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January 03, 2014



guess they don't teach economics in the human rights program at bard.

Annual Tuition: $58530

pretty sure that special snowflake didn't have to worry about unemployment

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Hey, all you Dawg fans can watch a rerun of the Gator Bowl at 2 am. :p

Beasts of England

I agree, daddy. What's the opportunity cost of the Chinese vessel now trapped in the ice? The lost science for the two nations that didn't get re-supplied? How about just the fuel cost for the three ships that diverted? Helicopter flight hours? I could go on...


How many times have they tied tonight?

jimmyk on iPhone

Even the NYT was critical of the inaugural, though they wrote as if DeBlasio was blameless.


Isn't there an account of them meeting in Dreams From My Father?

Yes Porchlight. http://theobamafile.com/_family/ObamasOfKenya.htm

scroll to "Brother Mark" for an overview.

So we got a President who lies to his Auto-Biograpjhy, and a Secretary of State who lies to his Diary.


Beasts of England

Yeah rich, but Steely Dan went there, so I have to cut them some slack. And Chevy Chase. And Rikki.


seems to be a decent liberal arts school, just snarking that someone can go there, graduate, and then pen something so precious. theater was an add on to the resume..probably got tied of working as barback and dishwasher waiting for that breakout role. Organizing and protesting is so much cooler.

think it is in the road to serfdom that describes the historical analog to OWS.


selfwareness is not his strong suit;


Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet



According to the comments in the AJC this week, the Dawg faithful were all about how bad UGA played. Nothing about UNL being a "worthy opponent". Dawgfans -- ever gracious.

Beasts of England

I'm with you, rich. And that's some serious tuition. Dang.

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Yep, Jim and my FB feed is full of the whiners.

They started on me over Techs performance and all I had to ask was how awesome was that preseason ranking they were crowing about in August. At least we performed to expectations.

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Oh and what's the good word?


That my autocorrect has learned! Good dog. Here's a cookie.

Danube on iPad

I can name no announcer in football history who has been so uninformative and stupid as Matt Millen.


And I'm sure this will also be cost free to the Taxpayers.

Plane to drop off medication for stranded passengers

A plane will drop medication off at an Australian base in Antarctica for some of the passengers who were stranded for eight days on a research vessel in thick sea ice.

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Mizzous gonna dick around and lose.


Since I don't have football I'm reading the comments at WattsUpWithThat and there are some beauts.

A Weekly Standard writer published a story on the Antarctic debacle in the Financial Times, and he said this:

The Australian group belittled the winter that nearly killed them and got a comeuppance...

Needless to say, the commenters have let him know that in Antarctica it happens to be summer.

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Or not. Skore!

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Oh holy snit. Throwing the ball with 1:33 left. DABO GONE GONZO.

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls


Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

They need to rotate conferences for the big bowl games. I might be more inclined to go to more if they weren't always to the same place every year. I'd like to go to Dallas or Tempe or Nawlins for a change.


Can they sue her, for being such an irresponsible idiot;


(h/t iowahawk)


They've even managed to piss off the French:)

French polar chief derides Antarctic cruise as a jaunt

Paris — The head of France's polar science institute voiced fury on Friday at the misadventures of a Russian ship trapped in Antarctic ice, deriding what he called a tourists' trip that had diverted resources from real science.

...he said, the trip itself was a "pseudo-scientific expedition" that, because it had run into difficulties, had drained resources from the French, Chinese and Australian scientific missions in Antarctica.

But wait, there's more:

"This kind of commemorative expedition has no interest from a scientific point of view," said Frenot.

Because of the rescue operations, French scientists had had to scrap a two-week oceanographic campaign this month using the Astrolabe..."But we are relatively lucky," he said.

"The Chinese have had to cancel all their scientific programme, and my counterpart in Australia is spitting tacks with anger, because their entire summer has been wiped out."

$400,000. Yeah, right.


It's like the Planet Express trip to Pluto, and the penguin preserve;

Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Wow great night of football.

Results up shortly. I know y'all are waiting with baited breath for tomorrow's thriller with Vandy v Houston at dumpy Legion Field. 1 o'clock start.


think I was 2-0 for tonight, which brings me to a respectable .333 or there about.

>>>I'm with you, rich. And that's some serious tuition. Dang.

Posted by: Beasts of England<<<

figure the parents paid the freight on that and when precious couldn't get his lucky break got into street threater as plan b.

everybody owns everything...yeah...don't think at my dullest, darkest dormroom days I could have blurted that out.


and it was published in RS...yikes!!!


Good to know that the ancient Egyptians treated their Bartenders right:

Japs discover fabulous 3,000 year old Tomb of an Egyptian Beermaker in Luxor

He's the red-colored bald guy in the images and his wife is the cute black haired chick sitting behind him.

Khonso Em Heb, I'll have another---and make it a double. Ra Ra Ra!


Decided to read the first fifty or so comments. With only one exception, every comment absolutely slammed the twit. Refreshing to read. And none of them used expletives like I did.

Well it's obvious Beasts that Rolling Stones next move us to selectively disable comments, just like McClatchy and the NYTimes and the most of the BBC is already doing.


Nice thing about that Rolling Stone story (Make Everything Owned by Everybody) is that it's the best argument for a 2nd Amendment I've heard in ages: (ie) Com and take it Muther@#$%




Have to say it was quite fun flipping back and forth while both games were on. They ought to do that scheduling more often.
As much as I detest the Buckeyes that Ohio St QB's performance was nothing less than heroic.



Dave (in MA)

I really wanted to be kneeling in front of the kitchen sink with a hair dryer at 3 AM.


hope everything is ok Dave. that was a bit cryptic.

Dave (in MA)

Frozen pipes, Rich. It's -6°F I'm probably out of luck until the sun comes up, and hopefully nothing breaks.


throught that was it. a balmy 10 here with ice pellets (what no frogs?) forecast for tomorrow.


thought...really misspelling words are over the place...coffee that is what I need (or sleep)

Captain Hate

I'm with you, rich. And that's some serious tuition

My older Hatette went there for a year before deciding to move out of the Catskills and to NYC, where she eventually went to Hunter after working for over a year and getting in-state tuition (the first cost effective thing my children ever did for me; I was so proud), where after she graduated I gave her the balance of the money I'd set aside for her kollidge expenses. During that one year at Bard, though, she met a number of people with whom she has interacted with to this date. Without a doubt it has more than its share of weirdos (one girl on her floor tried to commit suicide by slashing her wrists and then showed up in a couple days as if nothing happened; to the school's credit they said "You have to go away now") but the Pres, Leon Botstein, is a very impressive person with his ideas on education. During his speech to parents of prospective students he fielded questions about other schools to which he gave some brutally dismissive responses; him weighing in on Antioch was one of the most impressive mega-slatterings I've ever been privileged to witness.

Captain Hate

Can they sue her, for being such an irresponsible idiot

She has been such a fucking idiot lately that she's done the impossible: Made me uninterested in seeing her knockers.

Jane on Ipad


American taxpayers? The ship was insured so why are taxpayers paying? I refuse.

Captain Hate

I know y'all are waiting with baited breath for tomorrow's thriller with Vandy v Houston at dumpy Legion Field. 1 o'clock start.

What genius decided to play a BoD bowl after New Years Day? Do they expect people to travel to that? And idiot Goodell accommodates this by not having a playoff start before 4.

James D.

I read the insane RS article, and my first thought on seeing the author's name was to wonder if he was related to Harold Meyerson, but the name is spelled differently so I suppose not.

Danube on iPad

Wahoo! Wahoo!

"The author of the widely disputed New York Times article on Benghazi repeatedly posed naked as a Princeton student. Far from the moderate journalist pose he strikes now, David D. Kirkpatrick was a prominent campus progressive and activist. Kirkpatrick was arrested for lewd conduct, advocated for classes on pornography, and even posed for Playgirl.
“'Kinky' Kirkpatrick had a 'rather unusual habit of disrobing for photographers in public places,' reported The Daily Princetonian in January 22, 1990.

“'I’ve never been afraid to drop trou when it seemed like the right thing to do,”p' Kirkpatrick said of a Playgirl photo shoot he had completed. 'I just feel more comfortable in the buff.'”

Jack is Back!

Why, lately, has every day felt like Sunday?

Jack is Back!

Not mentioned in article but she is obviously drunk.

Alabama mom takes on boomer sooner fans by diving into them then slattering them with bicycle kicks.

Viral video.

Maybe she's a BoE ex?

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I dunno. I think Obama was rude as hell to Bush

Yes. The first inauguration was something. De Blasio had the plantation guy & Obama had the "when white will embrace what is right" guy.


Even Soros must laugh at these idiots, he auditioned the first of these ideas at Salon:

"@JAMyerson If I have to answer for Soviet gulags, these market/capital twits have to answer for climate collapse, the greatest genocide in history."


The contrast is quite plain;



A good scam they have going there:




If you had to live out the winter months in Houghton-Hancock you'd be very interested in finding an easier way to travel than dog sled:)


American taxpayers?


Australian Taxpayers.

And I think the $400,000 is a lowball number because the expense to the Chinese and the French and the Aussie Science teams in losing their scheduled supply runs and Science Missions has to run into the millions. We also see a plane is having to be sent in from somewhere with medical supplies for these rescued bozos, (which if it's independently chattered is going to cost an arm and a leg) and then there's the entire expense of feeding and boarding them and transporting them to Tasmania on a ship that was tasked to be doing something else instead. I think the number in the end is going to be 5 to 10 times more than $400,000, and I have no idea who's going to pay it, but I sure hope it never winds up being us.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

This is our warm day before the snow and deep freeze arrive. We might get up to freezing.

narciso, I have found Obama easy to predict. He always picks the action which will weaken or undermine the United States, and he always takes a path which denigrates traditional Christianity and values.


It's 52 degrees here in Sarasota, feels like below freezing to me, had to break out the ski parka.

In other news, read a report that each icebreaker involved in the rescue of the ship of fools costs $80k per day, so costs will likely be a lot more than $400k. I'm betting all involved will not care to disembark at Casey base and discuss their youtube videos with the scientists there.

Sandy Saturdaze

regarding Iraq,

have always thought one reason why voldemort bailed on the victory in hand, was because a strong Iraq was not in Iran's best interests.

As we've seen with Neda, or as we've seen with diplomacy efforts, lurch et al twisting into pretzels to make the most recent "deal" - voldemort is very much a pro-Iranian mullas kinda guy.

Is this his own sympathy (pro persian Shia) or that of valjar, I do not know.

Think Stuxnet. Handed to him, probably begun development late in 43's first term, exposed--intentionally I believe--in order to kill the program... which again supports the persian mullahs.

So, little by little the fences have been removed.

he or valjar, but does it matter?


btw - does anyone else find, as I do, that the latest DoS spokesperson, Marie Harf, is the most annoying spokeperson I have even heard in the USG?

Miss Marple

Saw a mention of David Glertner up thread.

I highly recommend a book he wrote called 1939: The Lost World of the Fair. It details the vast difference in our country before WWII and now as far as customs, dress, behavior, etc. It is really interesting.


Dave,hope the pipes didn't freeze.The other night,the oil burner tech and his crew had 30 more calls,they probably worked all night. Re:Iraq...our now retired Navy Seabee b-i-l served two tours in Iraq,both times in Falllujah. At the time of the second tour,he was stationed at Pearl and my sister and the kids were there while he was gone. During that time,we went out to visit and although my sister is a tough little cookie,the strain and anxiety was evident. She would not watch the news and concentrated her energy on the kids. The families of our service people deserve all our thanks and love and support. Our president is an a**hole.


Well it would seem that Mullahs are the most authentically more antiwestern, Sandy, sometimes
the ones on the oher end of the Gulf, re the apocryphal comment in "Inside the Kingdom'

When he visited Pakistan in the early 80s, he was a guest of the anti Zia movement, sometimes he leans the other way.


From the best of Ace:

Ten Years of Nonsense: The Kaboom Confessions

No Matter How Hard We Run, We Can Never Escape Our Childhood Breakfast Cereals

Miss Marple

Roscoe Bartlett: Congressman off the grid



Sandy,I turned to hubby last night and said what a b*tch! Re: Marie Harf.


Her twitter account says she's U Virginia and UI Bloomington, and the Obama campaign, frabjous joy.



Your 08:26 link about that University team trying to prove the existence of Time Travelers from the future by examining the Internet to see if they left evidence when they came back here and accessed Google, reminds me again of that Timothy Leary lecture I heard.

Leary I think would have said that they are wasting their time trying to prove something that's already been proved, because the proof that they did Time Travel is that we exist, since they came back thru' time to invent us. Only if we didn't exist would that be proof that Time Travelers from the future didn't exist.

I think I've got his argument correct, so QED:)

Jane-Rebel Alliance1


Are the all Aussies on that ship?

It's minus 2 here. I'm gearing up to go to the grocery store.

What do you guys think of Rand's class action suit?


Of course, that leaves out multiverse theory, from that Crichton book, which they horribly adapted,
time has already changed. something Asimov didn't count on,


Thanks for that article Miss Marple. I think I'm gonna side with the 87 year old that consults for a cyber security company.


Apparently it was caused by a low-level button-pusher, so we were told not to worry about it being terrorist related.

I have always been more worried about low-level button-pushers. They seem to have the most control over our lives.

Either way it still resulted in a multiday outage that had people in fistfights over bags of ice.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

That Ace link is funny. I woulda killed for some Kaboom when I was a kid. We never got any "kid" marketed cereals.
When I spent the night at a friend's house I would gorge on their kid cereals....& their kid vitamins too. I ASKED to take them. hah!
I coveted frozen dinners too cause we never had them. We had steak instead(my dad worked for a ranch). :(

Miss Marple

Jane, What I think of Rand's class action suit is that he is a very, very smart politician.

That is an issue that a lot of younger people are concerned about. It sets him against the spy system and shows he will actually DO something.

I am not a fan of Snowden nor do I think that NSA was designed to spy on the US citizenry. I DO think that within the NSA there is a group loyal to Obama who have been using its information capabilities for political purposes.

This explains to me the odd disconnect of people like Cheney and Admiral Hayden calling Snowden a traitor while at the same time hearing people question all of this information gathering and support Snowden.

At any rate, Paul's lawsuit will get the issue discussed and will get him some support from the younger libertarian liberals.



I believe it is 4 international reporters from the UK, 6 Kiwi's, and that the rest are Aussies. That's what I recall, but I'll update if I find anything any different. And reports I've read say they are all on the Aussie Aurora.


You sure that isn't the argument from Repo Man, Daddy?


Miss Marple


My dad was a type like Congressman Bartlett, although he never was a consultant or anything like that. He ran his own sheet metal and furnace repair business for years, then went to work as head of a school system's maintenance department.

He grew a huge garden and preserved everything by canning and freezing.

And when the Blizzrd of 78 hit and they were without power for 5 days in below zero temps, he had a wood stove in the family room which kept everyone warm and oil lamps so they could read. He knew how to fix anything, a trait I now really prize, as so much of what is around this house is too complicated for me to fix.



The life of a Repo man is always intense.

No wonder that's one of my favorite flicks!


It really is one of the best.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Porchlight asked about Obama's half brother yesterday. Do you know a link where Obama said he just recently met him?
I can't find where Obama said that.


I remember when my conspiracy klatch, which coincidentally is my beer klatch, discussed the outage, Miss Marple. We voted, and concluded, that the official story was BS.



Here is the interview, Janet.


I have not listened to it yet.

Miss Marple

TK, I am now to the point that I consider 90% of all official stories BS, so I pretty much would agree with your beer klatch.

Jeff Dobbs

does anyone else find, as I do, that the latest DoS spokesperson, Marie Harf, is the most annoying spokeperson I have even heard in the USG?

She's not USG, but I have always considered Stephanie Cutter the most annoying spokesperson I have ever heard.

Looking up Ms. Harf, there are certain similarities in their appearance, Steph just needs some glasses.

Jeff Dobbs

When I spent the night at a friend's house I would gorge on their kid cereals....& their kid vitamins too.

You have obliquely referenced your wild youth before as a reason for not being able to run for office.

Now we know....


the usual suspects were relied on:


Jeff Dobbs

I just wanted to point out that I have yet to miss any picks in Stephanie's bowl game bonanza.

Not a single wrong pick.


Leave it to Cashill:

This all sounds legitimate, but when Obama was interviewed about Ndesandjo on the occasion of a state visit to China in 2009, he said dismissively, "Well, you know, I don't know him well."(at ~1:50 in this CNNvideo).  Obama then added the kicker that deepens the Obama mystery, "I met him for the first time a couple of years ago."


He discovered the discrepancy in June of 2012.



Awww, The rescued Antarctic passengers are inconvenienced:

Andrew Peacock, an Australian doctor and photographer who was rescued from the Russian ship, spoke of his fellow passengers' frustration aboard the Aurora over the latest delay in their journey home, according to the Associated Press.

"So our time down south is not over yet and we are going to be delayed in our return to friends and family by some time yet, which is frustrating," Mr Peacock said before the Aurora was given permission to continue. Link


Just saw this on Twitter and I had to chuckle, because one of our very own JOM commenters spoke of doing this very thing!



**Bill in AZ**

Marlene, some of your 's's come out looking like asterisks on my screen.



Obama returns to WH tonight. Couldn't he just STAY in Hawaii?

Double sigh, with sobs in between.

Phil Everly has died. Loved the Everly Brothers growing up (and way beyond).

Captain Hate

Awww, The rescued Antarctic passengers are inconvenienced:

ace got a lot of pushback yesterday when he suggested, contra Chris Hayes, that none of us morons wanted those turds' body temperatures to reach 32 degrees fahrenheit. Or lower.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Thanks, TK.

hit, I was an addict from the get-go. Give me those Flintstone vitamin pills, or else!

Captain Hate

No wonder that's one of my favorite flicks!

When cable first started being installed around here, Repo Man and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai got second lives.


An Everly Bros tune came on Sirius a couple of days ago and I began wondering how they were doing, considering their ages. Not too well apparently.

My favorite Everly Bros tune;
Poor Jenny.


Bill,ha! How is everything in AZ? We had a tentative plan for a Grand Canyon trip in the fall,but our daughter is getting married this year.We'll probably wait until next year.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I used Sally as my drug runnin' mule. :(


From O's response to Sotomayor LUN:

"If employer-applicants’ third-party administrator were nevertheless to decide to provide contraceptive coverage, applicants’
employees and their covered dependents would receive such coverage despite applicants’ assertion of their religious objections, not because of those objections."

This seems to be the jist of his argument. Notice how he hinged that sentence on deSPITE.

I would charge each passenger of the pseudo-science ice breaking debacle MSRP of 1 Chevy Volt. It's a real problem, however, when people get into unavoidable trouble based on their un-preparedness and complete misunderstanding of the seriousness of the arena of which they have chosen to enter. They figure with cell/sat phones somebody has to come and get them. I would have left them there a few more weeks, and I'm quite happy they are still stuck in the ice. A little suffering is good for the soul :)

Captain Hate

The Everlys were still touring until recently. One of my music listening buds saw them and said they were great guys.



What did you mean by "she's not USG" in re: Marie Harf?

I sort of like her because all those old time State department reporters (who unlike the WH corp are lifers there) are really pissed off now and I don't think Kerry and Obama FP are going to get much sympathy out of those folks.

Jeff Dobbs

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai got second lives.

Speaking of buckaroos...

After further review, Matt Millen used the phrase "hurtin' buckaroo" to describe OSU quarterback Braxton Miller 112 times last night.

Jeff Dobbs

JiB, I was referring to Cutter as not USG.


I am unable to open Lucianne.com. Trying multiple times and multiple ways to access it, all I get is a big message saying "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)"

Anybody over there having the same problem?



Yesterday my Norton system blocked a mean virus from that site. I didn't go back to it.


Thanks MarkO,

I remember posting last week how slow that website was, so maybe this makes sense. Hope if it's down that it's down for maintenance.

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