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January 05, 2014




Jane-Rebel Alliance1

The problem with the "f" word is that it is contagious. Once you start saying it, it's hard to stop.

Oh my virgin ears

vulgar, vulgar, vulgar.

What does it mean?

Jeff Dobbs


Miss Marple

I am old enough to remember when I first heard it used: Indiana University, fall of 1966.

I was sincerely quite shocked.


My 81 year old mother loves Leo DiCaprio. She mentioned she wants to see the movie and I'd better give her a warning. She usually goes to the movies with one of my aunties.Is there a rating for movies elderly ladies shouldn't see?
Wonderful pieces,Clarice. It is a balmy 20 above,I've been outside without gloves.

Wall St. Ass Rapist.

This abstinence from bad language is like butter-cream frosting on a cake rich with fudge-pack.

Bad behavior goes with bad language for non-hypocrites.

Account Deleted

I'm waiting to hear whether NK set a Bronx record or had to settle for a personal best with his IKEA project.

Confidence is over rated

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter over the New Year’s holiday, both Scorsese and his star, Leonardo DiCaprio, came down (unsurprisingly) on the former side, defending the movie. “A confidence man takes your trust, takes your confidence and betrays you. And this is on all levels, whether it’s low-level street crime, a white-collar crime and even a crime in religious organizations. This is something that’s not going to go away if you don’t talk about it,” Scorsese said, adding that the film is, in that way, about human nature and the social structures that facilitate such crimes. DiCaprio was even more straightforward: “It is an indictment of this world… We don’t like these people, you know what I mean? But we very consciously said, ‘Let’s insulate the audience in the mindset of what these people’s lives were like so we better understand something about the very culture that we live in.’” He used the same word—indicting—to describe the film’s moral stance to Variety.

And plenty of critics back them up. The Los Angeles Times warns moviegoers that the film will make them hate “those Wall Street high rollers” more than ever. At Rolling Stone, “Scorsese is jabbing hard at America’s jackpot culture.” Writing at RogerEbert.com, Matt Zoller Seitz points out that Wolf‘s close attention to the debauchery it portrays “is not the same thing as saying that the film is amoral” and that the directorial choices indicate that Scorsese is “disgusted by this story and these people and finds them grotesque.”

Read more: Wolf of Wall Street: Greed Glorified or Not? | TIME.com http://entertainment.time.com/2014/01/02/debate-explainer-does-the-wolf-of-wall-street-glorify-greed-or-not/#ixzz2pXgKdukW

Beasts of England

Never use the word myself. Except when I'm discussing socialists, fascists, communists...

Rob Crawford

Dana's meds must not have kicked in.

Sad to think of a life so empty a Sunday morning is spent on people you obviously hate.

demon weed


When the Master Settlement was agreed to by most states, the stampede for those billions was not because the herd was spooked.

The same trend is occurring with Ganja. When more states recognize the huge tax cash cow for what it is, there will be a Nationwide cattle drive. Weep now, because WTF is American as apple pie and brownie munchies.


I love The Last Detail.

Captain Hate

Leo was best cast as a retarded kid in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape".

jimmyk on iPad

"I'm waiting to hear whether NK set a Bronx record or had to settle for a personal best with his IKEA project."

Since I play winter tennis in the Bronx, NK might have a tough time on the former.

Danube on iPad

I was still a naval officer when that flick came out. I was amazed at how perfectly Nicholson portrayed that petty officer.


--This is something that’s not going to go away if you don’t talk about it,--

How noble. Pornographers always have a justification for the porn.
How did the Grapes of Wrath manage to have any social effect without an effin candle up effin Hank Fonda's effin arse?

superior pharisee

Nothing reassures like super-righteousness.


Imagine that, a film that "indicts" corporate "greed." How pathbreaking.

I wonder whether it catches on to the real source of the problem, which is the government enablers of cronyism. I doubt it.


Never use the word myself. Except when I'm discussing socialists, fascists, communists...

Me too. But I mostly narrow it down to Obummer and anything related to him. He wraps the package up tight.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

I have one friend - a big time CEO who never swears and who I can't help but swear whenever I talk to him. Other than that I rarely say the F work. I cannot figure out why he brings it out in me.


RickB-- IKEA reprieve for me, the delivery was delayed until tuesday by the snow. I went yesterday to drop the princess and a suburban full of gear off at he apartment. I had to muster all my memories of how to deal with snow blocked NYC streets to double park, park illegally and get out before the sanitation truck reached th block. New week will be the ordeal.


I didn't know it was a swearword until I was 20 or so.


CH, you could have written this column.

From my friend TriggerJoe (Who DoT knows of):

Joe Starkey of the Pittsburgh Tribune rips Goodell, the refs, the system, the NFL and everything in between. LOL if it wasn't so serious.

Starkey: NFL officiatiing boggles the mind


The F-bomb was never so startling as when I first heard it out of my sister's mouth.


The WSJ says Kerry announced that Iran may be at the table for Syrian talks. Why?

I mean, for what good reason? If the Syrians want them in the next room, that is their business, but at the table? Really?

Captain Hate

CH, you could have written this column

I wouldn't change a word.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

The F-bomb was never so startling as when I first heard it out of my sister's mouth.

The first time I came home from college my mother said the word "shit". I'm still in shock about it.


My mother would not tolerate swearing. When I went to hubby's home for the first time,I was in shock that his mother (a strict Catholic) allowed her kids to swear. F-bombs included.
Ignatz,was it you who mentioned the movie "Thing from Another World?" We watched it on TCM last night. What a hoot.

Danube on iPad

Somehow I am disiclined to be lectured by Leonardo DiCaprio about greed and excess in our culture. Or anything else.


A tale about a boiler room, no matter how fancy,
hohum, when will the tales of working in the fields of Don Corzione and Mozilo, be aired, that would be unlikely since they were and will be protected, by the likes of Lord Dodd of Dunsinane,
and Frank of Fall River, the ones behind the Sutton/Dillinger coinage,


Imagine that, a film that "indicts" corporate "greed." How pathbreaking.

Other than Wall Street, Wall Street 2, Boiler Room, Michael Clayton, Fight Club, Syriana, The Constant Gardener, The Company Men, Inside Job, Changing Lanes, Edge of Darkness, Other People's Money, The Informant, Trading Places, On Deadly Ground, Bulworth, Promised Land, every Michael Moore picture, and the last Muppet movie, I can't think of a single time it's been done before, unless you count the "power to the people" motif in Ocean's Thirteen.

Danube on iPad

Good article. Not much in the way of suggested improvements, however.


Most of those have been poorly, except Trading Places, and maybe Other People's money, most of the studios have a passing interest in illicit finance 'so who's being naive here, Kay;



Just heard Fareed say on his show that China's economy is 200% of its GDP.

It now takes $4 to equal $1 of economic growth there.


Captain Hate

DoT, did you see the WSJ article I copied @ 12:10 this morning in the last thread? I was interested in any comments you have on it.

Danube on iPad

Single payer is inevitable:

"Stroke patients are being left permanently disabled after having to wait more than a day for vital brain scans at NHS hospitals. Ideally, they should have a CT scan within an hour of arrival so that they can be given brain-saving drugs if doctors think they are suitable....Yet at the worst eight hospitals, one in five patients waits more than 24 hours. According to figures from the Royal College of Physicians’ latest stroke audit, covering three months last spring, the average wait at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital--one of these eight--is above ten hours."

Danube on iPad

"...China's economy is 200% of its GDP."

What exactly does that mean? What is the measure of its economy?


'Friends don't let Friends' take Zakaria seriously, of course I don't count Luce's life work in that category.


--Ignatz,was it you who mentioned the movie "Thing from Another World?" We watched it on TCM last night. What a hoot.--

Me, JiB and somebody (you?) were discussing the movies, Marlene.
I'm, in fact, sitting here ordering a replacement for my lost Science Fiction Hall of Fame Vol II, primarily because it contains Who Goes There, the story the movies are based on. Isaac Asimov declared it the best science fiction story ever written and I don't disagree.


I suspect, but could be wrong, that he meant their debt is 200% of GDP, a number which may or may not be accurate.


Thanks Ignatz. That's exactly what he said and it takes the gov $4 of money spent to generate $1 of economic growth there.
Don't recall if he identified the source. Perhaps his website.

Danube on iPad

"...it takes the gov $4 of money spent to generate $1 of economic growth there."

No possibility, I guess, that any activity other than the government spending money could generate economic growth. Sounds kinda like Obamanomics.

Frau Deprimiert

It's indeed depressing:
John F'n F-bomb was speaking about the al qaeda conquests in Iraq. He said that country is on its own but we would help. Just like the US did in Libya and Syria, no doubt.

I wonder if Hillary! will receive an official al qaeda endorsement for her campaign.

Miss Marple

I am ashamed that I live in a country which has forgotten honor.

That's all I have to say about Fallujah.

Eric Wilner

Obviously going for a Rory Award, as mentioned in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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