right? So why would you want to do something that you inherently despise and to be quite frank, totally f'fing suck at?

Republicans should forget about politics and elections and all that crap because it's having a really negative effect on their collective aura. Go smell the flowers,set up corporations in underdeveloped countries and employ really horrendous workplace practices.Go dump toxic waste in nature preserves, poison water supplys, con people out of their life savings and try to invent ways to hide your money from Uncle Sam....just reconnect with the things that made being a Republican so much fun and try to feel happy and free and alive again.......forget about all this politics malarky.

blah, blah


""In the past there have been news reports about cadmium-contaminated rice - these kinds of problems have already been strictly prohibited," he said.

This year, inspectors found dangerous levels of cadmium in rice sold in the southern city of Guangzhou. The rice was grown in Henan, a major heavy metal-producing region.

China's determination to squeeze as much food and resources as possible from its land has put thousands of farms close to chemical plants, mines and other heavy industries, raising the risks of contamination.

With food security still the most pressing concern, China is determined to ensure that at least 120 million hectares (295 million acres) of land is reserved for agriculture, a policy known as the "red line". The rehabilitation of polluted land is part of that policy.

A government land survey revealed traces of toxic metals dating back at least a century as well as pesticides banned in the 1980s, and state researchers have said that as much as 70 percent of China's soil could have problems."

fitness buffs in China understand the Freeeeeee Market has to be unfettered for the greatest economic growth. The well-being of the population takes a back-seat and rightly so.

The Economy trumps everything.



blah, blah

"Come on,NK, what really going on with you? "

Closet Anarchy.

Jeff Dobbs

the Republican controlled House for the most incompetent and non-productive legislative body in American history

The house will be ours in 2014 and with all three branches of government under our control we could ...

Posted by: DublinDave | October 13, 2013 at 05:01 AM

Shocking, someone who couldn't answer "Quick, name the three branches of government" reveals himself to also be suspect when it comes to passing an elementary quiz on Scholastic Rock's "I'm Just a Bill".

Gimme a Seven !

Well, that was 2 1/2 months ago. It's more difficult than predicting birthdays.

Who will be the victorious Republican candidate for the WH in 2016?

It seems fair to hold you to it.



If your "vision" is so great, I am sure that winning that retaining the Senate and gaining the House will be not problem.

All you Progs have to do is wow everyone with your "visions and ideas" and voila, fait accompli.



Being a musician, I know something about transposition, which you did with your 5 and 4.

I was honored to have amused you. Twice?

Now, I'm all choked up.


TM, IMO this is one of your very finest posts. Well-done and needed.

H. S. Normal

$27k for gallbladder removal is more than twice the US national average price. http://clearhealthcosts.com/blog/2012/05/how-much-does-a-gall-bladder-removal-cost/

John F.

Self-absorbed narcissistic POS. More government please. Because fairness.

Bet he loves fiat currency and gun control.


Mr. Peterson claims to be a financial planner, and yet he got himself into such a predicament? Pretty poor planning, I'd say. He'd better hope that none of his clients see this story; they'd drop him like a hot potato.


Mr. Peterson claims to be a financial planner? He did precious little planning on his own behalf. He'd better hope that none of his clients see this article; they'd drop him like a hot potato.

I'll say it again: it is a sad but unavoidable fact that any sane insurance system must provide less satisfactory outcomes for those with pre-existing conditions.
It's a sad but unavoidable fact that if you go to the track and bet the rent and grocery money on a horse, and it comes in last, then you will have a less than satisfactory outcome...

--Mr. Peterson claims to be a financial planner? He did precious little planning on his own behalf.--

Oh, he did quite well - the amount he saved by not paying premiums on insurance exceeds the amount he paid out of pocket. That is simply the self-pay-patient model.

What's objectionable is his pretense that his years without insurance was in any way based on 'necessity' rather than his rational choice based on his personal priorities.

In fact, if it weren't for the mandate plus the 'just ignore my pre-existing condition' risk pooling, I suspect he'd still choose to be uninsured/self-pay.

I wonder if he's got his business picking up some/all the costs of his premiums.

Sioned L

Did Mr Invincible actually pay the $27,000 or did he negotiate a reduced price. I negotiated a 30% discount on the deductible portion of an emergency room and 6 day hospital stay. The balance of > $ $100,000 was covered by a "substandard" "doesn't cover enough" "bad apple" insurance policy. Two days after this accident, and still in the hospital, a diagnosis of cancer was in the works. Followed on by a second surgery needed for the accident, biopsy and surgery for the cancer. Add in > $ 900/day rehab facility for 11 days. Suddenly, $895 /mo health ins prem for 2 healthy adults seemed cheap.


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