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January 09, 2014


Beasts of England

Work station? I'm commenting with an IBM punched card. It really sucks when I drop them and have to re-sort.




it sucks that I can't write any more Christie jokes.


because it would be mean.


I laughed at every one, Rich. I don't think they're mean - they aren't really making fun of Christie. Just "inspired by" generic fat jokes. Like blonde jokes.

Then again, I am neither fat nor blonde, so I may just be demonstrating an empathy gap.


I didn't tell or even ask you to stop, rich. I just said they're a little mean.
If you like them tell them.
It's still a free country for a bit yet.



Cecil Turner

Having made a mild Christie fat joke myself I'm in no position to judge, but, hey, that never stopped me before; they are kinda mean.

I'm surprised nobody made the obvious observation when the Times said yesterday he was going to use the last election as a "springboard" to the nomination.

I think this is somewhat of a telling scandal: it illustrates the absolute worst of government, and is reminiscent of the IRS targeting, shutdown of war memorials, and general reputation trashing that appears to be a staple of the left. But the most glaring facet is the ridiculous double standard in the press treatment.

That said, Christie is a terrible candidate. He's no conservative, and no blue hell political environment caveats will excuse it. He's also a perfect example of an "establishment" northeast governor designed to appeal to undecided voters, prematurely hailed as the next great hope, and established on the inside track by the f'nork. He can't take a principled stand on the issues, nor make any real case for election except competence. (And the last thing we need is more competence in carrying out the socialist agenda.) His nomination would practically guarantee the conservative base would stay home.

Best thing that can happen for conservatives (and the country, IMNSHO) is for his national candidacy to implode. And so I'll shed precious few tears over his predicament.


He'd need some car shocks for that springboard.

Well said as usual, Cecil.


"Best thing that can happen for conservatives (and the country, IMNSHO) is for his national candidacy to implode"

It would also be good if scales fell from the eyes of a few more "persuadable" voters about the obvious double standard in the MFM dismissing Obama's responsibility for minions and alleging CC's.


I propose we let Cecil have first crack at each thread and more often than not we can all save a lot of time since there's usually not much else worth saying.


Do you believe Gov Chris Christe's assertion that he knew nothing about the Travel Scandal:



Extraneus, way back at 12:52-
Good summary of the real Christie way of working. He's a nasty piece of work and a big fan of big government as long as he gets to run it. He took on the teacher's union to eliminate a rival for power, period. I've watched him since he started his career here in Morris County and he's a Republican only because Democrats don't get elected in this county (except maybe in Parsippany).


Well said, Cecil!


I propose we let Cecil have first crack at each thread and more often than not we can all save a lot of time since there's usually not much else worth saying.

Mega-ditto's, Iggy.

Carol Herman

Christie's through. The way he fired Bridge-t Anne Kelly was just atrocious!

So, he's not just a bully, he also enjoys it when he can slap women around.

Christie's no longer going to be seen as presidential timber. And, the other governor, Cuomo in New York, also runs his part of the "Port Authority" like a fiefdom.

Wait till people figure out how expensive it is to drive a car over the George Washington Bridge. ($15). Plus, trucks and buses pay more. It's been a lucrative business for incompetent politically connected honchos.

Heck, IF Christie thinks he needs to do "fund-raisers" he can sell traffic cones with his name on them.

Cuomo's presidential ambitions have also taken a hit. You think it's Hillary in 2016? Not me. I think it's gonna be Elizabeth Warren.

Carol Herman

There's a piece of evidence no one here is willing to look at. Chris Christie "used" the Port Authority as a place to put his underlings. The "gems" Christie sent into these jobs didn't even have training wheels on them, where they could peddle across the bridge on tricycles.

Then, there's David Wildstein showing up on Day one (9/9/2013) to see the traffic jam up all for himself.

You also have Christie, at his 2 hour "presser" saying he "didn't sleep for two nights." And, also saying "much to his surprise he heard about the emails after his 8:00 AM workout.

Which is it? Was he clairvoyant the extra night before?

Okay, he threw Bridge-t Anne Kelly under the bus. But in New Jersey traffic doesn't move, anyway. "Under the bus" the wheels haven't rolled over her, yet.

When she shows up to be a witness will she take the 5th like David Wildstein did?


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