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December 06, 2013



The notion that the Top Men, feel so secure, that they are focusing on their surefire pitch to women, and not the whole blasted fustercluck we're still undergoing, well Picard facepalm,

Danube on iPad

The lack of a glossary leaves me completely in the dark about what has been said lately. Probably just as well.



henry needs to write a letter asking that the deer crossing sign is moved closer to him.....



The law means nothing to Obama. He operates in the interstices, knowing there is only one redress and that is foreclosed by the composition of Congress and History.

In Chapter One, our hero has been wrongfully accused of a Mann Act violation and we seek to clear his name by subpoenaing the NSA.

Apparently, the authorities believe he drove across the bridge from Memphis to West Memphis, Arkansas with his personal assistant for "immoral" purposes, whatever those were.

The client says he was in San Diego.

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce was slattering Boehner about the witless comment he let loose about teaching Congress critters how to interact with wimmenz; a slip that was so lacking in savoir faire that it leaves me sadder than enraged.

That's the second recent time that BOR has taken a shot at a fellow Fox employee. Nice tight ship Ailes is running.


--Quick responses are necessary to save lives and prevent further complications with more cost associated.--

Which I would think is why you pointed out earlier that no prior approval is required in such cases.


So sorry for your loss Henry. You never truly get over the loss of your parents. I think of mine all the time. Hopefully you have many wonderful memories.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Condolences, Henry. Good dads are special. I lost mine when I was 20, 53 years ago September first. My life was never the same again. But that event made me a survivor, living every day like it was my last. Another of our Saints' laborers is now resting and laboring no more. God grant peace and comfort to you and your family in this time of trial.

Requiem Aeternam, dona eis Domine.


Sorry about your pop, Henry.
I will sit shiva with you.


If you don't think we are losing our freedom, read this:




So sad. I miss my dad every day.


MarkO, I was just about to post the same link. A must-read. A perfect storm of evil edicts of the Obama administration influencing an all-too-willing academic community. The result is reminiscent of the Salem witch trial atmosphere of the Fells Acre case.

Captain Hate

That guy needs to get in line, Mark; go to F.I.R.E's website and read some of the cases they're involved in. Kollidges and younivurcities are noted for running roughshod over the rights of the accused. My younger Hatette had a boyfriend at Columbia who got jammed up by some psycho who accused him of rape; even though there was no evidence that anything physical happened there was an entry on his permanent record about it. The guy was a perfect gentleman to my daughter and I stayed in touch with him after they broke up because he was such a good guy.

Beasts of England

JEF argued that raising the minimum wage wouldn't raise prices or cause same minimum wage jobs to be lost.

To summarize: he's not beholden to our Constitution, Congress or the most fundamental law of economics - supply and demand. He's special.

Danube on iPad

I lost my mom in 1988, and my dad in 1999. I will miss each of them every day for the rest of my life, but the missing of them becomes increasingly sweet.

Henry, you'll dream about your dad often for as long as you live. I think you'll come to savor those dreams.

Be as strong as you can.


Here's the link to FIRE that CH refers to:


It doesn't even include the Auburn case that Taranto writes about, so this may be the tip of the iceberg.


He's special.

As in "special needs"?



I have had the opportunity to explain to certain school administrators the requirements of Due Process and the First Amendment. Over time I have represented TV stations and newspapers in such matters.

Those in the academic bureaucracy obey only their own laws.

Captain Hate

FIRE has limited resources, jimmyk, and doesn't get involved in every case and I'm sure there are a lot. I assume your school is more sane than the behavior noted above.


Just got off the phone with Henry. He's doing ok, and is grateful for all the love.


FIRE is worthy of our full support.



My condolences, I lost my dad when I was 18. He died of a heart attack on Tuesday but that prior Sunday we had been at a post election celebration on the beach. We had a great time, that day.

God bless.

Captain Hate

Gus I was just listening to the Replacements "Sorry Ma, I Forgot to Take Out the Trash" and thinking of you.


Merry go round is my favorite Replacements song. And my band plays "Can't hardly wait"


No criticism of FIRE intended, of course, just emphasizing, as you pointed out, the magnitude of the problem. But Taranto's piece brought the role of the Obama administration to light for me, at least.

You're right that this specific issue doesn't seem to be present at my institution, but the Feds' carrot and stick of grant money is a huge ever-present threat in all sorts of areas. I admire Hillsdale for refusing those funds to keep its independence, but that's almost impossible for a big research institution.


So sorry to hear of your grievous loss, Henry.

Hope it's not out of line to say that its obvious that your Dad did a great job raising you.

Captain Hate

Yes I agree that this is something that Ear Leader's goons have made even worse and it was good for Taranto to point that out. I think we're all on the same page.


Daddy, henry and I are friends, and it was obvious and clear to me how much Henry revered his Dad. On a relatively long car ride one Sunday Henry and I chatted about many things, but what I remember most was his love for his Dad and his family. And he learned of my love for Cheap Trick and guitars!! Hahahaha!!
Henry is a great guy.

Captain Hate

Good night, guys.


Take care Cap'n.

Beasts of England

Speaking of guitars; please tell me about your collection, Gus. Did I read that it totaled 23 instruments?


Good news for the unions:

Five days after a fatal Metro-North Railroad derailment in the Bronx, the Federal Railroad Administration issued an emergency order on Friday requiring the railroad to have two people in place to operate trains at potentially precarious sites.

As it is the NYT, the reporting made no sense:

1. A graphic in the article refers to PTC systems mandated by 2015, but also to "Cab Signal Systems": "These systems have been modified to stop trains approaching curves too fast, but the Hudson Line does not have them." Can't tell if these two things are the same, but it seems like they aren't.

2. The same graphic refers to a dead man switch, but doesn't explain why, if the story is true that the engineer fell asleep, why that switch didn't stop the train.

Beasts of England

Yes, jimmyk, that kinda special.

That's why we need a Mark Cuban rule for president. If you can't run a Dairy Queen and understand the elements of income, expenses, and (hopefully) profit, then you cannot pass 'Go' and ride in the big blue jet.


Beasts I've got 26 or so. I have 2 SG'S a 67 and a 2006. I have a 1275 doubleneck SG. I now have 4 Les Pauls. A 65 Custom, a 67 Gold top, an 80 Special and a 2009 Sunburst Standard. I have 3 tele's, I have a really really nice 40th anniversary strat '94, I have a Rick 330, I have an 80 Hamer Special....and more.


the authorities believe he drove across the bridge from Memphis to West Memphis, Arkansas with his personal assistant...


Used to enjoy driving across that bridge, nicknamed the Dolly Parton
to get to the dog track in West Melvis, Arkansas.

The client says he was in San Diego.

And also used to enjoy driving across the San Diego Border to go to the Caliente Dog Races in Tijuana.

for "immoral" purposes, whatever those were.

Ditto that as well:)

Beasts of England

Damned nice, Gus! I guess you get to be the official guitar supplier for the JOM rhythm section!

Seems like last time the comments veered into this realm, we had about eight guitar slingers in the mix. I can't remember if we had a drummer or not, but I could step up, if necessary...


Beasts. Henry is a bass player, and he just bought himself a nice Ibanez guitar.


Beasts. I own quite a few acoustic guitars too.
A Takamine, A Fender, 2 Yamaha's, an Ovation, a Stella, a Gretsch, and I have a Kramer acoustic electric, I own an Explorer, and I own a mandolin, I own a Dean Bass..acoustic electric. I own 2 electric piano's and a Bradford Grand.

Beasts of England

All we need now are groupies and long hair...


I play in the same band I played with in High School. We went our separate ways for a few years, and when the bass player came to see me about getting gigs again, I said YES, but we CANNOT be a HAIR BAND anymore.

Beasts of England

No banjo?


You want us to play THEME FROM DELIVERANCE in the JOM BAND?



I read that they are suggesting the conductor's excuse may have been that he had Sleep Apnea.

Personally I don't believe it, but since the FAA is already on the BMI Body Fat bandwagon due to supposed Sleep Apnea, I'm afraid I foresee a DC generated NTSB Sleep Apnea hype campaign, which will become the new Medical Crisis du jour that needs immediate expensive fixing by expanding various Federal bureaucracies.

How come nobody just falls asleep at the job any more due to just being sleepy?

Beasts of England

Hey, I'm in Alabama - what did you expect?


Beasts, I have 2 rooms. TWO. Devoted to musical instruments in my house. And I have 2 rooms at friends houses, where I rehearse with even more stuff.
In one of my spare bedrooms I have a Marshall Stack, A Hartke Stack, a Fender Quad, an Ampeg Bass amp, and a small Yamaha Amp for a piano. Plus a P.a. amp, mike and monitors.


Daddy. At Mass one Sunday, the music director at my Church passed me and mentioned that he expected me to sing at Mass, because I'm from a Music family!!! He's a very very close friend, and as he sat down at the STEINWAY 10 minutes before Mass. I said. Hey John..play Freebird. He's a very straight laced pediatric heart surgeon and he leaned toward me as I sat in a pew and "dead panned"....."WHAT SONG IS IT YO WANNA HEAR!!?" I burst out laughing OUT LOUD. It was priceless.

Beasts of England

Fog machine?


Of course. Warm water, bucket, dry ice. OLD SCHOOL.


NTSB Sleep Apnea hype campaign

Yes, we need sleepiness to be a disease, or better yet a disability, covered by the ADA. Then employers will have to make reasonable accommodations (I need a sofa in my office, please), and you can no longer get fired for falling asleep on the job.

I'm also skeptical of the story because of the dead man switch. Unless he just happened to doze off at the just the right moment so that the switch didn't have time to kick in.



Sounds sorta' like that fun scene in "The Commitments", when the guy's on the Church Organ banging out "A Whiter Shade of Pale", and the Priest walks in and corrects him on who did the tune.


JimmyK. His LAWYER came up with the APNEA BULLSHIT.


For many ACC fans, this Duke/Florida State Football Game tomorrow might be a tough call.

On the one hand we've got Duke, a school where the Athletic students get busted for Rape but didn't do it, while at the other school, Florida State, the Athletic kid probably did do the deed but beats the rap anyhow.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh if only they had had tougher professors teaching classes for those jocks at those schools, (like they do at my Alma Mater, UNC Chapel Hill), then those guys wouldn't have had the time to be running around with murdering strippers and drunken barflies.

So as I say, a tough call, but when in doubt one can never go wrong by repeating that Age Old mantra, Go To Hell Duke!

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB Statue of Liberty FTW

I can play the hand bells, bongos, tambourine and other percussion instruments. Does that count?


Yes Stephanie. That counts.


Does that count?

No. We need more Cowbell:)

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB Statue of Liberty FTW

I can play cowbell. MOAR MOAR MOAR

Now I've got Billy Idokl in my ear.


Stephanie on kindle armchair QB Statue of Liberty FTW


Back to napping.


NTSB Sleep Apnea hype campaign

I take it all back.

Sleep Apnea! It's everywhere!!!


Henry, I am sorry to learn of your loss of your dad.

James D.

Henry, I am so sorry for your loss. You will be in my prayers.

Captain Hate

daddy, I'm shocked that they've uncovered yet another instance of Botch Davis besmirching the image of Tarhole U. The funny thing is, with the massive violations which that flim flam idiot attached to Chapel Hole, he still couldn't produce a winning football team.


jimmyk, thanks for your response. Will try to get a JOM meet up going at Keeleys on the upper west side during the holidays.I'll be too busy with work until after the 20th or so, however.....

Henry, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. May the Good Lord shine his light on you and your family. When my dear old man died over 27 years ago, the most comforting words I heard were from his doctor, who told me, that I was fortunate to have had a good father to lose.

Jeff Dobbs

For those scoring at home, I own 7 guitars.

Only one is a guitar I spent decent money on
. I used to play in a Christian praise and worship band. Our claim to fame was playing big Campus Crusade conferences with 2-3000 in attendance.

I have very little actual talent, but I can muck my way through most songs, although I haven't really played in many moons.

Jack is Back!

Morning. More like the engineer was in a daze of some kind and totally distracted. Happens a lot with long haul truckers. Deadman switch is actually a pressure activated throttle/speed controller. Fall asleep you hand relaxes, no pressure, no speed.

In cab Signalling is not the same as PTC. But it could have alerted a dazed driver of a speed limitation. PTC as a renovation fix is very expensive versus greenfield. It's a total C4 retrofit including big time rolling stock upgrades. It will take years to do a system as large as MNR. Probably GSM Level 4 based.

Danube on iPad

"...understand the elements of income, expenses, and (hopefully) profit,"

Profit is overhead, ans is also the numerator in the profit-to-earnings ratio. What more need one know?


My condolences, Henry. Adding you and your family to our prayers.


Seems like an epidemic, daddy. oh those two Algerian lads featured in Bravin's piece last week, were sent back, where I'm sure they will followOfficer Krupke's rules.


Ah - an actual reported case of impact to someone on High Risk Pool:

But under the new law, the Affordable Care Act, Mr. Horrigan’s coverage by a state high-risk insurance program was eliminated, then replaced by a more expensive plan. His wife’s individual plan was canceled for being substandard, then suddenly renewed — also at a higher price…

He went from being "uninsurable" and obtaining subsidized insurance on his State's high risk pool, paying $400/month, to the miracle of an ACA no-preexisting-conditions-disqualifying mid-level policy for only $670/month.


jimmyk on iPad

Sounds good, Peter. Let's see who's around. I'll be away the 25th-29th.


I have long hair and sing. And don't believe a word you hear to the contrary.


Thanks all for the prayers and kind words. It is a bright, sunny day after a long night's sleep. I have my father's example to guide me going forward, and friends including here at JOM to share in the good memories.

Beasts of England

Yea Sue, Stephanie and hit! We'll be kinda like the B-52s...


Gallup must work hard to manage to find a sample set consisting entirely of "low information voters."


I can do a beehive hairdo! Heading out to the love shack...

Beasts of England

Perfect, Steph!


No banjo?

Fifty years ago I played banjo - folk and a little Scruggs. It's in pieces in the basement.

I do have a Martin D28, a Gibson Dove, and a $100 Yamaha nylon string. A Chickering piano and an electronic keyboard for the computer. The silver flute has been lent to my niece. The ceramic ones are in the piano bench. Don't know where the clarinet is. Oh, and a really nice cello. But I only play at music. I'm envious of youse who can do better.

My idea of heaven would be living next to a conservatory where one could borrow instruments.


I'm tone deaf, but I suppose I could learn to tie dye.


Henry: So sorry and sad for your loss. Inspirational to read your comment this morning about the bright and sunny day. Your Dad is looking at you through that sunshine and smiling. He has left a piece of him in you.


I am so sorry to hear your sad news. You and your family are in my prayers. I too had the privledge of being present with my dad right before his passing. You two seemed to share a wonderful relationship.I had the good fortune to be very close to my dad.They are watching over us now and every day in the future.

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