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December 05, 2013



Here's a Tale from the South (crosspost):


In Penang Malaysia a few days back, spent a nice few hours at the Beachside Cabana chatting with a young Honeymooning Australian couple. Asking what they did, she said she ran a deli in a grocery store and he ran a Piggery!

Didn't know there was such a word as "Piggery", but he went on to tell me managed over 3,000 pigs on the spread, in northern Victoria, and described some of the ins and outs of the business.

A very enjoyable couple.


Makes one wonder what Lorenz Hart could have done with Piggery, given his success with "beanery" in "Mountain Greenery."

In a Victoria piggery
Where God says don't perform bigamy
just 2 crazy Aussies together

While you love your lover let
blue skies be your coverlet
If pigs fart we'll laugh at the stench, mate.

And if you're good,
I'll search for wood,
So you can deli...even if it's smelly!

Fleas could find no keener reception
in a chiggery
Bless our Victoria piggery home.



Wonder if in the MSM we will hear word one about Winny's necklace over the next month?

My guess is no.


I heard somewhere that the woman left with the guy after the deed was done.

I'm very disturbed by the trend for women to cry rape - to apparently get back at guys. They are screwing every woman who actually does get raped.


These young ladies need to quit drinking like sailors. Their judgement is impaired and they find themselves in situations that lead to outcomes they may not later be happy about. Such as the young lady involved in this case---"five or six shots" and there she is, in the bathroom at the bar with the handsome football player!

Nearly all the "date rape" scenarios on campus involve copious amounts of booze.

Do these girls not have mothers???

Comanche Voter

I dunno---he said, she said. Could be a tough case to win--and he's a big time football player and all, and a Florida jury might cut the guy some slack---wouldn't want to interfere with someone playing for the national title.

Some years ago I listened to outside Italian counsel (I speak no Italian) in an Italian arbitration hearing. He was listening to the arbitration panel and the other side speak--and then told me our chances in the case looked like "ants climbing a mirror".

I think the local prosecutor here looked at what he or she had, and said "I ain't even gonna try climbing that mirror."

That doesn't mean the young lady wasn't raped--maybe she was, mayhe she wasn't, maybe she consented then had screwee's morning after remorse. I just don't know.


I agree with TM. This does not appear to be a case that could have been won, if for no other reason than the requirement of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

There does not appear to be a basis to believe that she was abducted against her will from a crowded bar. The prosecution would have to argue that the defendant (or one of his crew) slipped something into her drink that caused her to be unable to resist going with them. Otherwise, it is just a case where a young woman got so intoxicated she is not entirely sure what happened, but which the evidence suggests she voluntarily left with the defendant and his friends.

It could have been rape, but the evidence is not near good enough to bring a prosecution.


Everyone knows black men don't rape white women. But white Lacrosse players rape black women all the time. Fact. Scientific fact.


It is also interesting that Casher's account of his own actions are far less noble than her account of his actions. She said that Casher came in and told Winston to stop the "assault." Casher said that he came in to see if she would have sex with him too. Of course, the prosecution would say that Casher is lying to protect Winston, but if he was going to lie, that seems like a pretty strange lie to tell.

Army of Davids

Nelson Mandela RIP



I heard had no alcohol in her system.


Live Streaming - The Sound of Music


Jack is Back!

If Meggs had tried this in a court of law and a guy like Winston who gets the best crimianl lawyer in the WORLD, then Meggs is made an idiot. That is his rationale.

This kid is bigger than any single person in Florida and I am not a Noles fan at all. But saying that and listening to Meggs regarding the discrepency in her interviews and toxolgoy this was a no brainer.

Ohio State most affected.


Anyone having difficulty getting a fresh reload of the Narcisolator working on Firefox 25.0.1 for Mac?

Beasts of England

One item: she said she remembered being assaulted and her very next memory was riding on the back of his scooter with him driving?

I think that alone would pose a large hurdle to prosecution. A social friend was raped and the trauma for her was extraordinary. She remains - twenty years later - a different person. Sickening. I cannot, in any way, imagine her hopping on the back of her attacker's scooter immediately after the event.

I'm not being flippant at all. That specific action of hers does not reconcile.


Whoever you're narcisolating isn't here or using consistent names anymore, sb.


OT; I know there is no such thing;



Jane, I got my info from NYT


which had this sentence in the article:

She said she was with friends and had five to six shots at a local bar and that her “memory is very broken from that point forward.”

Account Deleted


The Tallahassee cops ordered a tox screen on the victim from blood taken between 0500 and 0745 on the 7th (see pages 21 and item 4 on page 22 of the police pdf). Page 17 gives the results of the tox screen as a BA of .048.

She also stated in the police report that she had "about" 5 drinks beginning at 2330 on the 6th.

She was pretty well lit.


ESPN or Carlos Slim's chimp scratchpad, who to believe;

Coes says the police made the case inactive only after the accuser stopped communicating with them. Coe told the Tallahassee Democrat on Tuesday that the police department reviewed the case after media outlets filed open-records requests for the case file. Coe said the open-records requests alone couldn't change a case from open-inactive to open-active, but that new evidence or leads would have to be found to change the investigation's status.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Rape is a serious crime. False or misleading accusations are just as bad imo, and the MFM dunces ought to stop with the faux chivalry of not IDing the accusers when they've been proven to be liars. It's not like that even applies when a Kennedy relative is involved even before the trial.

Beasts of England

No date rape drugs nor other drugs in her system.

DNA report says JW's DNA on her panties and her facial swab; another male's DNA present on her shorts.

urea overload

Definitely not 'legitimate rape'. Was there a zygote involved?

Beasts of England

The friend's affidavits, if true, further undermine the girl's story. I won't elaborate too much, but the allegation that the girl was asking the guys if they were football players and giving them her phone number - while not an invitation to consensual sex or anything else - wouldn't play well in court. In my opinion...

Some Guy

I'm not being flippant at all. That specific action of hers does not reconcile.

Apologies, but you're making a category error. I'm sure there are plenty of examples of victims of date rape, stuck at a location they don't know, acquiescing to a ride home by their attackers. That you or I believe we wouldn't do that isn't definitive one way or the other.

I agree with TM that it wasn’t a winnable case, but I disagree that this exonerates anyone. As I stated earlier Winston is likely a scumbag, as is anyone who would have sex with a stranger who is too drunk to resist or who would have friends “witness” him doing it and eager to take their turn.

He may not be guilty of a crime, or there may not be enough evidence to convict of him of a crime, but there isn't any evidence of him being a gentleman.


ZOMG. I know after watching ESPN instead of the tributes to Mandela in the 5 o'clock hour.

Not only did they find Winston's DNA they found 'multiple' DNAs on her twat including that of her 'boyfriend.' She was doing shots - at least 5 or 6 - in addition to any other alcohol consumed. The multiple DNA were in various states of 'decay' which likely meant multiple partners over the prior days.

I figure that she had consensual sex with Winston as a conquest of the new QB and reverted to the rape story once her 'boyfriend' got wind of it to try and preserve the relationship with the BF.

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA

Hmmmm, I wonder where I heard that "no alcohol " report. Clearly it was wrong.



I heard the same thing.


It's been a hard week family wise--but tonight it appears my nephew's making a fine recovery from his last surgery; my mother is on the mend and his life alert sustem's on its way and she's agreed to some home care assistance; and my daughter in law made partner in her firm. The week which started out as a horror show is getting better.


I had the advantage of changing channels to anything other than the Mandela bromides and landed on ESPN just as they had Greta's ex (is it ex) on talking about the case... he had the facts at his fingertips along with the reports and they reported the video and the multiple DNA and the boyfriend.

I figure she thought she was gonna add a notch to her G-string and have a bit of fun, but the others that were aware of her 'activity' caused her to lie to the BF that she was raped, so he wouldn't get pissed at her. The non-cooperation, to me, confirms her wish to get out of the situation. Another case of emergency lying getting out of hand...


*her life alert system's*

Captain Hate

Sooooo is the World's Leader in Sports Entertainment Broadcasting going to start including Winston in their Heisman candidates after he remarkably disappeared at the same time these charges reappeared? Pretty funny that a kollidge quarterback is held to a higher standard of behavior than an ex President, no?

Beasts of England

@Some Guy - I don't recall claiming he was a gentleman. He is likely not. You may be correct about the ride home. I won't argue your point.

@Stephanie - Your summary sounds plausible.

Beasts of England

Good news, clarice.

Some Guy

I don't recall claiming he was a gentleman.

Didn't mean to give the impression that you had.


Awesome Clarice!

At least someone is having a good week.

I found out yesterday that the urologist has to do another procedure to remove a stint in my bladder that no one thought to tell me had been inserted during my surgery and that I have to have a 1) sonogram on my kidneys and 2)a kidney function dye test before they will do the stint removal which will require anesthetics to do. Yea me.

Plus the bill to date is over $70K and I don't think that includes the surgeon that was called in to fix the screw up by the ob/gyn nor the upcoming procedures that I didn't know I would need due to the screw up.

45 minutes of shopping requires a 2 hour nap and I'm pooped the rest of the day. Plus sitting in place I am sweating like a pig and activity makes it worse. The good news is I quit the meds... the bad news, I can't have any alcohol yet. I want a do over... or rather an undo. :(


Good news, clarice, sorry to hear that Steph,

After the whole Nittaney experience, excuse me
not to trust local law enforcement re investigating sports related events, however tangential.

Centralcal on iPad

Holy cow, Stephanie! You are more of a stoic than I could ever be! (meaning, I would be having the cocktail, no matter what!).

Glad the news is improving for you this week, Clarice!


OT but this is hilarious. Compare and contrast:





Normally I would be lifting a few, but since they aren't sure my kidneys are working well, I don't want to do anything to muck up the outcome. Once the all clear comes, I plan on downing a lot of scotch, several shots (jaeger and whatever else comes my way) and having a pukingly good morning after. ;)


Oh, Stephanie, I am so sorry about the surgical complications, plus the cost of that surgery. may the dye test, sonogram, and stent removal go smoothly. Also, hope your doctor helps you with the perspiration. That can be so miserable.

Clarice, hopefully things will continue to 'look up' and improve for you. The Life Alert will give you peace of mind. My mother had it for a couple of years, and it gave her confidence during the day when my sister (who lived with her) was working.


Oops. I made a typing error in my Narcisolator. It's operational again.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Sorry about the "oh by the way" stuff, Steph.


Stephanie, we are with you. Best wishes!


Thanks y'all. I'm just getting so freaking frustrated. Plus I still can't believe they didn't tell me about the stent.

I picked the wrong week to quit doing Vicodin...


Thanks y'all. I'm just so frustrated. I can't believe they didn't tell me about the stent.

I think I picked the wrong week to quit Vicodin...


What I said.

Jack is Back!

Stephanie, good luck and a round at the Dunes waits you when well enough. Get beter, get back!

Jack is Back!


IF Europa is not your cup of Dutch tea then try the Dylan.

More later in an email.


Will take you up on that JiB! I've been pushing for a week at CB in the spring - just gotta convince the hubby.

It was in the 70s yesterday and today, and I was dying to go play golf. Or at least go ride in a golf cart - the hubby has hidden my clubs. :(


Sorry, Steph. Hope things pick up soon.


Thanks, JiB.


Best wishes for a full recovery, Stephanie. And Clarice, congrats on the great news about your nephew and the other good family news.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Don't let the bastards grind you down, Steph. From the spirit you are displaying here on JOM there seems little chance of that.

Tom Maguire

So, an algebra problem: per this site,

The rate at which alcohol is metabolized is the same for virtually everyone regardless of their height, weight, sex, race or other such characteristics.

Alcohol is metabolized at the rate of .015 of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) every hour.

So if her BAC was 0.048 at 5 AM, what was it at, for example, 2AM (and what time does she say she left the bar?)?

Three hours earlier it should have been 0.093, which is slightly over the contemporary legal driving limit but not enough to make a typical person blotto.

Of course, if the blood was drawn closer to the other end of the range (i.e., 7:45AM) then as of 2AM her BAC could have been about 0.138, which is definitely drunk.

That said, none of the police reports describe her as notably drunk when she reported the incident.


Tom M: Missing data on how quickly alcohol is digested/processed to get into the blood stream. That is, BAC doesn't necessarily peak at the moment one stops drinking - there is a lag.

Actual stent removal usually a piece of cake, crosses fingers.

They had to leave a stent once the ureter was lacerated and repaired, otherwise scar tissue would have filled the lumen of the ureter. Sounds like you are being treated well; sorry you didn't have complete knowledge.

Beasts of England

Another odd element in the reports: sharing drinks. Who does that? I've been around plenty of college kids the last five years and I've not seen it.


she was evidently 'sharing drinks," and it just may be that the watering holes in Tallahassee need to have their booze content checked like bars in Joisey...

Plus it appears from the police reports that all the drinkers were... surprise... underage and had obtained the alcohol illegally.

The police reports are out http://www.talgov.com/uploads/public/documents/assets/news/tpd-documents.pdf

I didn't see the 'her friend's statements,' but they evidently didn't match texts, affidavits and cell phone records.

And her story changed over time. And had huge gaps even though the police reports note that she is 'coherent' and apparently lucid at their initial contact with her.

Still looks like a trophy hunter looking to notch her g-string and getting caught up in lies to her BF.

I don't think she was drunk or even close to it.

Gonna have to hit the lab for some data, can't trust the litchurchur.

I doubt that rate of alcohol metabolism is the same for everyone. I was under the impression that chronic drinking increases the rate of that metabolism, until of course, a limit is reached.


So. This QUARTERBACK. He is a nice FELLOW??


They had to leave a stent once the ureter was lacerated and repaired, otherwise scar tissue would have filled the lumen of the ureter. Sounds like you are being treated well; sorry you didn't have complete knowledge.

Yep. I'm a walking scar tissue manufacturing machine. Which is why the laceration occurred - from cleaning out prior surgical procedure gook to get at what she needed to do the work that was supposed to be done this time.


Stephanie, hang in there darling. I'm sorry for what you're going through.


Was this RAPE-RAPE??



Bummer, Stephanie

I will do my part tho' and have a nice glass of Balvenie 12 Year tonight so you can enjoy drinking it vicariously.

Wow, that's mighty smooth ain't it Stephanie? Yummm!

Aw what the hell, let's splurge and make it 2 glasses! Cheers.


If you are going to accuse someone of a felony, it makes no sense to "forget" their name until over a month after filing the report. While her attorney denies it, LEO claim she stopped cooperating. There appears to be no corroborating witness to force or intimidation.

Even if he weren't a football star, the case sounds like a dog that just wouldn't hunt anyway. Stephanie's theory about crying rape to hide the behavior from her BF sounds plausible, but multiple sources of DNA on her clothing isn't something that is going to help a case, either.


Part 2 of Remember how evil Sarah Palin was for wanting to kill animals?

Administration close to finalizing rule to give wind farms a pass on killing eagles for decades

If Insty had posted this he'd have said "They told me that if I voted for Sarah Palin then Endangered Species would be slaughtered by a heartless Administration that doesn't care about wildlife."

Cecil Turner

Of course, if the blood was drawn closer to the other end of the range (i.e., 7:45AM) then as of 2AM her BAC could have been about 0.138, which is definitely drunk.

Well, it's definitely impaired . . . but saying "no" is a bit easier than driving. More to the point, if her story is true, her BAC should've been closer to double that amount when tested (using average values in the BAC calculator). It certainly doesn't help her credibility.

Add in the facts that she had no physical trauma and the presence of her boyfriend's DNA (per Meggs), and I'd say Stephanie's theory matches everything pretty much perfectly.


It takes about six months for you to completely regain your strength--to have a day where you'll wake up, do what you normally do, and go to bed at the time you generally do without any fatigue.
What you described about your two hour shopping expedition is completely typical, so chose your activities wisely--they are going to cost you.
Your body needs nutrients--esp protein--and lots of rest. Nap when the urge hits as much as you can.


Well Eagles, got to take one one for the team, or a Baby SkyDragon dies, and we don't want that, that's why 20 corporation including Exxon are treating AGW as real, or so Carlos Slim's newest hire, Coral Davenport, says.


And I'm betting they told you about the stent; the drugs you get for anesthesia give you antegrade amnesia, so you probably just didn't remember it.
And the surgeon would have told whomever came with you; the volume of information, especially when one doesn't know the lingo,
is simply more than a person registers much of the time.


Bart Simpson, couldn't have said it better;



Good news clarice. Best wishes Stephanie. Be cautious everyone in the path of the ice storm. Nasty rainy day here. Re: Mandela,it didn't take long for the announcement that Obama would give the eulogy.Was that pre-planned?

Captain Hate

I'm still surprised by Some Guy's preoccupation with Winston not being a "gentleman", as if this isn't some archaic term in the age of hookup "culture" (and if you think I'm pleased with this state of affairs, you couldn't be more wrong). Meanwhile we don't even know the name of the Sammy Baugh of cooter, who obviously slings it around a lot because of the copious DNA graffiti on her vaginal walls, because the MFM refuses to apply the same standards to her as they do to the male. Stephanie's scenario sounds very plausible and there are a lot of descriptors that don't apply to her: Lady, good girl, non-slut, non-tramp, non-whore. I can go on but I think I've made my point. If she was my daughter I'd feel like a failure as a parent. Anybody can make a mistake in judgement but to compound it by going to the cops with made up garbage? No sympathy. At all.

Stephanie on kindle armchair QB Statue of Liberty FTW

Thanks for the advice all. I'm positive nothing was said about the stent, though, as my husband wasn't aware of it either. His comment on my telling him what the urologist said was "would have been nice if someone had said something" and we were both there when I queried her about things to watch out for when she was going through the discharge routine. Anyways, I'm off for my next office visit and after the sh$&ty night I had last night, there better be some good drugs coming home with me.


Hang in there Stephanie. You are in my prayers, as is another Stephanie I know who is going through some rough medical issues.


Great link, narc. What's a president to do? It's the government's fault, after all. Federal agencies, no less.


ObamaPostulate: Whenever the government is at fault, it is never at fault.


And blaming Congress. I'm sure Chrissie followed up with a question about what "restructuring" initiative Obama had pushed that was rejected or stalled by Congress.


feel beeter soon stephanie.


** better**


Well at least it wasn't a reflection on Obama's management style.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: OK. On the website, I was not informed directly that the website would not be working as — the way it was supposed to. Has I been informed, I wouldn’t be going out saying, boy, this is going to be great. You know, I’m accused of a lot of things, but I don’t think I’m stupid enough to go around saying, this is going to be like shopping on Amazon or Travelocity, a week before the website opens, if I thought that it wasn’t going to work.

So, clearly, we and I did not have enough awareness about the problems in the website. Even a week into it, the thinking was that these were some glitches that would be fixed with patches, as opposed to some broader systemic problems that took much longer to fix and we’re still working on them.

So you know, that doesn’t excuse the fact that they just don’t work, but I think it’s fair to say, no, Major, we — we would not have rolled out something knowing very well that it wasn’t going to work the way it was supposed to, given all the scrutiny that we knew was going to be on — on the website.

Captain Hate

The local Fox station was running kumurshuls for 404Care this morning. I'm not sure if they're being paid for by our federal overlords or that Rupert's gleefully taking in the swag that's pissing me off more.

Captain Hate

So, clearly, we and I

Does this idiot know that when he says "we" it includes him? Have any of you ever witnessed a non-infant talking this way?

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I'm already done hearing about Mandela. Are we allowed to be tired of it already?

Old Lurker

Steph you know we are here to help you through it all.



As far as I can tell no president has done more to eradicate Christianity and promote Islam than the Obama regime.


CH,one of our local stations set up an 0care helpline on their newscast last night. Their "expert" was a twenty-something woman from one of the local community agencies. The local community agencies have received funds from the feds and activist groups.Did the inquiring news reporter disclose that fact? I was yelling at the TV and hubby said you're scaring the dog!


--Does this idiot know that when he says "we" it includes him?--

Yes, he does, CH. But the purpose of the statement is to sound like taking responsibility when in fact it is an attempt to avoid it.
So, when he just says "we" it is not explicit enough in explaining who is not responsible for what happened.

The opposite situation would occur were he to channel Harry Truman, in which case he would say, "so clearly, the buck stops with me...and us".

Miss Marple

I have to go out in the snow and cold to do some errands and then work at my church's food pantry.

I would rather go back to bed, since we have 4 inches of snow here with more on the way.

Alas, off I go!

You all have a good day!

hit and run

On the website, I was not informed directly that the website would not be working as — the way it was supposed to.

Remember yesterday with the uncle thing and the press office, they also specifically used the word "directly", as in "we did not ask Obama directly" or whatever.


--Remember yesterday with the uncle thing and the press office, they also specifically used the word "directly", as in "we did not ask Obama directly" or whatever.--

That's because, like the sun, you can't look directly at his brilliance without going blind.
It's not weasel (or musteline) words, it's just the lightworker thing. Pretty simple, really.

Captain Hate

I think that means everything gets filtered through the Iranian rodent who chooses what to pass on to the special needs presznit.


I remember it.

Their relationship came into question on Tuesday at the deportation hearing of his uncle, Onyango Obama, in Boston immigration court. His uncle had lived in the United States illegally since the 1970s and revealed in testimony for the first time that his famous nephew had stayed at his Cambridge apartment for about three weeks. At the time, Onyango Obama was here illegally and fighting deportation.

On Thursday, a White House official said the press office had not fully researched the relationship between the president and his uncle before telling the Globe that they had no record of the two meeting. This time, the press office asked the president directly, which they had not done in 2011.

“The President first met Omar Obama when he moved to Cambridge for law school,” said White House spokesman Eric Schultz. “The President did stay with him for a brief period of time until his apartment was ready. After that, they saw each other once every few months, but after law school they fell out of touch. The President has not seen him in 20 years, has not spoken with him in 10.”



For anyone needing translation, the "press office" is the person who asked him "directly."

hit and run

That's because, like the sun, you can't look directly at his brilliance without going blind.

Or Isaiah 6:5.


So the chocolate rations are up to 45 grams now.

Account Deleted

"So. This QUARTERBACK. He is a nice FELLOW??"


He's a performer in the circenses, Thugs on Drugs division. There was a brief discussion re actors, actresses the other day which noted their historical status as being equal to prostitutes and pimps. Performers in the circenses should be accorded the same status and held to behavioral standards one might anticipate finding in Old McDonald's barnyard or on Monkey Island at the zoo.

He seems to be nicer than Aaron Hernandez.

So far.

I R A Darth Aggie

My two cents - this was not a case that could have been won.

Unless the trial was moved to Alachua County.

But here's the thing: if she was drunk, it is by definition sexual assault as she is considered by Florida law as being incapable of giving informed consent.

Tom Maguire

"But here's the thing: if she was drunk..."

And good luck to the prosecutor trying to prove that point.

I'm already done hearing about Mandela. Are we allowed to be tired of it already?

No! We need to sit through Obama's beautiful, moving speech in which he explains at length (but eloquently!) the many ways in which Mandela shaped Obama's thinking and guided his life. THEN we can be tired of it.


Little trivia for you: Ordering U.S. flags to half-staff for non- US Citizens is very rare*. The last time was in 2005 for Pope John Paul II.

*I'm not sure how to categorize half-staff orders for events/disasters such as the Indonesian Tsunami.

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