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January 13, 2014


Jane on Ipad

I second the praise for Jim Miller's site. I just wish you would announce new posts here more frequently, because half of us are senile!


Moyes just isn't working out very well at Man U. That and they top stars just don't seem to want to play there right now. The club had a huge development deal in Brazil which was supposed to feed them the cream of the crop, but I have seen no results at all so far.

And on a happier note, internet neutrality has been smacked down by a federal judge. Of course Der Fuehrer may decide to issue an executive order. Let's pray he gets shot down on the NRLB case.

JIB (in Typhus hell)


Wishful thinking but not backed up by putting his future salary on that prediciton:) I agree it will be close but I still go with Mourhino and don't forget they have to play Champions league also. Don't be surprised if Chelsea finds a way to exit the FA cup in order to focus on the BPL and Champions.

James D.

DoT @ 1:02 - isn't that the figure for the "border zones"? I might be misstating it, and it's 100 miles. But that's equally damning, really. How much of the U.S. is within 100 miles of a border, if you count the seacoast as a border (as I'm sure it probably is, legally)


matt-yet another decision that shows the lawlessness of these agencies as they try to disregard statutory language to impose their will by administrative fiat.

I was working on something this morning as the so-called "new system" gets pushed by radicals. There was a December 12 workshop to plan at the Kennedy School at Harvard with participants from all over. One was Lani Guinier. Great choice for an AG there Bill.


Well remember who's actually running the FCC, of course, the no filibuster patch prevents more of these instances,

Our local top gal, Dockery, is aspiring to be Brooks, for reasons passing understanding,


In truth--

Obummer's 'pen' CAN create jobs... for real. If he signs an Obummercare REPEAL law that repeals all mandates and taxes, employers would hire more people and economic growth would spike. If he signed a budget cutting spending and entitlement reform that cuts 'long term' spending by $450B/year, the deficit would fall, and the Dollar and long-term rates would stabilize at virtuous levels, and national bankruptcy could be avoided. Of course Obummer would never use THAT pen.


This is why I preferred Rumsfeld, he didn't make what he meant unclear;



Senate Negotiatiors prepare $1.1 trillion spending; Could top 1,000 pages...

another got to pass it to see what is in it. at least we will be spared the theater of another shutdown.


Rumsfeld-Gates? businessmen and academics are very different cats.

I am interested to read Gates' book about the lack of Pentagon attachment to Iraq (2004-2006 insurgency fight. I admire Rummy, but he is stubborn, and he wanted the USA out of Iraq asap and no nation building. Gates' criticism of Pentagon 'detachment' may be fair.


Gates is a career bureaucrat, at least for his first 20 years, the rot in Iraq, and the carnage in Afghanistan, had filtered into the water table,

Captain Hate

Rumsfeld catches a lot of heat for the Surge not happening earlier, as if the situation on the ground was always conducive for its success, which is revisionist nonsense lacking an understanding of the ebbs and flows of wars dictating differing strategies at different points in time. I don't know of any knowledgeable studies that have indicated that the Surge didn't happen at the optimum time, which in real time is playing a guessing game and best known in retrospect.


Is Truthbetold another screen name for Threadkiller?


Outside government service Gates pursued academia positions, Rumsfeld/Cheney business. I am curious to read Gates and compare him to Rumsfeld/Cheney and see how those career paths affect their respective worldviews and assessments of leaders.


There was data, from Ramadi and other places, pre 2006, but it took the 'poor choice' that the Anbar tribes did with AQ, for the soil to be set for the awakenings in Anbar, then as now, the Shia leadership was as pigheaded, as the Sunni tribesmen, were in embracing Zarquawi's bandits,

Captain Hate

Exactly narc; without the Anbar Awakening, the Surge is probably as big a disaster as the Searchlight Pederast, Rodham, Biden and the JEF were hoping it would have been.


Rumsfeld's pigheadedness and GWB's loyalty to Rumsfeld --plus 2006 elections-- definitely contributed to time delays in using the Anbar tribes and then a US surge. After reading Rumsfeld and Cheney's autobios I have no doubt of that. I definitely want to see Gates' take on that.


Luttrell, after the harrowing experience in 'Lone Survivor' went back and operated in Ramadi, along with the late Chris Kyle,


Well sort of, Petraeus didn't have the counterinsurgency plan done till late in 2005, then NBC fell for the trap, that Zarquawi sprang,
they don't call it a civil war now, but the same factors recurr.

Captain Hate

First you have to have people trust you, which isn't done overnight, particularly in a country you're invading no matter how pure your intentions are.


That has always been the problem, if anything drove the Shia into the arms of the Pasdaran, was
the betrayal at Safwan in '91, the Kurds still do sort of trust us, for reasons passing understanding, although their retainers like Galbraith the lesser, have done them few favors.


Yeah, great deals all around, like Solo, the undercover agent with Goldfinger;



Good Morning!

Loved that story of Miss Marple trying to teach 10 year olds about different bands of Rock.

So, we got to the Coconino sandstone. And me, at age 28, trying to be cheery and helpful, said "You know, sort of like Kokonino County in Krazy Kat only with C's instead of K's."

Slacked jawed reactions abounded.

So THEN I said, "You know, the cartoon Krazy Kat! Where she throws the brick at Ignatz the mouse and calls him "My Pwecious!" (That last bit I even said in a Krazy Kat voice.)

NONE of the kids in that room, only 8-10 years younger than me, even knew what I was talking about. They thought I had lost my mind, I'm sure.

Thankfully there is video of the entire lesson right here

Danube on iPad

"isn't that the figure for the 'border zones?'"

I don't know. But neither Obama nor anybody else claims that warrantless searches and seizures can be conducted in such zones other than in connection with border-crossing customs activities. I live 15 miles from the border. What do you think a court would say about a warrantless search of my person witjout probable cause? Do you think the Obama administration would argue that it's OK?


Remember Biden's promise that Obama was focused on a three letter word:Jobs" ? It's always dangerous when he's focused on something.


Field commanders were sending info up the chain staring in 2005 that AQ had re-formed in Iraq and had become the leading insurgents, overtaking Bathist loyalists. Then field commanders reported that AQ was in a shooting war with tribes for control of Sunniland in Anbar Province and there was an opportunity to ally with the Tribes. All during this time Rumsfeld was making clear to senior military that any suggestions to engage in the Anbar war would not be good career moves. Senior uniform were in a dilemma. Many months were lost during this time.Petraeus to his credit kept planning, and the rst is the history I am eager to read in gates' book.


We didn't have a strategy back then, the tribes in Anbar, as they have to some degree now, embraced
AQ like with the tale of the Spider in the Frog


"...the Kurds still do sort of trust us, for reasons passing understanding".

Well, consider the regional and west of the Urals alternatives.

Old Lurker

LUN is a Wiki writeup that supports DoT's position about where within the 100 mile zone they have the right to search without cause, but it notes that the limitation is from SCOTUS even though the Federal Laws and Regs were written with more scope in mind.

Lots of this stuff goes back to 9/11 but are getting more intense scrutiny now that we see how intrusive the NSA-IRS et al think they are allowed to be. The dirty secret is that where I might "trust" W, I do not trust Obama or anybody working for him. They are thugs, pure and simple.

The lawyers here all have the benefit of having been trained to fight about legal things - for sure my Dad and Brother loved to pick fights with government flunkies; the plain truth is that the vast majority of us don't want any part of that kind of fight nor do we want to pay a lawyer a gazillion bucks to protect us from an over reaching government.

Old Lurker

please make that NSA-IRS-EPA...


we're in the best of hands;


what foolish ball of yarn is the Solon of Scranton, tied up in now, Clarice,


[F]riends, Trenton operatives and people who have recently been in touch with Ms. Kelly said that the portrait of her that had emerged — as a vengeful rogue operative — did not square with the woman they knew.

Worth noting that everybody who has ever known her is easily contacted and interviewed by the Press for her history and psychological make-up, yet in the case of the "rogue Cincinnati IRS agents", their names remain shrouded in mystery and took weeks of sleuthing by teams of bloggers just to dig up, and nobody in the MSM has ever shown the slightest interest whatever in contacting them, or in asking a single question of anybody who might have even known them---and then today the FBI announces they are all punishment free, before an investigation even starts.

I sure do hope our British friends decide to come over here quick and overthrow the Govt.


OL-- The Wiki page was pretty well written. was Cert granted in the Cotterman case? is that what started the discussion this morning? This border search of electronics is fascinating me. Thanks to whomever here brought it up.

James D.

DoT, I phrased it the way I did because that's the only way to get through to a lot of LIVs - and because we have to start putting Obama on the defensive.


The thing is, it doesn't matter if the decision is likely to be overturned, or that the judge is a Reagan appointee, or that the policy is extraordinarily unlikely to lead to the feds coming to your house and searching your laptop because you're within 100 miles of the border.

What does matter is that Obama has been President for 5 years now, and whatever the government does at this point belongs to him. Why shouldn't I personalize it that way? He's President, his DoJ is on the side of the case that says it's OK to search laptops without warrant or probable cause within 100 miles of the border - let him own it.

And let's remind all the LIV's, especially the young ones, that he does.

Old Lurker

I think I started it this time NK.

Did you ever hear the old joke about the gang of workers who were suspected of robbing the factory where they worked? Every day when the whistle blew they would fill wheelbarrows with sawdust, put their lunch boxes on top of the pile, then proceed through the guard gate then out to their trucks. When the accountants alerted management that things were missing, the guards got more careful and every day they would carefully poke through the sawdust and, finding nothing but the lunchbox, they would allow the guy to leave.

Years later they discovered that the guys had stolen thousands of dollars worth of wheelbarrows.

That is sort of how I feel with ALL these governments actions being taken to protect me. They are stealing the wheelbarrows, damn it.


It's amazing how serene life becomes when one is cut off from most political events.


So true. I do the same thing when visiting family - there are lots of devices around but I just don't have the desire, if you'll pardon the pun. It is so great to not be thinking about politics all the time (makes it easier to get along with the lefties in the family, too). Even now I've been home ten days and I'm not fully caught up at all.


If anyone can find a difference between French President Hollande and Charlie Sheen, please feel free to explain it to me.


Worth noting that everybody who has ever known her is easily contacted and interviewed by the Press for her history and psychological make-up, yet in the case of the "rogue Cincinnati IRS agents", their names remain shrouded in mystery and took weeks of sleuthing by teams of bloggers just to dig up, and nobody in the MSM has ever shown the slightest interest whatever in contacting them, or in asking a single question of anybody who might have even known them


It's just like the hundreds of reporters descending on Wasilla in September 2008 yet no one in the media has to date ever bothered to try to find a single person who knew Obama prior to 2003 to ask them what they think about the guy.


Here's the simple truth of the Iraq Insurgency after Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld ousted Sadaam, hopefully history is written this way:

“[President Obama] said he ended the Iraq war. No. It was [General] David Petraeus who ended the Iraq war, and we won. The civil war was over. Al Qaeda was utterly defeated and indeed humiliated…We were in a position to conclude a strategic agreement where Iraq would have been our ally. [President Obama] had three years to do that and he failed…The fact is we’ve given Iraqi air space over to Iran. We’ve given essentially the running of Iraq over to Iran, because when we leave a place and we create a vacuum the bad guys come in.” –Charles Krauthammer on “The O’Reilly Factor”


Dennis Miller's guest in hour 1 is Ann Colter.

Ann is no longer in love with Christy. I can't hammer her change of heart too hard since I used to gleefully post his videos in the early days when he was going whole hog against the Jersey Teachers Unions.

Oh well.


One of Olmert's failure was replacing him with a nonentity,



Dennis Miller says we might as well send OJ out to try to find the Benghazi murderers.


Politics is gloomy, so I give you
a girl who made a bass guitar out of a Commodore 64 and who knew Robert Downey Jr could sing?


Yep, Porchlight. There's a million such examples I am sure.

I really encourage anyone who gets bummed out periodically following all this depressing stuff to give a listen to Dennis Miller's Show as a welcome break. He deals with the same depressing stuff day in day out, but he does it in such a lively and fun way, that I come away feeling perked up about the collapse of society.

Can't say enough positive about the guy.


"It was George W. Bush that nominated James Comey to appoint Patrick Fitzgerald!"

Please don't bring coal to Newcastle.


I lie the Peres statement -- Kerry's "unusual determination for peace",
unusual-- heh. Peres is a liberal Israeli mugged by reality.


In a stunning development, U.S. District Judge Anita Brody has rejected the proposed $765 million settlement between the NFL and more than 4,800 retired players (plus 1,000 of their family members) who sued the league over concussions. Brody's central concern was that not enough money was set aside for each of the potentially 20,000 retired NFL players who would be eligible to receive money for the rest of their lives

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20140114/judge-rejects-proposed-nfl-concussion-settlement/#ixzz2qPMvCyl9


"What do you think a court would say about a warrantless search of my person without probable cause?"

That's entertainment.


"What do you think a court would say about a warrantless search of my person witjout probable cause?"

Has he been that way for more than 4 hours?

[I'll be here all week. Try the shrimp---sorry Dana.]


Well Dennis has informed my quirky point of view,


House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer on Cavuto just said that the phrase "If you like your policy you can keep your policy" was a true statement because up until the instant the new Law was signed into Law that statement was true. He says that he and the Administration could have ben a bit more precise in their terminology.

We've heard this from Pelosi and others before, but just thought Hoyer's statement should be added to the list of liars.


The Mullahs' mouthpiece says there is a secret deal to put the fix in over the Mullah Bomb. USA Dept of State denies...hmm... I believe the Mullah lackey:


Daddy-- Obummer/Pelosi/Hoyer's lame lie about 'keep your policy' makes me appreciate the artform of perpetual lying. Billy Jeff C was a master, these characters are just pathetic.


Kevin D. Williamson: Don’t Destroy This Family

The Romeike family was granted asylum in the United States because the German government was intent on wresting away the children and putting the parents in cages for the crime of homeschooling their children, which is verboten in Germany, a legacy of the country’s totalitarian past. The Obama administration, which in other notable areas of immigration law has enacted a policy of “discretion” regarding deportations, took the Romeike family to court to have its asylum protections revoked, and succeeded in doing so. The family has appealed to the Supreme Court, which has ordered the Obama administration to respond to the Romeikes’ petition, but the administration has so far refused to do so.

As the Romeikes’ story unfolds, another German family is being held in the country against their will, also for the crime of homeschooling their children — or intending to do so, at least. The Wunderlich family had their children kidnapped by the German government — the agents of which came crashing through their door with battering rams — as retaliation for their homeschooling. They complied with the government’s demands regarding their children’s education and, understandably enough, began the process of relocating to France, where attitudes toward family life are more civilized. The Germans responded by refusing to reinstate their custody of their children, with a judge determining that the desire to homeschool presents an “endangerment” to the children.

That is the environment into which the Obama administration intends to send the Romeike family.


The institutional Left hates homeschooling, hates it with a remarkable intensity....


Read the whole thing. This fight is about freedom. Nothing less.


Captain Hate

Steny isn't a good liar. Why are these people making fools out of themselves for a law which almost everybody will hate? Are they in so deep that they believe their own crap?


The Debt Bomb-- one can quibble with the particular order, but the Blue Hells lead the way to State bankruptcy from out of control debt and pension obligations. Interestingly, with the pension reforms it adopted, RI is down to 12th worst!!! We are #2 TomM-- Ct is DOOMED! The link: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/368415/how-solvent-your-state-veronique-de-rugy

Miss Marple


Thanks for the video but the students were 18-20 years old, college age. Which made my ridiculous impression even more embarrassing.

Miss Marple

Hey, remember that female reporter or lobbyist who died in a car fire in her garage in Georgetown?

How many of these odd deaths are there?

And are photos sent periodically to people like Hoyer and Roberts and such?

Just wondering.


CaptH-- the Dems are like Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront, trapped in the corrupt system, they got no place to go, so they lie and hope for the best. Unlike Terry Malloy, they don't have the guts or integrity to do the right thing, I hope the all wind up like his brother Charley, hanging on a gaffer's hook. ...
Poltically speaking of course.

Man Tran on iPhone

NK, re your Swedish beer opener, he's got nuttin' on our Sheriff in Sweetgrass County, MT back when we were ranching there. On the 4th of July festivities he would open our (steel) cans of Great Falls Select with his service revolver. At about five paces. With the pending drinker holding the can at arm's length. With the rest of us standing around in a near circle watching and cheering. None of that sissie ear protection or any of that other crap that we are sooo concerned with today. Range safety? Keep the kids from running across the line of fire. Heh.

The only thing anyone thought was dangerous was cutting your lip on the sharp corner of the can.

Captain Hate

Unlike Terry Malloy, they aren't basically good people. In "On the Waterfront" they'd support the union thugs who whaled on him; reality imitating art.


ManTran.... OooooooKkkkkkkkkaaaaaayyyyyy.

Please remember that our dear JOM host and I live in a Blue Hell where manly men take off after foxes and other backyard threats with our daughters' field hockey sticks.


I'd forgotten about that story,


Thomas Collins

Daddy, re Hollande and Sheen: I suspect Sheen treats his partying strippers better than Hollande treats his ex-whatevers (wives, mistresses, short term flings). Sheen is probably more of a gentleman.


CaptH -- yep, Obummer and the other Dem big shots are Johnny Friendly, the rest are at best Charley Malloy, too greedy and cowardly to stand up and be good men. The Dems are a gangster organization. They jeer honest men like Terry Malloy, just like their Hollywood teammates did to Elia Kazan.

Miss Marple


I am placing it in the "weird deaths connected to Obama administration" column along with the woman who died in the plane crash.

I bet there are others.

I am wearing my tin foil proudly today.


--The Wunderlich family had their children kidnapped by the German government...--

Single payer education.


Regarding the German homeschooling parents and what it says about the left;
Leftists or liberals have to fall into one of two camps don't they? (or perhaps straddle both)

1. Either they are morally defective in that they are simply evil and know empowering the state inevitably leads to tyranny, which they favor,
2. or they are mentally defective and cannot recognize it will inevitably lead to tyranny which they disfavor.

JIB (in Typhus hell)


Great vid of the commodore 64 bass but our henry can do that. Can't you henry?


BTW, I know a lot of families who home school. Never met one that is liberal.


On the subject of mysterious deaths, I remain fixed on the Kennedy assassination.



JiB, grew up with an Apple II (ser# 126*), used Cromemco before that, never did the Commodore64 thingy. Hardware circuit design is more monkey see monkey do for me. I have run my bass through my Tectronics 545B scope for signal bashing with similar results... Using dials instead of a keyboard. However, that girl looks & plays better than I do.

*still works, my brother has it.


JiB, the two homeschooling families that I know best are pretty hardcore marxists who are admirers of OWS.


Interesting, cathyf, that's not the stereotype. My experience is more like JiB's. Maybe the Romeikes should claim to be Marxists so Obama and the Dems would help them out.


My experience with home schoolers, and there are a lot of them, is that they've been mixed pretty evenly between liberals and conservatives. Most were just disgusted with the school systems and thought that they could do better. And they did.


Ignatz at 5:04-

I would put the split at 50/50 with the 2nd group growing due to deliberate credentialing of just such a mindset. There's something about telling a mediocre mind that they get to live at taxpayer expense for the rest of their life if they will merely take from those who have more or understand things better that seems to drive their ambition.

Of course then they decide tyranny is just fine as long as they belong to the tyrant class.

JIB (in Typhus hell)

We, the collective USA, are totally out of control. I thought it was stupid bad back in the day in DC (1987-1992) but this takes the cake.

The $1 trillion Ominbus Spending Bill is Out. Find out What's in It.

Mostly pork. Surprised?

Danube on iPad

Like Terry Malloy, they're bums, with a one-way ticket to Palookaville. Unlike Terry, they couldna been contendas.

Beasts of England

I swear I just saw 'Sheen' and 'gentleman' used in the same sentence. Maybe I need to clean my screen?

Beasts of England

re: Apple stock - I'm not an AAPL shareholder at this moment, but when I was, I used cumulative voting. For example: a hundred shares with three current board nominees equals three hundred votes. Use those three hundred votes for one person, don't merely withhold your votes for any nominee.

BB Key

Huzzah for Direct TV they have booted the global warmist Weather Channel off and replaced it with the Weather Nation . 24/7 weather only , No reality Tv S*/#, No winter storm names, No hype. I have been watching them over the last 3 weeks and have not the words Climate Change mentioned . Bye Bye 22 million viewers to NBC's stable of channels

Danube on iPad

Terry Malloy:


JIB (in Typhus hell)

YMMV when it comes to who you know that home school. I can imagine there are anarchists, martians and commies but I haven't met them yet.

I had to do a survey for our Catholic school a few years back to find out how we were doing and what our parents had to say about the school. We also polled ex-families who had left in the last 2 years. I got back 6 surveys telling us that they would save the tuition and home school. One of those families has graduated 3 kids who all have full ride scholarships, one to Brown.

miss Marple

Beasts, methinks people are reading things into Sheen's character that aren't there.

A very old romance novel plot is the out of control rake who is tamed by a good woman. You can see this in novels from Jane Austin to Daphne du Maurier to the Bronte sisters, trickling down to the bodice rippers of today.

I think some people in the press have seized on that theme and people are believing it.

My theory is that any child of Martin Sheen is bound to have been raised without much discipline, and the results are there for all to see.

Thomas Collins

Remember the comparison standard I was using, BOE. Hollande. Besides, I don't recall any of those strippers partying with Sheen in the jacuzzi complaining about his gentlemanly cash (as opposed to that Secret Service guy who stiffed the escort).


Worst crime wave I've ever seen:(

1) 11 Jan 2013: Anchorage man faces jail time for feeding Cabbage to a moose.

2) 13 Jan 2013: Troopers cite Wasilla man for feeding Carrots to a moose

Beasts of England

I should have added a ;) Thomas Collins. I was just kidding. Everything's relative...

Thanks, Miss Marple!


FOX Businesses Melissa Francis is doing a fun story with somebody like the Mayor of Omaha. The story is that Payton Manning at the line of Scrimmage apparently screamed out "Omaha" some 40 times in Sunday's Game while shifting plays, and the Omahawians want him to make a commercial for 'em.

That makes me laugh and reminds me that I heard somewhere in the past that when you wanted to have an unruly mob scene in the movies you'd have half the people shouting out Tallahassee and the other half shouting out Mississippi. Anybody remember if that's what they were supposed to be shouting, or is that an old wives tale?

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself


Maybe we could make some ads against Hillary starring Rev. Jeremiah Wright -

President Obama's pastor says -
• "It just came to me within the past few weeks, y'all, why so many folks are hating on Barack Obama. He doesn't fit the model. He ain't white, he ain't rich, and he ain't privileged. Hillary fits the mold. Europeans fit the mold, Giuliani fits the mold. Rich white men fit the mold. Hillary never had a cab whiz past her and not pick her up because her skin was the wrong colour. Hillary never had to worry about being pulled over in her car as a black man driving in the wrong… I am sick of Negroes who just do not get it. Hillary was not a black boy raised in a single parent home, Barack was. Barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people. Hillary can never know that. Hillary ain't never been called a nigger. Hillary has never had her people defined as non-persons."

President Obama's pastor says -
• Bill Clinton "did the same thing to us that he did to Monica Lewinsky."

Whatever you do, do NOT vote for Hillary!

*paid for by Citizen Admirers of MLK-like Rev. Wright Who Also Love the Earth & All LGBT Causes, & Planned Parenthood Too

Thomas Collins

Yes, BOE, I had tongue in cheek, too. But if TM is going to devote a thread to A-Roid, he could also devote a thread to which rake is the most gentlemanly!

Beasts of England

From Reason Magazine, re: JEF's economic 'Promise Zones':

...the president’s program shows no sign of addressing the root government regulatory problems that suppress private economic growth in these communities. A federal tax break is welcomed by just about everybody, but it does little for the excessive and oppressive state and local regulations, fees, and rules that make economic recovery impossible.



but didn't you hear that with a stroke of the pen he'll make a recovery fromour recovery possible...


>>>his videos in the early days when he was going whole hog<<<

it is taunting me, just sitting there...
a drove of pigs


bbqed, roasted, pan fried


Again, Janet for RNC Chair!


Re "Promise Zones", that article about Detroit that Miss M (I think) linked earlier had a great example of Democrat-style economic development: The Poletown plant that required thousands of people to be uprooted from their homes, Kelo-style, so that a factory could be built, only viable because of subsidies.

Approximately 6,500 jobs were promised at the Poletown plant in exchange for demolishing half the neighborhood. At its peak employment, roughly 3,500 people worked there, less than the number of people kicked out of their homes to build it. It was the death rattle of American manufacturing, the last attempt at making cars in Detroit for anything more than lip service or sentiment. Fewer than 1,500 people work there today, manufacturing the Chevy Volt, among other vehicles.


Even the pup's know it's a slow news day, as they sit on the floor across the room convicting me with guilty stares of not taking them out, so if you'll excuse me...


His grandmother was a bank executive, his mother a grad student in Anthropology, he went to the best private school in the Islands, two of the top university, and yet he is remarkably trite and pedestrian, compare with Clarence Thomas, who didn't even speak English, but the local dialect,
or Colonel West, who came from modest means, and rose up through the ranks,


Also, the idea of Barack "If you like your plan you can keep it" Obama promoting something called "Promise Zones" seems almost Onion-worthy. Are these areas where he actually keeps his promises?


I still utilize the power supply from my Commodore 64 on my bench as a 5V supply.

Also related to the bass link, I met the IBM engineer who did the early FPGA work for the Navy. He was a coworker of my VLSI design instructor.


Wifey homeschooled baby Ignatz from 5-12 grades. She took several classes with other homeschoolers and we knew many families that homeschooled through other channels as well.
There may have been a lib family or two but I can't swear to it. The overwhelming majority were conservative Christians.

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