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January 13, 2014




Account Deleted

Some nice Michigan polling. It's a GOP pollster but it's LVs and the party weighting appears correct. Given the angst re Detroit, Snyder looks OK and Land looks to be a decent bet to take the Senate seat vacated by Levin. She won her SoS job with 55% in 2002 and was re-elected in 2006 with 56%.

She has good statewide support and BOzo ain't on the ticket this year in Detroit au Prince.



On the advice of a commenter here, I went to The Brad Blog and found this.

What do you think of the denials?

Military.com Covers Edmonds Disclosures, Reports 'Denials' From Several Fingered Bush Officials

Feature article offers comment from Perle, Feith, spokesman for Grossman, as well as information and comment in support of the FBI translator/whistleblower's charges of nuclear treason...


miss Marple

Daddy, glad you enjoyed my report!

Feeling much better since I got the antibiotics.

I love reading this place.



Are you getting used to the various people here? I for one sure enjoy your contributions.

JIB (in Typhus hell)

Holy Moly, Virginia is within 3 of Duke at 2 minutes to go.


MM, we love having you here.

Cecil Turner

Edmonds is a nut job. Her total claim to expertise is a few months working as a translator for the FBI--mostly spent slinging accusations and getting ready to be fired, according to the OIG report--and she's parlayed that into a full-time "whistleblower" gig. Take it somewhere else, please.

Beasts of England

I enjoy your comments, as well, Miss Marple.


ditto, Beasts, of course of Volodya friendly g-man, always raved about her, which was a tipoff.

miss Marple

Well, I have learned a few things. Narciso writes in a type of code substituting names for those in the news, so I am entertained trying to figure out what he says.

I have figured out a few people's careers, such as daddy.

I suppose it will take me a while to get up to speed on everyone, but I am doing my best. Captain Hate, of course, is an old internet friend and how I wound up here.

This is a good place, and I much appreciate being made welcome.


the latter statement was about Edmonds, not miss marple.

Megyn was on with Burlingame, about the 'going out of business' Gitmo clearance, and some terrorist,
communicating with some kid in the UK,



Maybe Clarice would care to answer, after all the question was directed to her.


Sometimes I forget to provide the cipher key, Miss Marple,

Captain Hate

I always thought Miss Marple would be an excellent addition here.


Clarice has a reputation as the keeper of the pistolas. She has brandished them in the past at any commenter who feeds trolls.

I can't see why she would do anything but follow her own good advice.

miss Marple

Narciso, no problem.

You challenge my brain. Sometimes I can see the analogy, sometimes I deduct what you are saying from the sense of mood.

It reminds me of logic problems and codes, which I love to solve.


'Winning the Future' doesn't cover this,

BB Key

Beasts, My eyes are bad and I lost my magnifying glass, is your current avatar your lake house or your frat house ? FYI my ex SIL's family had a house on your lake near Scottsboro. her dad worked for the power co and she went to AU . We stayed in Huntsville for the wedding .


These are very simple questions. Or at least they should be.

Jim Miller

I am not sure why people say that Christie didn't campaign for Lonegan. Christie endorsed Lonegan and hosted a fundraiser for Lonegan, which qualifies as campaigning in my book.

According to Lonegan's site, Christie is joining him on the 16th for what looks like another fundraiser.

I have heard a number of explanations for Christie choosing to call a special election for the Senate seat. But I haven't seen anyone mention this explanation: Lonegan's chances were not good, but they were best in a low turnout, special election.


Except Booker's inflated lead collapsed in the last week, much as it was with McAuliffe, but they had prepped the battlefield with the likes of Steyer.


Thanks for the reminder. Thanks JIB now I have to get my Balls Cheesesteak Kitchen ready for tomorrow.

Beasts of England

@BB Key: My ex sent me that image today. One of her friends painted a water color of her house for a Christmas present. She received that house from me as a present when we got divorced. It's pretty nice...

My lake house is actually on Scottsboro highway. I head up the river to Scottsboro on the boat quite often during the season. They have a very good lakeside restaurant where my nephew's band occasionally plays.

Beasts of England

That's a great name, bori - you should be putting together a business plan!

BB Key

Beasts, lol , liked that neck of the woods , never understood why Scottsboro got such a bad reputation

Beasts of England

Scottsboro is pretty rough and tumble. And I'm saying that as a white boy. It's a beautiful area, though, and has a very reasonable cost of living. Of course, their economy is really struggling and has been for quite a while...

miss Marple

Well, rse, you should watch this PBS special called "About Berkley."

So far they are whining they are not getting enough money and the foreign students from the Caribbean are griping that they have to pay back loans.

Now we are hearing about the hate for Obama voters. Gee, how could that be?

miss Marple

Fascinating watching this British prof trying to stir up resentment of minorities in the class.

I am fascinated because they think completely different from us.

Oh, no, now we are mocking Milton Friedman!

BB Key

Beasts, No more TVA or NASA money . Democrat payback....


I'm so glad McConnell has taken the possibility of payback on the senate majority rule off the table.

CH, or anyone who's still here: What did McConnell do? I hadn't heard about anything and google didn't help. Was this a typical Repub "turn the other cheek" move?


the narrative is stronger then the truth;



Maybe it was this, i'm tired of their 'cunning, cunning,plans


Captain Hate on the iPad

jimmyk, right after Reid changed the Senate rule and there was speculation thar Repubs could do the same to 404Care, McConnell said that wouldn't happen. I'm sure there are online reports on it.

Jim Miller

Anyone know whether a private immigration bill could help the Romeike family.

(I would favor that solution, if they don't win in court, and, if it is possible.)


I suspect it could, Jim M, but wouldn't have to be signed by Obama? The Romeikes sound like future bitter clingers.

Jim Miller

It's my impression that presidents routinely sign private immigration bills, rather than pick a very personal fight with a particular congress critter.

A glance through the list of presidential vetoes at Wikipedia didn't turn up any examples, for our last four presidents.

(Obama has just two vetoes, so far.)

miss Marple

Here is the help offered to a middle class student at Berkley: Don't work too much or it will impact your grades. Loans are at only 6% so you can take those out and (counselor actually said this on camera) you can pay it back with the job you will get from a world-class institution.

God help me, but these people are evil. I am glad I watched this special on PBS.

miss Marple

One other thing about this PBS special, which is done as a snapshot of life on the Berkley campus. Plenty of segments with administrators, professors, TA's and students talking.

Also lots of shots of garden ears, janitors, construction workers, etc.
NONE of the blue collar guys get one wors on camera. Just shots of them working. Like they are robots or something.

I cannot help but think this is indicative of how students and staff at Berkley think.


Hit, my brother was with Rodham when she tripped on her cankles and fell down boom in the State Dept basement. It was loud.

Man Tran on iPhone


If you check in, I have an observation about your pal, Mr. Koch. That video you linked, if you hadn't told us how big he is, you would think he was playing a 2/3 scale axe. I mean it almost looks like a ukelele.

Question: does he tend to play further down the neck than most others?


Hey ManTran, how are the peepers?


Man tran, Greg plays all over the guitar. He's very tall and he's slimmer than he once was. But he is a FANTASTIC guitar player. He's a TELE guy now, but was almost a slave to Strats for years. I'm not a guitar bigot, I have everything.

Man Tran on iPhone

Well, my post disappeared awhile back, so testing...

Man Tran on iPhone

Ok then, Iggy,

Going to the surgeon tomorrow for a follow up. Cataracts creeping in as forecast, but still driving/flying. Any worse and that is out. Hope he gives me an early shot at a new lens.


Greg looks like he could do some fret jumping like a wide handed piano player. Does anyone develop unique tricks like that?

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