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January 13, 2014


Jack Reacher

"Wifey homeschooled baby Ignatz.."

You gave him your name? Okayyyyy.

fuck the pigs

A license to kill, and a permit for sociopaths/psychopaths to ply their trade.




Justin Bieber friend arrested after police raid star's home; cocaine in 'plain view'

According to TMZ, Bieber’s longtime friend rapper Lil Za was arrested for narcotics possession.

Lt. David Thompson told reporters at a press conference that cocaine was in plain view when deputies entered the home.

The Sheriff’s Dept. was investigating if Bieber was connected to an egg-throwing incident last week that caused damage to a neighbor’s home. They obtained a felony search warrant and entered the home at about 8 a.m. PST.

Egg throwing!

Dave (in MA)

Did they check his fridge to see if he only had 11 eggs?

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

I received the Gates book this AM on my IPAD but I couldn't get it downloaded on airport speed, which left me with Charles Krauthammer for the flight home. Poor me.

The couple that sat next to me on the plane arrived with newspapers 8 inches thick to read on their flight. The rules weren't for them - they had to be told 3 times to turn off electronics, put the seat table back etc. I couldn't help but think they were liberals, particularly when the man peered into my IPAD for a very long time to see who I was reading. Then when I saw him reading a story in Men's Weekly (or something) about Obama's climate change king, and gushing over Robert Redford, I knew I was going to get cooties. The final blow was when the wife exclaimed: "She is sooooo liberal. I have to send her money!" (I have no idea who she was referring to.)

Hard to know which is worse - the couple sitting next to me on the way down that made-out the entire trip or the liberals on the way home. I need a private plane.

Narc, I will never get over Luttrell and that movie. I go to very few movies, and this one will stick with me forever. I just cannot imagine surviving that.

miss Marple

Justin Bieber is just what the media needs to distract from the multiple White House scandals.

Christie wasn't interesting anyone outside of those in the northeast.

But Bieber!!! LIV'S are bound to tie up blogs and Twitter with that story. Then the cable shows will cover it for ratings.

Mission accomplished.


Question, if Shah was such a senior leader, why did they only use a four man team, on that mission,


So the rumor is now that Valerie Jarrett gave the order to stand down in Benghazi. That would explain a lot.

So who, exactly, can file the necessary criminal charges? This would be a complete violation of the chain of command. In addition, it may be an impeachable offense. Gross negligence in the face of the enemy.


whoa a Hollyweird A lister on the fast train to the D List caugh up in a now drug investigation...let me take a moment on my fainting couch.

and there was just so much material with Christie...like an all you can eat menu.



wouldn't surprise me, but still interested in that rather odd Eid al Fitr. just one of those things...

miss Marple

Matt, I have thought it was Valerie almost from the first, once they hid what Obama was doing and gave no information on who gave what orders.

Remove VJ and Obama will be lost.



the fellow who was the once and former ambassador at that dinner, is now the foreign minister, he's a big CAIR fan,

OT, the Horde is focusing on this story's manifestations.


Issa could call VJ to testify. No executive privilege there.


Typhuspad signed me out. i'm back on as sbw


Nixon, really was a piker by comparison;


"Is Truthbetold another screen name for Threadkiller?"



Chris Matthews In Panic Mode: Birthers Trying To Kill Obama Presidency


How do so few inconsequential tiresome loons cause so much trouble?


Tingles, is on his 'human sacrifice, mass hysteria' kick, and it's January, by November, he'll be totally in a 'Altered State'



Taranto points out another quirk;

It means, further, that if ObamaCare enrollees are disproportionately female--just as if they are disproportionately older--premiums will tend to go up for everybody. And lo and behold, they are: The Department of Health and Human Services reports that of the 2.2 million people who have "selected a Marketplace plan," 54% are female. "By comparison," the HHS report helpfully notes, "males account for half (50 percent) of the total non-elderly population in the United States (ages 0 to 64)."

JIB (in Typhus hell)

If ValJar is the command authority they listened to then every millitary officer down the chain who obeyed her command should be cashiered if they all ready haven't.

I doubt it was her. But I do believe she was involved in the coverup (i.e. the video).


narciso: "by November, he'll be totally in a 'Altered State' HEH!!

Account Deleted


I find it simply amazing that women, who are much more heavily subsidized than men, would actually take advantage of the obvious and purchase at a higher rate than those being forced to provide the subsidy.

Is Fox Butterfield involved?


Yes, complete with the cleft palate, like William Hurt, clarice,

I thought Juan was dense, but this former defense attorney for Gitmo detainees, Charles Swift, is specially so, he doesn't understand the import of KSN's manifesto, or so he imparted to Megyn,


I;m glad you and Jane watch TV so I don't have to, narciso.


He was not promoted after 2007, but Esquire lavished praise on him in 2004; the Nieman foundation hosted him, I think Clooney is writing the screenplay for his stint as the atty for Osama's bodyguard,


Sorry, 2005, it seems they are intent in accelerating the Gitmo executive track, the William Norris agency of same,


--You gave him your name? Okayyyyy.--

Are you retarded?


It was a joke, Iggy. Made me smile :) Well, that and referring to "Baby" Iggy when 12th grade is in the past tense...


Perhaps the Ex-Cop pulled the trigger because the texter in the crowded theater hollered "Fire!"

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Andy McCarthy was devastating on Megyn tonight. Check it out at about 6:20 of this segment:



--It was a joke, Iggy.--

I know.....by a retard.


Jim, what was the segment about? The index at Fox has me beat.

I did find this:



Megyn was pointing out how a judge declassified all of KSM's communications and he sent this manifesto to this punk in Nottingham, and it appeared in Al Ghuardian, among other publication,

the fmr navy JAG doesn't seem anything wrong with it,



Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

The clip to which I thought I was linking TK. Thanks.


You bet, Jim

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