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January 05, 2014


Danube on iPad

"They let Kaepernick run all over them for the not the first time. Hard to believe they didn't have enough time to prepare for that."

They did have enough time; they just didn't do it. And on top of that they had the first 56 minutes of this game, which should have taught them that it was vital to contain Kaepernick, especially on third and long. Yet on third and ten with the hame on the line, a guy forgets his assignment, makes a useless move inside and blows the game.


great pieces from this morning Clarice.

Miss Marple

My sister the teacher has lost power. Couldn't get out of the garage since she isn't strong enough to manually lift the door.

Nearest sister couldn't get out of her lane to go get her.

However, son is plowing snow tonight so will pick her up when he passes by her neighborhood an drop her off. Her being without power is a danger, as she has COPD and is susceptible to pneumonia. Plus she is not very self-reliant.

Now I have meddled enough, I suppose. The wind is picking up and the weather is getting dangerous.


--He who is shown mercy, receives mercy.--

That doesn't make sense and wasn't said by Jesus.
He said "Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy".

The old Christian saw which is pretty accurate is "justice is getting what we deserve, mercy is not getting what we deserve and grace is getting what we don't deserve".

By those criteria I'm not only merciful as all get out, I'm even gracious by trying to help you understand your gross errors.
Unfortunately you always bump up against that "ears that won't hear" gag and so I have to resort to shaking the dust off of my feet when you refuse to be either welcoming or listen to the Word.
But I never lose hope.

Beaver Man Gus

"But I never lose hope."

Save it for yourself. Charity begins at home.


Nature is savage, 'tooth and claw' those who live in S Florida, know it as well, as those in colder climes, where I once lived as well,

That is the ultimate arrogance of that fool Turney, who thinks his divining wands yield results,


Steve McIntyre (Comment #122283)
January 5th, 2014 at 3:13 pm
There’s another legal issue that I havent seen anyone discuss yet. In nearly all marine charter parties, the charterer is obliged to return the vessel to the specified port on or before the appointed time, and the cost of delays is to the charterer’s account. Sort of like returning a rental car.
At some point, the Russian owners are going to be sending demurrage invoices to the charterers. It looks like the vessel is going to miss its next charter – which will be lost revenue of over $1 million or so.
Some events in a charter are insurable. Whether demurrage costs arising from the particular delay are covered would depend on the precise language of the contract. If the demurrage costs are not covered by the insurance, then the shipowners, who are not charities, will look to someone to reimburse them.
My guess is that the charterer is Adventure Associates, a company co-owned by Greg Mortimer and some associates. However the trip operator was the AAE, which appears to be some sort of joint venture between University of New South Wales and Adventure Associates. It would be interesting to know who received payment from the passengers.
Adventure Associates probably doesn’t have deep pockets. It was purchased last summer by Greg Mortimer, a distinguished mountaineer, and previously seems to have had several owners.
Anyone trying to get paid will look for the person with the deepest pockets, which, in this case, is the University of New South Wales. Adventure Associates would probably go bankrupt rather than pay the demurrage. So the Russian owners would include the university as a defendant, arguing that they were jointly responsible for leading the expedition – which appears to be the case.
Dawdling by the scientists on Dec 23 could also come into play. If sued, Adventure Associates might cross-claim against the University of New South Wales arguing that either Turney’s directions or the dawdling scientists caused or contributed materially to the vessel being caught.
Seems to me that there are more shoes to drop.


Your hostility is perplexing and disappointing.
And your limited conception of hope, as though it's one of your static wealth pies to be horded and divvied up is as well.
Since my hope is in Christ it's limitless and there's plenty for you too.


My fishwrap thinks in binary, they imagine their own understanding of the facts, and missapply them to real events




Concentrate on High Schools skills: subject-verb agreement, punctuation, capitalization and other trivial aspects of the English language.

Leave the grants and capitalization to the professionals. You wouldn't understand.

Beaver Man Gus

Bah Humbug. The problem with so-called Christian evangelism is that humans see the examples best recorded for posterity.

It's not a pretty picture, and you aren't helping, By their fruits you shall know them, is quite instructive for non-chrisitans.

Beaver Man Gus

Oh, I understand, Doctor.

Do you?


So there are reports, that Mugabe has collapsed, another one of the legacies of Carter and Callaghan, who voided the election of Muzorewa.

Miss Marple

Weather update: wind chill tomorrow morning is supposed to be -30 to -50.

We now have a 2-hour weather special on local TV.


I think President underpants on the outside and Madame President Kleptchner really do state a strong case for their governing policies.

In Argentina they are now officially grabbing citizens by the ankles and holding them upside down to extract the last US dollar from them because the currency's no good.

Maduro can't even provide toilet paper and so citizens are having the use the Analects of Hugo Chavez to do their business.

That paragon of efficient democracy Uruguay is like Leningrad on the Plate now, while Paraguay is a narco state. Brazil, well, it sort of speaks volumes.

And don't forget those crazy Bolivians and Ecuadorians!

Danube on iPad

"Your hostility is perplexing and disappointing."

He is a troubled, lonely and tormented man, and he will ultimately take his own life.


This was what they referred to at the Horde;


Rob Crawford

Looking forward to the day when Dana meets the front bumper of a Mack truck.

Beaver Man Gus

"and he will ultimately take his own life."

You've actually said something close to the truth.

I plan on that....in 20 or 30 years. :)


You don't, nor do I, know the fruits of anyone's life by their political opinions on a blog so it is in fact not instructive at all in this context.

And of course He was referring to false prophets who will be cast into the fire for deceiving people when he used that phrase. Are you saying people who disagree with you politically are going to hell because of those opinions? I certainly don't reciprocate that belief.


Well he seems to have travelling for a fair while, parts of Europe, Asia, notably India and Bhutan,
one would think that would be worthy of sharing,
or not,

Miss Marple

Good night, all!

Stay warm!


Headline at Memorandum;

Bob Schieffer Calls Out Peggy Noonan For Smearing De Blasio As A ‘former Sandinista’

Dammit, Peggy! He's still a Sandinista.

Beasts of England

Drinking from my first bottle of Bulleit Bourbon this evening. Very tasty. If you enjoy Bourbons, you should give this one a swirl.


Well baby steps, Ignatz, not that Schieffer would see anything wrong with that,


-3°F right now. WonderBoy changed all the batteries in the temperature sensing devices this morning -- we'll see how long the batteries hold up in the colds...

Rob Crawford
You don't, nor do I, know the fruits of anyone's life by their political opinions on a blog so it is in fact not instructive at all in this context.

For more than a decade I've seen him spread his feces on sites. He's a hate-filled bag of pus, he should be court-ordered to stay off the Internet (at the least).

He wants slavery, so long as the whip is in his hand. That alone should be grounds for him to be barred from anywhere sane people gather.


and does this post.



>>>Well he seems to have travelling for a fair while<<<

who? I'm still catching up.


the scarlet pimpernel, that haunts this place,


oh, thanks. in other news...

SWEET '16: Hillary Campaign renting out list...


Account Deleted


Where did the McIntyre comment originate? I can't find it on WUWT or his blog.


>>>Drinking from my first bottle of Bulleit Bourbon this evening. Very tasty. If you enjoy Bourbons, you should give this one a swirl.<<<


Account Deleted

The WH ordered MFM to publish BOzocare success stories. Has anyone seen one since the order was given?


Awkward to say the least;


Danube on iPad

Leslie Stahl's head is shaped like a classic Edison incandescent light bulb, with the screw threads in the vicinity of her Adam's apple. In this respect she strongly resembles former Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska. Should we infer any connecion?

Anyone else want to smash Bob Pelley's face?


Scott Pelley, yes it saves time, as the saying goes.

Danube on iPad


Bang. Zoom.


>>>The WH ordered MFM to publish BOzocare success stories. Has anyone seen one since the order was given?<<<


does the onesie ad count? ha. suppose it will be difficult for the media to black out all the news, but they will try.


Danube. Micah Hyde #33 on The Packers dropped an easy interception on the last drive. He stepped in front of the reciever on the left side and could have ended San Frans' season. He dropped the ball. Bush #24 was on a ill advised corner blitz. HE didn't call the play, he merely was the player who allowed Kaepernick to run free.
Kaepernick was born here, at least we have that. Oh and Tony Romo too.


--Leslie Stahl's head is shaped like a classic Edison incandescent light bulb, with the screw threads in the vicinity of her Adam's apple.--

Well, since it's only 25 watts at least she's still legal.


isn't de Blasio still a sandnistia? and a fake white hispanic?

enjoy your next few years NYC.


yikes. what I need is more coffee.


Good game tonight by the Sharks and the Black Hawks. The Sharks won in a shoot-out in overtime.

Eric in Boise

I plan on that....in 20 or 30 years. :)

Faster, please.

Frau Armbanduhr

rich, he's even a fake de Blasio.

Beaver Maya Ward



Subject verb agreement. High school subjects.


My apologies. Subject-verb agreement was a topic in elementary school for me. For Dana it is an advanced high-school activity.

Frau Armbanduhr

Hillary! in 2016: Sweet Sixty-nine.

Frau Armbanduhr

Warren Wilhelm, Jr.


Elizabeth Warren Billhelm DeBlasio Jr.

Who the hell was Senior???



This ain't the work of a fry cook.


clever TK. wasn't he in Russia recently having more success than are very own state department.

facepalm with cluthul...


ortega, che, ...


Frau...hahaha...doesn't that belong on the other thread.

Danube on iPad

"HE didn't call the play, he merely was the player who allowed Kaepernick to run free."

The play that was called was not the problem. The problem was that, on the called blitz, he decided to go inside. At the moment he made that decision he had zero chance of getting to the QB, but there was a huge chance that if he tried and failed the QB would do what he had done repeatedly throughout the game, and the game would be lost. In short, he failed in executing what was called.

Now all depends on Cam. Go Panthers.

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Entertaining godaddy bowl game. Nice to watch some of the overlooked players get some exposure. Love the walkons.

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

I think I'm about to od on football.

Is that even possible?


Good point Danube, I myself made that point tonight. Bush was clearly not going to get to the QB on the blitz, he should have salvaged what he could strategically, but....


Danube, my only disagreement with you, is that the PLAY, the Right corner blitz, was a stupid play call.


First on CNN: Liz Cheney to abandon Senate bid


>>>The expedition had pledged to plant about 800 kauri trees in Northland to cover its carbon footprint. Environmentalists believe planting trees helps to offset the impact of burning fuels such as diesel.<<<

Such a big gesture to all those who rescued them. They'll plant 800 trees, maybe, someday.

Danube on iPad

"I think I'm about to od on football."

I understand the sentiment, Steph, but I try to put it in perspective. There's a lot of it on these days, what with the proliferation of bowl games commingled with the NFL, so you have to kiss a lot of frogs on the way to finding your prince. And if you keep kissing you get Johnny Football, you get Oklahoma stomping Bama, you get the trouncing of Ohio State, you get a wonderful Big Ten victory in the Rose Bowl, you get Colts against Chiefs, Saints against Eagles, Niners against Packers, and yes - you get the hapless Bolts advancing.

Just keep kissing those frogs.



you don't think the Bolts will make it to the Super Bowl?

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Thanks DoT.

Beasts. If you're around, where would you recommend staying and eating in Mobile? We're thinking of doing a two or three night getaway and can't decide between Mobile and Biloxi. Hubs isn't big into casinos but I am and were looking to maybe play some golf, too.

Thanks in advance.

Dave (in MA)

40 days until pitchers and catchers report.


You must be feeling pretty spry if you're planning a getaway, Stephanie.

As for me I'm calling it a day. The new year starts for real tomorrow.


--40 days until pitchers and catchers report.--

I've never figured out how that works.
Baseball season has to be eight, maybe nine hundred days long, right, so how do they squeeze in a winter break every year?


Cabin Fever. If the doc clears me for playing golf, I'm outta here. Danged rain every day.

Gotta road trip the new car. I've got some 'free stay' offers from a few casinos, but can't decide between those and Mobile or maybe somewhere else.


Good Morning.

WattsUpWithThat continues to intrigue with new discussions of the Turney Expedition. Of big interest today is this issue raised by a commenter who is trying to square Turney's stated comments about where he said he was (Mertz Glacier) and why from her reading of all the reported Lat/Longs for the ship, photos, reports etc, she comes to this conclusion:

According to all I’ve read, researched, recorded, and documented… I’m beginning to think that there is NO WAY that the Akademik Shokalskiy got anywhere near the open polyna at Mertz glacier. That (could) mean that Chris Turney reported that the ship was somewhere that it never really arrived at.

That leads to big sleuthing in the comments, involving scouring maps of the Antarctic coast, wondering why Turney might be lying,
trying to verify when they first got icebound, wondering why there are no photos at all of the Mertz Glacier area, questioning how they could be reporting doing so much science work on some islands far to the west of the Mertz Glacier and then supposedly traveling very quick a very long distance to the Mertz Glacier in terrible conditions.

Caution is wisely advised by Anthony Watts about the topic:

While LeAnn’s entry raises some questions that are worth seeking answers to, I would caution readers not to speculate until such time those things can be nailed down, and wait until an official expedition log is posted, so that anecdotal information can be reconciled with the official expedition log. Given the intense interest of this expedition, and the fact that it was publicly funded, I think it is incumbent on the spiritofmawson.com website to post a valid trip log so these questions about who/what/when/where can be reconciled. I look forward to this happening.

Never attribute malice to what can be explained by simple incompetence.

Excellent advice from Anthony Watts, but very interesting to read the thread if you've got a spare hour or 2, and to try to figure out where on the Antarctic Coast all these locations are.


And congrats to DoT's Chargers!


Maybe their GPS was off, like the British frigate in that Bond film, more likely Turney is a lying


Morning Narciso.

It's a puzzler. I'm sure the lat/longs for the boat are somewhere---they have to be in the log.

But since we've got a President who lies to his Autobiography, and a Secretary of State who lies to his Diary, I would not be surprised at all to find a Climate Yahoo lying to the world about where he did his extremely valuable Science down in Antarctica.

Off for lunch.


DEADLY COLD OUT THERE! Monday AM Midwest forecast (STAY INSIDE)!!!



@ Jim Rhoades

All four away teams won?

I don't think so.

Thomas Collins

Indy won at home. The other road teams won.


tomatoe, tomato, I guess:



Where did the McIntyre comment originate? I can't find it on WUWT or his blog.

Rick it's on Lucia's Blackboard blog


Jeff Dobbs

If you're around, where would you recommend staying and eating in Mobile?

I can highly recommend the Country Inn & Suites in Saraland, just north of Mobile.

That is, if you're halfway on a 20 hour road trip and just need a place to rest your head for 8 hours...

We stayed there New Year's Even, and while we didn't get to see the Moon Pie Drop in Mobile, there was a fireworks stand across the street from the hotel that lit off some fireworks shortly after we arrived at the hotel.

All in all a true 3-and-one-half-star experience.

Jeff Dobbs

Daddy (quoting Anthony Watts):
While LeAnn’s entry raises some questions that are worth seeking answers to, I would caution readers not to speculate until such time those things can be nailed down

Wait. Watt?

With all due respect to Dr. Watts, I think someone forgot how to internet.

A blog's comment section exists three primary purposes:

1) flame wars
2) recipe exchanges
3) speculating on the nefarious motives and doings of one's adversaries

You take out any one of the legs of the blog comment stool, and the whole thing collapses.


So the Freebeacon, that the Dems were meeting the months before, with a front man, for an Al Queda funding organization to consult on drone policy

And we'll have fun, fun, fun 'til your Daddy takes the icebreaker away.

I first heard about the scientists 'faffing' about pretty early from a commenter at the Bish's. I relayed it to Judy's and said the truth should be easily demonstrated. And then Janet Rice, the Aussie poli on this polar parade laid it all at the scientists' feet.


the outfit, Al Karama, has been funding groups from Syria to Libya, and everywhere in between,

Oops, got a little carried away there @ the End.

There's a lovely little irony going on, now. It was difficult, let us say challenging, to enjoy the full range of ridicule that could be applied to the farce of a fiasco, while there were so many helpless humans in peril. Now that the most absurd characters in this grand operation of the 'Works', have been removed from the scene of danger, the game is on, for the contrast of them with those still in danger just sharpens the edge of this iced cleaver of fierce farce.


they gave an award to Scahill, who was one of the early sources of the 'black legend' pinned of Blackwater.

Bridge over troubled bodies.

First as tragedy,
Fallujah Blackwatershed;
Har, har, far shock are.


So when Hicks, who curiously was not mentioned in 'Abbott' Kirkpatrick's report,
said he felt it was 'like dealing with the Taliban, in there' he wasn't been metaphorical.


Of course, one of Kirkpatrick's stringers, is reporting on 'plucky story' of the Muslim Brotherhood's comeback, or words to that effect.


Be safe everyone! It is a bizarre 46 degrees here and raining. The temps tonight will cause refreezing. Thousands of people downeast who just had their power restored are in the dark again. How is it tin the midwest Miss Marple? CH?





I thought it was the Regionsal Security manager who said it was like working with the Taliban inside. Referring to the State Department aparatchiks back in Foggy Bottom.

Forecast for the First Coast: Record low temps and wind chill this evening - down to 20F with a wind chill close to 10F (bringing in the plants). High on Tuesday is going to be about 39F then it starts to warm up on Wednesday and back to the mid -70's by weekend.

They'll be burning the smudge pots in the citrus groves. More likely, they'll turn on the irrigation and let the plants grow ice insulating them.

Captain Hate

How is it tin the midwest Miss Marple? CH?

I would imagine it's very cold for Miss Marple as the arctic blast is going from west to east. When I went to bed a little after midnight the temp was still above freezing but the rain had turned to snow. It's snowing a bit and the temp is 19 on my handy dandy WKYC radar app (a good free app that uses the GPS to give a forecast wherever you are) but it's expected to drop to -19 tonight. Columbus is colder than we are which is not a normal thing.

Jeff Dobbs

We're forecasted to get down to 6 here overnight. The record low for Jan 7th is 14, so we should beat that handily.

14 is easily the highest record low for any day in the month of January. The record low for Jan 6th is 5 and Jan 8th is 6.

Miss Marple

Marlene, we are currently at -13 with -16 forecast for tonight. All schools and state government are closed. Several counties, including mine, are under a snow emergency, which means if they catch you driving without a good reason (like heading to the emergency room) you will get a ticket.

They called out the National Guard in 20 counties to rescue stranded motorists. At some point an 88 stretch of I65 was closed, I assume north of Indy where they got more snow and the terrain is flat.

We are doing fine here as we didn't lose power, although my sister did. We are occupying ourselves with putting away Christmas and cleaning.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself


"But this would mean authorizing a third party to commit on their behalf what the nuns consider a sin. This obviously is an unacceptable solution."

This makes me think of the financial set-ups for Muslims. That's what the government wants the nuns to do.

Miss Marple

Janet, Last night on Bill Cunningham's show (what can I say, I was bored and listening for weather news) he had on some Iraqi who sounded like me in my most conspiratorial moods, only with an accent.

He is of the opinion that all of the Muslims are jihadists, that Obama is a Muslim or controlled by one, that the media is in cahoots with them and is hiding the persecution of hristians all over the world, and that the people of the US are lazy and dupes.

So there you go.

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Forecast for tonight is 6 here, too.

Just back from the doctor and I'm cleared to resume all activities! Expedia here I come.

Countdown to kickoff minus 12 hours and counting.

Countdown to College Gameday 8 1/2 hours and counting.

Miss Marple

Becket video on the Little Sister's of the Poor, who Obama is persecuting:



It'a balmy here too. Supposed to change at noon to frigid.

Liz Cheney has dropped out of her senate race citing family medical reason.

Insty has something up implying cronyism is the reason for getting rid of the horses in NYC. A donor wants the space.

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