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January 04, 2014


Jeff Dobbs

First Top ranked comment.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Yo, hit....go get me some Flintstone vitamins. NOW.


Love the article. :-)

So much to talk about yet nothing needs be said.


David Brooks is a celebrity nebbish.

Jeff Dobbs

How 'bout some Cocoa Puffs, Janet. No need to pay, this one's on me.


French 24 TV News in English is doing a very nice repeating story about the Turney Antarctic Expedition. A beautiful News Reader comes on commenting about all the questions being asked about the incompetence of the expedition, the lack of the Science being pursued, and the cost to legitimate Antarctic Science due to having to rescue these bozos. Then she plays this video, which goes along with the French Polar heads opinion that this was a "Pseudo-Scientific Tourist Trip":

A Chinese icebreaker that helped rescue 52 passengers from a Russian ship stranded in Antarctic ice found itself stuck in heavy ice on Friday, further complicating the 9-day "roller-coaster" rescue operation.

The French seem to be especially angry at that stupid song the Expedition made up and sung on the Internet, as it criticizes the Chinese and French for trying to come to the rescue but failing. The last chorus goes like this:

"Up in the air the Chinese came
Flew around once and went again
The French dropped by but couldn't get near
Bloody what a shame we're still stuck here."


Did I mention that the French News reader was gorgeous?

Appalled on IPhone

I think David Brokks has heard of Hunter Thompson and may even respect him in the way you must respect the noteworthy authors they mention in the New York Review of Books. But I cannot imagine him reading any of those books, even for research in getting the right sort of drugs he needs to compose some of his writings for the Times. I think he consults Tom Friedman for his drug buys, as he has visited lots of hotels and knows all of the better sort of corrupt bellboys.


You may refer to me as Lazlo.

As your lawyer, I advise you to take drugs.

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

I think he consults Tom Friedman for his drug buys, as he has visited lots of hotels and knows all of the better sort of corrupt bellboys.

Cut with Drano. All their brains drained.


In re the NFL "settlement:"


Captain Hate

I remember being entertained by Hunter Thompson's writing in the early 70s, before my sense of taste was at all developed. I also remember a lot of really dumb people who claimed to be influenced by him.


I'll bet that Brooks didn't understand that gonzo journalism isn't journalism.

Danube on iPad

I don't get it, Mark. Did these guys opt out of the class?

Account Deleted


He may be auditioning for a new gig. Anyone working for a prog rag should be.



I'm not certain. I can't recall how the case was structured, but apparently, there are many who are still strays.


I don t read david brooks or gonzo journalism, so the link doesn t do anything for me.

I wonder how TomM s spin class search is going; some new faces in morning spin at the Y today, just wondering. When I drove over at 730am it was -2F. Ridiculous cold.


NK, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas was an entertaining read. Try it, but don’t take it as anything more than an indictment of what did pass for the culture and the journalism of the 1970s.


NK, the true cold air doesn't start heading your way until tomorrow evening. The forecast is -20 overnight, a "high" of -12, then -19 Monday night before it warms up to 0 here while the cold heads east. The measuring stations are in urban heat islands, so your thermometer may vary. Yesterday morning the weather sites listed -12, it read -19 here at the farm and -4 in Brookfield. I picked up an Alaskan brewery sampler pack, so I think I am ready.


Stay safe henry. Actually we east coasters are going to have 36 hours of 40ish rainy weather sunday-monday, then another freeze. My wife heads to Chi-town tues at dawn, so she ll get the tail end of this incredible upper midwest cold snap.


JiB/BoE-- thanks for that sugar bowl link. Hysterical.yeah michele only had 2-3..... Liters .... of booze. You re a lucky man BoE, they grow em cute and feisty in Ala.


He forgot the 7 principles of livable life:

1) Never trust a cop in a raincoat.
2) Beware of enthusiasm and of love, both are temporary and quick to sway.
3) If asked if you care about the world's problems, look deep into the eyes of he who asks, he will never ask you again.
4) Never give your real name.
5) If ever asked to look at yourself, don't look.
6) Never do anything the person standing in front of you can't understand.
7) Never create anything, it will be misinterpreted, it will chain you and follow you for the rest of your life.”

Outside of that, he made me pine for a day when Hunter was alive when Brooksie is so stupid and insipid.


Hunter was wild and crazy, but interesting, Brooks is only unintentionally amusing,


of course, the whole Rolling Stone brain trust, with the possible exception of o'Rourke, endorsed Clinton, and would without a doubt endorse Obama.

Beasts of England

@NK: A direct quote from my very favorite ex-girlfriend - 'I'd rather take an ass-whippin' than be somebody's bitch.' And she meant it.

Cute and feisty is the only way to fly...

Immigration Lawyer

""Can you keep it together for another fifteen miles, or at least outside the District limits?" We were halfway through our 35 mile journey from Bethesda to Falls Church, with enough dangerous narcotics to stun a grizzly bear in the trunk: We'd started with nine ounces of weed, six rocks of crack, a sugar jar full of blow, 36 vicodin tablets, a cage filled with live Bolivian arrow toads, and two jars of ketamine. Plus two quarts of Beefeater gin, a case of Schlitz malt liquor, and a four ounce ball of Afghan hash: Surely enough to get this pair of degenerate drug addicts to Fall's Church. After that what man could say?"

You forgot the ether-soaked handkerchief and the human adrenal gland/chewing gum.

But Falls Church is not Vegas.





Now of course, I forget where I came across it, but Brooks did not write the piece of folderall, that lead to this piece, and it's not nearly the most foolish thing he could have said in the last year, much less five.

Beasts of England
'...nine ounces of weed, six rocks of crack, a sugar jar full of blow, 36 vicodin tablets, a cage filled with live Bolivian arrow toads, and two jars of ketamine. Plus two quarts of Beefeater gin, a case of Schlitz malt liquor, and a four ounce ball of Afghan hash...'



Top Men, don't have that excuse;


Immigration Lawyer

"I don t read david brooks or gonzo journalism"

Well good on ya. Far too many conservatives attach themselves to HST, but god only knows why.

They are his polar opposite. When he ran for Sheriff in Aspen, campaigning on the promise to rename it 'Fat City' so developers might think twice, he shaved his head so he could refer to his opponent as 'that long-haired radical'.


Please GOP, especially the Cruz, Lee and Paul's, keep the focus on ObamaCare and everything else can be taken care of in 2014-2015. This is a fool's errand to start this shit all over again. When you have your opponent building his own scaffold and tieing his own rope don't stop him and tell him that death is not the answer.


I think this is what Jack means.

"This year was no different. In a fitting homage to past holiday-season embarrassments like the Iran-Contra pardons or Bill Clinton's signing of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, the Republican Party last week quietly declared war on itself, in the process essentially confessing to a generation of failed governance and dumbed-down politics.

The news came in the Wall Street Journal, where the Chamber of Commerce disclosed that it will be teaming up with Republican establishment leaders to spend $50 million in an effort to stem the tide of “fools” who have overwhelmed Republican ballots in recent seasons. Check out the language Chamber strategist Scott Reed used in announcing the new campaign:"

Our No. 1 focus is to make sure, when it comes to the Senate, that we have no loser candidates… That will be our mantra: No fools on our ticket.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/on-christmas-republicans-quietly-declare-war-on-themselves-20131230#ixzz2pT7xwkD2
Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

I'm not sure a republican should believe anything in Rolling Stone.



Do you think we have enough?


Watching Jamal Charles walking to the locker room after running one play tells me that the NFL has definitely become a league of lawyers and neurologists.

Maybe they should rename rthe NFL and AFL as The Neurological Findings Leaguee and the Attorney's For Litigation.

I wonder how Frank Gifford feels about the fact that he had play the next down after Chuck Bednarik cleaned his clock?



Its even better: What they actually had:)

“We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Budweiser, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls.
Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.”


The next play was quite a while later, however:

He knocked out New York's Frank Gifford with a blow so ferocious -- and legal -- that the Giants running back suffered a concussion and didn't play again until 1962.




Tongue in cheek. But then you lawyers are always defending yourselves:)


BoE-- that s it.... I'm Bama bound.

Danube on iPad

We were halfway to Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold.


Hunter Thompson was one of the most outrageous and perceptive writers of his age. He and Tom Wolfe had an immediacy that otherwise was absent.These days writers try to emulate them but just don't get it because they are usually faux. Thompson was who he was.

I think Sebastian Junger gets it but is much more conventional. Thompson and Wolfe are larger than life. Thompson threw out the rule book and became the story. And a cartoon character.

After a while he simply became a role model for excessive drug and alcohol use by a bunch of punks who idolized him.

Dave (in MA)


Danube on iPad

I remember an interview where Pat Summerall talked about the Bednarek hit on Gifford. Last they saw him he was being carried off on a stretcher, unconscious. As fate would have it, late in the game some guy in the stands suffered a heart attack and died. So as the Giants are headed for the locker room at the end of the game here come some guys wheeling a gurney with a body on it, covered by a sheet. "My God! Frank's dead!"

Immigration Lawyer

"After a while he simply became a role model for excessive drug and alcohol use by a bunch of punks who idolized him."

Now I see the conservative attraction.


Probably Not Safe for Work - If you work around leftists.

In fact, the Obamafraud people are probably writing new rules right now to prevent this happening in the future.



Question for ya'll -- last night WonderGirl's iPad took a dive and shattered the glass. It still works, which means it's just the glass and not the LCD that needs to be replaced. I found a couple of places online that do these repairs. Anybody have any experience with fixing iPad glass?

Danube on iPad

I'd go to the nearest Apple store, Kathy.


6 degrees of separation on cross-threads.

Frank Giffords first wife re-married Michael Kennedy who died hitting a tree while skiiing and playing football with other clan members.

Michael Schumacher still in a coma.

Danube on iPad

"Far too many conservatives attach themselves to HST, but god only knows why."

I don't know any conservatives who thought he was anything but a scumbag. I liked his attitude about guns, and had fun reading some of his material, but he was a scumbag through and through. I would imagine his self-celebrated drug abuse was a factor in his suicide, but I couldn't care less.


We were halfway to Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold

ONe kinda needs 'something' for that stretch of the road... ;)

I'd opt for a sixpack.

Immigration Lawyer

Hunter S Thompson and the fox

A Death in the Family

“Throughout the centuries, the red fox has left a record symbolizing cunningness, sagacity, and courage… . It has left a mark on the pages of literature and legend, even to modern slang, which applies the name to sly, sharp-witted people: for example, ‘He is a foxy fellow, ’ or ‘He out- foxed me.’ ”
— New Hunters’ Encyclopedia, p. 147

Well, folks, let me tell you a story about the red fox, and how I came to know him. It is a tale of treachery and violence and vengeance rarely encountered in a family newspaper — or even by me, in my own life, which has not been entirely free of these things.

But even dumb brutes can learn, and I have long since quit even
violence, which I used to enjoy as a sport (but that passed when I realized that not everybody feels that way, and some people really want to hurt you).

Vengeance went the same way. It was fun to plot and to talk about, but the real thing required more time and energy than being saddled with a terminal disease, and not even the best vengeance ever paid the rent. The English language is not crowded with words beginning with the letter “v” that suggest anything but trouble. After violence and vengeance, there is also vulgar, vicious, victim, vermin, vain, vacant, vile, vampire… . the list is long, with not a lot of smiles.

Right. And never mind these arcane drifts of language. We will leave them to villains and vissmongers like Edwin Newman and Robin MacNeil.

What we are talking about now is the hideous death in life of a red fox, considered by many experts to be one of the smartest beasts in nature.

“The fox has a distinct personality . His exceptional cunning, amounting sometimes almost to genius, has been responsible for many exaggerated stories of his extreme resourcefulness. ”

But not from me. There is a whole nest of those vicious little red buggers about 200 yards across the field from my front porch, and I am now in the process of killing them. I got the big one a few days ago and the others have gone into hiding.

They went all to pieces when the old man finally returned from his last trip across the field. He was blind in both eyes and covered with a hard crust of feathers and peacock dung, and he was leaving a trail of blood from the stumps of his hind legs.

It was midafternoon and the carrion birds were just beginning to think about feeding, but they were not in any hurry. There is no lack of food around here. The peacocks eat well — even at 20 below — and so do all the scavengers. There is always plenty of wheat, cracked corn and French fries.

But not a lot of meat, which is what they really like… . They will eat anything that bleeds, including their own kind, like sharks in a feeding frenzy. If one of them gets wounded, he will be quickly devoured by the others. They eat the eyes and entrails first, and then they get into the meat.

”Certain outdoorsmen consider it a sin to kill a red fox; such enthusiasts view it solely as a coursing animal and are content to let it remain such forever. “

On any market survey with a “chic scale” from one to ten, the red fox will run about eight. He is a very stylish little animal, with a neo-valuable pelt and a social cachet on the level of mean horses and fast dogs. Even George Washington loved the red fox. He “spent many happy hours running foxhounds over the wooded areas of his Mount Vernon plantation.”

On some farms they will settle for lesser prey, like the grey fox— one of the lower and uglier strains in the Vulpes vulva family; it has eyes like warts and hair like the spines of a sea urchin, and a brain like a chicken on speed.

There is also the coyote, which is hunted or at least chased now and then by gangs of nouveau riche huntsmen in places like Vail and Palm Springs. … But it is not quite the same, because the coyote always wins.

He is not a vain little punk like the red fox, with its bitchy little temper and its pampered way of life. The coyote is a mean, solitary meat eater who will eventually kill any dog who can follow it far enough.

But I have never had a problem with coyotes, although the valley is full of them. In 15 years of relentless coexistence, not even a rabid coyote has ever come up on my front porch and killed one of the family animals, or even chewed up one of the peacocks.

The red fox had a different attitude. He was arrogant and greedy and rude, and somewhere along the line he developed a taste for Salisbury steak. He also killed the family cat and took to roaming brazenly in the yard and even up on my porch in broad daylight, sniffing around the peacock cage.

The Hav-a-Hart trap is a heavy metal box about 4 feet long, with
doors on both ends and a nice little food tray in the middle. When the animal gets far enough in to eat the Salisbury steak, both doors clang shut and lock firmly. Escape is impossible.

When I found the red fox in the cage I talked to him for a while as I prepared a mixture of feathers and peacock dung, which I then began shoveling through the bars and into the cage with him. The fox became hysterical as he thrashed around in the mess, trying to bite off the end of the shovel. Every once in a while I sprayed him with liquid glue and then a final shot of Mace in his eyes before I let him go.

He looked more like a raccoon than a fox at that point. The glue had set up quickly, producing a layered effect with the dung and the feathers. The beast dragged himself out of the cage, yapping and howling, and ran awkwardly across the field in the general direction of his den in the briar patch.

On his way across the field, the hideous, stinking, half-blind, brain-shattered animal had to pass between two yearling peacocks who were pecking around in the grass for bugs, paying no attention to this thing that they didn’t even recognize as a fox.
I was stunned, however, to see the fox veer off his course and make a kind of staggering dumb-vicious pass at one of the birds. So I shot him from behind with a load of double-buckshot to help him on his way. The last time I saw him he was covered with blood and two huge red-tailed hawks were circUng over-
head preparing to take him into the food chain.

Immigration Lawyer

Sorry for the length, but every word...priceless. And anyone who doesn't find it funny, is er, uh, lacking in fundamental humor. (no, not you danube :)


I didn't get Las Vegas, but I did read Campaign Trail, and some subsequent work, he did in the 80s, O'Rourke does capture some of the same absurdity, but in a more button down manner.

I first heard of the Fenton outfit, in a piece in 'Holidays in Hell' about El Salvador, and there's a classic line, about a Phillipine police captain,
'he was compact, like an attack hamster;

Danube on iPad

I believe Dana's ultimate fate may be the same as Thompson's. This is one tormented man.

His best line.

Watch out for the little people.


Didn't find it funny or priceless at all.

Immigration Lawyer

when i am tormented by debilitating illness or hobbled by age, you can be sure I will take care of bizness. Until then, enjoying it.


DoT, I already know about the Apple "repair". They take the broken iPad and give you a refurbished one. For $318 plus shipping. (Nearest Apple store is 4 hours away.) I can buy a used one on ebay for about that, or a new one for $399.

The 3rd-party repair places will do the repair for ~$100-$165, and seem to have lots of satisfied customers...

Watch out for the little people on the ground.

Dana sticks peacock feathers to himself, and thinks he's flying.


Well this puts a different spin on it, the Eagleton tip came from a Tony boyle connected outfit;



Since its half-time, do we call this a semi-slattering?

Account Deleted

It's not just the Antarctic scientists who are tired of prog liars peddling Pitzer pignorance.

The article s interesting in several respects, aside from the revelation of standard progressive mendacity. "Marine snow" is a phrase I had never seen before. Although the author does not mention it, the marine snow is actually sequestering CO2. The exoskeletons of phytoplankton fix CO2 during calcification and then give it a ride to the abyssal deep.


21 points, is the standard, Captain laid out, but there's still hope, technically,

Danube on iPad

Awfully boring ballgame.



As Chuck Knox would say, " Those who live in hope, die in shit".

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I think this might've been the first time I've cheered for Notre Dame. Welcome to the ACC. Nothing against Mark's Debbils, who will do fine this season.

Miss Marple

Regarding iPad repair:

Not with iPad, but with the current iPhone. Grandson dropped and hit the corner of a table on the screen, with multiple shatters across the glass. He got glass replaced for $100 at a place over near our mall and it works just fine.


Is it Iggy who is the deriere man here?

Meet Jen Selter of NYC.

Her behind is an internet hit.

bgates, by the Grace of Jane and 63 Other People, Sage of JOM

What sort of person is entertained by a story about animal cruelty?

Why, the sort who thinks he and others like him deserve to have control over the medical care available to everyone else, because they exceed everyone else in compassion.

Miss Marple

Animal cruelty is often an indicator of sociopathic behavior.

Just sayin'....


Horse feathers!

You say the stupid word and a duck will come down and pay you to go away.

What an idiot. He makes Fenniman look absolutely briliant like a light bulb.


Make that 64.

Danube on iPad

Moi aussi, JiB. And I think I'm in love.


Hey, we have an awfully boring game in Indy that is getting less boring. But then its Indy and they are in the same state as Notre Dame. [If you know what I mean:]

Danube on iPad

"Animal cruelty is often an indicator of sociopathic behavior."

Frequently discovered in the backgrounds of serial killers. As I say, tormented.


Britain's version of Tea Party rocks political system across the pond

“We want to take back our country, we want to take back our government, and we want to take back our birthright,” Farage told FoxNews.com in forthright language rarely seen in British politics.

“The sense of frustration the Tea Party feels about the remoteness about the bureaucratic class of the Washington beltway is similar to our frustration with being dealt with by Brussels.”

- Nigel Farage, UK Independence Party

Farage has good reason to be confident of UKIP’s potential. Since he took the party's helm for a second time in 2010, the party has been revitalized, capitalizing on dissatisfaction with the Conservative Party’s shift to the center under current Prime Minister David Cameron.

Cameron has radically overhauled the “Tories,” embracing nationalized health care, fighting for gay marriage, and changing the party logo from the flame of liberty to an environmentally conscious tree. This, UKIP argues, makes them indistinguishable from the left-wing Labour Party and Liberal Democrats.


Yet instead of reaching out and finding middle ground, the Tories have snubbed UKIP. In 2006 David Cameron dismissed the newcomers as full of “fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists,” and top Tory Kenneth Clark recently branded them as “a collection of clowns.”
Sounds familiar.
Miss Marple

All I have to know about David Cameron was revealed seeing him sucking up to Obama and following him around like a groupie when they went to that basketball game, not to mention the selfies at Mandella's funeral.

So I am right there with Nigel Farage.

Miss Marple

Alas, my post disappeared. It will probably reappear after I type this.


Cathyf, depending on how old the iPad is they might let you get Applecare on it, going forward.

I won't have an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, without the insurance of Applecare. Not worth the worry.


we'll have a 50 million dollar campaign on just that theme Extraneus.

Indy trying to make a game of it.


Farage is a bracing cup of Tea, Cameron is blanc mange, except to the Tory base, for whom he is the grand inquisitor, surprisingly he didn't win a majority, and had to go into coalition with the LDP and the Frumious Huhne,


There are 3 major parties in the UK. Some, like labor and tory, more major than others, liberals. But that said, UKIP is making big time in roads especilally in council elections (citys, villages, towns, county's, shires, etc.).

Lot off frustration over immigration and sharia (yes, you read that right) in the UK. Plus the EU and its demanding nannyism is not very popular in a country that values their quaint instituions like the butcher, baker and candlestickmaker.

I see UKIP becoming more and more relevant due to immigration policy - not the muzzies but the Romanians.

England has been cooling for a decade.

UKIP is ahead of the wave on the corruption around all things green in Great Britain.


Oops! How about that for a touchdown. Head's up play and very athletic to be on top of it that fast. Good head on his shoulders.

I could care less which team wins but its not "awfully boring" anymore:)

Danube on iPad

This game has become quite amazing.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Sounds familiar.

It sure does.


funble recovery for a td. don't see that everyday.


JiB, Frank Gifford's daughter was married to Michael Kennedy, not his wife.
His first wife is old enough to be MIchael's mother.


fumble...hummm needing coffee at 730...

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Our president wants to start a "technology task force" in government.

Think about that.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

I really think he is scared to death that a private business would report how corrupt he is. So he has to keep it all insiders.


'You ask for a miracle, Theo'



anonamom, knew that and screwed it up commenting. My bad. Didn't even notice. Thanks for the correction. Age, faat fingers, too much wine and football on TV can do that to you:)

My Gallette des Rois before the oven:

Nice and fluffy, perfect and tasty.



>>>Our president wants to start a "technology task force" in government. <<<

thought he already had a czar and some other toadies dealing with "technology".


Holy Moly.

Indy ties it up and and a PAT puts them ahead. Yowza!

Too many points. Belicheck rubbing his hands together and licking his chops. No defense.


--Is it Iggy who is the deriere man here?--

I'm more of an all-rounder. You may be thinking of DoT.


intentional grounding...

jimmyk on iPad

"Didn't find it funny or priceless at all."

You actually read it? If I see a post that long I scroll to the bottom, and if it doesn't say "daddy" at the bottom I just keep going.


Wow, what a game.

Captain Hate

Fatass Reid with some HOF timeout mismanagement.


Yeah, I read it. Everybody was talking about the guy and I'd never read anything by him. Glad I'd saved the time.

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