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January 07, 2014


Danube on iPad

That's Jenna Lee, and her hub is a USNA grad and a SEAL. Her father, Bob, was a QB for the Vikings and threw a TD pass in a Super Bowl.


DoT--so the hubby is wearing a SEAL's eagle and trident, not Wings of Gold.

Old Lurker

NK, with that guy I think the two are intertwined since so many have questioned the validity of his claimed wealth, particularly given the mess in some of the operations.

Was he the guy who threatened to sue Forbes for understating his net worth or was that someone else?


They are indded intertwined.. completely. Syndicating his name has been his moneymaker for 20 years now. Does he actually 'operate' anything at this point? My understanding is he collects a license fee for use of his name, shows up at the groundbreak shovel turnover and the ribbon cutting, and then moves on.

Old Lurker



NYT: Top Christie Staff Sought Lane Closings as Revenge

While the emails do not establish that the governor himself called for the lane closings, they do show his staff was intimately involved, contradicting Mr. Christie’s repeated avowals that no one in his office or campaign knew.

That conflicts with the governor’s carefully crafted reputation as the rare politician who will tell it like it is, even when the news is difficult. And the pettiness described in the emails flies against the image Mr. Christie’s aides have sought to craft for him, of a new kind of leader, above the partisan politics and small-mindedness of Washington.

In the documents, obtained by The New York Times and other news outlets Wednesday, Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy chief of staff in Mr. Christie’s office, gave a signal to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to close the lanes about two weeks before the closings occurred.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” she emailed David Wildstein, Mr. Christie’s close friend from high school, and one of his appointees at the Port Authority, which controls the bridge. Mr. Christie and some officials at Port Authority have said the closings were done as part of a traffic study, but they caused havoc for days, backing up traffic for hours.

The mayor of Fort Lee, Mark Sokolich, is a Democrat and did not endorse Mr. Christie. In the obtained emails and texts, Mr. Christie’s staff and appointees appeared gleeful when the abrupt lane closings gridlocked the town for days, beginning with the first day of school and including the anniversary of Sept. 11. Mr. Sokolich, who had not been informed of the closings, texted Bill Baroni, the governor’s top appointee at the Port Authority, asking for “help” because the lane closings were making children on buses late to school.

“Is it wrong that I am smiling?” Mr. Wildstein texted Ms. Kelly.

“No,” she texted back.

“I feel badly about the kids,” he texted.

“They are the children of Buono voters,” she said, referring to Mr. Christie’s Democratic opponent, Barbara Buono, who was trailing consistently in the polls and lost by a wide margin.


In the documents, obtained by The New York Times and other news outlets Wednesday about the road closings in Jersey---

How come the Times is able to get documents and E-mails and all this other stuff super quick when the target is a guy with an R behind his name, but they can't seem to find a shred of paperwork when it's IRS-Gate, or Benghazi-Gate, or Climate-Gate, or Fast and Furious Gate, or any other damn Gate that might effect adversely on a guy with a D behind his name?


Exactly Daddy. see my comment about the lack of NYT reportage regarding the Central park carriage kick back in rthe next thread.


Was just gonna' repost my 02:03 over there to buttress your point NK.


Daddy-- your comment is spot on. I detest the Progs and Dems, but I have a special hatred for the Legacy Media.

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