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January 03, 2014



seems to be a problem,


Sandy Saturdaze

No joy on http://www.lucianne.com/ either.


JIB, that was a ref to Stef Cutter, who is as well and odious ibtch.

Beasts of England

@JiB: No, she's not one of mine, but I truly admire her style. I like a woman with a little spunk! lol

Danube on iPad

"The life of a Repo man is always intense."

A nephew was an F-18 pilot. Call sign: Repo Man.


--"If employer-applicants’ third-party administrator were nevertheless to decide to provide contraceptive coverage, applicants’
employees and their covered dependents would receive such coverage despite applicants’ assertion of their religious objections, not because of those objections."--

Wow. It takes quite a sophist to assert not only a distinction without a difference, but to assert one which makes precisely his opponent's point; that whether over or because of their religious objections they are being de facto compelled to supply their employees with the very coverage they object to.


One page in Klingon gets read by the media with more scrutiny than they gave 2500 pages of life altering legislation.


Good morning, Danube.

"Loon?" was a joke.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Harf looks 17 to me. That may say more about me than her.

Captain Hate

It was funny hearing Millen talk about what good pros some of the players would make given his Detroit GM career. IMO Millen got a bit of a bum rap from his Detroit experience given the almost complete lack of other NFL success stories there.


I saw the Everly Brothers in person about a decade ago. Phil's voice was the most angelic I had ever heard.


" I like a woman with a little spunk! lol"

Betcha all your dates can make that claim.

Captain Hate

Wow. RIP to William Overstreet Jr who once chased an ME109 under the Eiffel Tower while being fired on from the ground. I'm sure DoT was aware of that but I find that incredible.




Thx for the response to my Law question the other day about legalized pot.

Here's another. The other day we were praising German beer, and the topic of the German Beer Purity Laws popped up. Google shows that:

The law originated on November 30th, 1487, when Duke Albrecht IV promulgated it, specifying three ingredients - water, malt and hops - for the brewing of beer

We were wondering if anyone can think of another Law that has

1) remained in effect for anywhere near as long, and
2) has been so beneficial?

Just wondering. We didn't know enough of the specifics of Runnymeade and King John to know if any of that 1215 stuff is still the letter of the Law.




--RIP to William Overstreet Jr who once chased an ME109 under the Eiffel Tower while being fired on from the ground.--

We can only hope nobody will ask Joe Biden to comment on Mr. Overstreet.


Trying again:


Daddy, without yeast, those ingredients do not make beer. (Although if left alone "wild" yeast will ferment it into something).

Captain Hate

daddy, the image worked the first time and then disappeared. Has typhus achieved sentience in a very retarded kind of way?


My background noise on the week-end is CSPAN's Book TV. They've been doing promos for their first Sunday of the month series,"In Depth." The guest tomorrow (12-3) is Mark Levin. Just FYI.


'Abbott' kirkpatrick seems to have a special skill at missing the point,



Here you go:



Here is an oldie, daddy:

Moreover, these provisions left open the question of how a marriage came into being. This matter was given much sharper definition in Gratian's Decretum (ca. 1140). Gratian tended to regard marriage as a process with two stages: (a) in initiation, the couple exchanged freely-consenting vows of marriage, which created a spiritual union between them; in the (b) completion or perfection of the marriage, the couple created a physical union by consummating their bond sexually. Both stages were necessary to complete a marriage: no sexual union constituted marriage without consent to marry, just as no marriage as wholly formed without sexual union. Indeed, for Gratian it was sexual intercourse that transformed the union into a "sacrament" and made a marriage indissoluable.


Captain Hate

I'm trusting my favorite flying Tarhole doesn't try to impress the Parisian ladies by force fitting one of his boxcars with wings under the Tower.

Beasts of England

Go Dores!

Sandy Saturdaze

Harf ==> Harpie/Harpy

Sounds like the Seventh Ring of Hell whenever I listen to either harpy, Harf or Cutter:

Here the repellent harpies make their nests,

Who drove the Trojans from the Strophades
With dire announcements of the coming woe.
They have broad wings, a human neck and face,

Clawed feet and swollen, feathered bellies; they caw
Their lamentations in the eerie trees.


Is that a painting, daddy? It reminds me of works from a local artist.


Google his name as well.

Jeff Dobbs

She said yes!

It's gonna be a good day.

mrs hit and run proposed running to Charlotte for some cajun food (since there is a dearth of such places here).

I countered with a proposal that if she ran to the store, I'd make gumbo.

I just started the roux.

You can follow along here.


From WSJ: "...the Justice Department's legal response on Friday was: Shut up and sign the form..."

Glad to see my interpretation confirmed. I'm no lawyer and that's how I read it.


If Roberts won't invalidate Obamacare because he is concerned about the Court's public perception, how the hell can he rule against The Little Sisters of the Poor?


--If Roberts won't invalidate Obamacare because he is concerned about the Court's public perception...--

If the twit was concerned about how the public perceives the court he never would have admitted the court is concerned about its public perception.


It was just my effort at morning vituperation.

Immigration Lawyer




Wasn't criticizing, MarkO, just pointing out he couldn't do much more damage to how the court is perceived than by admitting it makes decisions based on how it is perceived rather than, oh, I don't know, sound legal principles and/or the Constitution.

Man Tran on iPhone

When I first moved to Phx in the early '60s, we lived next door to a widow with two kids. The older daughter was a year or two older than me, maybe a Senior in HS. She offered herself to one of the Everleys when they came through town. She ended up pregnant shortly thereafter, but probably not from that particular event.

Coincidently, the younger brother became a drummer for Three Dog Night, because he figured that chicks dug musicians.


Public perception:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Four years ago, John Roberts blew it. In his debut at swearing in the next president, the Supreme Court chief justice stumbled over the oath at Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony.

That led Obama to mix his words up too and the historic swearing-in of the first African-American president briefly became an awkward muddle.

To silence doubts that Obama's presidency might not be legal because he failed to say the oath properly, the two men tried again the next day in the White House and went through the correct, constitutionally mandated avowal, word for word.


Not Obama's fault...

Danube on iPad

"...he never would have admitted the court is concerned about its public perception."

I don't think he ever did. It's just that everyone knew damn well that that's what motivated him.


I thought guns were illegal in DC?

Wait until PETA hears about this culling of the deer population in Rock Creek Park. Won't be surprised if the DoA uses some of those anti-rabbit raising spotter drones they own.

They could use Dana Milbank and David Gregory of FAC's (sort of).


...as FAC's (sort of)....


Jeff Dobbs

"...he never would have admitted the court is concerned about its public perception."

I don't think he ever did. It's just that everyone knew damn well that that's what motivated him.

It was this Jan Crawford report, that gave us the word of Roberts's concern for "public perception".

But Roberts pays attention to media coverage. As chief justice, he is keenly aware of his leadership role on the court, and he also is sensitive to how the court is perceived by the public.

Interestingly, the article overall is based on two anonymous sources - and it goes to lengths to point out where those sources provided information. But on this point - those two sentences are set apart as a single paragraph without attribution to those sources, as if it is Crawford's own contention, and stated as if it is incontrovertible fact.


--I don't think he ever did.--

Stepping out soon so no time to google this, but I believe he did say something along those lines.


Daddy, without yeast, those ingredients do not make beer.


You're under arrest for breaking the Law.


hopefully not trolling, but lest we forget, Overstreet was the second plane under that arch. There were worthy men on both sides.


lest we forget ...

Heavens forfend.


Obama lost Iraq.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Obama lost Iraq.

Yup. And I bet he has absolutely no foreign policy at all. None. He couldn't care less.

Danube on iPad

Hame on him if he did. I shudder to reflect on the damage done to the constitution by justies appointed by Republican presidents. Warren, Blackmun, Stevens, Souter, Roberts. And Burger was at best a cipher.


Four days into the new year . . .



On a sunnier note, today is the birthday of my beautiful wife. She does everything right.

Danube on iPad

She sure seems to. Make it a good day.

I can't find my bowl sheet but I believe I'm roughly 14-7.

Jeff Dobbs


You know what happens when you turn that DOOM around?

You get out of the DOOM and into the MOOD!



You've hit upon something.



The artist is Len Krenzler.

Jeff Dobbs

Missed a "for those scoring at home" opportunity.

Man Tran on iPhone

Just heard from a friend coming back for China. The new operating rules really screwed things up. The Beijing to Chicago flight was diverted to SFO because of the new duty rules. After a long delay she finally made it to ORD in time to spend the night. Now she is still waiting many hours because they can't get a full crew that all can meet the new time limits. Triple witching events of weather, crew, and plane availability punked by the Feds new rules kicking in all at once.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Here's a good post - http://themattwalshblog.com/2014/01/04/why-do-progressives-always-want-the-government-to-intrude-in-their-bedrooms/

"But without getting into the constitutional issues, what about this: if you want the government "out of your bedroom," you're going to have to find a way to pay for what you do inside of it.

It's not anyone's job to fund your sex life. Be an adult. Have some self respect, for God's sake."




XXStephanie .719 23/32
JIB .700
Pagar .700
beasts .667
DoT .619 13/21
Borica .600
XXCCal .594
Capt .545
XXPatriot .516
James .500
Ignatz .500
Rich .400

XX have pics in all games (or all minus one as patriot missed a game)

BCS and a few others:

Stephanie .7 7/10
JIB .7
beasts .6
pagar .6
James .5
Ignatz .5
Capt Hate .5
patriot .4
ccal .4
rich .4
DoT .4

Beasts of England

No wonder Steph wanted to do a Bowl pool - she's a ringer!! ;)



these are the games that are in the BCS and a few others:


Total of 11 games


LOL not.

Just lucky this year.

I usually suck out on the pools at the club. Didn't get to enter those this year as I haven't been around the proshop since October.

So I got my fix here. ;)

Here's hoping the docs clear me on the 15th to start playing golf again. Just in time for the SB and college hoops (which I don't follow AT ALL) pools.

Danube on iPad



Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Beasts, is Legion Field still in as crappy a shape as it was in about 6 - 8 years ago? Went to a few UAB games there in '06 and that place was the pits.

I said something about Legion Field to the hubs last night and he said he thought it had been condemned. I told him the Vandy game was there today and he was shocked. Lol.

Beasts of England

I haven't attended a game there since the final Iron Bowl - and it was in bad shape then. I believe they condemned the upper decks, tore them down, and now it's just the lower bowl. That stadium always seemed distressed and it's not exactly in the best part of the Magic City. Yikes!


Triple witching events of weather, crew, and plane availability punked by the Feds new rules kicking in all at once.

Wow ManTran,

Sounds like pax travel is going to get even more expensive.

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

There's a good section of downtown Bham?

Captain Hate

I said something about Legion Field to the hubs last night and he said he thought it had been condemned. I told him the Vandy game was there today and he was shocked. Lol.

Sounds like the type of BoD setting that the World's Leader in Sports Entertainment Broadcasting would assign Pam Ward and Mike Tomczak to cover.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Happy Birthday Mrs Great Legs!

I woke up this morning and decided I've been feeling sorry for myself for the last year and I'm putting an end to that today.

What a way to waste your life!

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Speaking of horrible sports coverage, CBS is inflicting the annoying Clark Kellogg on viewers of the Michigan State - Indiana game.

Miss Marple


Whenever I start my personal pity party, I remind myself of the Boat People or something like that.

It helps a bit.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Jane, I've been around some obnoxious self defined victims before and you're not like that at all imo.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Well thanks, it's sort of been a "me" thing. Not a "me with others" thing. But it's dumb as hell because it's such a waste of time.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Ya gotta love this tweet:

RT @CharlieDaniels It’s a disgrace when the only people with the guts to face down Obama is a group of Catholic Nuns God bless you Sisters

Beasts of England

Five Points is very nice, Steph! Best food in Alabama is Highlands Bar and Grill; one of Frank Stitt's restaurants.


Happy Birthday Mrs. MarkO


According to Scott Ott the Little Sisters of the Poor have recently organized into the International Union of Mercy Workers in order to apply and receive an ObamaCare exemption:)


Beasts of England

Happy Birthday, Mrs. MarkO!

lol, JiB!


Happy birthday, Mrs. MarkO!


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