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December 12, 2013


Jeff Dobbs

Small Businesses Do The Math, Drop Their Health Plans

"Look out below!"
--stuff Taranto said


The partner in hubby's firm that manages the health insurance side of the business has been busting his a** renewing small groups. Many of his small groups are family owned businesses that have an obligation to cover family members and long time employees. This time next year will be an entirely different situation. Hubby marvels at the young partners,they are not panicking (yet). They know exactly what is coming and are preparing for the worst.

Another Bob

Didn't want to go OT on the first comment of our host's holiday-related thread...

The health director who approved the release of President Obama's birth certificate has died in a plane crash, Hawaiian


"The NY Times reports on one of the many obvious yet "unexpected" consequences of ObamaCare - small employers are realizing that it makes no sense to offer employee health coverage:"

YA THINK?!!!!!!

Another Bob

Cue the Ron Brown conspiracy theories.

Captain Hate

I get the idea that Carlos Slim's dancing chimps are caught unaware every time the sun rises in the East.


That fake sign language guy in Africa apparently has a violent history and is mentally ill. Methinks that Secret Service should be doing some more investigation to keep our Preezzy safe; God forbid selfie gets attacked on camera by a black African--we'll never hear the end of it.


Making ever larger pools is the objective. Now, a single payor system is even more economical. Groups of less than 100 don't have the advantage of spreading the cost, so it's a good decision to let employees into the larger class.


I say here and now EVERYONE here at JOM has been wrong about Obama and ObamaCare, me, DuDa and the other trolls, everyone. Obama's objective isn't to destroy America, that's too ambitious, no his personal goal is to destroy the modern Dem party. How else can you explain ObummerCare? It will destroy Democrats as a big tent party for decades. Obviously, Obama wants to replace the dem Party with the Obama Party, but make no mistake he's out to destroy the Dems. Discuss.


It was necessary to destroy the antiquated steam engine to make way for the diesel.


Is that you Bill Ayers?


Only problem is lefties insist on replacing a wide variety of modern locomotives with mass transit horse and buggies.


I wasn't wrong, NK.

Happy Birthday Ig!!


Ignatz-- as long as thet Leftists have the power to run the transit, they don't care how badly it fails. They are all about the power-- their own power-- not the public good.


Sara Kliff tweets: Breaking: As some struggle to buy coverage, the Obama admin. is extending state-high risk pools through January.

That's all - just a tweet so far. It is clearly a WH reaction to her story about hundreds of thousands of very sick people in High Risk Pools losing their plans and being unable to get new ones that actually cover their conditions (drugs, hospitals, doctors).

I await the explanation of how this extension is within his authority.


I had actually misunderstood Dana's comment because I sipped over yours NK and thought he was still talking about healthcare/insurance.

Rereading my comment in light of yours I still see it applies. As always they want a central unlimited power which keeps the "peace" through thousands of little localized soviets controlling the individuals.

And they have the gall to come here and talk about how big and scary the NSA is.
Their only objection to the NSA is they prefer neighbor spying on neighbor rather than strangers watching us.


I get tired of her looking for the pony;


Account Deleted


BOzo couldn't plan, let alone organize, a walk around the block. Howard Dean's Unholy Grail for the Progressive Democrat Party was single payer (that's why Dana Gilbert Ward, Feather Passer Emeritus at Pitzer College for the Extremely Limited stinks up comments here). The original plan was to bump the Medicaid parasite count from 60 million to 85 million by modifying eligibility. The Dread Pirate Roberts sank that one and now it's just Deep Blue Hells increasing the parasite count - without shifting the electoral balance a millimeter.

The final result may be the destruction of the Progressive Democrat Party but it will be due to the complete incompetence and utter stupidity of progressives in general rather than the incompetent puppet in the White House.


Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day. We at JOM are thinking about you and I always enjoy your posts.
BOE: Don't you dare leave. You are always entertaining and insightful. Stick with us ,please?
68000 more people need unemployment help.
4 week average up 6000.
368,000 overall number.
What happened in a week to generate a mass exodus from jobs?
Oh the O administration fudged the numbers last week-I get it now.
My prediction: Next month-Rate goes up to 7.1 or 7.3. wait until the temporary help for Christmas is cashiered.
Taper may not happen in December now. Who else feels manipulated by these numbers and the Bammycare ones?


"I WROTE DREAMS!!! Read p 197 198 of Public Enemy. I wrote it, but nobody believes me." Bill

A private e-mail admission by Bill Ayers






it probably isn't and they probably won't release much more justification. his big speech the other day was blame shifting to state insurance commissioners and insurance companies. talk about tweeting it in.


possibly. it would also explain his "Organizing for America" and "Enroll America"...but to what end. put his wife in the drivers seat for 8 years or make a run at the 22nd.


RickB-- as usual there's nothing in your comment to dispute. The only clarification I would make is that destroying the modern Dem (Clintonista/Hollywood/Wall Street/Rich White Lib) Party is Obama's personal goal. Will he succeed?, he'll probably fail for the reasons you state, indeed he'll probably "Capt. Tupolev" himself. But IMO his goal is to be the USA version of the Castro Bros. and Chavez/Maduro. In the ongoing civil (not so) war between the Clintonistas and the Obama Party, I still favor the Obamamaniacs-- the Clintonistas are old and rich-- I never favor that demographic in a street fight.



saw that. I think the formulation is that the chocolate ration has been increased from 40 grams to 35 grams...

and you will enjoy it (I dislike chocolate and would be willing to trade).


shocked, tk @ 12:26 shocked. Cheating going on?


rich@gmu- I'm quite serious, he wants to be the Castro Bros and Chavez/Maduro-- even if some fall guy beards are needed for a while.I bet he thinks Mandela was chump for giving up power after 2 terms as President.


We've seen whixxo's chocolate assortment and we don't like it


Account Deleted


He's setting up a plantation power block for extortion purposes. He's hoping to keep the Progressive Democrat Party trapped in the dead end alley with him barring the exit.

What else would you expect from Chicago gutter trash?


Ignatz, Wishing you a really great Birthday.

Miss Marple

I still say Michelle will run.

Don't cry for me, Highland Park...


I think WAPO is confused about state-based vs. Fed High Risk Pools.

Yesterday, they reported "There are also approximately 300,000 Americans receiving coverage through state-run high-risk plans"

Today, they report "The program covered just over 104,000 Americans as of last summer".

It looks like only the Fed pool is extended, but who can say? It's sloppy.

They make no mention of what gives the WH the authority to do this. I do think the funding probably exists, though, given they closed the program to new enrollees way back in February because they were already worried about being able to cover those who had signed up. I imagine there's a month's worth of leftover cash they can apply.


Fabulous article! I am keeping my fingers crossed that Obenshain wins. The dims will howl either way but I want to win this one for the Gipper. Fraud in Fairfax? Who knew? {sarc}


Thanks for all the birthday wishes on the several threads everyone.
Only one sour note;
Hit, your chainsaw cake is a Husqvarna which no right thinking person owns or eats. If you've got a Stihl cake handy then by all means I will take both an undercut and a back cut of it. (A little faller lingo there) :)



hum, guess it would serve his purpose of a. not having to work and b. getting to hear the sound of his own voice and c. of being able to criticize without having to take any responsibility. Too bad we couldn't have an Obama.fail tour complete with buses and exhibits-like what the Obama campaign did to Bush.


When JM Hanes was her we were discussing that point, but were looking at how he was rearranging the dem party with his own people and shaping the federal bureaucracy into his own "government within a government": his active organizations (how is "Enroll America" legal or ethical by any standard), government unions, federal bureaucrats, and other 501s.

He said he wanted to build a civilian defense corp just as well funded as the military...looks like he was busy building it.


her...here yikes!

Danube on iPad

Happy birthday. Iggy.


Rich-- that is all part of the Obama Party, but IMO there is no room for the old Dem Party, it is a competitor for power, not a teammate-- unless the Clintonistas surrender and hand him the Dem Party as is.

Danube on iPad

"Now, a single payor system is even more economical."

That's what everyone is saying about the NHS: "boy, this system sure is economical!"


BTW-- deBlasio did that here in NYC-- the "Old Dem" party kind of evaporated leaving the socialists the teachers Union (same thing) and OWS/hippies and muslims, nobody else cared. he won with 17+% of the registered voters, Lhota got about 7% of registered voters. Nobody cared-- they'll get an education now.


I am not certain if I did it correctly but I hope there is a LUN that will make you smile.
It's 4 kids lip-syncing a christmas song.

Hope it works.

Jeff Dobbs

your chainsaw cake is a Husqvarna which no right thinking person owns or eats. If you've got a Stihl cake handy then by all means I will take both an undercut and a back cut of it.


I really wanted to find a pic of someone cutting a cake with a chainsaw, but was pressed for time this morning and went with one of the first pics I found.

Jeff Dobbs



"The annual risk of being killed in a plane crash for the average American is about 1 in 11 million."




It worked. I can't get it to play on my machine (not something you did) but it's there.

Annoying Old Guy


I await the explanation of how this extension is within his authority.

No need to wait, it's "who is going to stop me?".



Thanks, I did try it and it worked for me. I hope it works for others. Sorry it didn't work for you, it's a real heart warmer.


That is quite an interesting variation of the traditional Buche de Noel cake



Peter @ 11:41am: "God forbid selfie gets attacked on camera by a black African--we'll never hear the end of it."

MSM would portray him as a racist White Black African...


Loved the video, kave!

Jane - it seems to want to place a cookie on your machine. Might be why you can't watch it on a work PC.

Danube on iPad

"Cue the Ron Brown conspiracy theories."

Wonder where they'll come from...


Iggy- Feliz cumpleano

RB- I attended a small business and francise convention in Las Vegas about a 1 and half ago, at the time many were gearing up for the employer mandate.

One of the keynote speakers gave a presentation about Obamacare and what he suggested small businesses do as well as their options.

He said that on average small businesses that provided care spent about $4500 on healthcare, not counting the administrative fees. Even if they had more than 50 and were required to pay the penalty (tax) it would still net a savings of $2000. You could bump their salaries by half that amount and still come out with a savings of $50,000 per year based on those that had 50 employees a savings of 22%.

He also was explaining that based on what he was being told the cost to insure employees was going up from the average of $4500 to about $6500 due to the new requirements of the law which meant for a business with 50 employees an added $100000 a year.

Point being that this should come to the surprised of no one who did not have their head in the sand.



That's more like it, Hit.


BTW, if anyone is still looking for a Christmas present these Nomex, lined gloves are the best I've ever owned.
Used to have them in the AF and it never dawned on me to look on ebay until a few weeks ago.
They're not made for heavy duty abuse but for everything else they're great and the non lined ones are great year round for light duty stuff.
Extremely nimble and, being Nomex, if you ever catch on fire they might only find your charred remains but your hands will still look great.


God forbid selfie gets attacked on camera by a black African--we'll never hear the end of it.

Coolpapa beat me to it but he missed a key descriptor:

MSM would portray him as a racist White Black African...teabagger.


iggy, the house I bought when I was first married had a pair of asbestos gloves in the basement, left by the previous owner. I wanted to keep them, but my wife gave them to the asbestos abatement guys who stripped all the insulation off the steam pipes. think how handy that would have been.


you guys are dealing with some pretty hot stuff with those gloves. Is back yard smelting coming back again?


I can't believe how nuts people are going over potential cell phone calls on planes. My gawd, let the airline decide and you can then decide what airline you fly on. Get government out of my life.


--Is back yard smelting coming back again?

Posted by: matt | December 12, 2013 at 03:05 PM --

No matt, but they are darn good for welding now that you mention it.
You still get spatter protection but you can actually move the rod and torch or electrode with considerable dexterity.


Happy Birthday, Iggie!


That's excellent news on the Mark Obenshain election recount challenges.

I just found out a few days ago that this pretty lady to the right of Kierstan Powers (in more ways than 1) is Mark Obenshain's sister, Kate.

I think she does a nice job on her appearances on FOX. She's sharp.


let the airline decide and you can then decide what airline you fly on. Get government out of my life.

Hear, hear, Jane. Damn straight.

I still want to start the "Leave Us Alone" political party.

Danube on iPad


"I continue to believe that, as a matter of policy, the defense increase—which at least begins to undo the very considerable damage from a wildly and disproportionately anti-defense sequester—swamps in importance everything else in the deal. Everything else is basically a wash. The defense increase is a real plus.

"I continue to believe that, as a matter of politics, the deal is very good for Republicans. If passed, it takes another government shutdown off the table, and allows Republicans to focus on fighting President Obama rather than each other. In particular, it allows Republicans to focus on Obamacare."

Danube on iPad

I think "Leave Us Alone" would be a great GOP slogan for 2014 znd 2016. Stop bossing us around.


OMG! These poor people getting dumped into Medicaid----
it is NOTHING like having health insurance, picking your doctor, picking your hospital.
They will be lucky to find a nurse practioner to see them in a month.

It's what they wanted---they want doctors to be government employees, and a two tiered system.

They are evil.



"Duke University study Obamacare impacts full time hiring, Fuqua School of Business, December 11, 2013, Nearly half of companies reluctant to hire full time employees, Shift to part time workers"



Happy Birthday again, Ignatz!

I just ordered my husband a pair of the lined flight gloves. Winter in New Hampshire with snow on the ground is the prime time for burning brush, tree trimmings, and junk wood accumulated over the Fall. My husband does a lot of that due to our heavily wooded property, and these gloves look like they will be very useful, both for warmth and the fire retardant properties. Thanks!



Are you getting screwed by Obamacare?



Captain Hate

In the vote where the JEF packed the DC Circuit court with a hand chosen radical, those two rock ribbed Repukes, Susan Collins and Lisa Murscruntski, voted with the donks. What would the party of stoopid be without those two?


Happy Birthday, Iggie. XOXO You're my favorite, no matter what Hit says,

Dave (in MA)

Salutations, Ig.


Dave, I'm still wondering about who paid for that total mouthful of big porcelain teeth. I've always thought of them as the embodiment of his phoniness.


Happy birthday, Ignatz.



"Retired Judge Frank Barbaro Admits to Convicting Donald Kagan on Murder Charge for Being White"



Is BOE thinking of leaving? Please don't!


Andrea peyser, really revealed her inner mean girl, re Bering Schmidt, I don't think it was strictly about propriety ,my self.


pagar - I don't see how a judge convicts anyone. Isn't that what the jury does when they find a defendent guilty? The moonbattery links to the NYPost, which uses the same "judge convicted" language.



You can waive a jury and get a judgment from a judge. There are some good reasons to do that. One, when the case appears to be a slam dunk under the law, another when the law is too complicated for the jury to understand - stuff like that. I have always said a trial is like going to Vegas and putting all your money on #7. There is simply no way to know what will happen, regardless of the facts. Sometimes a judge seems to be less of a risk than a jury.

In the case Pagar cited, the lawyer should have known about the judge's prejudices but who knows?


I understand that part, Jane. But the case in question was a guy claiming self defense and there was no mention of waiving a jury.

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA

Was there a mention of a jury? I read it quickly.


No, they didn't mention a jury.

I just think, given jury trial being by far more typical and expected, it makes more sense to have one and leave it unmentioned than to have waived the jury and not mention the waiver.


You were right, Jane.

I searched other sources for the story and found more details in, where else, the British press. Per The Daily Mail:

Barbaro, who also served 23 years in the state Assembly, said that because of his views he didn't consider a justification defense by Kagan in the trial, which had no jury.

It appears "judge convicted Kagan" was exactly what happened after all.

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