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January 30, 2014



Bearded fish in barrel, meet blogger with a gun.


Waxman to retire. Whoa.



Robert Mueller knew Armitage was Robert Novak's source.

Do you consider Mueller a co-conspirator?


I repeat-- TomM doing these Krugman fiskings is a public service.


rising debt that makes us more vulnerable to financial crisis

I heard that nations with stable, responsible governments — that is, governments that are willing to impose modestly higher taxes when the situation warrants it — have historically been able to live with much higher levels of debt than today’s conventional wisdom would lead you to believe.

The problem is nobody understands debt.

Jeff Dobbs

Indeed, the only robust correlations appear to be those among U.S. cities and states (discussed above) which, as we have seen, vanish once we control for racial composition.


The invisible hand.


Certainly Detroit pols didn't understand debt... or maybe they did and didn't care.
When T-Bond rates double to 3-6% across the term spectrum for a $20T debt and Treasury debt service goes to $1T/year, americans will get a hard and fast education about 'debt'.


Richard Lindzen speaks to the British House of Commons on Climate Fraud:

“I’ve asked very frequently at universities: ‘Of the brightest people you know, how many people were studying climate [...or meteorology or oceanography...]?’ And the answer is usually ‘No one.’”

And – warming to his theme:

“You look at the credentials of some of these people [on the IPCC] and you realise that the world doesn’t have that many experts, that many ‘leading climate scientists’”.

Was Lindzen suggesting, asked Tim Yeo at this point, that scientists in the field of climate were academically inferior.

“Oh yeah,” said Lindzen. “I don’t think there’s any question that the brightest minds went into physics, math, chemistry…”


Kwame Kilpatrick and his predecessors all the way back to the Commie Coleman Young, were too busy with both hands inside the cookie jar to worry about a little thing like paying back bonds when due.


So TM what is your bet? Is Krugman just mailing it in, or does he expect that his audience is so lazy and so stupid that they wont read his link and/or wont understand the obvious. One is more graceless than the other, not that Krugman would know grace if it smacked him upside his rather large head.




Gmax- I think Mrs Robin Krugman and grad students write these things, while Paul is off making $1500/hr + expenses.

Jim Eagle

WaIt until he sees the new Godzilla movie and how that stimulates the economy. I am still in favor of moving Doonesbury to the editorial pages and Krugman to the comic pages.

chuck it

"Meanwhile, Krugman might want to keep in mind that subsidies disappear at $46,000 for an "individual" and $94,200 for two adults; that is hardly "an income well over $100,000"."

So...subsidies good? Subsidies bad? Sounds like you want to have some cake, and keep your cake.

Jim Eagle

In 1956, Norman Mailer nominated Ernest Hemingway as President of the United States

"To begin with, the Democratic Party has the poorest of chances against Eisenhower, and whether it be Stevenson, Kefauver, or some other political half- worthy, the candidate’s personality would suffer from his unfortunate resemblance to a prosperous undertaker. There is no getting around it— the American people tend to vote for the candidate who gives off the impression of having experienced some pleasure in his life, and Eisenhower, whatever his passive vicissitudes, looks like he has had a good time now and again. I would submit that this is one of the few healthy aspects of our unhealthy country— it is indeed folk wisdom.

A man who has had good times has invariably also suffered (as opposed to the unfortunate number of people who have avoided pain at the expense of avoiding pleasure as well), and the mixture of pain and pleasure in a man’s experiences is likely to give him the proportion, the common sense, and the charm a president needs."

As they say - RTWT


Of course, the question is why didn't they;


Stevenson seemed weened on a pickle, Dukakis was the same way,


"If you’ve misinformed your readers, the first order of business is to stop misinforming them; the second, so far as possible, to let those who already got the misinformation know that they were misinformed. "

Has the NYTs ever NOT misinformed their readers since the Walter Duranty era?

Eric in Boise

Being unwilling to read it, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the point of Krugboy's column is that nobody understands debt except HIM.


His point was right 'his language could have been tighter;



Just about to go to work, but earlier tonight in Osaka I found a hole in the wall local teppanyaki joint, and the house speciality was boiled pigs feet.

I had never thought about the Japanese being big pigs feet gourmets, so this was new to me. This was an aged wooden shack sort of place, with well seasoned stools and customers, so I sat down at this old wooden counter and ordered a traditional bit of chicken and beef grilled on a stick. It was excellent with nice sauces, and crumpled on top of a lettuce leaf sort of Korean style, but I noticed that most everyone was having something boiling in a huge metal pot just in front of me and it turned out to be pigs feet.

They were white, and much smaller than German Swinehocks, and no crust at all, just boiled, so finally I asked for an order and the guy fishes around in the pot for some choice chunks and plops them in a dish for me. He hands me a salt shaker, and says its okay to use my fingers instead of chopsticks.

Anyhow, I got good and greasy, and tried to see how my tablemates ate it, so that I wouldn't come off as too much of a Gaijin rookie. It was fair, not as good as swinehocks or pickled pigs feat, but tasty enough, and interesting in that it showed me another side of the Japanese. I finished up with some pork Teppanyaki with onions which was excellent and now am off to work.

Any of you guys ever had boiled pigs feet in Japan?

Account Deleted


The Mankiw link is well worth reading. He eviscerates Krugman using the same study Krugman lied about in his column. The fact Krugman so obviously lies in the pap he generates to reinforce the conditioning of the average NYT peck and drooler is rather strong evidence of Krugman's ability to gauge the intellectual prowess of his intended audience.

He may be slipping but you'll never be able to tell from comments at the NYT.


Rick, I think Eric was talking about my link, which as he suspected he absorbed without reading.


Can't wait for the juicebox mafia's 10 million dollar take.


wes we'll take it under advisement, how did that work the last timel


Jim Eagle

The Dem Strategy:

Democrats: Cede the House to save the Senate

I hope they spend lots of money on the Senate and still lose it.


Experimenting with twitter, this came up:

Vicki Mckenna ‏@VickiMcKenna 19m

President Obama ust called Waukesha "Wau-KETCH-uh". How can someone from CHICAGO have never heard of WAUKESHA?

Sooooooper Genius strikes again.

Jim Eagle

The Sunshine State



JiB-- I really think they will;

Immigration Kabuki-- House Repubs propose 4 separate Bills- 3 enforcement, 1 'probationary status' Bills while enforcement is done. House Conservatives say probation = amnesty vote no, Dems attack 'fraud' as no legalization occurs during probation. Result House passes 3 enforcementbills but not probation. Senate refuses conference committee, enforcement Bills die in early summer. In election, Dems attack repubs as hating Mexicans, repubs campaign on Dems not serious about enforcement. We'll see what voters say in Nov.


He's not from Chicago, 'he's from France'




can't say I have. would be curious if it was a ethnic Korean shop?



think that is too much wheels within wheels. I think that the GOP is beholden to business interests enough that they really think they can grant an open ended amnesty and still survive as a party. Hope I'm wrong but I'd bet on amnesty.



wonder which global warming model called that. yikes!!!

Old Lurker

How the GOP fails to understand that most of us just want them to keep the trains running and to make no new laws until after the next two elections is beyond me.

If they would just SAY that then go away, I might stay in the GOP.


Bery sensible;


I think the one, in the DAT,


BIG business wants increased tech immigration. They get that from the Repubs; small business wants no enforcement. They won't get that from the Repubs. Where else is small business going to go? The Dems/Progs are poison to small business, will small business boycott repubs becuase they are trying to prevent hiring illegals off the books? The vote calculus on this is ambiguous, I think the Repubs will use this issue to punt and continue watching the votes in Fla, Tex Colo and Ariz.


POLL: Palin has highest favorables among GOP primary voters...

that ought to cause a shift in the mortality rate.

Old Lurker-

but then they wouldn't be doing something. they gotta be doing something to be feeding at the trough.

and my ear is hurting today and work is in a few hours.

Eric in Boise

Yes, bgates, I was referring to your link. The Bearded B***ard is nothing if not predictable. I'll definitely check out the Mankiw link later when I have time.

Jim Eagle


Ron DeSantis is my congressman and doing a hellva job.


Its Okaloosa Country - Pensacola and Ft. Walton Beach area of Western Panhandle.

Looks like 2 killed as a result of icy road conditions


The professional repubs are trying to be around beyond the next 2 elections--they are trying to keep their jobs. That said, if they cave completely they lose their jobs this cycle. That's why I think the don't cave; I trust them to do what they believe is in their self-interest. I think the tell that this Kabuki is going on is is the AFL-CIO pig Trumpka attacking Repubs before they even release bills.



>>>BIG business wants increased tech immigration.<<<

they want more than just tech immigration. and the tech immigration isn't needed either.


Krugman: "If you like your propaganda, you can keep your propaganda."



when the gop is being told by their funders that their self interest is voting amnesty?

I can see them voting for amnesty then the chamber funds the dem registration and voter drives for 2014. they'll wonder why they were betrayed.


oh and a new thread...


Here's the Chamber's Immigration page; the reality is 'SKILLs" immigration is their top priority. Is it needed?-- native USA tech and skilled workers would say hell no. Chamber employers OTOH would like flat wages forever. http://immigration.uschamber.com/



IEEE had a write up-it isn't needed. half of stem graduates are in non stem fields. skilled immigration has held wages down of skilled workers more than workers in other industries. they'll called skilled everyone they amnesty this year.


Don't dispute any of that rich. My only point is that increased STEM visas is the top Chamber priority. The big employers want to hold your wages down rich, in the same way illegal immigration destroys working class wages.



might have mushmouthed the article in my comments but the point holds. good article and links and refs at the bottom.


I would hold off for a while;



Yea. Thanks NK. Maybe I can adjust to a 300 sq ft apartment and no sugary soad.


She's sharp as a tack;



please let it not be a gmu student...


nyu...worried there for a minute.


bgates, loved this line from your link

"It’s true that foreigners now hold large claims on the United States, including a "fair amount" of government debt. But every dollar’s worth of foreign claims on America is matched by 89 cents’ worth of U.S. claims on foreigners. And because foreigners "tend" to put their U.S. investments into safe, low-yield assets, America actually earns more from its assets abroad than it pays to foreign investors."



I'm all for sending as many students to Benghazi as we can. It's a good start...



Your latest article on Plamegate concedes that P2P was right and FBI Director Robert Mueller was also involved in what you describe as a "Conspiracy to Conceal"

Clarice Feldman believes Dick Armitage is a liar, except….

So now, by your own account, the State Dept., DoJ and FBI were all involved in the conspiracy.

Anything you would like to say about your most recent theory Clarice?


so in other words it is putting lipstick on the pig, borica.



I'm sure that makes perfect sense in Enron accounting; if the Federal government racks up trillions in debt to foreigners it's OK so long as private US corps and individuals invest abroad as some type of Enron hedge.

I guess if you begin with the assumption it all belongs to the gov anyway it does make a certain sense.


"trillions in debt "

US debt when Waxman was elected to the US House.



US Debt today!



Democrat Waxman didn't cause it all by himself. He had help.

Danube on iPad

Sandra Fluke considering running for Waxman's seat.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

She has almost as much real life experience as Obama. Why isn't she running for president.

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