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January 22, 2014


Account Deleted

I don't believe the SOTU is going to draw much of an audience. No one would notice if there were no reply to the Lyin' King.


How bout just replay bits of whatever Obama says...& add a laugh track.
...there could be some bullet point FACTS that pop up on screen too.


I would announce that Joe "You Lie!" Wilson was on the short list for the rebuttal.

Let that swim in Odumnnie's brain.

Centralcal on iPad

I think I read on twitter today that Mia Love is giving the Tea Party response, so your pick is granted, Clarice.

Centralcal on iPad

Great idea, Janet!


Super, CC. She's a winnah/

Going to bed, email me if any tasteful nudes of me and Chalabi turn up while I'm gone.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

That was a great article, Ig. Semper Fi.



Stephanie lots of surprises in the BCS bowls

Damn it!

/throws rice

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Joe "You Lie!" Wilson

That's a great idea.


Facts we can use:

The German for the act of spoiling something whilst in the process of trying to improve it is verschlimmbessern.


I already want my time spent reading Dreams From My Father back.

Lately on this thread I feel like I'm scrolling past Dreams from my Feather

Danube on iPad

As I struggle to think it through to its end, I am beginning to think that the pending Obamacare disaster may turn out to result in the biggest political upheaval of our lifetimes. The dimensions of that disaster could be simply unimaginable.


Terrible, but not unexpected news, from the Ninth Circuit Court to anyone who's been paying attention:

Court rules offshore oil leases in Alaska Arctic are too flawed

In another blow to offshore oil drilling in the Alaska Arctic, a federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled in favor of environmental and Alaska Native groups and concluded the federal government failed to properly evaluate the scale of oil production that could result from offshore lease sales in 2008.

The appeals court sent the matter back to U.S. District Judge Ralph Beistline in Alaska to determine what should happen next. Environmental groups want the leases revoked, but Shell already has spent billions for the oil rights and its exploration work, so that seems unlikely.

It's billions, and I believe 7 years now since they first paid for their leases to drill.

"Today's ruling is a victory for the Arctic Ocean," said the Alaska Wilderness League, the Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife, National Audubon Society, Oceana, the Native Village of Point Hope and the Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope, Earthjustice and a gaggle of the rest of the usual suspects, all paid for with our Tax Dollars.

The arterial sclerosis in our Legal System has reached Heart Attack stage. I can't see any reason why any private energy or mining company with a brain would in future be foolish enough to waste time and money trying to win the Legal Right to do business in the canary in the coal-mine State known as Alaska.


Daddy-- did you check the TK video @4:41?


No Youtube is allowed in China. At least in Guangzhou, so I'll try to remember to have a look at the crash in Penang, Malaysia Jane:)

Danube on iPad

I have been watching television since, let us say, 1950. For nearly 63 years thereafter I never saw a single commercial for any kind of catheter. Suddenly I am seeing about three per hour. Why would this be so?


To piss you off?




Just caught up to Ext's link at 07:26: Ex-EPA official told lawmakers of project to 'modify the DNA' of capitalism, and JiB's on "Wyoming town taken over by an Indian tribe thanks to the EPA."

The President's policies are not about carbon, they are not about coal, they are not even about energy and the environment. ... These policies are not about energy, but power."

With such an obvious "Conspiracy Theory" as the EPA"s power grab staring us in the face, why do folks latch on to idiocy like Fuddy's heart attack in a plane crash or Hitler becoming a Doctor in Malaysia?

Beats the hell out of me.


I told you he was on a roll.



I now see during catch-up that Narciso and Clarice are way ahead of me on the EPA delivering the death blow to Alaska Energy Exploration.

Great minds...

Danube on iPad

Glenn Beck announcing that on June 13, 2013 his whistleblower will bring down the entire government:


For nearly 63 years thereafter I never saw a single commercial for any kind of catheter. Suddenly I am seeing about three per hour.

Maybe it's those Barnaby Jones reruns that you're watching?


Daddy, of course, will show up toward sunbreak but it should be a hoot to read when I wake up.


I woke up just after noon over here and surprisingly I was in the middle of a dream and I dreamed that I was working at the first service station on the moon.

There was a guy and a girl astronaut in one moon car that I knew (but I can't link them to any humans now), and I had just filled up their car with the very first load of fuel put in a car on the moon. Then there was a second car of 3 or 4 astronauts hollering at me to come do their car. I was loping along in moonwalk fashion to do their car, when the first car called to have me come and take their credit card and finish the payment stuff. So I turned back towards them and took their credit card, and then I recall that I was experimenting at bouncing across the Gas stations concrete pavement towards the pump to insert the credit card in, and I started laughing thinking I could start talking like Gomer Pyle when he worked in Mayberry at the Filling Station and nobody would mind at all.

Very shortly thereafter I woke up.

I think I have finally found my calling---I want to work in a Gas Station on the Moon when I grow up:) Shizamm!


It has always struck me that having the reply right after the speech is an error, that it would be better to have it a day later, so that it could actually be a reply.

Jim Miller,

The other day I was thinking that we need an opposition speech before Obama's State of the Union speech. We need somebody to come on and say:

---Unemployment is this number. If the President says it is this number be aware that he is Lying to you.

---Our National Debt is this number. If he says that it is some other number then that, he is Lying to you.

---Obamacare is a massive failure. If the President says that ex amount of Americans are enrolled in the Program he is Lying to You. The correct number is such and such, and any other number mentioned by the president will be a Lie.

---If Obama says that ex number of Oild wells are being drilled as a result of his Presidency, he is lying to you. Those wells were on Private land that he has no authority over (so far) so he is claiming success for something he did not do, and what he has done on Federal lands is this number, and if he tells you something different it is a Lie.


Do about 10 of those things, easily re-memerable, fairly easily quantifiable, before the Speech, so that the public can listen for them as they come out of his pie-hole during the speech. Then after the speech, we can now go through them again in the opposition speech, restating the true number as opposed to the lie that he just tried to blow up our rear ends.

I think it would be beneficial if were pro-active, on the pro-truth side, and we had created a score-card whereby the public would know in advance what to listen for.


I think I hear a Tsing Tao calling my name. Bye!


Unfortunately, Progressives in his world included Teddy Roosevelt

Founder of, and first candidate for President nominated by, the Progressive party. He ran on a platform which called for the establishment of both an inheritance and an income tax, social insurance, and a national health service. Wilson ran to his right. (Granted, Wilson was a lying sack of crap.)

James D.

The thing I've always found weird is being good at getting elected has nothing to do with being good at elected office.

It's not just politics. It's human nature, I think. The skills to sell yourself (to then sell a product, or get a job, or a mate, for that matter) are not the same skills you need to deliver a quality product, do the job well, or be a good mate.

Some people have both kinds of skill. But most people are far better at one than the other. And, unfortunately, a lot of people who are better at the former either don't know they're bad at the latter, or don't care.

Miss Marple


The Fuddy story is an odd one (the part about that cult). The cult is new information.

Hitler is a perennial favorite amongst those who are interested in WWII and sinister plots. The Boys from Brazil was a pretty popular movie in its day.

In both cases, you dono't have a large government agency which can file lawsuits, which the EPA can. That might account for some of it.

Miss Marple

Quit blaming the dead guy, says a State Dept employee in the WSJ:


On the EPA capitalism story, the part that's not true is that the EPA has stopped such an initiative. It may well have commenced during the Bush years since it began in earnest at the intl levels in 2006. That's not theorizing just reporting from open declarations. Bo did accelerate the process at a conference called the Belmont Forum in 2009.

Porch's story from last night rang true with me. We may joke about the teleprompter but when it comes to speaking about any of the radical ed theories or community organizing projects bo does not need TOTUS. The stealth radicalizing potential of these areas and the fact that so much originated in Chicago in the first place is, I believe, the basis of the very simpatico relationship between bo and billy and spouses.


btw, the jayvees tried to take out the US Embassy
in Tel Aviv, yesterday,


MM at 7:18, came here to post that WSJ op-ed by Christopher Hicks.

Unbelievable that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report on the September 11 attack on Benghazi was not clear on this, though it is a teeny bit complicated.

Clearly Kennedy and Panetta are to blame for those deaths.

Captain Hate

Quit blaming the dead guy, says a State Dept employee in the WSJ:

It's about time somebody spoke up about this. Patrick Kennedy and Rodham should get every bit of responsibility for this. Too bad that Lindsey Graham is one of the only members of the "opposition party" to make the case.


You know how it works, if you're going to let a mob hit happen, you pull the security detail, after Al Libi's passing, you had to figure that Zawahiri was looking to square accounts,


Two things:

Daddy-- do make a point to watch the YouTube TK linked. I wouldn't call it a 'crash' it was a 'water landing', granted the sea state was about an 6" chop but it seemed like superb flying to me;

MissM-- Gregory Hicks and this senate report are the keys to beating Hillary. Her henchman patrick Kennedy is the key man who got Stevens and others killed, then set up the bogus 'video' lie to cover up for their criminal negligence. Hicks can make that case, and the contractors' moms can make the emotional case that Cankles got their sons killed then lied using their coffins as props.


Of course, the coach seems to have been calling the plays;


Of course, he berated Guiliani for making exactly that point;

Captain Hate

In a sane world, Rodham wouldn't get within sniffing distance of any elected office. Nor would the JEF.


Who did they forget to pay off:


Filmmaker at Pro-Life Rally: I have never seen a March this Big

"I found droves and droves and droves of people.” Lynch said, “You know, Megyn, that I cover a lot of these marches. I have never seen one so big. In fact, it was like trying to film the Grand Canyon there were so many people."

The needle is moving but not fast enough.


Well ok then, case dismissed;

because Shiites and Sunnis never work together;


Via Insty:

TODAY IS THE ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Hillary’s “What difference at this point does it make?”


CH, that's what started me on this journey, that ended up at JOM.
I could not understand how JEF became president.

I am far more educated in the ways of the world than I was five years ago.


Speaking truth to power


'What difference does it make...'

I want life to cram those words down that fat assed phony's throat until she chokes on them.

Well, I can dream can't I, on this feather pillow.

Good slogan for the Republican: 'At this point, what difference can you make?', speaking to voters, the high information ones, of course.


Teddy Roosevelt was indeed a Progressive and the founder of the first Progressive Party in the US aka "Bull Moose Party."

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