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January 02, 2014



Run away!

Running away from spinning classes may be a better form of exercise. I not into industrial lab rat style training. (I am also not in "shape", which is entirely coincidental).


TomM-- Per your request!!! Darien YMCA has spin group classes 6 days per week, once or twice per day, including cross-training with TRX gear ("Strong Cycle"). I go sat & sun mornings and tues & thursday evenings, there are also weekday morning classes.
Of course the posh amazon ladies in town prefer the private lessons at Equinox club.... as one of the unwashed masses I've never checked on the Equinox deal. You're on your own with that. Cheers.

Account Deleted


I'd stay away from whoever taught Jay Carney.


PS: Tom M-- BTW I really enjoy spinning, I've been doing it for 4 years. I can't run for cardio fitness any longer -- my knees aren't fans of that, although I do run to referee, but I get paid for that. Spining is the best way for me to get in my cardio work. It is not the best weight loss method though, not nearly as good as running. For those of us of a certain age I highly recommend it as part of a fitness plan.


Henry-- you must have recreational soccer to keep you fit.


Remember Dick Swett,the congressman from NH? (1991-1995) The best politician's name until Anthony Weiner. Sorry. :)


I work with a guy named Les Johnson:)


Another icon of leadership, Lech Walesa:

Obama's Dangerous Disapppointment to World

Can the IRS audit Poles?


I work at Pilates and gyrotonics these days--My spine needs it and my legs can't take ay impact exercises--plus working against weights is faster.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Ann Coulter states the obvious -



What I have learned is that MSNBC has a pretty good spin class and Bill O'Reilly has a pretty terrible no-spin class.


NK, unfortunately they schedule us geezers at midnight so I stopped doing that (I never ran anywhere in rec league anyway, didn't need to). Cutting & splitting firewood is my main organized activity, and shoveling snow has been more consistent lately. Since it is an election year, I will start watching TV news again. Then I will use the "perfect punch" boxing gloves / rubber tubing combo to good effect.

Mark Steyn filled in for Rush Limbaugh yesterday and addressed a question about presidential eligibility which is something that is typically off limits on national airwaves. Steyn correctly asserts that Resident Obama and Senator Cruz were both British Subjects at birth and goes on to say if you are born outside of the United States you'd have to be born to two U.S. citizen parents. He says the "natural born Citizen" issue is controversial.



Is DoT up yet?


Many years ago when Solidarność just began, we sent a Christmas card of encouragement to Lech Walesa, with simply his name, Gdansk, Poland and would you believe it, that Easter we received a lovely card back from him and his family. What a great man.

Danube on iPad

"if you are born outside of the United States you'd have to be born to two U.S. citizen parents."

Simply incorrect, as I have explained many, many times.


Good morning, Danube.



How was your anniversary?


Over here the number 1 story on Sky News on TV are "Severe Flood Warnings for Western Scotland and England.

Early they were forecasting wind gusts up to 70 knots in parts of Britain.

As for the rescued Antarctic passengers, the news is saying that the rescue ship will now have to transport them all to Tasmania. I hadn't put that expensive cost into my thinking, but Sky News is doing a decent job telling viewers that this rescue is going to be very expensive.

Danube on iPad

It was wonderful, thanks - I walked for the first time in 51 days. Hallelujah!

Danube on iPad

A comprehensive treatment of the subject:



It is too bad they didn't leave them on the ship and supply them with endangered species as food and stack barrels of fuel on the ice.


DoT-- congrats on your recovery.

PS: can we end the natural born discussion today with this link... please.


Or import some Polar bears from the Arctic; that would have made it interesting for the eco tourists... and the penguins.


A comprehensive treatment of the comprehensive treatment:



Missed you plea, NK, otherwise I would have given up sooner.

Sorry Danube, I guess we can't play.

Glad you are walking.

Danube on iPad

"A comprehensive treatment..."

From the Birther Report? Really?


So the passengers on the Russian icebreaker stuck in the ice were rescued by a helicopter from a Chinese icebreaker stuck in the ice and taken to an Australian icebreaker not stuck in the ice. And it's summer in Antarctica and not a single "newscaster" recognizes the bloody irony of it all.

"Brawndo! It's got Electrolytes!"


Sky News is also continually running this story on TV:

Jailed Terrorists Refuse To Change Beliefs

Almost three-quarters of those jailed for Islamist terror offences in the UK have rejected efforts to steer them away from extremism...110 of the country's 150 terrorist offenders, who are currently in prison or on parole, are resisting rehabilitation.

Analysts have told Sky News the security services will be faced with an increasing challenge trying to monitor those who retain extreme views once released.

The only thing I'm surprised at about this report is that they are reporting it.

The Government’s counter-terrorism strategy...is aimed at encouraging extremists to re-examine their beliefs and choose a path of non-violence.

Good luck with that.


The Outlaws' Green Grass & High Tides is a great spinning song!

Comanche Voter

Understand that part of the reason for the rescue was that while the Soviet ship had food for passengers and crew for two more weeks, the vodka supply for that period was only adequate for the crew. Vodka shortage might have led to crew mutiny if the passengers were still on board swilling the vodka.

And Danube, you're spot on re needing only one US citizen parent for citizenship if born outside the country. My daughter is married to an English man. Granddaughter was born in London in June. She has dual UK and USA citizenship. The little tyke had her US passport issued when she was 4 months old and headed to the US for a month's visit. Needed it to get past Immigration at LAX. Needed the UK passport to get past immigration at Heathrow on her return to England.


Hey, I thought we got past the "shoot the resource" hurdle after you quoted the communist ex-lawyer from the FogBow.



If "citizenship" is all that is needed to be eligible, Comanche, why are naturalized citizens excluded?

(Sorry NK, I did not expect the subject to be so popular)


NK,the Bangor Daily's moonbat blogger,who loves 0care is so happy about CT meeting its sign-up target and the reason is CT has a state exchange. Which gives her and her moonbat commenters a chance to bash Lepage,he's a big meanie,he won't expand Medicare either! One of her commenters even praises your Gov.Malloy. Ha,thought you'd get a laugh about that.


The ADN has up an AP story titled: Dormant issues thaw along with a melting Arctic

It's the usual AGW propaganda, but I found the placing of the story funny. In the story I linked there is this paragraph:

Q: How fast is the Arctic melting?

A: The rapid melting in the Arctic eased up this year, but the government says global warming is still dramatically altering the top of the world, reducing the number of reindeer and shrinking snow and ice, while increasing certain fish and extending the growing season.

Currently, immediately across from that sentence of "the Government says" there is this story: Poll: Americans have little faith in government



I always loved bicycle riding but I cannot stand spinning.


did Americares finish in the top ten to get miles from United Airlines?


Marlene-- ObummerCare is a disasterous loser for millions (tens of millions in 2014), but there are isolate winners. NYS and Ct have several hundred thousand winners, who got ExchangeCare, because the prior HYPER-BLUE state regs were even worse, so ObummerCare openned up the individual markets in those states. NYS was the worst, it basically destroyed the individual market prior to ObummerCare. So Malloy and Cuomo can proudly say, that ObummerCare screws the country, but it gave you a break from our laws. Congrats. High praise indeed.


Harry Belafonte spoke?

New York, it was nice knowing ya

jimmyk on iPhone

And the invocation was given by a Farrakhan-following Imam, Peter.


Frederick was born in the US to an American citizen and a Belgian citizen. According to US law he is eligible to be President of the USA and according to Belgian law he is eligible to be Prime Minister of Belgium or be conferred nobility by the King.

He's also eligible to be Pope:)


Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of my "dropping out of the labor force".

It's been pretty awesome. ;)


at least in the seventies I was young and not a prime target for muggers


It's turtles all the way down, first Roger Cohen and now Rudoren, insist recognition of the state of Israel, is a step too far by the Palestinians,
but there will be piece, regardless, because;


Stephanie looking forward to the BCS games

Congrats DoT on your recovery. I'm so glad that you are doing well.


Today I awoke in a hotel in a small village near the DeGaulle Airport. I don't know the name of the village, but it has a small park and only about 3 streets. It looks exactly like what I imagine French villages looked like 100 years ago, and is built around the ruins of an old destroyed Church.

It was decent weather today, so I walked down to the market and got a large baguette sandwich with jambon and fromage, a cold Perrier, and took my lunch to sit out on a park bench in the sun shine.

As I sat down and started eating, out of the Church ruins stepped a small puppy dog, very young, and with no collar, so that I think he is homeless. He was very hungry, but definitely frightened of getting too near me, so I began to break off small bits of bread and toss them to him, and after 4 or 5 pieces he was my bosom buddy:)

He still wouldn't let me pet him, but when I stood up to leave he dropped in pace immediately behind me and followed me across the park, then across the small road back to the hotel.

I didn't know what to do so I called a concierge and said "un chien, un chien, s'il vous plait", (my stupid French), but the idea was conveyed and the concierge went over to see if he could figure out what to do with the sweet little fellow.

Anyhow, that was my fun for the day, and now I'm off to work again. S'posed to be very windy again tonight---(ughh) I hate Paris crosswinds. Bye!


Well it stands to reason,


as with Oompa Loompa's push for amnesty, turtles all the way down,


Lol, and yet so true;



Exactly the way the Founders intended, JIB.


*medicaid* Geez,health care/health access/health insurance has become conflated into one big mess. You'd almost think we are being intentionally misled. daddy probably wanted to sneak that puppy on his plane. :)



Sounds like Roissy-en-France. Are there castle ruins also near the church ruins?


Guess I'm a cultural illiterate. Had to look up "spinning". Thought it was some Islamic, dervish fitness craze.

When did riding a bike nailed to the floor become sophisticated enough for its own word?


Happy trails, DoT.

Sabato: Clinton's NY Speech to Help Position Hillary

Its all about the base and the primaries. That and the Clinton Foundation being a slush fund for "walking around" money.

Danube on iPad

Posted at 10:31 before seeing TK's 10:29. I'm done.

I simply can't get enough of these enviroclowns stuck in the ice.

Danube on iPad

Thanks Steph. Actually I jumped the gun a bit by walking yesterday; hope I didn't ruin the whole thing. Get an x-ray and, hopefully, official clearance tomorrow.

Note that Comanche Voter's granddaughter, like Ted Cruz, is not a naturalized citizen. Both were citizens at birth.

Jeff Dobbs

When did riding a bike nailed to the floor become sophisticated enough for its own word?

I think it started when someone said they wanted to take HCOAB for a spin.


--Remember Dick Swett,the congressman from NH? (1991-1995) The best politician's name until Anthony Weiner. Sorry. :)--

After Jane said;

I see Dick all the time.

in the last thread I was tempted to post some wise ass comment, but I guess the "when your name is destiny" thread is more appropriate.
Why do parents name their kid Richard and then either they or the kid choose "Dick" as the, pardon my french, diminutive form?

Especially if your last name is Swett or, poor suicidal guy, Trickle.
Doesn't pay to even think about all the Richards surnamed Player, Cheese, Wad, etc out there.


I want to thank TK and DoT for returning to civil discussions.

Not easy to do when things are said but it is appreciated....a lot.

And now, after a day of rest, off to begin the new year.

jimmyk on iPhone

"When did riding a bike nailed to the floor become sophisticated enough for its own word?"

At least they didn't use a French word.

Congrats, DoT. One small step for man. . .


Note that I asked the question to Comanche Voter.

Also note that my question has not been answered by anything that has been noted.


Happy new year, Ig.

Beasts of England

We have an attorney in town named Dick Dick.




That would be "rotation" in French:)


My brother's childhood friend was Richard Hunt.


Have had several male friends over the years named Richard. All used Ric, Rick, or Rich as their nicknames. And all would have blackened your eye (at a minimum) if you called them Dick.


daddy, friend to the animals all over the world. touching vignette. I just pretend I am in France by playing Poulenc and Piaf on my stereo.

Danube on iPad

The answer to the question TK put to Comanche is "because they were not citizens at virth." With that, I will make an earnest effort not to return to the topic unless someone other than TK asks me to. It has all been said before many times.

Jeff Dobbs

"It has all been said before many times."

...and many ways.

...to kids from one to ninety-two.


The Velvet Fog.


E♭6 E♭9 A♭


With the verse---and Judy:




I'll see Mel and Judy and raise you Pavarotti and James Brown:)

It's A Man's World

Miss Marple

Still snowing here.

I am not going anywhere except perhaps to take a nap. The dogs are bored. The large one (mine) likes the snow but the two small ones (daughter's) are not thrilled to have snow nose-high, so they won't go out and the big dog doesn't like to go out without someone to play with.


Marko @ 12:24; that is from the Judy garland show. Torme was her musical director for the show. Also, that performance is the only one I have ever found that has the intro and a verse.

Thomas Collins

And if pilates or yoga or stationary bicycling isn't your bag, . . .



This qualifies for Zombie Graham Chapman;



"Why do parents name their kid Richard and then either they or the kid choose "Dick" as the, pardon my french, diminutive form?"

Makes it easier to say "Dick is a dick!"



I'm a fan of those verses that go missing now, like the one from White Christmas.


The sun is shining, the grass is green
The orange and palm trees sway
There's never been such a day
In Beverly Hills, L.A.

But it's December the 24th
And I'm longing to be up North...


Yeah, a lot of those old standards make a lot more sense, if you know the intro. Easter Parade is another.

Captain Hate

In my dorm we had an RA named Dick Little; as if his life wasn't difficult enough dealing with us.

Comanche Voter

A fellow named Dick Peter ran a very nice men's shoe store on Bancroft Avenue across the street from the Cal Berkeley campus for maybe forty years.


He wasn't the impressionist, Captain;


I know of a firefighter named Dick Teas. We had lots of fun with that during the annual FF's ball.


Well, I played in an orchestra with a lovely cellist named Sandy Peters (female).

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